Sumter County, Alabama Probate Record Bk 2, pp. 612, 613 p. 612 Estate of Lodowick Know all men by these presents that we Alfred Moore, Moore Deceased R. R. Moore, Robert G. Allison & A. G. Anderson are held and firmly bound unto Henry F. Scruggs, Judge of the Orphans Court of Said county in the sum of Twenty Thousand dollars to be paid to the said Judge or to his successors in office. For which payment well and truly to be made and bind ourselves our heirs Executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, this thirteenth day of December 1841. p. 613 The condition obligation is such that whereas the above bound Alfred Moore & R. R. Moore has been duly appointed Executors of all and Singular the goods & chattels, Rights & credits of Laudwick Moore decd. Now if they shall well and truly perform all the duties which are or may be by Law required of them as such Executors then the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force. Alfred Moore Signed, sealed, acknowledged and Delivered in R. R. Moore Open Court Robt G. Allison Attest Henry F. Scruggs, Judge C.C. A. G. Anderson Minutes The State of Alabama Orphans Court Special Term holden as Sumter Court House Sumter County on the 13th Decr. A.D. 1841. Presents the Honor Henry F. Scruggs, Judge presiding. This day came Alfred Moore, & Roderick R. Moore two of the executors named in the last will & testament of Lodwick Moore decd. (Which as been heretofore probated & Recorded in this County and tendered his bond as Executor of said last will & Testament. Wherefore it is ordered by the court that the said Alfred Moore & Roderick R. Moore be appointed & are hereby recognized as the Executors of the last will & testament of Lodwell Moored decd and the clerk is ordered to issue to him letters accordingly with the will annexed he having given bond in the sum of twenty thousand dollars with Robert G. Allison and Albert G. Anderson and taken the Oath required by Law. Ordered by the Court that William Anderson, Gray H. Edwards, and Robt G. Allison be and they are hereby appointed appraisers of the Esatate of Lodwick More deceased. Ordered by the Court that Alfred Moore & Roderick R. Moore Executors of Said last will & testament be and they are hereby authorized to sell the personal property of their Testator at publick sale & to sell the crop privately. Ordered by the court that the clerk cause publication of this Executorship.