Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “J”

Jacobs, Dr. and Mrs. W. R. (Frieda Mildred Nast)

Jacobs, Virginia and Billie (Juniors)

            827 S. Gramercy Dr.; Tel. 568905

            Club: L. A. Athletic

Jacqueline, Dr Sydney Stickney de la Roche

            1019 Beacon Ave.; Tel. Drexel 0792

Clubs: The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America;

The Sons of the Revolution, in N. Y. and California; Society of

the Colonial Wars; Alliance Francaise; Chamber of Commerce, L.A.

and Hollywood; City; Sierra; L. A. Country; Automobile; American

Association for the Advancement of Science; Drama; League [sic];

L. A. Opera Reading; So. Cal. Athletic and Country

James, Mrs. William Swain

Hurlburt, Miss Dorothy (Junior)

521 Shatto Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 2122

Janney, Dr. and Mrs. Nelson W. (Maude Hays)

Janney, Joanne (Junior)

2060 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 70079

Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Sons of the Revolution;

Society of the Sigma Psi Delta Tau Delta Fraternity      

Janss, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin (Florence Cluff)

Janss, Edwin, Jr., Patricia and William (Juniors)

4800 Los Feliz Blvd. and Berendo St.; Tel. 599780

Clubs: University; L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.

Janss,, Mr. and Mrs. Herman (Emma Louise Braly)

Janss, Miss Louise

601 S. Gramercy Pl.; Tel. 560992

Clubs: California, L. A. Country

Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Amy Hulse of N. Y.)

            831 S. Kingsley Dr.

Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. Van Buren (Amy Busch)

Jarvis, Amy (Junior)

            314 S. Rossmore Ave.; Tel. Holly 5282

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; University

Jeffras, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Mary Gray)

Jeffras, Nathaniel Gray (Junior)

            (Mr. Jeffras, Yale ’86)

            Hotel Ambassador; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Clubs: California Country; Friday Morning

Jeffras, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel (Audree Workman)

            905 S. Catalina St.; Tel. Drexel 8189

Jeffries, Mrs. James Gordon (Rosa Bailey)

            1508 S. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 768976

Jeffries, Mr. and Mrs. William Parish (Lora Hubbell)

Jeffries, Allerton H., Sally Elizabeth and Dorothy (Juniors)

            976 Arapahoe St.; Tel. 53996

Jenks, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. (Ruby Garland)

Jenks, Garland Le Roy (Junior)

            4033 W. Twenty-third St.; Tel. 768599

Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pratt (Alice Bent)

Jennings, Miss Marjorie Pauline and Mr. Robert Frank

            4170 Glen Albyn Dr.; Tel. Gar. 4224

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Highland Park Ebell; L. A. Athletic;


Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C. (Marion Winston) Duarte

Jenson, Com. and Mrs. Henry Norman (Echo Allen)

Jenson, Richard Norman (Junior)

            1000 Ave. G, Coronado, Cal.; Tel. Cor. 328

Jess, Mrs. Grace Wood (Wood)

Jess, Martha Louise and Alice Rob (Juniors)

            2360 W. Twenty-second St.; Tel. 768975

Jessop, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo De

            610 First St., Coronado Beach; Tel. Cor. 42-W [sic]

Jessop, Mr. Joseph; Misses Fanny and Lina and Mr. Jones

            822 First St., Coronado Beach; Tel. Cor. 467-J

Job, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. (Emma L. Herbel)

            1809 Virginia Rd.; Tel. 74774

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. (Florence Perry)

Johnson, Miss Sada

Johnson, Miss Eleanor

            Monroe, Lieut. and Mrs. William Robert (Katherine Johnson)

            William Robert Monroe, Jr. (Junior), Care U.S. Navel Mission to

            Brazil, Post Master, N. Y.

            833 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 5413

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Orson (Victoria Sheppard)

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Virginia McNaughton)

            1005 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 3724

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Wa Wan

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. (Rae Wright)

            1626 Rockwood Ave.; Tel. 52781

            Clubs: Ebell; Republican Study; Greater Republican; Hamilton L. A.

            Art Center

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Ilot

Johnson, Norwin Kerr (Junior)

            5310 Angeles Mesa Drive; Tel. University 3566

            Clubs: Ebell

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Belshaw (Genevieve Joyce)

            “Ledgemont”, 911 Alpine Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559193

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country

Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. Milbank (Isabel Simeral)

            360 S. Westlake Ave.; Tel. 55277

            Club: Sons of the Revolution

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Milo F. (Edith Dorothy Kesner)

            1053 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 768292

            Club: L. A. Country

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Norton (Helen Wells)

            Holton Arms, 405 W. Adams St.; Tel. 285121

Johnson, Mr. Parley M.

Johnson, Misses Harriet E. and Alice

            749 Garland Ave.; Tel. 52236

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. S. Frederic (Claire Chamberlain)

Johnson, Robert C. (Junior)

            2140 W. Twenty-first St.; Tel. 72122

            Club: Ebell

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry (Margaret McLean)

            Holton Arms, 405 W. Adams St.; Tel. 285273

Johnston, Mrs. Hancock McClung

            2911 N. Broadway; Tel. Captiol 2438

Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. William Dupuy (Margaret McLean)

            Ranch, Imperial Valley; Tel. 289031

Johnston, Mrs. William T. (Florence Dupuy)

            Darby Hotel; Tel. 289031

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Addison Bentley (Vangie Cope)

Jones, Addison Bentley, Jr. (Junior)

            524 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 568159

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L. A. A. C.

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Carlos (Anna Pendleton)

            1534 S. St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 72834

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Colcock (Elizabeth King)

            102 S. Occidental Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 3059

            Club: California

Jones, Dr. and Mrs. Ellis (Elizabeth Bradley)

Jones, Ellis, Jr. and Harvey Bradley (Juniors)

            3921 W. Seventh St.; Tel. 560708

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Wilshire Country;

            Midwick Country

Jones, Col. and Mrs. Frank B. and Miss Evelyn

            1115 F Ave., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 686

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hooker (Alice Spencer)

            Country Home: 139 Live Oak Ave., Sierra Madre, Cal.; Tel. Red 132

            1124 W. Seventh St., Howell Terrace Apts.; Tel. 874111

            Clubs: Ebell; L.A.A.C.; Jonathan; Cal. Country

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. George Merritt and Miss Olive F.

            Merritt-Jones Hotel, Ocean Park; Tel. 63145

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory (Harriet Wagner)

Jones, Samuel Lloyd (Junior)

            909 Quintara St., San Francisco, Cal.

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hampshur (Emilie Austin)

Jones, Samuel Austin (Junior)

            448 S. Arden Blvd.; Tel. 437202

            Clubs: Wilshire Blvd.; California; University

Jones, Mrs. John Percival (Georgian Sullivan)

            Farquhar, Mrs. Robert (Marion Jones)

            Farquhar, David (Junior), Berkshire School, Sheffield, Mass.

            Farquhar, John and Colin (Juniors)

            136 W. Eleventh St., New York City

Jones, Major and Mrs. John Taylor (Ida Thompson)

            2637 Portland Ave.; Tel. Beacon 3761

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Mattison Boyd

Jones, Miss Lillian Winifred

            Summer Home: 2142 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, Cal.

            Winter Home: “Bel-Air”, 727 Kenneth Rd., Glendale, Cal.,

            P. O. Box 156, Glendale; Tel. Glen. 367

            Mrs. Jones, Pres., Glendale Music Club; Past Pres. L. A. Dist.,

            C.F.W.C.; Honorary Member Matinee Musical Club; Other

            Clubs: Emeritus Club; C.F.W.C.; Women’s City; Glendale Women’s;

            Mr. Jones’ Clubs: University; Sunset Canyon Country; Surf and Sand

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. (Maria J. Tilden)

Jones, Miss Matilda T.

            533 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 560503

            Club: Friday Morning

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (Pauline Williamson)

            308 S. Commonwealth Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 1868

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic; Friday Morning; Harvard

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. Donelson (Neva Myers)

Jones, Myers, Lunford and Margaret Helen (Juniors)

            6438 Pasadena Ave.; Tel. Garv. 4012

Jones, Mrs. William L. (Lida Wilson)

Jones, Mr. Robert Wilson

            Clubs: Sons of the Revolution

            Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Granville (Alice L. Jones)

            Robertson, Frances Alice and Joysclind (Juniors)

            Clubs: Ebell; Drama League; Galpin Shakespeare

            1327 S. Manhattan Pl.; Tel. 769073

            Club: Sons of the Revolution

Jordan, Col. and Mrs. Lambert (Susan Carpenter)

            Washington, D.C.

Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. William Barnard

Joyce, Mr. Morton Dean

            1004 Elden Way, Beverly Hills; Tel. 559174

Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. William Bradford, Jr. (Charlotte Rayner)

Joyce, Charlotte Curley and Lucille Bradford (Juniors)

            107 S. Wilton Dr.; Tel. 56356

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; University; Midwick [Country]