Chambers County Alabama Photos......Hamburg School ca 1912
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Contributed by Don L. Clark Aug 2004

Hamburg School - ca1912
This school was located approximately 1/2 mile north of Buffalo, in the triangular lot formed by County Road 164 and County Road 166.
From the collection of Charles A. Spence (1927 - 2002).
Identifications are from left to right.
Front row: Bernice Lamb, Willie Coggins, Reed McCarley, Clara Jones, Ray Shaver, Winnie Jones, Cofield Shaver, Linnie Thompson, Mildred Jones, Eula Thompson, Jimmie Dora Thompson, Tillman Slaughter.

2nd row: Dowdell Spence, Willie Joe Lindsey, Duffy Huckaby, Katherine Lamb, John Ben Shaver, Robert Eason, Clyde Benton, John Allen, Dural Lamb, Allen Parker, Leon Huckaby, Bryan Lamb, Edna McCarley, Otis Tomlinson, Sam Spence, Nettie Jones.

3rd row: Dural Phillips, Mary Jane Shaver, Nannie Sue Coggins, J. T. Spence, LaVonia Huckaby, Emerson Slaughter, Maley Parker, Eley Frazer, Kate Coggins, Bernard Shaver, Joe Shaver, Ruby Slaughter, Charlie Parker, Ruth Slaughter, Kyle Huckaby, Pearl Shaver, Quillan Wilson, Lilly Lindsey, Cassie Shaver,

4th row: Ida Coggins, Lona Benton, Emily Eason, Miss Emma Dean (teacher), Mamie Shaver, Bert Dodson, Fred Davis, Lessie Lawson, Walter Benton, "Cap" Davis, Miss Mattie Emma Tucker (teacher), Arthur Shaver, Alberta Davis.

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