Butler County, Alabama

The John Carter Family
In Georgia, Alabama, and Texas

with permission of Rebecca Drummond, Georgia State University

John Carter (born ca. 1760-died 1843 Butler Co. Alabama) married Ann (Nancy) Jarrett who died in Jones Co., sometime between 18012-1818.  Burial sites unknown.  John Carter was said to be a Revolutionary War soldier, and may be the soldier listed in Wilkes County, Georgia Records as receiving bounty land grants. John Carter lived  or had  land in Franklin County, Wilkes County, and Jones County, Georgia before moving to Alabama about 1818.  Many of the original land grants obtained in Alabama have been passed down and are now owned by Jack Carter (son of John King Carter).  His youngest son was Alfred Carter.

Alfred Carter (born ca. 1804 in Franklin Co., Ga - died between 1870-1880, census), married Nancy Jones before 1830.  She died after 1880. Probably buried in Carter Cemetery, Butler Co, but no markers were found.  Alfred Carter farmed and owned a portion of the Butler Springs Resort before the outbreak of the War Between the States.  Alfred Carter's son, Harris Edwin Carter was my great-grandfather.

Harris Edwin Carter (born 1836-died Feb. 6, 1912) married Clara Eliza Coleman December 12, 1862. (Nov. 8, 1838-19??) Both are buried in the Pineapple Cemetery, Wilcox Co. Alabama along with the parents of Clara Carter. Harris Edwin Carter served in the War Between the States.  The home that belonged to Harris Carter which was left to his son, John King Carter, then to John K. Carter, Jr. (Jack).  The house burned in the late 1970's, but a sketch of the house was done by Jack Carter.  His son, William Coleman Carter was my grandfather.

William Coleman Carter (born March 16, 186?-died 1955) married Janie McWilliams in 1895 (born 1873-died 1972).  Both are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Oak Hill Alabama (Wilcox Co.) along with the parents of Janie Carter.  Will Carter was trained as an accountant and kept the books for some of the local stores, but farmed after he married.  His youngest son, McWilliams Carter, my father was named for his maternal grandfather Miles Levi McWilliams, a Baptist preacher whose parents came to North Carolina from Kintuyre, Scotland after the Battle Culloden.

McWilliams Carter (born Nov 7, 1910-died March 1989) married Juanita Brannum, November 27, 1946 (born Jan. 1 1923- ).  McWilliams Carter served in the Marine Corps in World War II and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville, Alabama.  McWilliams Carter was a partner in Motor Service Company (Greenville, Al.) a Pontiac dealership, along with Charlie Watts and Aubrey Bodiford.  Their daughters are Juanita (Nita) Carter Deason (April 1, 1948 - ).  Eleanor Jane Carter Iinge (May 30, 1953- ), and Rebecca Ann Carter Drummond (March 15, 1955-  ).

Rebecca Ann Carter (born March 15, 1955-  ) married Mark Edward Drummond (born December 17, 1956- ) January 26, 1985.  Their three daughters are Camille Elise Drummond (September 17 1988 - ), Melissa Beatrice Drummond (June 20, 1990 -), and Krista Ruth Drummond (June 24, 1992- ).  Rebecca C. Drummond is a librarian at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, and Mark Drummond works in the Public Relations Department of Berry College, Rome Georgia as the director  of Media Productions (Services).

A Short Summary of the John Carter Family

The following is a very abbreviated summary of some information gathered by the author in order to acquaint the brances of the John Carter family with other descendants.  It is not complete by any means, and is a working document which will later be expanded as information is gathered.  I have not attempted to give a complete genealogy in this summary, but I have indicated known descendants of the children of John Carter.

John Carter was born ca. 1750-1760 (1840 Al. Census Butler Co.) probably in Virginia and died 1843 (family bible record of Jarrett Carter).  His family origins are unknown but an account of the Freestone Co. Tx. Carter family says (Memorial and Biographical History of Navarro, Henderson, Anderson, Limestone, Freestone, and Leon Counties. Lewis Pub. 1893) that John Carter came from Virginia.  He married Nancy Ann Jarrett (N.D.) before coming to Franklin County, GA in 1784.  She died between 1810-1818 in Jones Co., GA.  A deed in Franklin Co. 1809 in which she gives up her dower rights is the last official record of Ann Carter.  Another deed in 1812 has Ann Devercaux (AJC) listed along with John Carter.  Although this is not confirmed, Nancy Jarrett was probably from the Devereaux Jarrett family of New Kent County, Va. Several members of this family migrated to Georgia from Virgina and Maryland in the early 1780's. Devereaux Jarrett III lived in Wilkes County, GA. and had land in Franklin Co., GA.  Although his will was probated in Elbert Co, it was destroyed in a fire in the 19th century.  John Carter received land grants in Franklin Co., GA between 1784-1800, one in Wilkes Co., Ga, in 1806, and was a fortunate drawer in the 1807 Georgia Land Lottery for land in Baldwin Co. (later part of this county became Jones Co).  Land holdings were found in Jones County, Ga. for John, Thomas, and Absalom Carter.  John Carter is mentioned frequently in estate records in Franklin County as being an appraiser of estates, and the tax records name Absalom Carter (his son) as John Carter's attorney. John Carter obtained a passport in 1804 with his neighbor Larkin Cleveland to explore the new Louisiana Territory. Absalom Carter was to make the same trip with Larkin Cleveland in 1810.  The will of Larkin Cleveland who died around 1814 (found in NSDAR records), was witnessed by John Carter and Thomas Carter.  This Thomas Carter could be John's son or one of the two other Thomas Carters in Franklin County at this time.  One of the heirs named in the will of Larkin Cleveland was "Carter Harrison Cleveland", so the Clevelands and the Carters appear to be close friends.  Another interesting name association is the use in the Cleveland family of the name "Oliver". Papers filed by the Cleveland family at the Georgia Archives indicate that the Cleveland family believed their ancestor to be Oliver Cromwell, so several Cleveland family members are named "Oliver Cromwell". John Carter named a son Oliver and his connection with the Cleveland family may have been the reason.  The Cleveland family lived in North Carolina along the Virginia/North Carolina border before moving to Geogia after the Revolutionary War (see Bouwman, Robert Eldridge, "Traveler's Rest and the Tugaloo Crossroads, State of Georgia, 1980, ch. 3), so John Carter may have known this family prior to 1784 and may have followed them to Franklin Co., GA. (the Cleveland family also had land in Franklin Co. Ga).  John Carter moved to Alabama from Jones Co., Ga, about 1818 and received land grants in Monroe, Conecuh, Wilcox, and Butler counties.  All of his nine children followed. Some of these original land grants are in the possession of John King Carter, Jr. The Butler Co. courthouse burned in 1853, so no estate records are available but land records were refiled by the owners. John Carter who died March 8, 1843 (family bible records of Jarrett Carter) is believed to be buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co., Al. on the Alfred Carter place (now owned by Harry Poole of Pine Flat, Butler Co., AL).  This piece of land was originally obtained by John Carter in an 1819 land grant, then left to his youngest son Alfred.  Land records, census records, and bible records are available for most branches of the family.


Thomas Carter born ca. 1770-1780. 1840 AL. Census, Wilcox County 60/70 years old. A Thomas Carter appears in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery as having one draw which denotes a single male over 21, this may have been the son of John Carter.   He is listed later in the records of Jones Co., Ga as owning land.  He lived in Wilcox County and was involved iin the shipping business as well as farming.  The Italian marble used or the tombstone in the Carter Cemetery was obtained by Thomas Carter.  Married Frances (Fanny) Glover (Jan. 1, 1796- ), Nov. 6, 1817 in Jones County, Georgia.  Thomas Carter died Feb. 9th, 1851.  Thomas Carter's will was written May 1, 1846 with his brother Oliver as executor.  Children: John Larkin (1818- ), D. W. (David) (1819- ) married Elizabeth Reives Oct. 27, 1847 and had at least one child, Margaret Frances Carter who married Alfred Payne Carter son of David Livingston Carter, UGA (Adolphus) (1821- ); Sophronia E. (1824- ) married J. G. Oats; August (1825- ) married Mary G. George; Euphronous (1826-  ) married Martha Carter, daughter of Alfred; Frances S. (1828-ca. 1899); Amelia (1829- ) married Augustus W. Carter, son of Alfred Carter; Amanda M. (1831- ); Thomas (1832- ) married Margaret ?; Oliver G. (1834- ) married Susan Josephine Arnold; Adeline (1836- ) married William Hobdy Mar. 17th, 1858; and Alfred H. (1840- ) married Mary Livingston Carter, granddaughter of Oliver Carter.  Alfred H. and Oliver G. moved to Texas ca. 1852 with their uncles William, David, and Oliver.  Much of the above information comes from the family bible records Mrs. John P. Figh of Montgomery, Al.  Oats and Hobdy children are also listed in family bible records. Estate records have been found for Frances S. Carter who never married.

ABSALOM CARTER born ca. 1780-1790 per 1830 l Census Butler Co. 40/50 years old, and appears in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery as having one draw which denotes a single male 21 (born by 1784). He died in 1843 (Oliver family bible records). He appears in documents in Franklin Co. as a lawyer representing his father and later as the county clerk in Jones Co (after 1807) and served as first sheriff of Butler Co., Al. Records for the War of 1812 for Absalom were found in South Carolina. Franklin County, Georgia borders South Carolina and there may have been family connections there.  He owned land in Jones Co., then Butler Co., Al, and married Nancy Wilkinson in Jones Co., GA.  All of his children except for Martha Carter Perdue moved to Texas in the 1850's.  A decendant, Barbara Perdue Middleton has researched this family extensively.  Children: Eliza J. (ca. 1815- ) married Samuel Oliver, Jr.; Martha (ca. 1820- ) married Joshua Perdue; Absalom (ca. 1814- ) married 1st Theodosia Epperson, 2nd E. Adelaid Whitten, 3rd Martha Ann McClungCharles P. (N.D).; Frances married first John Gholson, second George W. Barron. More information available on Oliver family. Absalom Carter, Jr. and Gholson/Barron family.

DAVID CARTER, born Sept. 3, 1888-died Feb. 1, 1856 and is buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co., Al. Extensive estate records have been found.  David was in business with his brother William and at the time of his death,  many people owned them money.  Extensive estate records are available.  It is not clear what the business was, but the records indicate they had a shipping business, farmed, and may have sold slaves.  David went to Texas with William and Oliver around 1852, but was brought back to Alabama when he became sick and then died 1856.  David may have been the father of David Livingston Carter as an account in the "Treeshaker", vol. 2 # 3, Dec. 1964 asserts, but David Livingston Carter is  not  mentioned in the estate records of David Carter as an heir.  See account of Alfred Carter.

JOHN CARTER, Jr., born March 25, 1791 and died May 6, 1857, is buried in the Carter Cemetery, Butler Co., Al.  He married Frances Warren Jan. 17, 182? who died June 14, 1861-69?.  John Carter, Jr. is believed to have served in the War of 1812.  Nancy W. (May 10, 1827- Aug 2, 1919) married John Wesley Purifoy Feb. 1, 1862; William Pledge (Feb 10, 1829-Jan 2, 1901) who attended the University of Alabama married Sarah Clementine Hobdy Feb. 1, 1863; Richard W. (July 23, 1830-Dec. 17, 1867) married Elizabeth H. McInnis and had at least one child, Sally Carter who married William Browning May; John W. (Apr. 2, 1832-Aug. 16, 1863) married Marcie G. Beckham June 28, 1857; Sarah (ca 1836-) married Augustus C. Green Dec. 23, 1863; and Mary F. (June 16, 1840-1876) married Thadius C. Watts Feb. 23, 1960. All of the above dares are from bible records of Mildred and John Cunningham of Furman, Wilcox Co., Al. Sally Koehl is the granddaugher of Sally Carter May and great granddaughter  of Richard Warren Carter.  This branch of the Carter family is also connected with the Sessions family in Freestone Co. Tx.

JARRETT CARTER born ca. 1790-1800, was 50/60 years old in the 1840 Al. Census Monroe Co. and married Martha C. Bowen Aug. 30, 1818 in Jones Co. Ga.  Jarrett served in the War of 1812. Martha C. (Bowen) Carter died Nov. 4th, 1843 and Jarrett Carter died Nov. 23, 1845.  Edward Bowen, proably the brother of Martha C. (Bowen) Carter, was administrator and guardian of the minor children. July 22, 1868 Martha Thigpen, daughter of Jarrett Carter, applied for a land grant in connection with his service and listed dates from the family  bible: Eliza B. (July 9th, 1819- ); Charles B. (May 20, 1821-); Alfred (Nov. 30, 1822-Aug 4, 1831); Ambrose N. (Oct 4, 1824-July 23, 1827); Thomas (Oct 10, 1826-June 16, 1838); Edward B. (July 26, 1828- ); George M. T. (June 30, 1830- ); Nancy (Nov. 11, 1832- ); Jefferson (Jan. 2, 1835- ); Desdemona (Dec. 25, 1836- ); Martha (Dec 6, 1838- _; William (Oct. 31, 1842- ).  This listing gave the death dates of Jarrett and Martha , and the death date of March 8, 1843 for John Carter, (Sr.). Members of this family migrated to Mississippi but there are no known descendants.

WILLIAM CARTER born Dec. 23, 1794, died Apr. 22, 1857 and buried in the Carter Cemetery, in Freestone Co., Tx. Married Lucinda Luckey (1802- Mar. 20, 1864). He migrated to Texas with his brother Oliver and David and children William F., and Martha who later married G. A. Sessions.  Sessions descendants still live in Freestone Co. Tx. Extensive estate records were found for William and David Carter in Butler Co., Alabama and in Freestone County, Texas.  William Carter is believed to have built the Carter/Poole house in Pine Flat, Butler Co., Alabama which is of the colonial/federal style.  That house is now owned by Dr. and Mrs. George B. Inge, III. (Mrs. Inge was formerly Eleanor Jane Carter and is a descendant of Alfred Carter through his son Harris Edwin Carter). Children: Pamelia (1825) married Thomas Robert Jefferson in 1843, had 7 children (see Woodland Cousins) and migrated to Texas in 1853; Permilia (Fanny) (Jan. 1826-1851) buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co., Al; William F. (Mar. 22, 1830-Nov. 22, 1856) married Catherine McGinnis ca. 1854; Nancy (Oct 1, 1833-Aug. 18, 1851), buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co.; Margaret Carter (Oct. 17, 1825-Jan 9th 1851) buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co. married Thomas Livingston Carter, son of Oliver Carter and had Mary Livingston Carter who later married Alfred H. Carter in Texas; Martha (1836-1885) married G. A. Sessions and buried in the Carter Cemetery, in Freestone Co., TX; Walker (ca. 1840- ); Walter (N.D.); William d. (ca. 1841- ) who had one son, William D. Carter, Jr. (N.D.).  There is some confusion in family accounts over Nancy and Margaret Carter who are both buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co. "Woodland Cousins" gives the birth dates of Nancy Carter (Oct 1, 1833-Aug. 18, 1851) for 'Margaret "Nancy" ' Carter, but says her daughter married A. H. Carter. Mary Livingston Carter who married Alfred H. Carter in Texas, was Thomas Livingston Carter's daughter. The tombstone in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co. states that Margaret (Oct. 17, 1825 - Jan. 9th 1851) was the wife of T. L. Carter, so I believe the dates have been mixed up.  It is not known if Nancy Carter (Oct. 18, 1833-Aug., 18, 1851) was married.  She could have been the wife of Thomas Carter, Jr. son of Thomas Carter, hence the confusion.  Thomas Carter, Jr. also died in the early 1850's, so they probably did not have children.  "Sonny" J. R. Sessions is a descendant of Martha Carter Sessions and G. A. Sessions.

FRANCES CARTER, born ca. 1797, married Jesse Womack May 15, 1817 in Jones Co., Ga., died 1843 Butler Co., Al. Children: William Green (1818-Feb. 8, 1845) married Katherine Elizabeth Adams 1838; Ann (1820-1838) married Isaac Jones; Lucinda (1825-1841) married Thomas C. Crenshaw; David (N.D.); Thomas Bolling (1828- ) married Wm. Elizabeth Sherton, migrated to Rankin Co. Miss., then Victoria Texas.  This family lived on "The Ridge" in Butler Co., Al along with other members of the Womack family.

OLIVER CARTER, born May 1, 1801 died April 26, 1876 in Kirven, Texas. Married Mary Livingston (Mar. 1, 1811-Feb. 26, 1860) probably after the Carters moved to Alabama.  Both are buried in the Carter Cemetery, in Freestone Co., TX. Children: Thomas Livingston (Sept. 9, 1827-Jan. 21, 1851) married Margaret Carter (1825-1851), both buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co., Al. Children of Thomas Livingston and Margaret Carter were: Mary Livingston Carter (Sept. 9, 1847-Sept. 15, 1935) who later married A. H. Carter, a son of Thomas Carter, and William O. (Mar. 24, 1850-Sept. 24, 1850), who is buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler Co., Al. Mary Livingston Carter went to Texas with her grandfather Oliver and grandmother Mary Livingston Carter. The second child of Oliver and Mary was Martha Elizabeth (born ca. 1827-died May 22, 1856) who married William A. Kirven (Apr 15, 1823-Aug 10, 1856).  William Kirven was lost at sea with the Nautilus in the Gulf of Mexico.  Their children, Oliver Carter Kirven and Thomas Livingston Kirven, were raised by their grandfather, Oliver Carter, who migrated to Texas around 1852 and was known as "the Baron of Freestone" since he was a large land owner and rancher in Freestone Co., Tx.  More on this family can be found in "Woodland Cousins: Kith an Kin."

ALFRED CARTER born ca. 1804-died between 1870 and 1878 in Butler Co., Alabama (will  of son John T. Carter written in 1878 names only his mother Nancy E. Carter).  He is probably buried in the Carter Cemetery on his place in Butler Co., Alabama but no headstone has been found.  There is a large "common grave" with rocks which may have several graves.  The house he built before 1830 is still standing and in good condition.  Alfred Carter married Nancy E. Jones some time before 1830.  Photographs of Alfred and Nancy E. (Jones) Carter are owned by Mrs. McWilliams Carter.

It  is possible that Alfred Carter was the father of David Livingston Carter (see David Carter), but since no estate records are available this cannot be proven. Family bible records of the Levingston family (see Treeshaker. vol. 2 # 3, Dec. 1964) show David L. Carter was born 1826 and Sarah Levingston was born Jan. 11, 1809. Sarah Carter is listed as having died 1826, but no marriage is given.  A letter written by William A. Kirven in 1852 shows that D. L. Carter and Oliver Carter proceeded the other Carter family members in their migration to Texas as stated in "The History of Freestone County" and that Oliver and "Billy" (William) were his uncles.  His father is mentioned, but not named.  David L. Carter gave power of attorney to Alfred Carter in 1852 concerning the estate of his grandfather, Adam Livingston, so it is possible that Alfred Carter acted for David L. Carter.  David L. Carter is also mentioned in the estate records of William Carter in Texas of receiving Alfred Carter's share of the slaves (that had belonged to John Carter and were taken to Texas by David and William Carter).  David L. Carter married Julia F. Watts,  had two children Julia and Sally, then married Sarah Elizabeth Payne in 1855 after Julia F. Watts Carter had died.  In 1899, estate records of John T. Carter, son of Alfred Carter, named Julia Hughes of Texas as a niece.  A son, Alfred Payne Carter,  of David L. Carter may have been named for Alfred Carter. Alfred Payne Carter (son  of David L. and Sarah Payne Carter the second wife) married Margaret Frances Carter in 1887, the granddaughter ot Thomas Carter and daughter  of D. W. (David) Carter and Elizabeth Reives Carter.  The Coleman and Christian families are descendants of David L. Carter and still live in Texas.  The log house built by David L. Carter has been restored.

Children by Nancy Jones, probably Alfred's second wife:  Jerome (Oct. 10, 1830-Feb. 31, 1850) died in typhoid epidemic and buried in the Carter Cemetery in Butler County., Al; Martha (Mar. 11, 1832-Jan. 18, 1854) married Euphronous Carter son of Thomas Carter: Augustus W. (1834-Jan. 5, 1859) married Amelia Carter, daugher of Thomas Carter; Mary M. (1835- ), married Joseph Thorp July 19, 1859; Harris Edwin Carter (1836-Feb. 6, 1912), married Clara Coleman Dec. 18, 1862; Jesse (ca. 1839-ca. 1850) died in typhoid epidemic; Lucy A. (ca 1841- ) Dec. 16, 1858 married Wm. Harrison Wright; Alfred, Jr. (ca. 1843- ); Cornelia Elizabeth (1844- ) married Dr. Conrad Wall; John T. (ca. 1846-1888/89 per estate records) never married and photograph in possession of John K. Carter, Jr.; and Thomas A. (ca. 1854- ).  The children of Harris Edwin Carter and Clara Coleman were Jesse, Lily, Harry (Harris, Jr.) William Coleman, John King, James Alfred, Lula (died at age two) and Lela (twins).  Harris Edwin served in the War Between the States in Co. F, 18th Al.  Infantry as a Sergeant, then later in Captain Goldsmith's Al. Volunteers.  William Coleman Carter, the third son of Harris Edwin Carter and Clara Coleman, and Janie McWilliams Carter, the next to the youngest child of Miles Levi McWilliams and Elizabeth Jane Martin McWilliams,  had William Carey, Elizabeth Eleanor, Janie, Edwin Coleman, and McWilliams Carter.  William Carey married Patsy ? and  had sons Geddis and Donnie; Elizabeth married J. A. Bates and had Sarah and Charles Arthur (Buck) Bates; Janie married Bill Bryson then later John McLendon with no issue; and Eleanor married twice with no issue.  Edwin (Ed) Coleman Carter married Ruth Griffin and had two sons Thomas Coleman and Edwin McWilliams (Ed Mac) Carter who still own the William Coleman Carter place in Butler Co, Al.  Ed Mac Carter married Linda Dawson and their children are Christopher Coleman Carter who married _____, and Haden Carter.  Tommy Carter and his wife Tammy have one son, Joshua.  The youngest child of William Coleman Carter. McWilliams Carter (1910-1989), married Juanita Brannon in 1946.  McWilliams was named after his maternal grandfather,  Miles Levi McWilliams. Their children are Nita Carter Deason, E. Jane Inge, and Rebecca Carter Drummond.  Other descendants of Harris Carter are as follows:  Descendants of Cornelia (Carter) Wall and Dr. Conrad Wall, the Sam Wall family live in Forest Home, Al.; descendants of Jesse Carter live iin Monroeville, Al.; descendants of James Alfred live in Prattville, Al., and John King Carter (named for his grandmother Coleman King relatives) had one child, John King Carter, Jr. (married Bobbie Bryson) who now lives in Greenville, Al. and has three sons, John King III (a musician and lives in Montgomery), Christopher (Kit is an opthamologist and lives in Birmingham), and Robert, an attorney. Robert Carter, who lives in Chapel Hill, N.C. married Ann Barton in 199? and their sons are --- and ---

Chronology for John Carter in Georgia

1783 May 31. Creek and Cherokee cede lands wests of Tugalo River.

1784 Georgia jurisiction extended to Natchez district on the Mississippi River.

Absalom Carter may have been born in this year before his parents came to Georgia.  He is listed in the list of Land Lottery Participants, so must have been 21 by 1805 when the first land lotter was held.

1785 Georgia organizes Bourbon County on the Mississippi River.

John Carter gets his first land grant in Franklin County, Georgia

1787 Boundary line between Georgia and South Carolina established.

1790 John Carter and Ann Carter sell some of their land in Franklin County.  She is named as "Nancy", but signs as "Ann" Carter.

1795 January. Yazoo Act passed by Georgia legislature; state relinquished claim to 35,000,000 acres of land in the present staes of Alabama and Mississippi at the price of less than 1.5 cents per acre.

Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin on a plantation near Savannah.

John Carter is listed as a spy in John Stonecyphers company in Franklin County.

1796 Yazoo Act repealed; all documents pertaining thereto burned before the state capitol at Louisville.

1798 Mississippi territory separated from Georgia by an act of Congress.

1802 Lands belonging to Georgia west of the Chattahoochee and of a line running north from the mouth of Uchee Creek to Nickajack Creek ceded to the United States.

Tracts of land south of Altamaha and west of Oconee rivers ceded by the Creek at the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson.

1803 Land Lottery System introduced.

1804 February 21st. Larkin Cleveland and John Carter request a passport to the Louisiana Territory. (Note from Family Puzzlers Numer 1084 to explain passports "These passport were an effort to keep 'undesirables' out of the new Territories, and to regulate the movement of slaves from state to Territory.")

Alfred Carter is born in Franklin County -- John Carter's last child.

1805 The Creek cede their remaining lands east of Ocmulgee River (except for a strip in Old Ocmulgee Fields) by treaty.

First land lottery held.  John Carter, Absalom, and Thomas participated, but were not fortunate drawers.

1806 John Carter gets land grant in Wilkes Co. (Probably bounty land grant).

1807 Second Land Lottery held. John Carter is a fortunate drawer for land in Baldwin County which later became Jones County.

1809 Nancy Carter signs away her dower right for land in Franklin County.  This was a provision that protected widows when their husband died (without a will).  A woman was allowed one third of the land as her dower right.  Before selling the land she had to sign away her dower right.

1810 March 12th Larkin Cleveland, David Cleveland, and Absalom Carter ask for a passport through the Creek and Cherokee Nations.

November 17th Ann Devereaux [with initials AJC next to the name Ann Devereaux, possibly Ann Carter?] either witnesses or signs deed with John Carter selling land in Jones County to Ezekiel T. Smith.  John Carter's wife does not appear in records after this date.  The deed is recorded May 8th 1812.

1812 - Absalom, Jarrett, Thomas, and John Carter, Jr. records for War of 1812 are listed.

September 4th Absalom Carter son of John and Ann Carter marries Nancy Wilkerson in Franklin County, Georgia.

1814 Creeks are forced into signing treaty ceding land in southern Georgia by General Andrew Jackson.

July 9th Larkin Cleveland dies in Giles Co., Tennessee.  The will which was included in the NSDAR records for Georgia, 1974, was in the private possession of Carter Harrison Cleveland of Mobile Alabama.  John Carter and Thomas Carter along with C. Morton and Robert Walton are witnesses.  Sons are Benjamin, David, Abner, Oliver Cromwell, and Carter Harrison.    Daughters are Elizabeth (Walton), Sarah (Jordan), Rhoda (Franklin), Asenath (Callaway), Lucinda, and Pamela.  Wife is Frances (Fanny) Wright Cleveland.  Slaves to his wife Fanny if she stays unmarried; land to each of sons and daughters; and gives to Oliver Cromwell the place upon he now lives.  The will was written April 20, 1805.

1817 May 15th. Frances Carter daughter of John and Ann Carter maries Jesse Womack in Jones County, Georgia.

November 6th Thomas Carter son of John and Ann Carter marries Frances Glover in Jones County, Georgia.

1818 Aug. 30th Jarrett Carter son of John and Ann Carter is listed as selling land in Jones County.

(Non-family dates from: "Early Georgia: 1733-1819", Accelerated Indexing Systems, Bountiful, Utah.)

Land Grants and Deeds of John Carter in Georgia

1. September 21, 1785; 300 acres Franklin County to John Carter, "Northeasterly by Tugalo River and on all other sides by vacant land". [land grant].

    Deed dated Feb. 16, 1809, Rec. May 1809 from John Carter of Franklin Co. to Richard Grey of Pendleton Dist., S.C. in cons. of $1500 in Franklin Co. on Tugalo River including improvements of said Carter of 300 ac. granted to said Carter 21 Sept. 1785, extending as far as the divid. betwween Tugalo River and Gum Log Crk, on a conditional  line made between Thomas Carter, also 159 ac. Granted to said Carter 18 Sept 18 Sept. 1799 on Tugalo Riv., per survey and Col. Larkin Cleveland. Wit. William Brooks, Joseph Chandler, Nancy Carter (x), [her mark] wife of John relinquished her dower right same day. [sold land grant dated Sept. 21, 1785].

2. September 21, 1785; 200 acres in Franklin County to John Carter, "Southwestwardly by Tugalo River and on all other sides by vacant land". [land grant]

    Deed Nov. 30, 1789, rec. Jan. 8, 1791 from John Carter and wife to Nancy Cox all of Franklin Co. in Cons. of 50 pds., conveys 100 ac. In Franklin Co. on both sides of Gum Log Creek, adj. said Carter and said Cox, being part of a tract granted to said Carter 21 Sept. 1785, and in Secretary Office in Book HHH folio 547 23 Sept. 1785. Signed "John Carter Ann Carter (x) [her mark]: wit. Larkin Cleveland JP. [sold part of above land grant]

3. February 16, 1787; 280 acres Franklin County to John Carter, "Northeast by Tugaloe River and on all other sides by vacant land". [land grant]

4. [Franklin County] Deed datted July 13 1789. Rec. Nov. From Thomas Robins of Wilkes Co., N.C. to John Carter of Franklin Co. in cons of 100 pds. Conveys 280 acres on Tugalo, adj. Ambrose Downs,  near John Cleveland. [land sold to John Carter].

     Deed March 5, 1790, Rec. May 23 1791, John Carter and Nancy of Franklin Co to Obadiah Hooper of Pendleton Co. S.C. of [for] 100 pds, conveys 280 acres in Franklin Co. on tugalo Riv., adj. Ambrose Downs, near John Cleveland. Signed John Carter, Ann Carter (x) [her mark] wit.: Larkin Cleveland. [sold land bought July 13, 1789.]

5.  September 18, 1799; 159 acres Franklin County to John Carter, "Southeast by surveyed land, west by said Carter's land, northeast by said Carter's land, notheast by Tugalo River and east by Cleveland land". [land grant].

6. November 17, 1806; 150 acres wilkes Co. to John Carter, "North by Widow Van Allen's Land; South by W. Leggans land: Eastwardly by T. Eidsons V.W. Owens  land: and West by J. Shearman's  land". Wilkes Co. Headright/Bounty grant book FFFFF p. 51 [This land grant is important because John Carter was listed as a Revolutionary War soldier in the Wilkes Co. Papers for having received bounty land grants.  The following land grant for Baldwin (later Jones) refers to Wilkes Co.]

7. January 27, 1808: Baldwin County [land lottery] District 13 Lot 97. "John Carter of Normans District Wilkes Co., 13th district Baldwin tract 97". [Does not give acreage' these were 202 and one half acres].

8.  Deed Baldwin County May 22 1809. Land sold by George Collans of Abbeville Co., S.C. to John Carter of Franklin County, Ga for $1200, 10 district number 27 containing 202 and one half acres. Recorded Aug. 18, 1809.

     January 5 1818, John Carter sells above land to Charles Capel for $2600. Book K. p. 68, 1818.

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