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Hart - Howell House
An early settler of Chambers County around present day Marcoot was Benjamin Hart (1812 - 1882) and wife Frances J. Daniel Hart (1826 - 1871). The Harts built the log portion of this house, which is the room on the left side of the hall in the mid 1840s. The room was large with low ceiling, with an enclosed staircase in one corner that led to a 1/2 story sleeping room above. A wide fireplace served by an outside chimney built of rock and brick was located on the east gable end of the house.

Later after the Hart's deaths, the family of Eli Jefferson Howell (1842 - 1911) and wife Mary F. Belcher Howell (1849 - 1938) lived here. E. J. Howell was a Confederate veteran, having served as Pvt. in Co. "A" 10th Confederate Cavalry during the War Between the States. It is most likely that during the Howells occupancy the house was enlarged by building another large room opposite the log room, separated by a hall or dogtrot. Shed rooms were at the rear of the house, with a kitchen or "cook house" in the back yard.

When this photograph was made, ca. 1907, E.J. Howell's son and family were living here. James W. Howell (1867 - 1933) and wife Dura F. Hart Howell (1873 - 1958) are pictured with four children and a horse in the above photograph. Mrs. Howell was a granddaughter of Benjamin Hart.

The Harts and Howells are all buried at nearby Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. The log portion of the house still stands on timberland owned by the Clarks.

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