Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “F”

Fairbanks, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C.

            217 Oaklawn Ave., So. Pasadena; Tel. F. O. 1537

            Society: Sons of the Revolution

Fairbanks, Dr. and Mrs. J. Edward (Lillian Greene)

            Caldwell, Mrs. L. M. (Louisa Murray)

            519 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 560054

            Clubs: Women’s Club of Hollywood; Hollywood Chapter D.A.R.;

            Women’s Athletic; Malibou [sic] Lake

Farrow, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schurman (Marion Spence)

Farrow, Messrs. Ross and Spencer

            548 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 560954

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Ebell; L.A.A.C.; Junior Bachelors’

Farwell, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman (Flora G. Howes)

Farwell, Mr. Felix (Stanford), Messrs. Lyman, Jr. and Byron

            2908 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. 284560

            Society: Sons of the Revolution

Fawcett, Mr. and Mrs. William Russell (Adelaide Morrison)

Fawcett, William Russell, Jr. and Isabel (Juniors)

            456 S. Oxford Ave.; Tel. 567433

            Clubs: Beach, L. A. Athletic; Hollywood Athletic; L. A. Country;

            Wilshire Country; Tuna; D.A.R.

Fay, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paige (Frances Wheeler)

            743 Garland Ave.; Tel. 55567

Fay, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., Jr.

            1742 S. Crenshaw Blvd.; Tel. 71433

Featherstone, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. (Anne Potter Robinson)

Featherstone, Ted Edward (Junior)

            Ranch Home: “Valley Grove”, Bloomington, Cal.

            1204 W. 27th St.; Tels. 309-R-1 [sic]; Local: Beacon 406 [sic]

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; L.A. Country; California; Jonathan; California

            Yacht; Chicago Athletic Assn.

Fellows, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred

Fellows, Elizabeth and John C. (Juniors)

            2624 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. 285432

Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. (Theresa Smith)

            1215 Westchester Pl.; Tel. 768193

Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Judson (Mabelle C. Nix)

            1242 Westlake Ave.; Tel. Beacon 8650

            Clubs: Cabrillo Chapter, D.A.R.; Friday Morning; and Alpha Chi

            Omega Fraternity

Ferrell, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clendenning (Lucile Evans)

            312 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 437104

Ferry, Dr. and Mrs. F C. (Lela Douglass)

Ferry, Charles Douglass and Frances Elizabeth (Juniors)

            1633 N. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. Holly 8630

            Clubs: Hollywood Country; Sunset Canyon Country

Field, Mrs. Eliot Worchester

            Hotel Ambassador, 3400 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 7000

Field, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (Emma Lindsey)

Field, Miss Louise

            Summer Home: Van Nuys, Cal.

            269 S Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 569321

            Club: Robert E. Lee Chap., U.D.C.

Finlayson, Judge and Mrs. Frank G. (Agnes Thayer)

            500 S. Gramercy Pl.; Tel. 56160

Finney, Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. (Carolyn Marcy)

Finney, Carol Norwood and Robert (Juniors)

            Mountain Ave.; Glendale; Tel. 824411

            Clubs: City and Masonic

Finley, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. (Jessica Dennis)

            1638 Martel Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579-927

Fish, Mrs. Charles Winthrop (Edith G. Fish)

            2010 Hillcrest Dr.; Tel. 70257

            Clubs: Ebell and L. A. Country

Fishbaugh, Dr. and Mrs. E. C. (Mary Louise Parsly)

Fishbaugh, Ernestine (Junior)

            537 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 596638

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; California; L.A.A.C.; L.A. Country

Fishburn, Mr. Charles H.

            2320 La Salle Ave.; Tel. 74348

Fishburn, Mr. and Mrs. John Eugene (Gertrude Toles)

Fishburn, Miss Dora

            Summer Home: Squirrel Inn [No location]

            2266 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 71868

            Club: L. A. Country

Fisher, Dr. and Mrs. James T. (Grace Hull)

Fisher, Katherine, Josephine and Richard (Juniors)

            539 S. Virgil Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 2057

            Clubs: Hollywood Country; L.A.A.C.; Uplifters; Harvard and

            Women’s University

Fiske, Mr. and Mrs. Grove Chester (Ada B. Williams)

            Williams, Mrs. Olive M. (Olive Upham)

            530 S. Alexandria Ave.; Tel. 560621

Fitz Gerald [sic], Mr. and Mrs. Grattan (Ruth Keller)

            Durango, Colorado

Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. James Taber (Anne Campbell)

            Country Home: Seven Hills Farm, Tujunga, Cal.

            2445 S. Western Ave.; Tel. 74907

            Clubs: Sunset Canyon Country; L.A.A.C.; Galpin Shakespeare; Ebell

Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. and Miss Audrey

            224 Oaklawn, S. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 5878

Fleming, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest W. (Evelyn de la Tour)

            620 S Coronado St.; Tel. 53292

            Clubs: California; Matinee Musical; Women’s Athletic

Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. (Ella Thompson)

            Ambassador Hotel; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Clubs: California; Midwick Country; L.A. Country

Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton (Jeannie Winters)

            Summer Home: Ocean Park

            929 S. Westlake Ave.; Tel. 51579

            Club: L. A. Ebell

Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., Jr. (Katherine Johnson)

Flint, Miss Muriel Beardsley

Flint, Anna Katherine and Geraldine Fredericka (Juniors)

            Summer Home: Pebble Beach, Monterey County, Cal.

            20 Chester Pl.; Tel. Beacon 3517

            Clubs: L. A. County; Midwick Country; Crags; California

Flowers, Mr. and Mrs. Clement (Jessie Palmer)

            2249 W. Twenty-fifth St.; Tel. 71049

Flowers, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin (Julia Winston)

Flowers, Misses Marjorie and Phillis

Flowers, Frances (Junior)

            843 Third St., Santa Monica; Tel. Garvanza 3304

Foehl, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. (Alice Durant)

            1432 ¾ W. Third St.; Tel. 51854

Foley, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Edith M. Joy)

Foley, John Henry, Jr. (Junior)

            (Mrs. Foley member Highland Park Ebell Club)

            Joy, Miss Beresford (L. A. Ebell and Dominant Clubs)

            138 Sycamore Park Dr.; Tel. Garvanza 3304

Foltz, Mrs. Charles Shortridge

Foltz, Mr. and Mrs. David M. (Bessie Holmes)

            153 S. Normandie Ave.; Tel. 56220

Fones, Mr. and Mrs. Allen (Emma Louise Fritcher)

            1758 Buckingham Rd.; Tel. 75631

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Armitage S. C. (Harrye Smith)

            335 W Thirty-first St.; Tel. 282284

            Mr. Forbes, Pres., El Camino Real Assoc.;

            Mrs. Forbes, Pres., California History and Landmarks Club;

            Member Ebell and Friday Morning Clubs; Eschscholtzia Chap.,

            D.A.R.; Historical Society of So. Cal.

Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Stanfell F. (Florence Worthy)

Forbes, Messrs. Stanfell E., C. Frank, Fred H.

            739 S. Catalina St.; Tel. Drexel 7453

Forman, Miss Eloise and Mr. Charles, Jr.

            1719 S. Flower St.; Tel 282670

            Clubs: Catholic Women’s and Women’s Athletic

Forster, Mrs. J. Del V. De (Josefa Del Vale)

            306 W. Twenty-second St.; Tel. 284278

Forve, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Beatrice Finlayson)

Forve, Frank Finlayson and Louise (Juniors)

            488 Rutter Ave., Kingston, Pa.

Forve, Miss Mary and Mr. Victor

            427 S. Westlake Ave.; Tel. 51744

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; L. A. Athletic; Newman

Forve, Mr. and Mrs. Philip, Jr. (Frances Van Tilburg)

            408-B, S. Alvarado St.; Tel. 55215

Foster, Dr. and Mrs. J. Arthur (Luella C. Spurck)

            (Dr. Foster of San Antonio and Mrs. Foster of Peoria, Ill.)

Foster, Misses Lucile, Harriet, Mary Isabel (Juniors)

            2652 S. Normandie Ave.; Tel. 72613

            Clubs: L.A. Athletic; Brentwood Country; Catholic Woman’s

Foster, Mrs. John Drabelle (Kathleen H. Ackeson)

            813 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 8555

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Hayes (Mary Webster)

            Wurtsbaugh, Capt. and Mrs. D. W. (Mabel Foster)     

            Wurtsbaugh, Miss Eleanor (Cal. Univ., Alpha Phi House)

            2405 Sixth Ave.; Tel. 762040

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Parker (Maud Weirick)

Foster, Parker, Jr. (Junior)

            1426 Sycamore Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 435152

Fowler, Col. and Mrs. William Eric (Mrs. Edwin T. Earl)

            Pilson, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Huston (Emily Earl)

            Earl, Messrs, Edwin and Jarvis and Chaffee (Juniors)

            2425 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. 51115

Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. J., Jr. (Constance Praeger)

Fox, Cecelia Beatrice (Junior)

            104 S. Carondelet St.; Tel. 53632

Francis, Mrs. John F. (Marie De Los Reyes Dominguez)

            905 S. Bonnie Brae St.; Tel. 51041

Francis, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. (Laurette Lovell)

            Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stent (Evelyn Laurette Francis),

                        Junior Aux. Ebell Club

            2233 West Blvd.; Tel. 763459

            Club: Ebell

Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. (Kate Bottomes)

            Hargrave Apts., 143 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. Main 2686

            Summer Home: Laguna Beach

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Women’s City; Laguna Beach Art Association;

            Gamut; Union League; Advisory Board of City Mothers’ Bureau;

            Children’s Home Finding Society

Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bond (Nanette Gottschalk)

Francisco, Jack (Junior)

            1401 Albany St.; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Clubs: Squirrel Inn; L.A. Athletic; Cal. Uplifters

Frank, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Frank, Mr. Lester and Miss Louise

            Ambassador Hotel; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Club: Rancho Golf

Frank, Mr. and Mrs. B. L.

            Ambassador Hotel; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Club: Rancho Golf

Frankel, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil (Bessie Bartlett)

            6219 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 9160

            Mrs. Frankel, Director Extension Dept., National Federation

            of  Music Clubs and member American Music; Optimists Club

            Mr. Frankel, Member of L.A.A.C.; Jonathan; Hillcrest, San Gabriel

            Country Clubs

Frankenfield, Mr. and Mrs. Budd (Mabel Williams)

            857 S Wilton Pl.; Tel. 560402

Fredericks, Congressman and Mrs. John D. (Agnes Blaksley)

Fredericks, Misses Doris and Deborah

Fredericks, Mr. John D., Jr. (Stanford) and James B. (Juniors)

            Summer Home: Hynes, Cal.; Tel. Hynes 321

            559 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 560614

            Clubs: Friday Morning; L. A. Country; L.A.A.C., Cal.

Frederickson, Judge and Mrs. William (Jane Sheaff)

Frederickson, Hensena [sic], Helen Jane and Billy (Juniors)

            Summer Home: Laurel Canyon

            1622 Curson Ave.; Hollywood; Tel. 579446

Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. William Augustus (Helen Judson)

Freeman, William Judson and Marilynn (Juniors)

            Country Home: Freeman Rancho Santa Paula, Ventura County, Cal.

            1640 Martel Ave., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 0177

            Clubs: University; Ebell; Women’s Club of Hollywood

Freeman, Dr. and Mrs. William Francis (Mary Garrett)

Freeman, Miss Marjorie

            2777 La Salle Ave.; Tel. Drexel 2181

Freese, Mr. and Mrs. August (Catalina Gaxiola)

Freese, Mr. August, Jr., Misses Kate, Yvonne and Consuelo

            1910 La Salle Ave.; Tel. Beacon 6474

Frick, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Jackson (Irene Stephens)

Frick, Margaret and Donald Jackson, Jr. (Juniors)

            538 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 56299

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Wilshire Country; L. A. Country

Friesner, Mr. and Mrs. James T. (Dorothy Morphy [sic])

Friesner, Mrs. William Miller (Addie Towell)

            2217 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. Beacon 6235

Frolich, Mr. and Mrs. Finn Haakon (Calla Guilford)

Frolich, Virginia and Guilford (Juniors)

            612 N. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 436350

Frost, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. (Anne Grey Millett)

Frost, Kate Child, Clara Ingalls and Benjamin Burt (Juniors)

            304 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 568651

            Club: Wilshire Country

Frost, Dr. and Mrs. Lowell C. (Clara Palmer)

            Cahuenga Ave.; Tel. Sunland 312

Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (Gladys Green)

Fuller, Robert, Jr. and Betty (Juniors)

            7331 Franklin Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579532

            Clubs: Women’s Club of Hollywood; L. A. Country; University

Fulton, Dr. and Mrs. Dudley (May Hitchcock)

Fulton, Misses Margaret and Dorothy (Juniors)

            627 S. Windsor Blvd., Windsor Sq.; Tel. 437307

            Clubs: Midwick Country; L. A. Country; California

Furman, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Monroe (Nellie Hanford)

            1745 Orange Dr., Hollywood; Tel. 579439

            Clubs: Women’s Club of Hollywood; Hollywood Chapter,

            D.A.R.; Women’s Athletic of L.A.

Furman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. (Gertrude Workman)

Furman, David (Junior)

            Yonkers, N.Y.