Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “O”

Oakley, Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Sarah Maundrell)

            711 Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559196

Oakley, Mr. and Mrs. Earl James Taylor (Marian Ashley)

            1815 W. Twenty-second St.; Tel. Beacon 8529

Oakley, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. (Beatriz Burnham)

Oakley, Barbara and Jean (Juniors)

            421 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 560818

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University

O’Connell, Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey C. (Mary Crowell)

            4938 Echo St.; Tel. Garvanza 5119

Oddie, U. S. Senator (of Nevada) and Mrs. Trasker Lownes (Daisy Rendall)

            2320 W. Nineteenth, S. W., Washington, D. C.

Off, Mr. Edward T.

            Residence: California Club

Off, Mr. and Mrs. John W. A. (Blanche Bonebreak)

Off, Mr. John W. A., Jr.

            Somers, Mrs. Georgie (Off), John A., Jr. (Junior)

            351 N. Western Ave.; Tel. 438279

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Jonathan; Ebell

Ogden, Mr. and Mrs. Claude (Margaret Winston)

            Winston, Miss Caroline

            847 Fifth St., Santa Monica

Ohler, Mr. and Mrs. James Oswell (Clara Paine)

Ohler, Miss Katherine and Willard Paine

            Leighton, Lieut. Com. and Mrs. Frank Thomson (Elizabeth Roby


            300 S. Rampart Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 1961

            Clubs: L. A. Chap., D.A.R.; Founders and Patriots; L. A. Colony of

            New England Women; Colonial Dames in the State of Ohio; League of

            American Pen Women; Friday Morning; Hollywood Country; Women’s

            University; Drama League

            Oliver, Mrs. William E. (Irma Gordon)

Oliver, Messrs. William Edwin, Jr. and Gordon McCord

            1535 N. Western Ave.; Tel. Holly 4762

Omdalen, Mrs. Terry T. (Estelle Bates)

            235 N. Gramercy Place; Tel. Holly 0385

            Clubs: Republican Study (Mrs. Omdalen, Press Chairman), Averill

            Study (Mrs. Omdalen, Federation and Cor. Sec., and Press Chairman);

            D.A.R.; California Country; Women’s City

O’Melveny, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Phila Borden Miller)

O’Melveny, Margaret and Phila Katherleen (Juniors)

            1305 Garfield Ave., So. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 2525

O’Melveny, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. (Nette Schilling)

            Summer Home: The Crag, San Gabriel Canon

            3250 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 8849

O’Melveny, Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Corine Eisenmayer)

            100 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 438810

            Club: Jonathan

O’Melveny, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart (Isabel Watson)

O’Melveny, Anne (Junior)

            1233 Garfield Ave., So. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 2788

O’Neal, Mr. and Mrs. George G. (Jeannete Wiseman)

O’Neal, Philip Wiseman (Junior)

            2109 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, Minn.

O’Neil, Mr. Patrick Henry

O’Neil, Miss Mary Ellen

O’Neil, Messrs. Louise, Ignatius, John and Henry

            Summer Home: Rapid City, So. Dak.

            1257 S. Manhattan Pl.; Tel. 74350

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; Newman

O’Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Jr. (Marguerite Moore)

O’Neill, Alice and Richard Jerome (Juniors)

            251 S. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 437425

            Club: L.A.A.C.

Orcutt, Mr. and Mrs. William Warren (Mary Logan)

Orcutt, Mr. John Logan

            Summer Home: Rancho Combra del Roble, Owensmouth, Cal.

            403 S. Mariposa Ave.; Tel. 560601

            Clubs: Ebell; Friday Morning; Women’s University; L.A.A.C;

            L. A. Country; University

Orena, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Victor (Catherine Downing)

            La Lomita, Los Alamos, Santa Barbara Co., Cal.

Orena, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G.

            Ontare Rd., Santa Barbara; Tel. 1959-R

Orena, Mr. and Mrs. Dario (Heminia Ortiz)

Orena, Miss Ynez

            La Lomita, Los Alamos, Santa Barbara Co., Cal.

Orendorff, Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Grant

Orendorff, Miss Helen

            Temporary Address: Holton Arms, 405 W. Adams St.; Tel.


            Permanent Address: “Redcrest”, Canton, Ill.

            Local Clubs: Annandale Golf; Wilshire Country; L. A.

            Country; California

Orlova, Princess Margarita (Countess de Mahranao)

            202 S. Benton Way; Tel. 51583

Orme, Madam

Orme, Mr. and Mrs. Hal M.

            716-A N. Ardmore Ave.

Orr, Mr. and Mrs. William Mead

            500 N. Vega St., Alhambra; Tel Alhambra 685

Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Bert W. (Gertrude Stirman)

            1524 Burllingame Ave.; Brentwood Park, Los Angeles

            Sons of the Revolution

Osburn, Dr. and Mrs. John Neill (Barbara Stephens Zane)

            Zane, Marjorie (Junior)

            850 Fifth Ave.; Tel. 568843

Osterloe, Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. (Dorothea Josephine Michaud)

            333 Windsor Blvd.; Tel. 437454

Otis, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Davenport

            2255 N. Cahuenga Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 57284

Overton, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (Georgia Caswell)

Overton, Mark (Junior)

            651 W. Twenty-third St.; Tel. Beacon 5888

Owen, Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis

            1985 N. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 436116