Chambers County Alabama Photos.....Milltown - Group Picture of Men, Chambers County, AL
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Contributed by Don L. Clark Aug 2006

Milltown - Group Picture of Men, Chambers County, AL

     The above picture of a group of Milltown men from the early 1900s would have been taken in late summer. Notice the shocks of fodder (dried foliage from corn stalks that were gathered and stored in a barn for feeding livestock in the winter) that many of the men are holding and of course the water melons. Only two men are identified in the picture. In the back row on left, the first man is Rev. Arthur Shelly Brannon (1861 - 1916), pastor of Milltown Baptist Church. Standing next to him is William Wilson "Will" Weaver (1880 - 1924). He married Hettie Burton and they had five children, one of whom was Mary Fannie Weaver Hinkle, a well known educator and socialite in LaFayette. He later moved to Lanett where he was a barber and is buried at Milltown Cemetery.

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