Chambers County Alabama Photos......A. D. Wilkinson Family
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Contributed by Diane Cox Feb 2005

A. D. Wilkinson Family
This photo was taken about 1898. That is my grandfather sitting in front of the gate. The woman is Mary Virginia Philpott Wilkinson, youngest daughter of David Allen Philpott, who immigrated to the Grayson Landing area from Virginia. It was renamed Philpott's Ferry and is now under the lake.
My grandfather, George Maley Wilkinson, is their only surviving son.
My Ggrandfather, Archibald Daniel Wilkinson, is the son of Neal K. Wilkinson, who wond land in the 1827 Cherokee Land Lottery in the Long Cane area, which is now under the lake. They are all buried at Long Cane Cemetery, Hwy 29, West Point.

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