THEY SAY THE WIND IS RED - THE ALABAMA CHOCTAW LOST IN THEIR OWN LAND is a non-fiction story of the Mobile-Washington (MOWA) Band of Choctaw Indians who stayed behind when their tribe was relocated. Throughout the 1800's and 1900's they repeatedly tried to obtain from the U. S. government the right to choose their own agents so they would not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who would steal their land and money. During this time they have always maintained their Indian community even when in the south there were only two races--white or black. The Choctaw community, with the help of missionaries, started their own schools when they were not allowed in either the white or black schools.
This book grew out of historical research done at the request of the MOWA Choctaw who asked Ms. Matte to research their history and genealogy for federal recognition they have sought for 169 years. THEY SAY THE WIND IS RED chronicles a history of shame...that of the U.S. Government and it chronicles a history of pride endurance and persistence under conditions that approach genocidal level. Compiling a written history for the "oral history," which the tribe has passed down for generations, Ms. Matte documents an unbroken chain of families whose ancestors once owned part of the old Mississippi Territory.
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