Gone to Texas

Butler County Residents who are Known to have Migrated to Texas before 1900

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Year to Texas
Last Butler Census
1st TX Census
Allied Families or Comments
Alford, Reddin and Nancy Harrison 1868-69 Milam 1866 (Lowndes 1850) 1870 Reddin b. 1815 SC, d. 21 Aug 1895; Nancy (dau of James & Delany Justice Harrison of Butler Co) b. 1823 Wilkinson Co, GA, d. 1886 Milam Co; both bur. Forest Grove Cem, Milam Co, TX.   Rose Shelton
Black, Charles Franklin 1870-80 Nacogdoches 1870 1880 Son of Hugh Black and Sarah Unknown; buried at Pine Knot Cemetery. Cheryll Morris Sumner
Blankenship, John W and Eliza Miller abt 1858-60 Nacogdoches not found 1860 Melrose Son Columbus married Mary Jones, dau of Mary Seale and Amos Jones. Wilda Murphy
Boggus, James Carter and Mary Elizabeth Turner 1868-70 Gonzales 1860 1870 M. 10/15/1858 Butler Co.  Brother Jasper Newton married Mary Elizabeth's sister Ann Catherine (parents John and Mary Turner - another sister, Martha Ann Melvina married Thomas Alexander Mercer and also went to Texas). Allan Rowe
Boggus, Jasper Newton and Ann Catherine Turner 1868-70 Gonzales 1860 1870 M. 12/13/1855 Butler Co.  Brother James Carter married Ann Catherine's sister Mary Elizabeth.  James and Jasper both sons of Silas Boggus and Jane Ann Bond.  Silas, supposed to be buried in Butler Co, died in 1857. Allan Rowe
Brooks, Drury William and Margaret Turner 1860-80? Navarro 1860 1880 Not found 1870. Prob. bur. in Navarro Co. Son of John Sawyer Brooks and Rebecca Mitchell. Cheryll Morris Sumner
Coe, Isaac and Sarah Bacon 1875 Franklin or Washington 1870 (Crenshaw) 1880 In Butler Co before Crenshaw. Wren, Bacon families. Mary Lou Trice
Coleman, Benjamin Andrew and Anna Elizabeth Toole 1870-76 Leon 1870 1880 Son of Daniel W. and Hannah Coleman; b. 28 Apr 1846, prob. Butler Co; AL, d. 12 Mar 1928; bur. New Salem Cemetery, Leon Co, TX. more info Beth Gay
Coleman, George T and Amarantha Evans 1866-70 Johnson 1860 1870 Son of Richard and Rachel Burkett Coleman Betty Manning
Coleman, Theodore and Sara Elizabeth Kilpatrick abt 1873 Grimes 1870 1880 Son of Abraham Womack Coleman and Mary Ringgold; b. 11 Apr 1838 in Butler Co, Al; d. 01 Mar 1923; see article in BCHGS Quarterly, Volume 43, No. 2, Apr 2007. more info Beth Gay
Cowart, Daniel Turner 1870-80 Madison 1870 1880 B. 1851, d. San Saba Co, TX, Feb 1933.   Bur. Varga Chapel Cemetery. Charlotte Epps
Cowart, Stephen B and Julia Ann Hart 1850-60 Madison 1850 1860 Both died San Saba Co, TX: Stephen in Jun 1899, Julia in 1909.   Bur. Varga Chapel Cemetery. Charlotte Epps
Fuller, Archibald and Elizabeth "Betty" Mosley 1850-55 Madison/
1840 1860 Buried at Indian Village Cem, Ouachita Parish, La. Dau of William Mosley and Judith Cheatham. Annette Ditto
Gardner, Robert Warren, 1860-76 Navarro 1860 1900 Son of Thomas J. and Helen Gardner;  born 16 May 1852 Butler Co., AL;   Married Julia Smith Yarbrough 24 Aug 1876 Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Had 14 children, all born in Texas;  died in Hasse, Comanche Co., TX, 30 May 1904 at age 52 years. Kat Taylor
Glenn, Thomas Lewis and Caroline Eliz. "Betty" Dudley abt 1895 Houston not found 1900 Son of Lewis Riley Glenn & Caroline Moorer. Dau of John M Dudley & Caroline D Crum Elizabeth Meriwether
Grimes, James Alfred and Susan Miller abt 1858-60 Nacogdoches not found 1860 Melrose Another dau of Milbrey Miller Wilda Murphy
Hart, Jordan and Elizabeth Maxey 1850-60 Madison 1850 1860 Parents of Julia Ann Hart Cowart, wife of Stephen B.   Bur. Varga Chapel Cemetery, San Saba County, TX. Charlotte Epps
Howard, Lee and Hattie Vera Rush 1880-91 Hunt 1880 1900 Gr'nville m. 1891 Hunt Co. Rel. fam: Dunklin, Reddock, Flowers John Howard McCasland
Hutchinson, Burrell Brown and Amanda M F Herbert 1840-42 Washington 1840 1850 Son of Thos. Hutchinson and Mary Cook, SC. Alexis Spiritas
Joiner, Jordan and Sallie Rushton 1860-70 Burnet, Llano & San Saba 1850 1870   Cheryll Morris Sumner
Kelly, Osborne, widower of Elizebeth Miller 1860-70 Nacogdoches 1860 1870 Cherino Not on 1867 Nacogdoches Voters List. Wilda Murphy
McCoy, Elbert Milton and Priscilla Ann Elizabeth Bullard 1875 Cass 1860 1880 Son of John Robinson McCoy, Jr. & Catherine Derinda Tillery.   Photo Tim J. McCoy
Mercer, Thomas "Alexander" and Martha Ann "Melvina" Turner early 1870s Caldwell 1870 1880 Son of Wm Mercer and Delilah Gandy (bur. Sardis Bapt Cem, Pigeon Creek, AL); wife was dau of John Turner.  Wid. Mary Turner to Texas with Mercers. Janet Saylor
Miller, Milbrey, widow of Hiram 1850-60 Nacogdoches 1850 1860 Melrose Rhodes, Kelly, Mullins Wilda Murphy
Morris, Sarah Harrison Bailey 1870-80 Cherokee 1870 1880 Bur. Myrtle Springs Cemetery in Cherokee Co., TX.  Widow of Singleton Bailey and James B. Morris. Cheryll Morris Sumner
Mosley, James Albert and Mary Elizabeth Fuller 1850-55 Madison/
1840 1860 Buried at Old Bethel, Grimes Co, Tx. Son of William Mosley and Judith Cheatham. Annette Ditto
Mosley, Robert Alexander and Mary (Mourning) Eliz. McCoy 1850-55? Grimes 1840 1880 Madison Co Bur. Old Bethel, Grimes Co, Tx. Son of William Mosley and Judith Cheatham. Annette Ditto
Mullins, John Hiram and Delilah Kelly 1868 Nacogdoches 1866 1870 Cherino His mo., Martha, possibly a Miller.  Delilah's mother rptd to be Elizabeth Miller. Wilda Murphy
Murphy, John and Celia Gafford Dec 1883 Cherokee 1880 none Prob. first cousin to John W and Allen B Seale who went to Nacogdoches Co. Wilda Murphy
Parmer, Felix Oscar and Sarah Adeline Phipps 1884 Trinity 1880 1900 Son of Joseph Parmer.  Sally Phipps widow by 1900; half-bro Toliver Phipps moved to Falls Co, TX 1859. Jackie Ashley Pace
Peavy, Daniel Brinkley 1851-52 Dewitt 1850 1860 Wallace/Brooks. Cheryll Morris Sumner
Phillips, Pinckney G and Jane Smith abt 1851 Cherokee 1850 1860 Pinckney b. 1812 SC; Jane 1815 MS; m. 1840 Butler. Lynda L Fredendall
Rasberry, Albert and Mary Jones 1871-72?
Nacogdoches 1870 1880
Linn Flat
Dau of Mary Seale and Amos Jones of Butler Co. Wilda Murphy
Reid, Daniel Coleman 1870-76 Leon 1870 1880 Son of Cornelia Coleman (sister of Benjamin Andrew Coleman) and Felix Edwin Reid; b. 03 Nov 1862 in Greenville, Butler Co, AL; d. 14 Nov 1952 in Leon County, Texas; never married; bur. New Salem Cemetery, Leon Co, TX; accompanied Benjamin Andrew Coleman and family to Texas. Beth Gay
Rhodes, Kinchin and Mary Ann Elizabeth Williams 1872 Wood 1870 1880 Walton, Breedlove Jim Rhodes
Rhodes, Benjamin and Dicey Miller 1850-60 Nacogdoches 1850 (Monroe) 1860 Melrose 1st wife prob. Sarah Murphy Mullins. Wilda Murphy
Ringgold, Richard and Frances Isabel Livingston 1850-60 Grimes 1850 1860 Children:  Richard, Frances Jane, Martha Ellen.  Accompanied by Theodore and Martha Frances Coleman, children of Abraham Coleman, and Theodore's wife, Mary Ringgold.  See Ringgold story in Butler and Lowndes County Heritage books. Mary Coleman Wynn
Seale, Allen Beckham and Elizabeth Stallings 1872 Nacogdoches 1870 (Wilcox) 1880 Melrose Son of Ransom and Ellen Murphy Seale Wilda Murphy
Seale, James Thomas and Mary Frances Ward 1871-72? Nacogdoches 1870 (Wilcox) 1880 Cherino Son of Thomas III. Wilda Murphy
Seale, John Wilson and Gracie Stallings 1871 Nacogdoches 1860 (Wilcox) 1800 Melrose Son of Ransom and Ellen Murphy Seale Wilda Murphy
Seale, Mary widow of Amos Jones 1871-72? Nacogdoches 1870 1800
Linn Flat
Dau of Thomas III. Dau Callie m. Columbus Blankenship. Wilda Murphy
Seale, William Riley and Frances Jane Yates 1850-55 Nacogdoches none 1860 Melrose Son of Thomas III. Wilda Murphy
Sellers, Eliza Ann Brinkley? 1870-80? Cass & Marion 1860 1880 Not found 1870. Buried at Old Foundry Cemetery, Marion Co; widow of John D Sellers. Cheryll Morris Sumner
Shine, Daniel B and Mary Ann Stallings abt 1858 Polk 1850 1860 (1870 Madison Co) M. 1835 Butler Co.  Sold property 1857.  D. Polk Co 1859.  Mary Ann d. 1898 Madison Co. David Willbanks
Sims, Wiley and Luvinia Reddock 1853 Limestone 1850 (Conecuh) 1860 (Personville) Wiley:  1810-1866. Luvinia:  1817-1883.  Married 1839 in Butler Co. Mildred Stinson Brown
Skinner, James Caperous and Idella McKellow abt 1895 Henderson 1880 1900 Son of Ariss and Sarah Ann Wiggins Skinner. ?
Smith, Ambrose Alison and Mary Jane Thomas 1858-60 Liberty 1850 1860 Hall, West, Donahue, McGinnis Kay Pacheco
Smith, Stephen and Harriet Peavy 1855-57 Polk 1850 1860 M. Butler Co 1851.  Only Harriet found in Butler 1850, dau of Charles and Rebecca Mathews Peavy. Joan Echols Taylor
Streety, William Thames and Mary Whitfield Hartley abt 1852 Freestone 1850 1860 She was daughter of Joseph and Mary Bexley Hartley. Allen & Betty Johannes
Tallant, Samuel H (widower of Rebecca Ugenia Stuart) 1892-1900 Angelina 1870 1900 Rebecca U. Stuart died in Butler Co., Alabama, on April 5, 1882, buried at South Butler Cemetery. Samuel Tallant died November 5, 1911, Brown Co., Texas. Charles Stuart
Taylor, Albert Jack 1842 Cass ? 1850 Son of Ward Taylor.  See Pioneer file. Steve Stone
Taylor, Job 1842 Harrison Prior to 1830 1850 Brother of Ward Taylor.  See pioneer file. Steve Stone
Taylor, Joseph M 1842 Harrison Prior to 1830 1850 Brother of Ward Taylor.  See pioneer file. Steve Stone
Taylor, Marion DeKalb (MDK) 1842 Cass 1840 1850 Son of Ward Taylor.  See pioneer file. Steve Stone
Taylor, Ward and Nancy Ann Matthews 1842 Cass ? 1850 Sons Marion DeKalb, Albert Jack, Hubbard Bonner; brothers Elias, Job, Joseph M.  See pioneer file. Steve Stone
Thomas, Cornelius James and Frances Isabelle 1885 Falls 1880 1900 son of Isaac Jackson Thomas (1826-1885) of Greenville. Bur. at Masonic Cemetery, Caldwell, TX. Todd Thomas
Tillery, George Washington and Nancy Catherine Mosley ? Nacogdoches ? 1880 Angelina Co 2nd wife Mollie C Barganier; bur. Gravel Ridge, Nacogdoches Annette Ditto
Tynes, Henry and Nancy Matilda Galloway 1860-70 Fannin 1850 1870 Bonham Sabine Parish, LA, 1860. Son of Timothy Tynes. Mark James
Tynes, Robert and Mary Melissa Magee 1857-60 Trinity 1850 1860 Sumpter Died in Civil War. Son of Timothy Tynes. Mark James
Tynes, Samuel and Margaret Diamond 1860-70 Nacogdoches 1860 (Covington) 1870 Melrose Son of Timothy Tynes. Mark James
Tynes, William Luther and Caroline R Compton abt 1855 Nacogdoches 1850 (Wilcox) 1860 Melrose Son of Timothy Tynes. Mark James
Vickrey, Elihu Lorenzo 1853-55 Nacogdoches 1850 1860 Sims/Seale/Parmer -- may have moved to Texas with Sims & Seale.  Wife Adeline d. Al. Sons m. daus of Felix Oscar Parmer. Jackie Ashley Pace
Wallace, Elias Alexander 1851-52 Angelina & Dewitt 1850 1860 Brooks/Peavy. Cheryll Morris Sumner
Wallace, John Henry and Mary Cathryn Routon 1850-55 Freestone 1850 1860 Son of Seaborn Wallace and Senea Harrison.  Dau of John Routon & Eliz. T Gafford.   In Milam Co 1870. Margaret Grammer
Wallace, William and Mary S Montgomery 1864-70 Cherokee 1850 1870 Son of Seaborn Wallace and Senea Harrison.  Wm & Mary in MS 1860.  Bur. Myrtle Spgs Cem, Ponta. Margaret Grammer
Wallace Cates, Martha P widow of Josiah Cates 1883-87 Angelina 1880 1900 Youngest dau of Seaborn Wallace and Senea Harrison;  m. 1861 Butler Co;   bur. Gann Cem, Angelina Co, Tx. Margaret Grammer
Watts, Rufus P and Leacie Eleanor 1880-95 Falls 1880 1900 Son of Vinson T.  Photographer in Greenville and Lott. Wilda Murphy
Williams, George abt 1858 Karnes 1850 1860 Children: Caroline, George, James, Harriet, all to Texas. K Elaine Luce
Williams, John Allison, and Mary C Hodges abt 1858-59 Lavaca 1850 1860 Parents John Wesley Williams and Winifred Moore stayed behind in Butler Co. Janet Saylor
Williams, Wright
abt 1858 Atascosa 1850 1860 Married Lavanna Ann Gates in Atascosa County, 1858. K Elaine Luce

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