From: Heather Hughey To: Subject: Re:Estate records Estate of William Van DEC's The state of Alabama Chambers County Before me Webb kid acting Justice of the Peace in and for said county. Personally appeared James M. Norway & Davis H. Bagley after being duly sworn depose and saith an oath, (as appraisers) on the estate of William Vann deceased that one ______ presented to them is worth five dollars and that is all the property that has been presented to them for appraisement. Sworn to & subscribed Before me this the 1st day of June 1844 Webb Kid JP James M.Norwood Davis H Bagley Orphans Court 21 April 1843 Evan Richard Judge William Van DEC's This day came Leroy Driver and makes application to the County for letters of administration on the Estate of William Vann who died in Macon County Ala, but having been a resident citizen of this county previous to his death & it appearing from statements on file that the legatees of said dec'd have relinquished their right to administrator on said Estate in favor of the said Leroy Driver. It is there upon ordered by the court that letters of administration to the said Leroy Driver upon said Estate and that he give Bono with at least two good and sufficient Securities in the penal sum of two thousand dollars conditioned according to law. Where upon the said Leroy Driver together with Arnold Seale & Bartholomew B. Moore his securities entered into and acknowledged Bono accordingly by which Bono is approved by the court and the said Leroy Driver was duly sworn as such administrator. It is ordered by the court that John Appleby, Goodridge Driver, & John A. Frazer reappointed to appraise the personal Estate of William Vann dec'd to be exhibted to them by the administrator. It is ordered that the administrator expose to sale all of the personal property belonging to the said Estate in terms of the law. June 1843 E.G.Richards Judge William Vann dec'd Be it remembered that Leroy Driver administrator of the Estate William Vann dec'd appeared this day in open court & filed his schedule of all the real personal Estate of said Vann & also a schedule of the indebtness of said dec'd. So far as has come to his knowledge & also files his petition of said Estate all of which is filed under oath. Where upon it is ordered by the court that the 3rd Monday of July next be set a part for hearing & determining land & publication be made in the East Alabamian a news paper published in this state for four successive weeks. Notifying all persons interested to attend on said day and contest the if they see cause & it is further ordered that the clerk epee notice to all of the creditors named in said schedule to appear on said day & contest if they see cause. Oct.12,1843 Evan Richards Judge William Wright Vs petition for Titles Leroy Driver Adm. Of William Vann dec'd This day came William Wright by his attorney, H.Phillips Esq. And filed his petition setting forth in substance that on the 5th day of November AD 1838 William Vann & Sanders R. Vann of the County of Chambers, owned the northwest quarter of section no. 34 ) in township no. 21) of range no. 26) lying in Chambers County and that the said William & Sanders R. Vann & years afore said , in the plural sum of twelve hundred dollars, made &executed to make title to the petitioners so avow as a patent should ipso for the land and said land has long since ipused & that the purchase money to be given has long since paid & said petitioner from this represents that said William Vann has departed this life without making & executing unto your petitioner title to said land and that Leroy Driver of said County of Chambers the legal administrator of Estate of the said William Vann, and said petitioner represents that the said Sanders R. Vann has executed to your petitioner a satisfactory title to said land. So far as he had any legal title in the same, said petitioner therefore prays that publication may be made according to law & that citation may ipue if necessary & that said administrator may be ordered and _____ to execute to your petitioners good legal title to said land. It is therefore ordred by the Court that publication be made in the " Chambers Herald" Once a month for three months requiring the said Leroy Driver Administrator as afore aid & all other interested in the premises be and appear at an Orphan Court to be held in the said County at the place of holding the same on the 2nd Monday of January next & show cause if any they have is cause why the prayers of said petitioner should not be granted. Orphans Court 5th March 1844 Evan Richards Judge Leroy Driver Adm.of The Estate of Wm Vann dec'd This day came the administrator in his person and by petition here filed sets forth in substance that said William Vann dec's seized possessed of the following Real Estate (to wit the following town lots in the town of Lafayette the same being a part if the north west quarter of section 13 Township 22, Range 26, to wit lots numbers (8) &(9). Each one hundred feet square and the south half of number (6) being forty feet front & running back one hundred feet all in letter (D) & that the personal Estate of said dec'd is insufficient for payment of the just debts of said testors and said petitioners also represents that the Heirs of said dec'd are as follows; James Vann of the Republic of Texas, Sanders R Vann of Macon County, John F Vann , Edward T Vann , B B Moore & his wife Temisa, Leroy Driver & his wife Mary of Chambers County, all over the age of twenty one and upon the affidavit of the administrator that James Vann is a non -resident. It is ordered by the court that publication be made in the "Chambers Herald" for forty days, persons interested & that citation ipso to all resident heirs, to be and appear at Orphans Court to be held in & for said county on the 2nd Monday of May next, to answer said petition.