Chambers County Alabama Photos......East Side of Courthouse Square Lafayette, Al
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Contributed by Don L. Clark Aug 2004

LaFayette - East Side of Courthouse Square, Photographed ca. 1892

This photograph was made in the fall of either 1892 or '93. This row of buildings was destroyed by fire in March, 1895, with the exception of the one story structure at the far end which housed Walter B. Wood's Drug Store. The old Bank of LaFayette Building can be seen in the distance beyond this.

Schuessler Brothers operated a large general mercantile business at this time in most of these buildings. "E. D. Finney Dry Goods" is painted on the front of the building on the south end.

Some of the people standing in the street include: C. W. Griffin, Tom Harris, J. M. Gay, Tom Schuessler, C. M. Sanders, Frank Schuessler, R. S. Moore, Bill Dickson, Lee Griffin, C. P. Scarborough, Charlie Phillips, Bob Segrest, Bill Ray, Charles Schuessler, J. S. Dowdell, L. S. Schuessler, R. W. Allen, W. B. Wood, J. B. Darden, J. H. Wallace, H. G. Webb, S. A. Jarrell, Zach Schuessler and Major Schuessler. Two colored men Homer Black and Collins Fannin.

This photograph appeared in "The LaFayette Sun" ca. 1940, and belonged to Mrs. Mae Barnett, former resident of LaFayette.

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