Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “H”

Hacker, Mr. and Mrs. William Boothe (Evabelle Prosser)

            Wolverton, Mr. Guy Sylvester

            132 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 438345

            First Tuesday.  Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Brentwood Country; Big Bear

            Country; Rancho Golf; Beach;

Mr. Wolverton, Rancho Golf and Beach

Hacker, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. (Mabel R. Tilton)

            2091 W. Adams St.,; Tel. 70666

Hackley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. (Edith Morse)

Hackley, Miss Esther (Marlborough)

Hackley, Charles M., Jr., Scott Morse, John Powers (Juniors)

            153 S. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 437432

Hagan, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph (Marie Berke)

758 S. Lake St.; Tel. 51112

Clubs: Dr. Hagan: L.A.A.C.; Jonathan; San Gabriel Country;

Brentwood Country; Hollywood Country, Mrs. Hagan: Women’s


Haggarty, Mr. and Mrs. James C. (Stella Hayden)

Haggarty, Jack James, Elizabeth Anne (Juniors)

3115 W. Adams St.; Tel. 71987

Haggarty, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. and Miss Marie

            3330 S. Adams St.; Tel. 72592

Hale, Mr. J. M.

            Residence: California Club

Hale, Dr. and Mrs. George E.

425 Rose Ave., So. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 5703

            Clubs: Valley Hunt and Annandale Golf

Haldeman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry

1732 N. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 437831

Clubs: Sons of the Revolution

Hall, Mr. Colman

            Santa Barbara, Cal.

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. George William (Elna Cecilia Stanton)

            1515 Milan, So. Pasadena; Tel. 351571

Hall, Dr. and Mrs. Giles (Louise Hobbie)

Hall, Miss Virginia

Hall, Mr. Giles, Jr. (Stanford University)

            211 N. Rampart Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 1576

            Clubs: Jonathan, California Country; Santa Monica Swimming

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Trobridge

            1516 Kings Road, Hollywood; Tel. Holly 7415

Ham, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Breden (Doris Llewellyn)

            American Express Co., London, England

            Clubs: Ciros of London, England

Hamburger, Mr. and Mrs. D. A.

            2401 N. Vermont Ave.; Tel. 59208

Hamill, Mrs. Samuel R. (Jessie B. Sawyer)

            Shoreham, 666 S. Carondelet St.; Tel. 50034; Drexel 2041

            Club: Terre Haute Country Club, Terre Haute, Ind.

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Roth

            671 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 0220

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. (Bessie Bonsall)

Hamilton, Miss Virginia Bonsall and Bonsall (Juniors)

            3655 E. First St., Long Beach, Cal.; Tel 313467

Hamlin, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. (Clara Martin)

Hamlin, Miss Marjorie

            445 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 56138

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic and Jonathan

Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Henry (Edith Morris)

Hammer, Pauline, Sylvia and Frederick Henry, Jr. (Juniors)

            1637 Spruce St., So. Pasadena; Tel. 352029

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. (Marguerite Edwards)

Hammond, Misses Ruth L. and Helen S.

Hammond, Mr. Thomas Milton and Marcia Travers (Juniors)

            1181 W. Thirty-Sixth St.; Tel. Beacon 2264

            Clubs: L. A. Ebell; Orpheus, Wa Wan; Junior Aux., L. A.


Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Harvey Wallis)

Hammond, Charles Wallis

            326 S. Windsor Blvd.; Tel. Holly 6260

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore (Marian Otis McPherrson)

Hammond, Paul McPherron (Junior)

            2421 Glendower; Tel. 594681

            Club: University

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. S. (Elizabeth Eaton)

            6697 Whitley Terrace, Whitley Heights; Tel. 432705

Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. George Allan (Genevieve Mullen)

Hancock, Bertram Deane and Rosemary Genevieve (Juniors)

            Mullen, Miss Marie Rose

            3189 Wilshire Blvd.; Tels. Drexel 1293, Beacon 5106

            Clubs: Wilshire Country, Miss Mullen also to Friday Morning and

            Catholic Women’s

Hand, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. (Blanche Hainey)

Hand, Mr. Frank E., Jr. (Junior – Bachelors’ Club)

            818 W. Eighteenth St.; Tel. Beacon 1048

Hanna, Misses Harriet and Jane

            Smith, Miss Emily

            2378 W. Twenty-second St.; Tel. 762451

Hanrahan, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., Jr. (Valerie Carson)

Hanrahan, Valerie Katherine and Jerome Howard (Juniors)

            451 S. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 560730

Harbeson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank O. F. (Juliet Lansdowne)

            3917 W. Adams St.; Tel. 71205

            Clubs: L. A. Country, Jonathan

Harbeson, Mr. and Mrs. Gartrell M. (Carrie Whitney, of N. Y.)

Harbeson, Adele

            1026 S. Arlington St.; Tel. 73687

Hartley, Mrs. Flora A.

            4655 Oakwood Ave.; Tel. Holly 4114

Hartmann, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. (Olilve Griffin)

            917 W. Twentieth St.; Tel. Beacon 3414

            Clubs: Athletic, L. A. Country

Hartmann, Mrs. M. V.

            De Lecuona, Mrs. Julian (Bertha Hartmann)

            Brandreth, Mrs. John Breckenridge (Jean Hartmann)

            1720 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 73261

            Clubs: Friday Morning and Wednesday Morning

Hartsook, Mr. and Mrs. Fred (Bess Hesby)

Hartsook, Helen Abigail and Fred, Jr. (Juniors)

            Hesby, Miss Annette

            Lankershim, Cal.; Tel. Lankershim 17

            Clubs: Jonathan; Ztea Delphian

Hartwell, Mrs. D. E. (Elizabeth Blanchard)

            Wells, Mrs. M. H.

            “Del Cahuenga”, Cahuenga Pass, Los Angeles, R.F.D.

                        Route 10, Box 867; Tel. Holly 4917

            Club: D.A.R.

Hartwell, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. (Cornelia Tobin)

            7001 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. 570440

Hartwell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Estelle Healy)

Hartwell, Mr. Robert Clark (Stanford – Kappa Alpha fraternity)

            [No address]

Hartwell, Mr. Sheldon P.

            344 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 568895

            Club: Ebell

Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. (Harriet Packard)

Harvey, Miss Margaret Evelyn

Harvey, Messrs. Thad, George and Harold

            Wannell, Mrs. Annette Belle (Harvey)

            4066 Leeward Ave.; Tel. 569129

            Club: Junior Bachelors’

Harwood, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (Edith Campbell)

Harwood, Betty and Benjamin, Jr. (Juniors)

            128 Fremont Pl.; Tel. 760817

            Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; Wilshire Country; Friday Morning

Haskel, Mr. Charles Lansing

            (Chairman, Art Committees for Jonathan Club and Southwest


            Residence: Jonathan Club; Tel. 879211

Haskins, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Moody (Elisa Bonsall)

Haskins, Samuel Moody, Jr., Barbara Bonsall, Janet (Juniors)

            354 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 560582

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Midwick Country; L. A. Country;

            Bohemian of S.F. and California; Sons of the Revolution

Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Brown (Virginia Garner)

            1409 S. St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. Beacon 6920

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Jonathan

Hastings, Dr. and Mrs. Hill (Helen M. Newlin)

Hastings, Robert Pusey, Thomas Newlin, Helen Hadley, Edith Hill (Juniors)

            2090 S. Harvey Blvd.; Tel. 75497

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Wilshire Country; University

Hathaway, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. (Melodile Garbutt)

Hathaway, Melodile Elizabeth (Junior)

            400 S. Lake St.; Tel. Drexel 8280

            Club: L.A.A.C.

Hatler, Mr. J. C.

            604 Shatto Pl.; Tel. Drexel 2218

Hauser, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis August (Ruth Wiseman)

            634 S. St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 568943

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country

Hawes, Mr. and Mrs. John Dunham (Edna Grummond)

Hawes, Helen Virginia, John Dunham, Jr., Stephen Grummond (Juniors)

            647 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 56875

            Clubs: Cal. Country; Friday Morning; Midwick Country; Cal. Yacht

Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. (Emma Landers)

            601 Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 56375

Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A., Jr. (Margaret May Johnston)

Hawkins, Margaret Landers (Junior)

            108 N. Norton Ave.

Hawley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. (Phebe Tull)

            843 S. Westchester Pl.; Tel. 568602

            Clubs: Matinee Musical and Averil Study

Hawthorne, Col. and Mrs. Harry Leroy (Elizabeth Harney)

Hawthorne, Marion and Betty (Juniors)

            (Col. Hawthorne, U.S. Army)

            433 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 568527

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic of L.A.; Sons of the Revolution;

            Algonquin of Boston, Mass.; Army and Navy

Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Reed (Christine O’Connor)

            (Mr. Hayes, Managing Editor, Illustrated News)

            1500 E. Ninth St.; Tel. 558315

Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Gilman Ballard (Mildred Eirick)

            San Francisco

Haynes, Dr. and Mrs. John R. (Dora Fellows)

            2324 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. 282907

            First Wednesday.  Clubs: Friday Morning; Women’s City; California;

            University; Sunset; Annandalee Golf; L. A. Country; L. A. Athletic;

            Bolsa Chica Gun

Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard (Alice Doran)

Haynes, Leonard, Jr. (Junior), Lake Placid School, N. Y.)

            684 S. Benton Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 5178

Haynes, Mrs. Lesbia V. V. (Baker)

Haynes, Mr. Robert Eugene (Aero and L. A. Athletic Clubs)

            Baker, Mr. Eugene V., (California, L. A. Athletic, L. A. Country; Yale

            University; and, Wolfshead, N. Y., Clubs)

            Mrs. Haynes (Friday Morning and L. A. Country Clubs)

            4027 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. 560792

Hayward, Dr. and Mrs. Henderson

            2501 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. 51559

            Clubs: Ebell; L. A. Chap., D.A.R.

Hazeltine, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Samuel (Emma Phelps)

Hazeltine, Misses Mary Elaine and Herbena

Hazeltine, Mr. Roland Phelps and Herbert Samuel, Jr. (Juniors)

            Lamport, Mina Hazeltine

            519 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 567264

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; L. A. Country; Newport Harbor Yacht; Ebell

Headlee, Mrs. Frances K.

            1247 W. Fifth Ave.; Tel. 558672

Healy, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Livingston (May Otis)

Healy, Mr. Otis

Healy, Frederick Livingston and Rowland Archibald (c/o Otis Mfg. Co., New Orleans, La.)

Otis, Mrs. S. M.

117 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. Holly 6436

Clubs: Ebell; Friday Morning; Eschscholtizia Chap., D.A.R. (Mrs. Healy, Registrar); L. A. Country; Men’s City; Malibau [sic] Lake; Western Ave. Golf; Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Otis Healy to So. Cal. Athletic and Country; Mrs. Otis to Ebell and Friday Morning

Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. (Julia Frances Fallon)

            604 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 437336

            Society: Sons of the Revolution Society [sic]

Heath, Mr. Lance

            43 Sixth St., Hermosa Beach

Hecht, The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sigmund (Liska Tuska)

Hecht, Miss Grace A.

            817 Beacon St.; Tel. 51197

Heffner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong (Dora Drake Snow)

            266 S. Normandie Ave.; Tel. 568079

Heggie, Mrs. R. C.

Heggie, Miss Callie and Mr. Robert N.

            236 N. Catalina Ave.; Tel. Drexel 5507

Heimann, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Ruth Larned)

            1925 Gough St., San Francisco, Cal.

Heintz, Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. (Eleanor Page Bohon)

Heintz, Carl M, Jr. (Junior)

            4641 W. Seventeenth St.; Tel. 72403

Hellman, Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. (Florence Marx)

Hellman, Ida Hermine, Evelyn and Irving Herman, Jr. (Juniors)

            “Rosewall”, Hartford and Lexington, Beverly Hills

            City address: 674 S. Catalina St.; Tel. Drexel 7426

Hellman, Mr. and Mrs. James W.

Hellman, Messrs. W. J. and Maurice

            Wolfstein, Mrs. Florine

            686 S. Western Ave.; Tel. 560797

Hellman, Mr. Marco H.

Hellman, Herman Wallace and Marcoreta (Juniors)

            3350 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 0764

            Clubs: Jonathan; L.A.A.C; Hollywood Country; Hillcrest

            Country; San Gabriel Country; Union League; California

            Yacht; L. A. Motor Boat

Hellman, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice S. (Alice Schwarzschild)

            2225 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 71061

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Ebell; L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.

Helm, Mrs. Lynn (Annie Horlock)

            220 S. Witmer St.; Tel. 554674

Helm, Mr. Hiram Ullman

            Hotel Ambassador, 3400 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Club: L.A.A.C.

Helm, Mrs. Scott

            118 Kedzyie Ave., Evanston, Ill.

Henderson, Mrs. John A.

            West, Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Beall (Helen Henderson)

            225 Lafayette Park Place; Tel. Drexel 0267

            Clubs: Mrs. Henderson, So. Cal. Women’s Press; Friday Morning;

            Ebell; Mrs. West, Friday Morning; Shakespeare, Women’s Athletic;

            Dr. West, L. A. Country, L.A.A.C

Hendrick, Judge and Mrs. J. W. (Anna Ward)

Hendrick, Mr. and Mrs. Trobridge (Mary Hollister)

Hendrick, Lieut. Edward W. (Ft. Miles Philippines)

Hendrick, Mary Jane, Bettie Anne, James Lester, 2nd (Juniors)

            1421 Alvarado Terr.; Tel. Beacon 5660

            Clubs: Colonial Dames; Ruskin Art; L. A. Country; L.A.A.C

Hendry, Mrs. Frederick S.(Sadie Eleanor Oliver)

Hendry, Miss Pearl Angela

            1107 Victoria Ave.; Tel. 768974

Henneberger, Mr. and Mrs. Herman (Vera Jevne)

Henneberger, Miss Vera

Henneberger, Genevieve and Barbara (Juniors)

            627 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 435267

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; University; Harvard

Hennessey, Miss Eileen

            616 Gower St., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 0570

            Club: League of American Pen, Women

Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butler

Henry, Mr. A. Ellwood

            1400 S. Manhattan Pl.; Tel. 71789

Henshaw, Mr. Stanley P.

            Residence: California Club

Hepburn, Lieut. and Mrs. William Peters (Catherine W. Ray Hobbs)

            American Embassy, Constantinople, Turkey

Herminghaus, Mrs. Amelia (Spangler)

            Womack, Mrs. Pearl H. (Herminghaus)

            686 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 56344

Hernan, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (Florence Grosse)

            2091 W Adams St.; Tel. 70666

Heron, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. (Elizabeth Atsatt)

            1415 Ninth St., Douglas, Ariz.

Herron, Mr. and Mrs. F. Irwin (Julia Mercereau)

Herron, Miss Geraldine and Elizabeth (Juniors)

            (Unsettled); Tel. 436211

            Club: L. A. Country

Herron, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus H. (Jennie Shugert)

Herron, Mr. Paul

            227 S. Wilton Place; Tel. 436211

            Clubs: Colonial Wars; L.A.A.C; Sons of the Revolution

Hershey, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. (Lodoska Gould)

Hershey, Joseph Clarence, Betty, William Elliott (Juniors)

            712 Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559284

            Clubs: University and L. A. Country

Herter, Mr. and Mrs. Albert

            Santa Barbara [sic]

Hertz, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Edward A. M. (Jeannette McGorray)

            667 S. Carondelet St.; Tel. 50968

            Clubs: California Country; City; Women’s University;

            Women’s Athletic; (Mrs. Hertz, life member)

Hervey, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Mary Hughes Patterson)

            601 Shatto Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 2179

            Club: L. A. Country

Hervey, Col. and Mrs. Harcourt (Ruth Brown)

Hervey, Harcourt, Jr. (Junior)

            152 S. El Centro Ave.; Tel. 436172

Hervey, Judge and Mrs. William Rhodes (Browning Clark)

Hervey, William Rhodes, Jr.

            601 Shatto Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 2179

            Clubs: California; Jonathan; L. A. Country; Flintridge Country;

            Newport Yacht; Sunset

Heustis, Dr. and Mrs. James Walter (Bertha Lincoln)

            418 S. Normandie Ave.; Tel. 560819

            Mrs. Heustis, Pres. of Los Angeles Branch of the League of American

            Pen Women and State Vice Pres. for California.  Other clubs: S. Cal.

            Women’s Press; Harmonia; Matinee Musical; Lyric; D.A.R.; War of 1812;

            Society Mayflower Descendants; Order of the Crown in America; Friday

            Morning; Ebell; Colonial Dames of America and Colonial Dames of

            Washington D.C.; Dr. Heustis, member of the L.A.A.C. and Gamut Club;

            Also Sons of the Revolution; Sons of the American Revolution; B.P.O.E.;

            Hollywood Post American Legion; Writers’ Club

Hewitt, Judge and Mrs. Leslie R. (Mabel Eastwood)

Hewitt, Miss Beatrice, Mr. Asa R. and Emily Ellen (Juniors)

            1212 S. Alvarado St.; Tel. 52987

            Clubs: University; Sons of the Revolution; Ebell

Heyler, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joseph (Retired) (Elizabeth Baldwin)

Heyler, Mr. Rush Hinsdale (Delta Upsilon fraternity, Columbia University, N. Y. City)

Heyler, Mr. David Baldwin (Columbia University, N. Y. City)

            2235 S. Western Ave.; Tel. 71042

Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. (Ethel Fales of Buffalo, N. Y.)

            2025 Grace St., Whitley Hts., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 6761

            Clubs: L. A. Ebell and L.A.A.C.

Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson T. (Kathleen Tottenham)

Hibbard, Carolyn Frances and Lester Tottenham (Juniors)

            208 N. Ridgewood Pl.; Tel. 560854

            Clubs: University; L. A. Country

Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. I. L.

            615 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 567131

            Clubs: Ruskin Art; Ebell; Women’s Athletic; L. A. Country; California

Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. Lester (Ethel Davenport)

Hibbard, James, Lester and Lorraine (Juniors)

            5032 Rosewood Ave.; Tel. Holly 9339

            Club: University

Hickey, Mrs. C. Bumiller, Miss Bumiller

            1049 Elden Ave.; Tel. 53856

Hickok, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (Viola Mercer-Smith)

            Palm Crest Apts.; 1109 Ingraham St.; Tel. 50975

            Mrs. Hickok, Sec. Big Sister League; Second Vice Pres. Women’s City

            Club.  Other clubs: Women’s Athletic; Friday Morning and Drama League.

            Mr. Hickok to Sunset Canyon Country Club.

Hicks, Mrs. Frank Silas

Hicks, Miss Alice

            953 W. Thirtieth St.; Tel. Beacon 1309

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country

Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Henderson (Mary Eastburn Fox of Philadelphia)

            Morris, Mrs. Ruth Stokes

            506 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 560804

            Clubs: Ebell; San Gabriel Country

Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. James Edward, Jr. (Josephine Lacy)

Higgins, Virginia, Betty Ann and Peggy

            1025 Ardmore Ave., Oakland, Cal.

Hildebrand, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (Sadie Hutchinson)

Hildebrand, Eugene, Jr. (Junior)

            11 La Salle St., Chicago, Ill., and Los Angeles

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. (Mabel Dinsmore)

            711 Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559155

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Karl B. (Nicholas)


Hillman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H.

            466 N. Greenleaf Ave., Whittier; Tel. Whittier 200

Hillman, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Langmade (Doris Collins)

Hillman, Loren Collins (Junior)

            356 S. Westmoreland Ave.; Tel. Drexel 5489

            Clubs: University; L. A. Athletic

Himes, Congressman and Mrs. Joseph Hendricks (Eileen Canfield)

Himes, Master Canfield McKnight, Miss Marilynn (Juniors)

            1627 New Hampshire Ave., Washington, D. C.

Hinchcliffe, Mrs. C. W. (Sue Ogle)

Hinchcliffe, Mr. C. W., Jr.

            Zent, Mr. and Mrs. Allen (Blanche Hinckley)

            Zent, Allene (Junior)

            817 S. Bonnie Brae St.; Tel. 52911

            Clubs: Ebell and Women’s Athletic

Hirt, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Edwin (Frances Harbison)

Hirt, Louis, Leon Edwin, Jr., John Harbison and Jessica (Juniors)

            517 Canon Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559127

            Clubs: Friday Morning; L.A.A.C.; Beverly Hills Women’s

Hitchcock, Mrs. W. W.

            Hotel Darby, 234 W. Adams St.; Tel. 289081

Hoag, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Turner (Cora Henderson of Maryland)

Hoag, Mr. John N.

            Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davitt (Charlotte Hoag), Pittsburg [PA]

            7225 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. 57171

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; L. A. Athletic; Woman’s Club of

            Hollywood; Women’s Athletic

Hobson, Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Pearson (Grizelda H. Hull)

Hobson, Lucia Houston, Richmond Pearson, Jr., George (Jrs.)

            501 S. Normandie Ave.; Tel. 560097

Hobbs, Mr. James Blaisdell

            Rancho Marguerita, San Demos, Cal.

Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Charlotte Estep)

            2209 W. Twelfth St.; Tel. 554543

            Club: San Gabriel Country

Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. H. (Virginia Law)

Hodge, Miss Lura

Hodge, John, Frederick and William (Juniors)

            419 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 567445

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Friday Morning; Hollywood Chap., D.A.R.;

            L. A. Country; Women’s Athletic

Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. W. (Colele C. )

            136 S. Arden Blvd.; Tel. 436282

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Wilshire Country

Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. H. P.

Hoffman, Margaret Jean (Junior)

            4345 Victoria Park Dr.; Tel. 71299

            Clubs: L. A. Music School Settlement Assoc. (Mrs. Hoffman, Pres.);

            Friday Morning; Wa Wan; Big Sister League; Matinee Musical

Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lynn (Alta Henshaw)

            Stanwood, Miss Audrey

            824 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 0280

Hogan, Mr. Dana, University Club; Tel. 60034

Hogan, Dr. and Mrs. Garret Lansing (Rose Story)

Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson (Felicia Sprague)

Hogan, Mr. Van de Veer

Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Romaine Lansing (Winifred Wadley)

Hull, Mr. and Mrs. George Benjamin (Amelia Western Hogan) (Traveling)

            840 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 3700

Holcomb, Mr. and Mrs. John Francis (Irene Lauretta Barman)

            Fullerton, Cal.

Hole, Mr. and Mrs. Willits J. (Mary B. Weeks)

            Rancho La Sierra, Arlington, Riverside Co., Cal.

Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. (Lois Zeehandelaar)

            1000 Spaulding Ave., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 7085

Hollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. William Irving (Harriet G. Hord)

Hollingsworth, Flora Elizabeth, William Irving, Jr. (Juniors)

            341 Lafayette Park Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 2771

            Clubs: Ebell; Friday Morning; L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.; Women’s


Holmes, Mrs La Motte (Mary E. Stinson)

            Tomkins, Mrs. William Bishop (Marion Holmes)

            1319 S. St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 73078

            Club: Ebell

Holmes, Miss Frances

            1671 W. Twenty-third St.

Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Webster B. (Marion Kerckhoff)

Holmes, Marion Josephine (Junior)

            1964 Huntington Drive, So. Pasadena; Tel. 351646

            Clubs: California and University

Holterhoff, Mrs. Godfrey, Jr. (Louise L. Schaffer)

            Heim, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard (Leila Holterhoff), N. Y. City

            1360 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 5187

Hook, Mr. and Mrs. Barbee S. (Imogene Garner)

            “The Oaks”, Glendora, Cal.; Tel. Glendora 478, Long Dis.

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country

Hook, Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. (Alice H. Hull)

Hook, Miss Dorothy

            Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. (Anna Hook)

            402 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 568644

Hook, Mrs. William S. (Mary Barbee)

            4205 W. Sixth St.; Tel. 567772

Hook, Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer, Jr. (Myrtle Wood)

Hook, Martha Anne and William Spencer 3rd (Juniors)

            2255 W. Adams St.; Tel. 75599, until Dec. 1st, then at

            2029 W. Adams St.; Tel. 75599

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Berne H. (Isabel Morrison)

Hopkins, John Winchester and Berne H., Jr. (Juniors)

            John Alden Apts., 684 Benton Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 3575

Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blauvelt (Mrs. Herman Rogers)

Hopper, Virginia, Elizabeth, Charles Blauvelt, Jr. (Juniors)

            Rogers, Barbara Gorham, Emery, Herman Jr. (Juniors)

            435 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 437325

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Wilshire Country

Horne, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford (Verene Everett)

            Everett, Mrs. Walter

            218 Windsor Blvd.

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; Uplifters

Horton, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Landon (Millie Kurtz)

Horton, Joseph Kurtz and William Landon, Jr. (Juniors)

            11 Chester Pl.; Tel. 284298

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Union League

Horton, Mrs. Mabel Brundage

            1548 S. Hoover St.

Hostetter, Mr. and Mrs. David Edwin (Pearl Maynard)

Hostetter, Miss Medora Louise

            Maynard, Mrs. Morton Armond (Medora Brashear)

            302 S. Westminster Ave.; Tel. 437124

            Clubs: Colonial Dames of the 17th Century; Colonial

            Daughters; Daughters of American Colonists; Esch-

            Scholtzia Chap., D.A.R.; John Kearney Chap., War of

            1812; Robert E. Lee Chap., U.D.C.; Ebell; Woman’s of L.A.

Hotchkiss, Mrs. Finley Montgomery (Flora C. Preston)

Hotchkiss, Mr. J. S. Preston

            2334 Thompson St.; Tel. Beacon 4532

            Clubs: University; Bachelors’

Houghton, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Duvernoix (Florence Isabel Gildersleeve

            of  New York City)

            Alta Vista Apts., 2251 Telegraph Ave., Bishop, Cal.

            Clubs: Women’s University; Friday Morning

Houghton, Mr. and Mrs. S. O. (Lita Murrieta)

            “The Redwoods” Van Nuys, Cal.; Tel. 104-W

            Club: Beach

Hovey, Mr. and Mrs. Porter Henry (Nettie Willard)

            309 Dohenry Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. Holly 7012

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. George A. J. (Mabel Murray)

Howard, George A. J., Jr., Charles Murray, Margaret Mary and Frank

            Joseph (Juniors)

            623 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 568441

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; California; L.A.A.C.

Howard, Messrs. Norwood W., Arthur James and Herbert D.

            1402 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 769326

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar (Inez G. Green)

            56 Fremont Place, Los Angeles; Tel. 766022

            Winter Home: Tulsa, Oklahoma

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic (Mrs. Howard, life member); L. A.

            Country; Annandale Golf; Valley Hunt

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, Jr. (Ruth Greppin)

Howard, Richard Greppin (Junior)

            1657 St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 762405

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; Men’s University

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Volney (Hazel Monson)

Howard, Volney, Jr., John and Nancy (Juniors)

            Mill Valley, Northern Cal.

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. William Francis (Carrie Severance)

Howard, Francis Severance and Betty (Juniors)

            249 S Lafayette Park Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 1305

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; San Francisco Family

Howell, Mrs. Robert H. and Mr. Robert Le Grande

            Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Le Grandd (Edith Gibbs)

            Lewis, Mrs. Mark B. (Mildred Howell), and Mildred (Junior)

            1122 W. Seventh St.; Tel. 53045

Howes, Mrs. Felix C. (Clara Sanborn)

            2920 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. 283118

Howk, Mr. and Mrs. George (Katherine Flynn)

Howk, Dorothy Ruth and Gordon (Juniors)

            4089 W. Eighth St.; Tel. 560934

Howry, Mrs. De Forest (Helen Howes)

            Howes, Mr. Frederick Curtis

            2177 W. Twenty-fourth St.; Tel. 72790

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Ebell

Hoyt, Mrs. Albert Sherman (Minerva Hamilton)

            “Hillcrest”, 917 Buena Vista St., So. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 5860

Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. (Aldarettia Buck)

            811 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. Drexel 5444

            Clubs: Wilshire Country and Friday Morning

Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. (Harrie Linden Beebe)

            1555 N. Wilson Ave., So. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 8590

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Ebell; Shriners and Elks

Hudson, Mrs. Melville H. and Miss Adah

            19 Berkeley Sq.; Tel. 71691

Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rousseau (Elizabeth White)

            Garden Court Apts., 7021 Hollywood Blvd.; Tel. 570091

Huggins, Dr. and Mrs. W. L. (Edith M. Hazard)

            Huggins, Miss Stella

            860 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. Drexel 1435

            Clubs: University; Wilshire Country; Friday Morning

Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert (Adelaide Mould)

            2425 S. Western Ave.; Tel. 71031

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; Beach; Screen Writers’

Hughes, Mrs. Walter J. (Rosy K. Bein) and Miss Revis B.

            Bein, Mrs. Hugh H.

            360 S. Hoover St.; Tel. Dunkirk 2871

Hughest, Dr. and Mrs. West (Cora Jarvis)

            500 W. Twenty-third St.; Tel. 283332

Humphreys, Miss Jane C.

            Chilton, Miss Orabel

            Chilton, Maxine (Junior)

            2326 Scarff St.; Tel. Beacon 3594

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic (Miss Humphreys, Treas.)

            Ebell; Business and Professional Women’s

Hunkin, Mr. and Mrs. M. S. (Lola Lee)

            970 University Ave., Palo Alto

Hunkin, Mr. and Mrs. S. Everett (Margaret Perry)

Hunkin, Mr. and Mrs. Algers E. (Catherine Winton)

            15907 Lake St., Cleveland, O.; Tel. Marlo 5077-J

Hunkin, Mr. and Mrs. William J. (Mabelle Hutchinson)

Hunkin, Miss Elizabeth (Vassar)

Hunkin, Thirza (Junior), Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland, Ohio

            Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills; Tel. 559521

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Beverly Hills Women’s

Hunnewell, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. (Alice M. Osden)

Hunnewell, Theodore B. (Junior)

            621 Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills (Abroad); Tel. 559166

            Clubs: Mrs. Hunnewell, Pres. Channel Club.  Other Clubs: Ebell;

            Wilshire Country; L. A. Athletic, Beverly Hills Women’s; Societies:

            Founders and Patriots of America; Colonial Wars; Sons of the


Hunsaker, Judge William J.

            Brill, Mrs. Harry (Hunsaker), William (Junior)

            Speehler, Mrs. Rose (Hunsaker), Rosemary (Junior)

            417 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 560341

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. George Grant

            6153 Lexington Ave., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 5334

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. John N. (Harriet Collins)

            Hunt, Miss Grace C.

            2701 W. Plum St., Alhambra; Tel. 952-J

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Percival (Mildred Burnett)

            1601 W. Eighth St.; Tel. 51532

Hunt, Dr. and Mrs. J. S.

            1469 Rockingham St., Santa Monica; Tel. 22820

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Sumner P. (Mary Hancock)

Hunt, Miss Louise

            2645 Severance St.; Tel. Beacon 3739

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Gustavus (Miriam Eskridge)

Ambassador Hotel, 3400 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 7000

Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Midwick Country; L.A.A.C.; Wilshire Country; Women’s Athletic (Mrs. Hunt life member)

Hunter, Rev. and Mrs. Allen (Elizabeth Walker)

            New York City

Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Elon (Hattie T. Minor)

Huntington, Miss Winifred (Junior)

            1733 N. Wilton Pl., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 8435

Huntington, Mrs. Charles Cleveland (Flora P. Clarke)

(Mrs. Huntington, writer)

Bartliffe, Mrs. Mary R. (Wolfe)

            1186 W. Thirty-seventh Dr.; Tel. Beacon 1696

            Clubs: Nancy Ward Chap., D.A.R. of Chattanooga, Tenn.,

            (Mrs. Huntington, founder and Honorary Life Regent); Honorary

            Life President of General Forrest Chap., U.D.C., of Memphis, Tenn;

            Eschscholtzia Chap., D.A.R.; Ebell

Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (Dorothy Ellis)

Huntington, Dorothy Bernice (Junior)

            Country Home: near San Bernardino, Cal.

Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. D. Clarke (Mathilde Schaufort)

Huntington, Flora Clarke, Cleveland Benedict (Juniors)

            Country Home: near San Bernardino, Cal.

Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dana (Blanche Mae Cram)

Huntington, Charles R. (Junior)

            146 N. El Centro Ave.; Tel. Holly. 6716

Huntsberger, Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. (Anita E. Ebner)

Huntsberger, Harold and Jack (Juniors)

            432 S Lucerne Blvd.; Tel. 437225

            Club: University

Huntsberger, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. (Aileen Staub)

Huntsberger, Ralph F., Jr., Elizabeth La Grange, George Edward and

            Clement Richard (Juniors)

            440 S. Lucerne Blvd.; Tel. 437223

Hurn, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dutton (Florence Atherton)

            2020 N. Gower St., Hollywood

Huston, Mr. and Mrs. James M. (Eliza Holloway)

Huston, Mr. and Mrs. Drummond (Vera Louise Shepherd)

            237 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. Holly 8809

            Clubs: Jonathan and California Country

Hutchinson, Mrs. Marvin J. (Netti Doty)

Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. John Edgar (Mildred Moore)

            629 Esplanade, Redondo Beach; Tel. Redondo 1081

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Browning; Women’s Club of Redondo

Beach; Country Club of Redondo

Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. William G. (Laura Chauvin)

            699 S. New Hampshire Ave.; Tel. Drexel 8829

            Clubs: California; L. A. Athletic; L. A. Country

Hutty, Mr. and Mrs. Lee (Leila Burton Wiles)

            2132 Highland Ave.; Tel. 570759

Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. James W. (Florence Mullen)

Hyde, Virginia Florence, Betty Mary, David Morrow (Juniors)

            4917 Rosewood Ave.; Tel. Holly 1947