Chambers County Alabama Photos......Johnson, Isom Family Tillers Cross Roads, AL
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Contributed by Buddy Jul 2004

Isom Johnson Family & House at Tillers Cross roads AL
I believe this to be from about 1915. Left to Right Isom Samuel Johnson, Ora H Johnson, Annie Lett Johnson, Homer D Johnson, Albert McEachern, Nancy (Nan) Johnson wife of J. F. Johnson, holding Evelyn McEachern Meadors, Luther and Shrene Walls who were brother and sister and lived across the road up on the hill from the Isom Johnson home. They later moved to the Lanett Valley area in the 20's. Front Row Christine Johnson Moss,George McEachern,Julia Johnson McEachern holding son James and Roy McEachern. Photo was taken by Ross Johnson brother to Isom Johnson.

Isom S. Johnson (1875-1950) standing in front of his home, ca. 1915

You see! There really was a Post Office in Marcoot!

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