California CAGenWeb

Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923



1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club


Society Blue Book – “A”


Abascal, Mrs. Elizabeth and Miss Mary

            523 S. Commonwealth Ave.; Dunkirk 2048

            Clubs: Three Arts; L.A. Country


Abbett, Com. H. J. and Mrs. (Jean Tilney Jackson)

            Res. 1423 Curson Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579348

            (U.S. Navy Recruiting Station)


Abend, Mrs. Kittie Bradbury

Abend, Mr. Hallett

            1507 Detroit Ave., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 1923


Adams, Mrs. Aileen (McCarthy)

Adams, Morgan, Jr., and James H., the second

            400 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 569347

            Club: Women’s Athletic


Adams, Mrs. Caroline (Gibbs)

Adams, Mr. Charles Gibbs and Miss R. S. P.

            919 Palm Ave., So. Pasadena; Tel. 352858


Adams, Mrs. James H. (Lillian Turner)

Adams, Mr. Morgan

            21 Chester Place; Tel. 285591

            Clubs: California; L.A. Country; Crags [Country]; Ebell


Adams, Dr. and Mrs. J. Lester (Ida MacPherson)

Adams, Dorothy and J. Lester, Jr. (Juniors)

            2525 Seventh Ave.; Tel. 72499

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; Uplifters; Gamut; Ebell


Adamson, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt H. (Rhoda Rindge)

Adamson, Rhoda May and Sylvia Rindge (Juniors)

            355 Murfield Rd.; Tel. 21010

            Summer Home: 1203 Ocean Front, Santa Monica

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University; L. A. Athletic; Women’s Athletic


Aiken, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. (Annette Smith)

            435 S. Plymouth Blvd.; Tel. Holly 10917

            Clubs: California; Wilshire Country; Women’s Athletic


Ainsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (Amna Mullins)

Ainsworth, John (University of Cal.)

            Leslie, Mrs. Preston (Babbs Ainsworth)

            Leslie, Harry (Junior)

            Menlo Park, Cal.


Akin, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry (Viola White)

            White, Miss Emma

            601 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 56191

            Clubs: Brentwood Country; Wilshire Country; Athletic


Albee, Mr. and Mrs. Morris

            7162 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. 578577


Alderman, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Lewis (Elizabeth Anne Wilson)

Alderman, Josephine (Junior)

            435 Marguerita Ave., Santa Monica; Tel. S. M. 21685

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; University; Ebell


Alexander, Mrs. Frank Baird (Hattie Bradford)

Alexander, Frances Bradford, Dorothy Betty, Frank Baird, Jr. (Juniors)

            4061 Leeward Ave.; Tel. 560752


Alexander, Mrs. William M. (Cora Hogsett)

Alexander, Mr. William

            Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. (Penelope Alexander)

            516 S. Alexandra Ave.; Tel. 560953


Allen, Mrs. M. McCrea and Miss Ann – See Mrs. A. McCrea


Allen, Mrs. Matthew T. – See Harold Wrenn


Allen, Mrs. Robert M. (Harmon Spruance)

Allen, Mr. W. H.

            2125 Bronsallo Ave.; Tel. 24884


Allen, Miss Ruth

            641 E. Twenty-eighth St.


Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Van Nuys (Elizabeth Connely)

Allen, Thornton Van Nuys, Jr. (Junior)

            934 Menlo Ave.; Tel. 54733

            Clubs: L.A. Athletic; Rancho Golf; Sunset Canyon Country; Cal. Yacht


Alloit, Mrs. Hector (Laurena Moore)

            910 S. Catalina St.; Tel. Drexel 7134


Allison, Mr. and Mrs. David Clark (Mary Elizabeth Knapp)

            Coronado Apts., 620 Coronado St.; Tel. Drexel 2711


Allison, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mary Elizabeth Holyland)

            340 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. Fair Oaks 3337


Allyn, Mrs. Mary E. (Doolittle)

            678 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 0268


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sherman (Anne Camilla Hotchkis)

            Calexico, Cal.


Anderson, Mr. James A. – See Victor T. Watkins


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Crampton

            322 S. Plymouth Blvd.; Tel. 437436


Anderson, Mrs. M. J. – Beverly Hills Hotel; Tel. 559521


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Stookey (Susie Trella Conwell)

            Van Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Stuart (Trella Orene)

            2325 W. Twenith St.;

            Clubs: Friday Morning Wa Wan; Jonathan; Matinee Musical


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Rambert (Marguerite Thomas)

            Alta Loma, Cal.; Tel. Uplands 1152-W-3


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (Marguerite Slattery)

            Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills; Tel. 559521


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Trent (Carolyn Bingham Bache)

Anderson, Trent, Jr. (Junior)

            Cherokee Land, Coldwater Canyon; Tel. 559409

            P. O. Address, 607 Public Service Bldg., 207 S. Bdwy., L.A.


Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry (Jessie Isabel Calhoun)

Anderson, Miss Virginia Isabel Calhoun (Stanford Univ.)

Anderson, Mrs. Betty D. (Daingerfield)

            Sheahan, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuerton (Eleanor Calhoun Anderson)

            Calhoun, Miss Virginia Catherine

            1640 W. Eleventh St.; Tel. Drexel 0352


Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. (Edna Hayden)

Andrews, Misses Gertrude and Ruth (Women’s Univ. Club)

Andrews, Messrs. George L., Lewis and A. V., Jr.

            238 Lafayette Park Place; Tel. 52765

            Clubs: Hollywood Country; L.A. Athletic; Friday Morning;


Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eugene (Juliette Burnand)

Andrews, Miss Harriett Eugenie

            515 S. Virgil Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 2054


Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. (Abbie Crane)

Andrews, Misses Ellen, Louise and Violet

Andrews, Messrs. Horace Crane and Lewis W., Jr.

            274 S. Lafayette Park Place; Tel. Drexel 0229

            Clubs: California; L. A. Athletic; Ebell; Friday Morning


Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall (Grace Hayward)

Andrews, Hayward and John Randolph (Juniors)

            517 N. Oxford Ave.; Tel. Holly 2499

            Clubs: Hollywood Country; University


Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Willedd (Helen Stocker)

Andrews, Virginia and Leslie (Juniors)

            Stocker, Mrs. Ada (Brand) – L.A. Chapter, U.D.C.

            967 S. Manhattan Place; Tel. 71322

            Clubs: L. A. Chapter, U.D.C.; Ebell


Anthony, Mrs. Charles E. (Hattie Kimble)

            Ambassador Hotel; Tel. Drexel 0396


Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. (Irene Kelly)

Anthony, Mr. Kelly

            (Unsettled); Tel. 875141


Anthony, Mrs. D. R. – See Col. L. M. Koehler


Anton, Dr. and Mrs. Francis L. (Sarah Elizabeth Neill)

Anton, Miss Francis Josephine and Mr. Albert Neill

Anton, Mary Elizabeth, Anna Virginia and Eleanor Margaret (Juniors)

            3012 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. 282853

            Clubs: Catholic Women’s; Albert N. Anton, junior member L. A. A. C.; Dr. Anton, L. A. A. C.;


Archer, Mr. Allen – University Club; Tel. 878651


Archibald, Mrs. Lysbeth (Benham)

Archibald, Kenneth (Junior)

            4272 W. Second St.; Tel. 567983

            Club: L. A. Country


Arena, Mr. and Mrs. Pablo de la (Gertrude Smith)

            1138 W. Twenty-first St.; Tel. Beacon 0803

            Club: Drama League


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. – See C. M. Thresher


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Leslie M. Page)

Armstrong, Donald H., Jr., and Ann Page (Juniors)

            1538 Courtney Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579493


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin S. (Katherine Graves)

            320 E. Huntington Dr., Alhambra; Tel. 889


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. N. Howard (Sally Bryson Irwin)

Armstrong, William Wellesley and Howard Irwin (Juniors)

            1421 Cherokee St.; Tel. 437760

            Clubs: L.A. Country; University


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Gwendolyn F. Atkinson)

            1542 Courtney Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 577196

            Club: Crags Country


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. John Allen (Josephine Peters)

Armstrong, Miss Nelchon

            (Formerly of Louisville, Ky.)

            2037 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 766406


Armstrong, Dr. and Mrs. Maurice M. (Margaret Cox)

Armstrong, Richmond Moray (Junior)

            War Service: Dr. Armstrong, Captain Medical Corps, U.S. Army, Stationed at Camp Lewis, American Lake

            1432 Malvern Ave.; Tel. Beacon 6837

            Summer Home: Avalon, Catalina Island

            Clubs: University; Jonathan; Sons of the Revolution


Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. William Metcalf (Dove Wadley)

            504 S. Plymouth Blvd.; Tel. 437449

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; University; Wilshire Country; L. A. A. C; Princeton Class


Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. (Sallie Hert)

Arnold, Isabel (Junior)

            534 S. Oxford Ave.; Tel. 568253

            Clubs: California; L. A. A. C.; L.A. Country; Annandale Golf; Wilshire Country


Arnott, Mr. and Mrs. Willard (Bessie M. Rowntree)

Arnott, Willard, Jr., and Mary Helen (Juniors)

            640 S. New Hampshire Ave.; Tel. Drexel 8810

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Hollywood Country; L. A. Athletic


Aronson, H. H. and M. H. (Juniors) – See Louis M. Cole


Arthur, Lieut. Junior and Mrs. Samuel Hyler (Helen P. Sheehan)

            Rexford Flats, W. Twenty-second St., San Pedro, Cal.


Ashenfelter, Mrs. Florence (Gates)

            Bryson Apts., 2701 Wilshire; Tel. Dunkirk 2550


Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Carlisle (Grace Bosley)

            2706 La Salle Ave.; Tel. 72371

            Clubs: L. A. Ebell


Atchinson, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. (Grace Mathis)

Atchinson, Robert Edward, Charlote Patricia, Winifred, Louraine, Dick Nelson (Juniors)

            1852 W. Forty-first St.; Tel. Vermont 7913


Atsatt, Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Fremont

Atsatt, Miss Marjorie (San Francisco)

Atsatt, Misses Sarah and Mary Louise

            345 S. Seranno Ave.; Tel. 568785

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Massachusetts Society of  Descendants of the Mayflower


Atsatt, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney F. (Georgia Smith)

            1515 Fifth Ave., San Francisco, Cal.


Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Ernest (Ada Henry)

Austin, Audrey and Aubrey, Jr. (Juniors)

            420 S. St. Andrews Place; Tel. 568492

            Clubs: L. A. A. C.; Friday Morning


Austin, Mr. H. R. – See Mrs. G. Sinsabaugh


Auten, Mr. Frank Ferguson – Huntley Apts., L.A.


Avery, Dr. and Mrs. Moses N. (Sarah Elizabeth Gorton)

Avery, Miss Florence L. and Dr. L. Groton

            621 S. Vermont Ave.; Tel. Drexel 8803


Avery, Judge and Mrs. Russ (May Smith)

            24 Berkley Sq.; Tel. 73834

            Clubs: L. A. A. C.; Sons of the Revolution; Lafayette Society