Chambers County Alabama Photos......A Sacred Harp Singing School Class - 1892
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Contributed by Don L. Clark Aug 2004

A Sacred Harp Singing School Class - 1892 Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, Marcoot, Ala.

This photograph shows a group of students attending a Sacred Harp singing school at Macedonia Church in 1892. Students learned to sing by four shaped notes on the music scale - fa, sol, la, and mi. No musical instrument was used. The shapes were sung first to learn the tune, followed by singing the poetry of the song.

The teacher, Mr. George Washington Carter (1846 - 1909), is pictured standing in the front row with open song book. A veteran of the War Between the States, he served as 2nd Lt. in Co. "H" 37th AL Inf. Reg. He was a well known singing instructor and served as Church Chorister at Macedonia Church.

The young woman standing at the right end of the front row is Ruby Hart (1877 - 1952). She later married Joseph R. Orr and they were the parents of Miss Nell Hart Orr, a noted Chambers County historian.

Unfortunately the identification of the remaining students are lost to time.

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