Webster  Levi. Harwell Family Bible
Submitted by: Angie Wilson Hood

The Bible has fallen to terrible shape, and the births page and one notation on a
wedding page were all that was left.
It starts with Webster Levi Harwell born in 1867 and
ends with my father Buddy Martin Wilson in 1934.
Webster Levi Harwell and Hannah Alice Pickens were married May 19, 1889 in Butler County.
 Listed are their five children, daughter Lillie Dhu's children and grandchildren,
daughter Emmie Lou's son and daughter,
son John Ralph Harwell's son and daughter.
Daughter Ruth Harwell married Herman Mixon and had no children.
Since initials were used for the older entries, here is a translated copy:
Webster Levi Harwell  Dec. 31, 1867
Hannah Alice Pickens Apr. 8, 1861
Lillie Dhu Harwell  June 6, 1890
Ruth Elizabeth Harwell Nov. 9, 1892
Emmie Lou Harwell May 12, 1895
John Ralph Harwell Dec. 27, 1897
Mary Lura Harwell  Sept. 6, 1900 (died as a baby)
John Hilliard Mixon May 19, 1879
Lillie Dhu Harwell Mixon June 6, 1890
Mildred E. Mixon Jan.23, 1908
Myrtle Alice Mixon April 9, 1909
Marie Mixon  Feb. 15, 1911
John Ralph Mixon Feb. 29, 1920
William Russell Salter Sept. 27, 1926 (husband of Mildred Mixon Salter)
George Coleman Jr. April 7, 1920 (son of Emmie Lou Harwell Coleman Reeves)
John Ralph Harwell Jr  Dec. 11, 1926 (son of John Ralph Harwell)
James Hilliard Wilson  Sept.14, 1929 (son of Myrtle Mixon Wilson)
Emma Jean Reeves  May 6, 1930 (daughter of Emmie Lou Harwell Coleman Reeves)
Frances Evelyn Harwell  Dec. 1, 1928 (daughter of John Ralph Harwell)
Buddy Martin Wilson  Jan. 3, 1934 (son of Myrtle Mixon Wilson)

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