Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “K”

Kahn, Mrs. John (Gertrude Behrendt)

Kahn, Mr. Ivan

            2211 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 75501

            Clubs: Ebell; Friday Morning; San Gabriel Country;

            L. A. A. C.

Kaltenbach, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Juana Creighton)

            10 Thomas St., Cranton, N. J. [May have meant “Scranton”]

Kammerer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. (Marie Ollivia McCoy)

Kammerer, John Craig (Junior)

            Weldon, Montgomery Co., Pa.

Karnes, Mr. and Mrs. William Lee (Jessie Adele Dickinson)

            Lyman, Mr. Edward Dickinson

            624 Arden Blvd.; Tel. Holly 6968

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country

Kays, Miss Florence and Mr. James Walter\

            629 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 568775

Keach, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. (Lucile Hopkins of Joseph Collier

            Family, England)

Keach, Frances Lucile (Junior)

            304 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 568035

            (Mount Vernon Seminary, Wash. D. C., 1924-15; Marlborough

            Graduate 1923)

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; Friday Morning; Ebell

Kearney, Mr. and Mrs. Denis P. (Margaret Higgins)

Kearney, Dennis Bernard (Junior)

            1144 Elden Ave.; Tel. Drexel 0977

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Brentwood Country; Knights of Columbus, Fourth

            Degree; Catholic Women’s

Keating, Mr. and Mrs. George (Adele Gray)

            Hotel Darby; Tel. 289031

Keeler, Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. (Mary Denison)

            “Marymount”, 2000 La Brea Terrace, Hollywood; Tel. 577385

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L. A. Athletic; Hollywood Country; Wilshire

            Country; Ebell; Women’s Club of Hollywood

Kemper, Mrs. William B. (Alice Singleton)

Kemper, Misses Helen and Katherine and Mr. Frank C.

            413 W. Twenty-third St.; Tel. 283306

Kennard, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. (Leontine Thebaud)

            515 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 567858

            Clubs: Brentwood Country; Ebell

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin (Mrs. Frank Sherwood Wise – Lucile Greenman)

            502 S. Irving Blvd., Windsor Square; Tel. 438204

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; L.A.A.C.

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank LaFayette (Alice Maye Cummings)

            235 N. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 56603

            Clubs: Ruskin Art

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. (Alice Todd)

Kennedy, Miss Ruth Alice

            Rampart Apts., 601 S. Rampart Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 2380

            Clubs: Ebell; L. A. Athletic

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. William Howe (Adele Satterlee)

Kennedy, Messrs. Donald S. and William Howe, Jr. (Juniors)

            616 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 568093

Kennelly, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer N. M. (Margaret V. Gunn)

            1670 W. Twenty-fourth St.; Tel. Beacon 5998

            Club: L. A. Athletic

Kenney, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. (Sara Boyd McCan)

            1515 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 767911

Kennett, Mr. and Mrs. Luther M. (Isabelle Smith)

            505 Alameda Ave.; Coronado; Tel. Cor. 146

Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sumner (Josephine MacPherson)

            MacPherson, Dr. Frank Chase

            Summer Home: 3817 Ocean Front, Venice, Cal.

            16 East Hoover Ave., Phoenix, Arizona

            Local mailing address, California Club; Tel. [No exchange] 4826

            Clubs: Mrs. Kent, Ebell; Friday Morning; Matinee Musical;

            Mr. Kent, California; Gamut; L.A.A.C.; Arizona of Phoenix, Rotary

            of  Phoenix; Uplifters of Los Angeles; Phoenix Country

Kent, Mr. and Mrs. James Franklin (Marion Wood)

Kent, Miss Charlotte

Kent, Betty (Junior), The Bishop’s School, La Jolla

            Summer Home: Kulem Lodge, Pine Knot, Big Bear Lake

            7300 Hollywood Blvd.; Tel. 57596

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Friday Morning; Women’s Club of Hollywood;

            Mrs. Kent, State Cor. Sec. D.A.R.

Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Paul

            1848 Winfield St.; Tel. 51291

Kerckhoff, Mrs. Elise

            825 S Westlake Ave.; Tel. Drexel 5088

Kerckhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. (Anne Wethern)

Kerckhoff, Mr. Herman H., Jr.

            Stephens, Mrs. D. G.

            1325 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 1241

Kerckhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens (Marcia Seward)

            1325 W. Adams St. (Temporarily); Tel. Beacon 5001

            [Same address as Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kerckhoff, but a different

            telephone number.  Same telephone number as Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G.


Kerckhoff, Mr. and Mrs. William G. (Louise Eshman)

            734 W Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 5001

Kerfoot, Col. and Mrs. A. J. (Marie Drucille Caruthers)

            Alvarado Apts., 847 S. Alvarado St.; Tel. Drexel 5010

            Club: L. A. Art Center

Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. H. (Frances Cope)

Kerr, Miss Berrilla Ann Katherine (Junior)

            426 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 568510

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; L. A. Athletic

Kice, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Miller (Bernice Carr)

Kice, Hugh Miller, Jr. (Junior)

            143 Westmoreland Pl.; Tel. 54091

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Friday Morning; University; L. A. Country

Kidd, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert West (Marguerite Wilcox)

            214 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 568876

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; California; Women’s Athletic, So.

            Cal. Athletic

Kiger, Dr. and Mrs. William H. (Mrs. Lucy Alexander)

            100 N. Plymouth Blvd.; Tel. Holly 6922

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Uplifters; University; L.A. Country; Women’s

            University; Women’s Athletic

Kincaid, Mrs. Mary Holland

            2606 W. Adams Gardens (Temporarily)

King, Mr. and Mrs. Dana Charles (Goochye Payne)

            Payne, Mr. Claude B.

            350 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 567095

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.; Friday Morning; California Yacht

King, Mrs. Frank W. (Glorinda Mann)

            The Palms, 421 W. Adams St.; Tel. 283126

King, Mr. and Mrs. John

            2835 W. Twelfth St.

King, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brooks (May Hurley)

King, Juliet (Junior)

            850 Windsor Ave.; Tel. 767961

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Women’s Athletic

King, Mr. Warren W.

King, Miss Myra

King, Miss Lenora H.

            Willis, Mr. Ross H.

            Clubs: League of American Pen Women; So. Cal. Women’s Press;

            Hamilton; Women’s Athletic

King, Mr. and Mrs. Winford A. (Ida Marian McClelland)

King, Marian Elizabeth (Junior)

            816 S. St. Andrews Place; Tel. 567439

            Clubs: Olympia; Union League of San Francisco

Kinney, Mrs. Abbott

            Grand and Lyon Canals, Venice

Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. (Hadassah Thomas)

            972 Magnolia Ave.: Tel. 53863

Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Innis

            1114 Washington Blvd., Venice

Kinsley, Miss Bina

            Hermosa Beach

Kinstler, Mr. and Mrs. Morris (Julia Joseph)

Kinstler, Mr. Maurice (Junior, Bachelors’ Club)

            620 S. Coronado St.; Tel. 52046

Kipp, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. (Ida Cozine)

            Crosthwaite, Mrs. Ethel (Cozine)

            730 S. Oxford Ave.; Tel. 569870

Kirkley, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. (Lucy Tolerton)

Kirkley, Lucy Eleanor (Junior)

            441 Lucerne Blvd., Windsor Square; Tel. Holly 6635

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University

Kirkpatrick, Dr. and Mrs. John (Frances Chandler)

Kirkpatrick, John L., Jr. and Harry Chandler (Juniors)

            1723 N. Kenmore Ave.; Tel. 596927

Kirkpatrick, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. (Minnie Korb)

            1534 Second Ave.; Tel. 768169

Kirkpatrick, Mr. Ross, Aviation Service, Long Beach, N. Y.

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Ross C.

            Smith, Mrs. L. B.

            Avalon, Santa Catalina Island

KleinSmid Von, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus B. (Elizabeth Patterson Sawyer)

KleinSmid Von, Elizabeth (Junior)

            801 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 8564

Klokke, Miss Helen A.

Klokke, Messrs. Karl and Ernest A.

            2105 S. Figueroa St.; Tel. 22053

Kneedler, Dr. William Ludwig

            Post, Mrs. (Martha Kneedler)

            1004 Adella Ave., Coronado Beach; Tel. Cor. 358

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. (Richardson)

Knight, Roy W., Jr. (Juniors)

            1301 S. Nineteenth St., Birmingham, Ala.

Koehler, Col. and Mrs. L. M. (Maude Anthony)

            Anthony, Mrs. D. R.

            81 Fremont Pl.; Tel. 75396

Koepfli, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. (Juliet Morse Blake)

Koepfli, Miss Hortense

Koepfli, Mr. Joseph Blake (Stanford – Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity)

            342 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 567012

            Clubs: Sunset [Country]; L. A. Country; California

Koons, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Haynes (Louise Carr)

            1132 S. Lake St.; Tel. 557995

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Women’s City; Women’s Athletic;

            L.A.A.C.; University; Hollywood Country; Cal. Yacht

Kreider, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. (Florence Moore)

            877 Burck Pl.; Tel. 767308

Kress, Dr. and Mrs. George H. (Elizabeth Hamilton Hill)

            Summer Home: “Hill-Crest”, Uplifters Ranch, Santa Monica

            Bryson Apts., 2701 Wilshire Blvd.; Tels. 50061; Dunkirk 2550

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Ebell; University; L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.;

            Uplifters; Scribes and Union League

Krohn, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Robert (Elizabeth Pomeroy)

Krohn, Misses Margaretha Augusta and Elsbeth Pomeroy (Juniors)

            Seymour, Mrs. Charles Hudson (Augusta Birge)

            408 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 56686

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic; So. Cal. Athletic and Country

Kuhrts, Mr. and Mrs. George Jacob

Kuhrts, Mr. Jack

            Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips Welwood (Sue Kuhrts)

            Murray, Georgia Myra (Junior)

            1018 S. Arapahoe St.; Tel. 557934

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Tuna; Recreation Gun

Kuhrts, Mr. and Mrs. George Jacob, Jr. (Clara Bergh)

            2361 All View Terrace, Hollyridge Park, Hollywood

Kuns, Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. (Dora Baker)

Kuns, Miss De Vere

            265 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 568189

Kuykendall, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel LeRoy (Kathryn Ashley)

            1040 Sepulveda St., San Pedro, Cal.; Tel. 728-J