Pioneers of Washington County, Alabama


Roy C. Brewer

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The following list is an attempt to identify those persons living in Washington County, as now constituted, before the year 1800. A manageable geographic area is chosen for discussion rather than the originally designated county stretching from 31' to 32'28' latitude and from the Chattahoochee to the Pearl River.

Such a listing, to be significant, should distinguish between those occupying the area west of Tombigbee, those east of the Tensaw, and those west of the Mobile River. Sources available for this purpose are American State Papers (Public Lands); Brand Register of San Esteban District (1795), and Census of Inhabitants, San Esteban District (1797).

The brand register of San Esteban District provides a description (with diagrams) of the registrant's brand used for his horses and the marks used on the ears of his hogs (e.g., split and underbit for left ear, crop and hold for right). Either was used for cattle. Spanish officials authenticated all entries. Agents sometimes represented the registrant when he could not write or for other reasons. Free mulattos and free Negroes were noted. An added item mentions distance to registrant's home (usually down river) and identified "boarder" and "teacher."

The census of San Esteban District lists individual inhabitants, with and without wives (by age and nationality), number and sex of children (two age groupings) and slaves, number of livestock, and amount of harvest. Widow status is indicated, and officials are so designated.

Public Lands (Vol. 1) of the American State Papers records the proceedings of Boards of Land Commissioners appointed by President Jefferson to hear claims for land west of the State of Georgia and south of the State of Tennessee, to which Indian title had been extinguished. That board with purview over those lands east of Pearl River met at Fort Stoddert in 1804, hearing and ruling on claims north of the Spanish boundary (31st parallel).

The tabulation here of land claim presences in Washington County lists the earliest date an individual's name appears in the land records. British and Spanish grantees, as well as applicants claiming occupancy (as of the Spanish evacuation of Mississippi Territory, 1797), are so earmarked. There were claimants to title as much as five transfers removed from the original grant. Intermediate owners are also listed. There were witnesses in support of every claim and an occasional tenant worker, as well as adjacent landowners (named by dated statements). Some others were squatters, and some may have been speculators. A person may appear in these records in connection with several dates and in various functions, but the earliest date only is here recorded to show his first appearance on the west side of the Tombigbee River, from Sinta Bogue Creek south to four miles below the Cut-off. Some titles, relationships, and dates of death are given.

In the Public Lands, testimony of claimants and their witnesses was not always limited to support of their claim. We learn that Bassett's Creek (west side of Tombigbee) was then called Thichapataw. James McGrew, who died in 1797, left his widow Constance and their children, Peggy, Elizabeth (De Castro), Alexander, Giles, James, Jane, Nancy, Keziah, John, and William. One Frederick Smith inhabited and cultivated a place called Old Field in 1797, and in the next year his wife was scalped by the Indians. He then sold the claim for his improvement to John Wheat for one gallon of taffia. Indians related to the widow of Zadoc Brashears inhabited and cultivated his land in 1797 and 1798.

Spelling of proper names in the land records was seldom consistent (e.g., Donally/Donnerly/Donnelly/ Donelly). Choice here was guided by the most common usage. Identifying American proper names from Spanish records offers a unique problem. Picture the process: In 1797 a Tombigbee backwoodsman presents himself before the Spanish official at Fuerte San Esteban de Tombecbe and declares his name is, say, Nathaniel Blackwell. The Spaniard, not having a "K" or a "W" in his language, writes down Natalio Blaquel. Around 180 years later a dutiful clerk at the Archivo General de Indias, Sevilla, honors an American's request and attempts to decipher this now ancient and barely legible script. This copyist's attempt to match the names (in their several versions) with those of the American list is presented to the reader who can then judge for himself the degree of probability. Unmatched Spanish versions are entered opposite American family groupings, where indicated, or added to the end of the list.

American State Papers, Public Lands, Vol. 1, 1832. (*British grantees; Spanish grantees; o Occupancy claims) Archivo General De Indias, Sevilla, Papeles De Cuba, Legajo 222
Archivo General De Indias, Sevilla, Papeles De Cuba, Legajo 64

NCO- "
Mate - "
Dates in 170017s





1792 Abner, John J.

1778 Abrahams, Robert

1793 Alexander,

1797 Anderson, Joseph

1787 Arnot, John

1787 Baker, John

Beccan/Becan/Baker, Juan

Bacan, Abrahan, m. Am.

1791 Barker, Ephriam, Fa.

Barken/Barker, Ephirean/Ephiran

1797 Barker, Daniel, Son

1793 Barker, Wiley

1797 Baldwin, Benjamin

1797 Barrow, Richard

1780 Bassett, Thomas, d.1781

1781 Bassett, Lucy, Wid.

1787 Bassett, Nathaniel, Son

1795 Bassett, Thomas, Son

Baset, Thomas

Bazet, Tomaso, m.Am.

1797 Bates, Joseph, Sr.

1797 Bates, Joseph, Jr.

1797 Bates, Thomas T.

1797 Bates, Thomas, Jr.

1797 Bates, Elizabeth

1776 Bay, Elihu H.

1797 Beard, Isham

1779 Beaumont, Henry

1799 Berry, John

1797 Bilbo, Matthew, d.1798

1798 Bilbo, Edna, Wid.

1790 Blackwell, Nathaniel

Blaquell/Blachedell, Natalio/Valthan

Blacwel, Natalio, m.Am.

1791 Boykin, Francis

Bouquin, Francisco

Boiquin, Juan, s.Am.

Bouquin/Bouleins, Juan/Johm

Boiquen, Prudencio, m.Am.

1784 Brashears, Zadoc

1792 Brashears, Richard


1797 Brewer, Charles

Brue/Bruer/Bruas, Carlos

Brua, Carlos, m. Am.

1791 Brewer, George, Jr.

Brun/Bruves/Brua, Jorge/Giorge

Bua, Gorge, m. Am.

1791 Brewer, John, Esq.

Brua, Juan

1797 Brewer, Patrick

1792 Brewer, William, Sr., d. 1794

Brua, Ana, Wid. Am.

Brua,lsabel, Wid. Am.

1795 Bryant, Jesse

Brayan, Jose, m. Am.

1797 Burke, William, d.1798

1797 Burke, Bridget, Wid.

1795 Burrows, Gabriel

Bores, Guillermo, m.Am.

1797 Callier, John, Esq., Col.

1789 Chastang, John, Esq., Dr.

Chanstan/Sastan,juan/juane, Don

Chartan, Augustin, Free Mul.

Sartan, Bacilio/Basilio

Chasta/Chatan, Eugenio, Free Mul.

Chastan, Eduardo

Santan/Cheotong, Felipe/Philip

Santan, Francisco, Free Mul.

Cajastans, Ysabel, Free Mul.

Chastan, Juan B., Free Mul.

Sastan, Luisa, Free Neg.

Sastan, Zenon, Free Mul.

1798 Cheney, Emanuel

1798 Cheney, Sally, Wife

1798 Coleman, Francis

1797 Coleman, William

1797 Copeland, James

1779 Dallas, James, Dr.

1776 Dawson, John, d.1790

1790 Dawson, Elizabeth, Wid.

1788 Dean, James

1787 De Castro, Julian

De Castro, Julian

DeCastro, Julian, m.Sp.

1787 De Mouy, Charles A.

1787 Denley, James

Daniel/Denles/Denley, Jambo/Jamco/Jaime

Danilo, Jaime, m.Am.

1795 Denley, John

1787 De Olive, Dominique

1799 Dickey, George

1790 Hollinger, Adam

Otenchen, Adamo

1799 House, Robert, Fa.

1797 House, Joseph, Son

1780 Howard, Joshua

1787 Hunt, William

1780 Jackson, William

1787 James, Benjamin

1798 James, John

1787 Johnston, Daniel, Fa.

Yoncen, Daniel

Jonchar, Daniel, m. Am.

1795 Johnston, Daniel, Son

1797 Johnston, George

1787 Johnston, John

Yonein/jolmsten/Yonzen, juanjohn

Jonchar, Juan, m. Am.

1791 Johnston, Solomon

Yonron/Yonson, Salomon

1797 Jones, Robert

1796 Jones, Thomas

1787 Joyce, John

1778 Kirkland Moses

1795 Lawrence, Ann, Mrs.

Lorens, Ana

Lorenz, Ana, Wid.Am.

1798 Lawrence, Joseph

Lorens, Maria, wit.

1793 Ligon, Robert

1778 Little, Abraham

1777 Lott, John, Jr.

1790 Lucas, Edward

Lucas, Guillermo, m. Am.

1778 McCullagh, Alexander

1790 McCurtin, Cornelius

1777 McGillivray, John

1795 McKee, John, Col.

1778 McGrew, John, Sr.,Esq, Fa.

Mignu/Migno, Juan/jom

Megro, Juan, m. Am.

1789 McGrew, William, Son

1788 McGrew, James,Esq., d.1797

Migan/Migraos/Migru, Jaime/James

Magrio, Jacobo, m. Am.

1797 McGrew, Constant, wid.

1797 McGrew, Alexander

1796 McGrew, Clark

1797 McGrew, John F.

1770 McIntosh, Alexander

1781 McIntosh, James

1775 McIntosh, John, d.-

1798 McKim, Elizabeth, Wid.

1797 Malone, Peter

1783 Marbury, Leonard

1778 Matthews, John

1797 Miller, Jacob

1777 Moore, Arthur

1780 Moore, Mary, Wife

1786 Moore, Moses, d.1791

1791 Moore, Margaret, Wid.

1797 Morgan, Jordan

1779 Mortimer, Daniel

1791 Mounger, Hiram

1797 Mounger, Sampson

1798 Mounger, Anna

(Thompson), Wife

Mongas, Ayen, Bdr.

Mongal, Abrahan, s.Am.

1778 Mulcaster, Frederick G.

1794 Nail, Henry

Nail, Enrique/Henrry

Nel, Enrique m. Am.

1788 Powell William, d.1796



1793 Powell, James, Son

Pausbel, Jacobo, m. Am.

Pasvel, Elias, s.Am.

1786 Price, Thomas

Praizo, Tomas, Off.s.Fr.

1795 Rain, Cornelius

Rens/Rems/Rains, Cornelio

Rens, Cornelio, m.Am.

1794 Reams, Tobias

Rims/Reams, Tobia/Tovias/Tobaes

Rinces, Tobias, m. Ger.

1780 Rees, Hubard

1799 Robbins, George

1779 Rochon, Augustin, d.1780

1780 Rochon, Louisa, wid.

1795 Rogers, William

1797 Ryan, Isaac

1799 Scott, James

1795 Simmons, Elijah

1797 Smith, Frederick

1780 Smith, James

1797 Smith, John

Smit, Juan, Bdr.

1795 Snellgrove, Henry

1797 Spillards, Daniel

1780 Stewart, Charles

1790 Stilly, John

1795 Stringer, Francis

1793 Sullivan, Owen

Suliben/Soliben, Oen/Oem

Suliben, Eugenio M.Am.

1779 Sutherland, John, Mate

1787 Talley, John

1778 Tate, Adam

1795 Thompson, Elijah, d.1797

Thomson/Tomsn/Thompson, Elijah/Elias

1797 Thompson, Anna, Wid.

1788 Trouillet, Pierre, d.1796

1795 Trouillet, Isabella, wid.

1778 Tucker, William

1787 Turnbull, John

1797 Turvin, Richard

1799 Vardeman, William

1770 Walker, Charles, d.1780

1798 Walker, Joel, Nep., d.1798

1799 Walker, Mary, Wid.

1799 Walker, David, Bro.

1799 Walker, Charlotte, Wife

1778 Wall, Jesse

1778 Wall, William

1778 Wall, Eleanor

1787 Ward, Daniel, d.1795

1770 Watkins, James

1791 Welch, Robert

Well/Welch, Roberto

Wuelch, Roberto, m. Am.

1795 Wheat, Hezekiah, Bro.

Wit, Heschiah

1795 Wheat, Solomon, Bro.

Wit, Salomon

1798 Wheat, John, Bro.

1787 Wheat, Thomas

Wit, Tomas

Wit, Ysaias

1780 Whitehead, John

1776 Wigglesworth, Thomas, NCO

1797 Woods, John

Woods, Juan, s. Am.

1797 Young, Daniel

1797 Young, Edward

Young, Ana

Bahir/Baher,, wit.

Bauz, Juan, m. Am.

Beskoan, Juan, m. Am.

Bustamente,, wit.

Cramp, Daniel, s. Am.

De Espejo, Antonio, wit.

Diny, Jacobo, s. Am.

Dyno, Pedro, s.Hol.

Estrignan, Francisco, m. Am.

Gal,-, Off.s. Fr.

Gayno/Geisno, Joven

Gill, Tomas, Tch.

Guiens, Voben, m. Am.

Guite, Maria, Wid.Am

Guiter, Tomas, m.Am.

Gulfantan, Tomas, s.Am.

Hernandez, Gines, wit.

Les, Johuslill, wit.

Li, Isvell/Ysavel

Lu, Tomas, s.Am.

Macan/Machan, Juan/John

Manque,--, wit.

Mozalny, Jacobo, s. Am.

Mustante, Juano, Agt.

Palas, Antonio, Off.

Pons, Tomazo, m. Am.

Reis, Ana, wit.

Roman, Bartolome, wit.

Roy, FranciscoP., Don, Off.m.Sp.

Schille, John, Agt.

Tann, Bartolome

Tanzen, Isabel, Wid. Am.

Telon, Ricardo, s.Am.

Tristan/Tritan, Alejandro

Tratante, ---, wit.

Vichan, Ricardo, m .Am.

Villavicencio, Bartolome, Off.

Yems/Yims, Joven/Toven