Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “P”

Page, Mrs. Cliff (Anne A. Page)

Page, Mr. and Mrs. John Clifford (Gertrude Hart)

            2623 Orchard Ave.; Tel. Beacon 5685

Page, Mr. and Mrs. James Rathwell (Kate Van Nuys)

            354 S. Windsor Blvd.; Tel. 437455

            First Friday.  Clubs: Colonial Wars; California; Midwick Country;

            Crags Country; L. A. Country

Page, Mr. and Mrs. William Byrd (Virginia Ogden Pendleton)

Page, Miss Isabel Wurts

Page, Mr. William Byrd, Jr.

            1729 Cahuenga Ave., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 5128

            Clubs: San Gabriel Country; Philadelphia Cricket

Pallette, Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. (Elizabeth Brown)

Pallette, Mr. Edward C. (Stanford – Beta Theta Pi Fraternity)

Pallette, Mr. Warren

Pallette, Drew and Elizabeth (Juniors)

            950 S. Hoover St.; Tel. 51326

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; Newport Harbor Yacht; Sons

            of the Revolution

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. C. H., Jr. (Mary Wilde)

            549 S. St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 560722

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Cerritos Gun

Palmer, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin O.

            6424 Yucca St., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 9284

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. E. Eliot (Eno Ham Johnson)

            Mr. Palmer, American Consul General to Roumania

            American Consulate Brezoianu No. 17 Bucharest,


Palmer, Col. Guy G. (U.S.A. Retired) and Mrs. (Alice Hooper)

Palmer, Miss Alice and Barbara (Junior)

            236 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 437318

            Clubs: California; Beach; Friday Morning

Pantages, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander

            595 N. Vermont Ave.

Park, Dr. and Mrs. Charles C.

            “Karlsruhe”, N. of E. Valley Rd., Monteciti; Tel. 5016

            Sons of the Revolution

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cullom (Julia Neale)

Parker, Mr. Albert (Winthrop Hall, Harvard Law School,

            Cambridge, Mass.)

            811 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 8422

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; Sunset; University

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Force (Frances Tappaan)

Parker, Mr. Warner F.

            209 Canon Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559130

            Clubs: Friday Morning; California; L. A. Country

Parkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. (Grace Wells)

            1605 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica, Cal.

            Clubs: California; L. A. Athletic; University

Parkinson, Mr. and Mrs. John (Florence Gumaer)

            1201 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica, Cal.; Tel. 21941

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Jonathan; Brentwood


Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S.

            718 Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559662

Parlee, Mr. and Mrs. Henry

            4011 Ingraham St.; Tel. 567435

            Club: Friday Morning

Parrot, Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kane (Virginia Burrowes)

            2071 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 75816

            Clubs: Montecito Country; Women’s Athletic

Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. John T.

            232 S. Plymouth Blvd.; Tel. 437755

Patterson, Mrs. Thomas Lard (Mary de Van)

            King, Mr. and Mrs. Evert E. (New York)

            2289 W. Twenty-fourth St.; Tel. 768820

            Club: Ebell

Patterson, Mr. Richard Lawrence

            1587 W. Forty-sixth St.

Patrick, Mr. Joseph Henry

            Wilmington, Cal.; Tel. 768820

Patton, Mr. and Mrs. George S. (Ruth Wilson)

Patton, Miss Anne W. (Member, Colonial Dames of America)

            Wilson, Miss [no first name given]

            Lake Vineyard, San Marino Township, Cal.

            P. O. Address, San Gabriel, Cal.; Tel. Fair Oaks 6526

Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Roland (Frances E. Shrader)

            4830 Mesa Dr.; Tel. Vermont 8164

Paulin, Mr. and Mrs. Harold David (Helen McVay)

Paulin, Harold David, Jr., William Bryant, Katharine (Juniors)

            1180 W. Twenty-ninth St.

Pauly, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stanley (Pauline Lewis)

Pauly, Miss Katherine

Pauly, Josephine (Junior)

            114 Rossmore Ave.; Tel. 56579

            Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Friday Morning

Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stair, Jr. (Florence Ackerman)

Payne, Lloyd Ackerman (Junior)

            505 S. Arden Blvd., Windsor Sq.; Tel. Holly 5156

Peachy, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kyd Douglass (Katherine Torrance)

            734 Fifteenth St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

Pearce, Mr. Edwin E.

            430 S. Westmoreland Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 2719

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; L. A. Country

Peard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Edith Bonestell)

            340 S. Alexandria Ave.; Tel. 56315

Pearsall, Mrs. Belle Davis (Davis)

Pearsall, Miss Jane

Pearsall, Mr. William Davis

            1840 Camino Palmero, Hollywood; Tel. 57463

            Clubs: California Country; L.A.A.C.; So. Cal. Athletic

Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson (Elizabeth Boulson)

Pearson, Mr. William Jackson, Jr. (University of Cal. – 1809 Euclid

            Ave., Berkeley, Cal.)

Pearson, Louise (Junior)

            694 S. New Hampshire Ave.; Tel. Drexel 0625

            Clubs: Jonathan; L.A.A.C.; Wilshire Country

Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rufus (Caroline Aldrich)

Peck, Mr. Aldrich Rufus

            455 So. Irving Blvd., Windsor Sq.; Tel. 437329

            Clubs: Arthur R. Peck, California; L.A.A.C.; L. A. Country;

            Wilshire Country; Aldrich R. Peck, L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.

Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Claire L. (Viola Curtis)

            440 S. Arden Blvd.; Tel. Holly 6240

Peck, Miss Hanna Huntington

            La Loma Dr.

Peckham, Mr. and Mrs. John Henry (Caroline Wooster Boomer)

Peckham, John Henry, Jr., and Patricia Caroline (Juniors)

            2287 W. Twentieth St.; Tel. 766667

            Clubs: Newport Yacht; D.A.R.

Peery, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (Moira Park)

Peery, Virginia Patricia and Neill (Juniors)

            4047 Ingraham St.; Tel. 568749

            Clubs: So. Cal. Women’s Press; Friday Morning; League of

            American Pen Women; Drama League; Ruskin Art; Delta Tau

            Alumni Chap.; L. A. Co. Bar Assoc.; L. A. City

Peet, Mr. and Mrs. William

            805 Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559232

Pellissier, Mrs. Germain (Marie Julie Darfeville)

            Mitchel, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt H. (Adelaide Pellissier)

            Mitchel, Germain Evelyn and Virginia Louise (Juniors)

            de Roulet, Mrs. Marie Louise (Pellissier)

            697 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 56576

            Club: L.A.A.C.

Pendergrass, Mrs. Jane E. (English)

Pendergrass, Lee, Hays and A. L. (Juniors)

            316 S. Arden Blvd.; Tel. 437214

            Club: Wilshire Country

Pendleton, Brigadier General and Mrs. Joseph H.

Pendleton, Mr. Cornelius

            745 A Avenue, Coronado, Cal.; Tel. Cor. 384

Penwitt, Mr. and Mrs. John (Rosamonde Runyon)

            Charleston, W. Va.

Pepper, Mrs Enoch (Alice Neville Luke)

Pepper, Miss Elizabeth Neville

            Hurtt, Mrs. Leon Hamlin (Sarah Tebbs Pepper)

            3816 Ingraham St.; Tel. 567536

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Eschscholtzia Chap., D.A.R.; Women’s

            University Club

Percy, Mrs. William Armstrong (Lady Walker)

Percy, William Armstrong, Lady Caroline and Walker (Juniors)

            816 S. Catalina St.; Tel. Drexel 1846

            Club: Ebell

Perez, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. (Marguerite de Luna)

            1222 S. Alvarado St.; Tel. Beacon 8664

Perier, Mme. Marie Josephine (Mesmer)

Perier, Jacques and Claude (Juniors)

            1649 Orange St.; Tel. 53279

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin

            Hotel Biltmore; Tel. Metropolitan 6200

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory, Jr.

            Hotel Darby, 234 W. Adams St.; Tel. 289031

Perry, Mr. Arthur St. Clair

            Uplifters Ranch; Tel. 871981

            Clubs: Jonathan; So. Cal. Athletic and Country

Perry, Mrs. Linda (Welisch)

            1245 Fifth Ave.; Tel. 74020

Peters, Col. and Mrs. I. F. (Margaret Woolridge)

            2427 Buckingham Rd.; Tel. 767395

Petitfils, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. (Julia Merritt)

            556 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 56632

Petitfils, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Marvin (Anna Erickson)

            545 S. Plymouth Blvd., Windsor Sq.; Tel. Holly 7702

Pettingell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hervey (Medora Ann Wilson)

            1712 Fourth Ave.; Tel. 74478

            Clubs: Mr. Pettingell to California; Society of Colonial Wars

            (Historian General, General Society); Society Sons of the

            Revolution; National Society, Americans of Royal Descent

            (The Honorary Vice-Pres., General); Baronial Order of

            Runnemede (Descendants of the Magna Charta Barons, A.D. 1215);

            Cal. Genealogical Society (Honorary Pres.); Mrs. Pettingell to

            Friday Morning Club

Peyton, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine (Emma Mann)

Peyton, Mr. Robert Clark (Stanford and Univ. of Virginia)

            857 S. Westlake Ave.; Tel. 51087

            Clubs: California; Wilshire Country; University; L. A. Country;


Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. John (Edna Bradford)

Phelps, John Godrey (Junior)

            Flintridge, Cal.

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Gertrude Henderson)

            Lost Lake Ranch, Bakersfield

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. James Albert (Virginia H. Bell)

Phillips, Mr. James Albert, Jr.

Phillips, Virginia and Overton (Juniors)

            1614 Ocean Front, Hermosa Beach; Tel. Hermosa 4156

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Allen (Catherine Louise Coffin)

Phillips, Miss Katherine Louise

            4 Berkeley Sq.; Tel. 71290

            Clubs: Ebell; L. A. Country; Midwick; California; L. A.

            Athletic; Wilshire Country; Women’s University;

            Bohemian of San Francisco

Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cupples

Pierce, Misses Barbara and Betty

            Pasadena and New York

Pike, Mr. and Mrs. John (June Braun)

            Schultz, Kathryn Elizabeth (Junior)

            510 S. Arden Blvd.; Tel. Holly 10493

            Clubs: California; University; L. A. Country; San

            Francisco Golf and Country

Pinkham, Mr. and Mrs. James Roy (Hazel Edwards)

Pinkham, Edith, Anne, David James, Peter Eben (Juniors)

            Summer Home: Alamitos Bay

            4665 Pasadena Ave.; Tel. Garv. 4377

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University; Wilshire Country;

            Friday Morning

Pipes, Mr. Q. R.

            Chapman Arms, 822 Park View Ave.; Tel. Drexel 1186

            Club: Junior Bachelors’

Plater, Mr. John E.

            Waddilove, Miss

            Smith, Mrs. Eugene E. (Ella Waddilove)

            707 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 8274

            Club: California

Pleasants, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. (Lucile Gibson)

Pleasants, John Gibson (Junior)

            1186 Crenshaw Blvd.; Tel. 768309

            Clubs: The Colonial Dames of America in the State of

            Mississippi; Women’s Aux., American Legion;

            Eschscholtzia Chap., D.A.R.; Robert E. Lee Chap., U.D.C.

Poindexter, Mr. and Mrs. W. (Madelene R. Webb)

Poindexter, Miss Romaine LeMoyne

            354 S. Normandie Ave.; Tel. 560206

            Society: Sons of the Revolution

Pomeroy, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.

            1154 Arapahoe St.; Tel. Dunkirk 0936

            Sons of the Revolution

Pomeroy, Mr. and Mrs. Walter V.

Pomeroy, Donald (Junior)

            756 S. New Hampshire Ave.; Tel. 558878

            Club: L. A. Athletic

Poor, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weed (Antoinette C. Pierce)

Poor, Miss Lucile Elizabeth (Junior)

            Pierce, Mrs. Henry A. (Christine Muller)

            Summer Home: Sunset Beach

            Cafa Contenta, 847 Tremaine Ave.; Tel. 763878

            Clubs: Matinee Musical; Friday Morning

Porter, Mrs. Florence Collins (Collins)

            Manhattan Beach, Cal.

            Clubs: Republican Study (Mrs. Porter, Pres.); Friday

            Morning; Women’s City; Ebell

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Monroe (Suella Billmeyer)

Porter, Miss Margaret Annette

            2663 Orchard Ave.; Tel. Beacon 5665

            Clubs: University; Men’s City; Sunset Gun; L. A. Country;

            L. A. Ebell; Friday Morning

Porter, Mrs. Gene Stratton

            Monroe, Mrs. Jeannette (Porter)

            Address Nov. to June, 356 S. Serrano Ave., Los Angeles;

            Local Tel. 560223.  Address June to Nov., Limberlost Cabin,

            Wildflower Woods, Rome City, Noble Co., Ind.

Porter, Mrs. James Soutter (Grace J. Shively)

            The Palms Apts., 421 W. Adams St.; Tel. 283126

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Friday Morning

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Choate (Effie Trippet)

            1028 S. Gramercy Pl.; Tel. 72972

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; Jonathan; Ebell

Porter, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith (Edith Elrod)

            Summer Home: “Porter Place”, Searsport, Me.

            611 S. Oxford Ave.; Tel. 560379

Posey, Mr. and Mrs. John (Belle Coulter)

Posey, Miss Sarah Elizabeth (Bryn Marr)

            815 Overton St., Portland, Ore.

Post, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J., Jr. (Katharine Jardine)

            Sound Beach, Conn.

Post, Mrs. Louisa G. (Gibbard)

Post, Hoyt G. and Julia Elizabeth (Juniors)

            546 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 568348

            Clubs: State D.A.R. (Mrs. Post Reciprocity Chairman)

            Eschscholtzia Chap., D.A.R.; Ebell; Women’s Athletic

Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Milton

            Vecsei, Mrs. Nina Maud (Jones)

            Montecito, Cal.

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Amy Leonardt)

            687 S. Oxford Ave.; Tel. 56513

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. T. Herbert (Lew Ella Hine)

Powell, Dorothy and John (Juniors)

            127 S. Wilton Dr.; Tel. 437877

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; Ebell

Powers, Mr. and Mrs. William Penn (Louise Moss)

            511 S. Hoover St.; Tel. Dunkirk 2045

            Clubs: Men’s City; Friday Morning; Sons of the


Prager, Mrs. Charles

            Edgar, Mrs. J. S.

            249 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. Holly 8149

Prendergast, Dr. and Mrs. J. W.

Prendergast, Miss Janet

Prendergast, Messrs. John Belmont and Paul Kenneth

            2214 Wellington Rd.; Tel. 767895

Preuss, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Edith Terry)

Preuss, Mr. Edward Anthony

            7 Laughlin Park; Tel. 596511

            Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; Olympic of San Francisco;

L. A. Country; California Yacht

Price, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B.

            317 Oaklawn, So. Pasadena; Tel. Fair Oaks 226

Price, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. and Miss Gertrude

            1524 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; Tel. S. M. 22115

Pridham, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.

            Twenty-fourth and Manhattan Sts., Hermosa Beach;

            Tel. Hermosa 3351

Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Barbara Bent)

Pringle, Edward, Jr. (Junior)

            3773 Clay St., San Francisco, Cal.

Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Judson (Marian Beveridge)

Pringle, Philo and Lowrie (Juniors)

            6427 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. Holly 9413

            Clubs: Jonathan; L. A. Country

Prinsen, Mr. and Mrs. John A. (Katherine Whalen-Smith)

            837 S Mariposa Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 0387

            Clubs: Catholic Women’s; L.A.A.C.

Putnam, Mrs. Leland S. and Miss Eulalie

            614 N. Seventh Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.