Chambers County Alabama Wills Recorded in Will Book 3 1855 - 1872 by Lynda Eller In 1992, Chambers Co. became the 54th county in Alabama to have their early probate records microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. The Probate Judge agreed to assist with the microfilming project using the probate records including estate, marriages, deeds and wills dating from 1832 through 1927. Most of the records microfilmed are the ones presently stored in a vault inside the Probate Judge's office. Copies of the records microfilmed are available for use at the State Archives in Montgomery, AL and at the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City Library for national use. I have not obtained an inventory of the records microfilmed as of yet. I do have a list from Will Book 3...... Lynda Eller Nov 2002 Will Book #3 which covers Nov. 20, 1856 to Oct. 12, 1872. It covers the names of the deceased whose wills are recorded. Abernathy, Samuel Adams, Joshua Allen, David G. Askew, B.S. Askew, J. Atkins, John Avery, T.J. Allen, Thomas Andrews, Mark Andrews, Milton Bachus, Francis M. Bailey, Jacob Bailey, Prudence Baker, Silas Baker, Thomas Sanford Beall, Thaddeus Beaty, Mary Beaty, James Billingslea, Cyrus Bishop, Ivy Black, Mary Emma Bowling, Fredericks Boyd, John Brooks, Thomas J. Brown, Williams Bullard, Daniel Burton, Jacob Crain, Mary Caldwell, Mary Clark, William Cook, James D. Cook, Joseph W. Cox, Margaret M. Crawford, A.J. Cox, Samuel A. Cottle, James Calloway, Frances Culbreath, Newton Cook, Benjamin F. Carlisle, M.A. Chappell, T.L. Chewning, J.J. Crawford, Mary J. Collins, William Crowder, G.P. Cliford, George H. Collier, Albertine Davis, Christopher H. Daniel, Thomas J. Day, Joseph Dean, Sarah Drinkard, Smith Duncan, Susanah Daniel, John Dunson, George W. Day, Mary Ann Dorman, Wiley Driver, Goodrick (?) Davis, J.H. Davis, T.J. Driver, James M. Darden, William C. Etcherson, Allen Felton, John Finney, Ida T. Floyd, John L. Floyd, James O. Floyd, Larkin Ford, Matilda Foreman, J.L. Foreman, Elizabeth Foster, William Frazier, John A. Frederick, D.M. Fuller, James M. Fuller, William Fuller, Sidney, M. Gilliland, W.D. Gilmer, Elizabeth H. Gilmer, William B. Gilmore, James. W. Glass, Mary Grady, E. Grady, W.J. Grant, James Greer, Joseph Gresham, H. Griffin, James Griggs, William Gunn, James M. Hall, Samuel Harralson, B.B. Harralson, Abner Harralson, K.L. Harrell, Susanah Harrell, Alfred Harris, T.D. Heath, Cicero Higgins, William H. Hill, Gibson F. Hill, James M. Hinds, Homer Hodge, John Hodnett, Champion Holloway, Caleb Holloway, Mrs. Margaret Holstun, Stanmore Holt, Charles W. Hood, Stephen W. Hood, William L. Hubbard, William H. Hunter, William A. Hunter, E.E. Hurst, John A. Jacob, Mordicar James, Lee L. Jarrell, John L. Jeter, Sarah Jeter, Samuel Johns, Robert Johns, William Johnson, William A. Johnson, H.H. Jones, Willis Jordan, L.P. Keel, William Lancaster, James Lanier, George W. Lansford, Henry Leverett, Gideon Liles, Herod Logan, William Lyle, A.J. Maddox, W.J. Magbee, W.L. Martin, John Mathews, William P. Mayo, John Meadows, James J. Meadows, Warner W. Menefee, Albert Milford, Phillip P. Mills, Nancy Mitchell, James O. Mitchell, Reuben Mitchell, Willis O. Moorman, Silas Morgan, William C. Moseley, Mathew Murphy, Hiram McCarley, David G. McCarley, E.B. McClendon, Jephtha McCord, Andrew McCurdy, E.S. McKinney, Eli McLemomore, Edney A. McNamee, James Newman, Samuel Nichols, Hennireatta Nolan, Thomas F. Nolen, James Nolen, Peggy Orme, Julia O. Orme, W.P. Oslin, Render Page, Benjamin Page, William L. Parker, Dr. Bryant Patterson, R.J. Pendergrass, J.J. Penn, Abner J, Penn, T.L. Perry, Obed Pitts, M.L. Ponder, Edwin W. Potts, Mary M. Pounds, Zachariah B. Presley, Calvin Ramage, W.M. Reagun, Charles Redmond, R.W. Reese, George Reese, Mary A. Reeves, W. Rice, A. Richards, Evan G. Roberts, James M. Robinson, Sarah Robinson, A.L. Robinson, J.L. Rowland, P.H. Royston, Thomas B. Rutledge, E. Rutland, James Sanders, Jordan Schuessler, Lewis Seagraves, Henry C. Sharmon, Thomas Sharmon, Wm. C. Shealey, Columbus Shealey, Margaret Shelton, E. Shirley, M. Shirley, M.J. Simons, James Simonton, T.J. Slaughter, John Slaughter, Wiley F. Slay, John B. Slay, Moses Smart, G.W. Smedley, Thomas Smedley, John Smedley, N. Smith, Bird Smith, Lenora Smith, Elijah Smith, James Smith, T.J. Smith, John W. Spinks, John E. Spratling, Mrs. U.A. Stevens, Fatha Stevens, Theophilus Strozier, William Stywald, V.W. Summers, Elizabeth Sutton, S. Talbot, John R. Taylor, James Thomas, John H. Thomas, Joseph A. Thompson, John A. Tiller, S.H. Tomlinson, D.W. Tomlinson, J.B. Towles, John C. Towles, Toliver Trammell, A.D. Trammell, John (2) Trammell, L.G. Trammell, W.M. Treadwell, D. Tucker, Henrietta Turner, Henry G. Turner, G.F. Varner, A.R. Vaughn, N.A. Vernon, George Vernon, George M. Walker, Julia A. Walker, M.T. Walton, Manning Ward, Solomon Weaver, Holly Webb, Claiborne Wheat, Artemisia Wheelis, Lewis Whitlow, J.P. Wilkins, John L. Williamson, Henry Willis, Paul T. Wilson, Hugh Wimbush, Frances Winston, Thomas Wise, John Woody, Samuel Wyatt, E.J. Wyckoff, Isave B. Yarbrough, Elam T. Young, T.H.