Submitted by Mildred Stinson Brown Brinkley Gandy is listed on the 1830 census as Brinkley Garider. His son Elias Gandy is listed above his name as Elias Gande. Descendants of Brinkley Gandy Generation No. 1 1. BRINKLEY2 GANDY (EDWARD1) was born Abt. 1742 in Edgecombe County, N.C., and died Bet. 1835 - 1840 in Pigeon Creek Community, Butler County, AL.. He married PATTY CHAMBLISS in Darlington County, S.C.. Notes for BRINKLEY GANDY: 1. Veteran of American Revolutionary War. 2. Offical Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827, 63d Day's Drawing, May 18, Montgomery pg 197. 3. 1830 Butler County Census lists him as Brinkley Garider with his son Elias listed as Elias Gande. 4. 1838 Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery 5. Butler County Tax Payers List 1865-66 6. The Southern Messenger, March 1859 Children of BRINKLEY GANDY and PATTY CHAMBLISS are: i. ELIAS3 GANDY. 2. ii. ABIJAH GANDY, b. South Carolina. iii. MESHACK GANDY. iv. PATSY GANDY. v. MOLLY GANDY. vi. JOHN GANDY. Generation No. 2 2. ABIJAH3 GANDY (BRINKLEY2, EDWARD1) was born in South Carolina. He married SUSANNAH MOORE in South Carolina. Notes for ABIJAH GANDY: 1. Arrived Butler County about 1828. 2. Relocated from Butler County to Wayne County, Miss. Children of ABIJAH GANDY and SUSANNAH MOORE are: i. JOHN L.4 GANDY. ii. MARTHA GANDY. iii. NICOLAS W. GANDY. iv. BRINKLEY GANDY. v. MASHACK GANDY. vi. ARTHUR MOORE GANDY. vii. SUSANNAH GANDY. viii. ABIJAH C. GANDY.