Chambers County Alabama Photos.....Ridge Grove Rural Consolidated High School - 1923
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Ridge Grove Rural Consolidated High School - 1923

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Ridge Grove Rural Consolidated High School - 1923

Note: This information is from "The Chambers County School Messenger". Volume I, Number 1 - December, 1923.

      The value of the Ridge Grove School building is $12,000, but the people did much of the work under the leadership of a good carpenter. Nowhere have the people made greater sacrifice to build a school than the people of Ridge Grove. The building is located in one of the prettiest groves in the county. The people are making further sacrifices by paying $10 to $15 tuition or incidental fees. The people are also paying the three-mil tax as in other progressive communities. Enrollment is about 160 pupils. The people of Ridge Grove wanted an accredited high school but were not able to bear the extra burden to finance such a school. They are looking forward to the time when the State will help senor high schools.
There are four trucks running to this school, there two-teacher schools having been absorbed in the consolidation.
The members of the Board of Trustees are as follows: W. P. Allen, C. N. Barnes and J. A. Cotter. The faculty is as follows: Amelia Orr, Principal; G. L. Golson, Lessie Bishop, Irsa Dyson, Ruth Merritt and Annie M. Williamson.
The boys and girls have fine basketball teams and have nice courts. The Parent-Teacher Association at Ridge Grove is one of the liveliest in the county, raising two or three hundred dollars last year.

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