Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “S”

Safford, Mrs. George S. (Mae Campbell)

            Ambassador Hotel; Tel. Drexel 7000

Sale, Mr. and Mrs. Loren D. (Katharine Wilson)

Sale, Lorena Katharine (Junior)

            331 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 56404

Salisbury, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J.

Salisbury, Capt. Edward, Messrs. Willard, Alfred and Ceph

            Coruthers, Mrs. Lois Salisbury

            Coruthers, Suzanne and Nancy (Juniors)

            2630 Menlo Ave.; Tel. Beacon 5737

Salisbury, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Scott (Caroline D. Hays)

Salisbury, Miss Helen M.

            820 Burck Pl.; Tel. 74103

            Club: University

Salisbury, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. (Lois Chamberlain)

Salisbury, Robert, Susanne and Eleanor (Juniors)

            2067 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 72472

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University

Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy (Ruth Hoyt)

Sanders, Leroy, Jr. (Junior)

            Huntington, Dr and Orange Ave., San Gabriel, San

            Gabriel P. O.; Tel. 487-J

Sands, Mrs. Alice E. (George)

            2217 Cambridge St.; Tel. 768077

Sargent, Mr. Edwin W.

            Jones, Com. and Mrs. Herbert A., U.S.N. (Ethel Carson)

            Yoakum, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. (Gladys May Carson)

            Summer Home: “Cypress Lodge”, La Canada

            621 St. Paul Ave.; Tel. 51434

Sargent, Captain and Mrs. Leonard R. (U.S.N.)

            1303 Seventh St., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 678

Sartori, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Francis (Margaret L. Rishel)

Sartori, Miss Rosemary

            Bushee, Mr. Gay

            Bushee, Mr. Roy (Univ. of Cal. – Psi Upsilon Fraternity)

            725 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 8376

            Clubs: California; Jonathan; L.A.A.C.; Crags Country; L. A.

            Country; Midwick Country; Friday Morning; San Francisco

            Clubs: Town and Country; Century

Satterlee, Mrs. Charlotte (Kingore)

            2100 E. Ocean Ave., Long Beach; Tel. Pacific 300

Satterlee, Mrs. Dwight (Anna E. Hickox)

            912 S. Burlington Ave.; Tel. 51167

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Southern California Women’s League

            of American Pen Women

Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. John Monk

            2425 S. Western Ave.

Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McMurray (Corrie Poore)

Sawyer, Mr. Frank Hollingsworth

Sawyer, Mr. Kenneth Poore (School of Fine Arts, S. F.)

Sawyer, Miss Flora Elizabeth

            1550 Fuller Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579151

            Clubs: Southland Chap., U.D.C. (Mrs. Sawyer First Vice-

            Pres., and State Director for Collecting books for foreign

            libraries); Harmonia

Sayre, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. (Harriet Holden)

            Shidler, Mr. and Mrs. Horace (Elizabeth Durest)

            8770 Sunset Blvd.; Tel. Holly 3449

Scattergood, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Frederick (Lulie Chilton of Miss.)

Scattergood, Elizabeth Harding (Junior)

            1415 Birkshire Ave.; Tel. Garvanza 5262

            Clubs: Friday Morning; So. Pasadena Women’s Improvement

            Assoc.; Robert E. Lee Chap., U.D.C.

Scarborough, Mr. and Mrs. James G. (Mrs. Margaret E. Jenkins of

            Philadelphia, Pa.)

            734 S Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 560302

            Clubs: Ebell; Sons of the Revolution; L. A. Country; Jonathan

Scarborough, Mr. and Mrs. James G., Jr. (Eleanor Workman)

Scarborough, Allyn (Junior)

            384 S. Westmoreland Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 4220

Scarborough, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. (Cornelia Meade)

            114 N. Coronado St.; Tel. 53965

            Clubs: Ebell; (Mrs. Scarborough, First Vice President); So. Cal.

            Women’s Press; L. A. Chapter Daughters of the Confederacy

Scheller, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. (Gladys Carson)

Scheller, Edward Carson (Junior)

            257 S Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 437427

Scheller, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. (Agnes McLaughlin)

            1301 St. Andrews Place; Tel. 74546

            Friday.  Clubs: L. A. Country; California

Schlessinger, Mr. and Mrs. Lee (Laura Calhoun Anderson)

            1742 Jones St., San Francisco, Cal.

Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. (Angela Baric)

Schneider, Misses Margariat [sic], Camilla and Rowena

Schneider, J. Walter Ford (Junior)

            515 Lafayette Park Pl., Rampart Hts.; Tel. Drexel 11335

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L. A. Athletic; Ebell, Cal.; Jonathan

Schoder, Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. (Margaret C. Cornwell)

Schoder, Miss Pauline Cornwell (Mt. Vernon Seminary,

            Washington D. C.)

            400 S Plymouth Blvd., Windsor Square; Tel. 437440

            Friday.  Clubs: California; L. A. Country

Schoneman, Mrs. (Florence Dodson)

            Sinclair, Miss Georgia (Daughter)

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic (Charter); Newport Harbor Yacht

            1022 Park View Ave.; Tel. Drexel 0273

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Catholic Women’s; Women’s

            Athletic (Charter); Women’s Club of San Pedro

Schumacher, Mrs. Carrie

Schumacher, Messrs. Frank F., Jr., John H. and John [sic]

            522 Shatto Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 2036

Schutte, Mr. and Mrs. Johann G. (Annabelle Keep)

            621 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 567954

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; Friday Morning

Schwab, Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. (Florence E. Hunnewell)

            216 Canon Drive, Beverly Hills; Tel. 559151

            Club: Beverly Hills Woman’s

Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph

            Ranch, near Pasadena

Schweppe, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jewett (Annis Van Nuys)

            610 S. Gramercy Place; Tel. 460190

            Clubs: California; Midwick; Crags, L. A. Athletic;


Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Beverley (Evelyn Bruce)

            7027 Lanewood Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 57239

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; L. A. Country; Daughters of the

            American Revolution

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon R.

Scott, Richard Clinton and George (Juniors)

            3665 E. First St., Long Beach; Tel. 313367

Scott, Mrs. John H. (Nellie J. Montandon)

            418 Lucerne Blvd.; Tel. 437226

            Club: Ebell

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.  – See Miss Annie Simpson

Scott, Mr. Jonathan R. and Miss Sally

Scott, Mr. John McConnell

            1179 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 4910

Scott, Retired Col. and Mrs. Walter S. (Clara Power)

Scott, Miss Clarita Helen and Mr. James Russell

            2728 W. Ninth St.; Tel. 53071

Scovall, Chevalier and Mrs. Edward B.

            475 A. Ave., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 187

Scripps, Miss Ellen B.

            La Jolla, Cal.; Tel. La Jolla 14

Scripps, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. (Miss Jessop)

            Pacific Beach, San Diego Co.

Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Florence Depauw)

Seaman, Misses Frances and Helen

            2151 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 72957

Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. William W. (Alice Rhodes)

Seaman, Miss [No first name given]

            Roberts, Mrs. Seaman

            2341 Scarf St.; Tel. Beacon 4788

Sebree, Retired Rear Admiral and Mrs. Uriel

            “Sea Breeze”, Ocean Blvd., Coronado Beach;

            Tel. Cor. 309

Seeley, Mr. and Mrs. Rolland (Lelia Coulter)

Seeley, Martha Deborah and Barbara (Juniors)

            454 S. Catalina St.; Tel. Drexel 8827

Seeley, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clinton (Mahala Calvin)

Seeley, Miss Mahala Virginia (Miss Ransom’s School, Piedmont, Cal.)

Seeley, Royale (Junior)

            2642 Kenwood Ave.; Tel. Beacon 1318

            Wednesday.  Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; L. A. Country

Seeley, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. (Josephine Struve)

Seeley, Walter E. and Robert L. (Juniors)

            4003 W. Adams St.; Tel. 75159

            Club: California

Seiling, Prof. and Mrs. Oscar (Louise Gunning)

            500 N. Adams St., Sierra Madre; Tel. Black 56

Selby, Mr. and Mrs. Lamuel J. (Pearl Burck)

Selby, Miss Ida M.

            Loomis, Mr. Chester B., Jr.

            343 S. Occidental Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 2831

            Clubs: Women’s Athletic; Friday Morning; Dominant

Sellers, Mrs. Adda Z. (Adda Z. Twyford)

Sellers, Misses Ruth O. and Doris G.

            7079 Hawthorne Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 577569

            Club: Hollywood Country

Sevier, Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roland (Florence Scotena)

Sevier, Virginia Lorraine (Junior)

            424 Muirfield Rd., Hancock Park; Tel. 435303

Sewall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. (Julia Griffin)

Sewall, Marshall and Sarah Elizabeth (Juniors)

            Summer Home: Small Point Beach, Maine

            452 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 56416

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.

Seward, Mr. and Mrs. George Schermerhorn (Myrtle L. Seamans)

Seward, William Seamans (Junior)

            438 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 560432

            Clubs: L. A. Country; City; Beach; Sons of the Revolution;

            Ebell; Women’s University; Smith College of So. Cal.

Seylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Jr. (Marie Stoops)

            2666 N. Aberdeen Ave.; Tel. 596607

Seymour, Miss Caroline M.

            746 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 8283

            Club: Friday Morning

Seymour, Dr. and Mrs. James Harvey (Emily Turner)

            1691 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 6598

Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. (Gwendolyn Worthington)

Shafer, Margaret Suzanne and Barbara (Juniors)

            316 S. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 436006

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University

Shankland, Mr. and Mrs. Fowler (Isabel Rintoul Davenport)

Shankland, Edith Davenport, James Horton, Second, John

            Davenport, Sidney Fowler, Louisa Fowler (Juniors)

            Summer Home: 900 Strand, Hermosa Beach

            321 Muirfield Rd.; Tel. 436788

Shankland, Miss Sarah E. S.

            710 W. Twenty-seventh St.; Tel. Beacon 7852

Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. P. J.

Shannon, Misses Mildred and Monica

            Gunniss, Mrs. Clara (Shannon)

            411 S. Gramercy Dr.; Tel. 568162

Sharp, Mrs. Charles H.

            Seaver, Mr. and Mrs. Everett H.

            Seaver, Charles Henry, Katherine and James Everett (Juniors)

            Summer Home: 1811 Ocean Front, Santa Monica

            3143 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 2185

            Friday.  Clubs: California; L. A. Country; Crags

Sharp, Sir Henry and Lady (Margaret A. Breden Ham)

            Country Home: Rancho de la Vista, P. O., Highlands, Cal.,

            near Arrowhead Springs, U.S.A.; Tel. San Brdno. 4001

            236 St. James Court, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W. 1, England

Shaw, Judge and Mrs. Victor Edward (Mary Parker)

Shaw, Miss Ethel Parker

            2700 Severance St.; Tel. Beacon 8415

Shaw, Mrs. William Campbell (Mary Elizabeth Holmes)

            Garrett, Mr. Henson Mason (Univ. of Cal., ’22)

            Clubs: University; Wilshire Country

            9 Kensington Terrace, Santa Monica

            Clubs: Wilshire Country, Life Member; Friday Morning; Wednesday


Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. William L. (Lenore Leonard)

            708 S. Lorraine Blvd.

Shearer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. (Mabel Dabney)

Shearer, Mildred Dabney, John Dabney and Virginia Louise (Juniors)

            436 S. Alexandria Ave.; Tel. 56552

Sheehan, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. (Glenera Williams)

Sheehan, Miss Glenera Lillian

            Summer Home: Promintory Point, Utah

            620 S. Gramercy Pl.; Tel. 560224

Shenk, Judge and Mrs. John W.

            1425 Laurel St., So. Pasadena; Tel. 352634

Shepherd, Mrs. Bayliss F., Jr. (Lulu Frances Herring)

            917 S. St. Andrews Pl.

Shepherd, Mr. Bayliss, Jr.

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Franklin (Margaret Frances Pierce)

            971 S. St. Andrews Pl.

Shepherd, Howard Franklin, Jr. (Junior)

            1022 N. New Hampshire St.; Tel. 597506

            Clubs: Mr. Shepherd to University; City; Sons of the Revolution;

            Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. John Staley (Eline Ross)

            Dey, Mrs. Terry

            303 S. New Hampshire Ave.; Tel. Drexel 2932

            Clubs: Matinee Musical; San Gabriel Valley Country; Jonathan

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. (Elizabeth Lee Kirkland, daughter of the

            late Gen. W. W. Kirkland)

            1764 N. Sycamore Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579793

            Clubs: California Country; Women’s Athletic; Assistance League

            (Mrs. Shepherd, Vice-Pres.)

Sherer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert James (Alma Conklin)

Sherer, Mr. Sherman A. (Army and Military Academy)

            Summer Home: Sunset Canyon

            986 Arapahoe St.; Tel. 52056

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; California Country; Sunset Canyon


Sherer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turner (Mayme Roberts)

            1162 Fourth Ave.; Tel. 75439

            Clubs: Ebell; Eschscholtzia Chapter, D.A.R.; L. A. Chap., U.D.C.

Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (Corsa Kintzley)

            914 Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills

Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. (Helen Wright)

            6834 Hawthorne Ave., Hollywood

Sherman, Gen. M. H.

            Ranch, Van Nuys

            Westminster Hotel; Tel. Main 0773

Sherrard, Dr. and Mrs. E. Everett (Katherine Thompson)

Sherrard, Miss Dorothy Addine (Stanford, member Alpha Phi Sorority)

Sherrard, Jack Coddy

            315 S. Rossmore Ave.; Tel. Hemstead 4455

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Ebell; Eschscholtzia Chap., D.A.R.;

            L. A. Country; L.A.A.C.; Rotary

Shettler, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben (Sarah B. Thorp)

            3100 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 7294

Shindler, Miss Florence

            242 New Hampshire Ave.

Shorb, Mrs. J. De Barth (Louise (Glassell)

            742 W. Twenty-eighth St.; Tel. Beacon 7793

Shulz, Mr. and Mrs. James (Maud Hudson)

            53 Fremont Pl.; Tel. 75392

Sibley, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (Pearl Hutchinson)

            1930 Norwood St.; Tel. Beacon 4658

Silent, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Sara Wauchope Craig)

            812 S. Kenmore Ave.; Tel. Drexel 2434

Silent, Miss Florence, Carmel Highlands

Silent, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (Mary Kate Dunn)

            Tampico, Mexico

Silliman, Mr. and Mrs. W. Calvin (Pauline Erma Rogers)

            Huntley Apts., 1207 W. Third St.; Tel. 50071

Silliman, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. (Onie Foster)

            Bryson Apts., 2701 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 2550

            Clubs: L. A. Chap., U.D.C.; L. A. Country; Wilshire

            Country; L.A.A.C.

Simons, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robey (Marian Chalk)

            Shore Home: “The Mari-Walt”, Balboa Beach, Cal.; Tel. 119

201 S. Plymouth Blvd.; Tel. 436966

Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Annandale; Overland of Pasadena;

Woman’s Improvement

Simpson, Miss Annie

            Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cook (Annie E. Simpson)

            2146 S. Adams St.; Tel. 73322

            Club: L.A.A.C.

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Louetta James)

Simpson, Miss Beatrice Olga

            670 Wilshire Pl.; Tel. 51772

            Clubs: L.A. Country; L.A.A.C.; California; Ebell; Friday

            Morning; Women’s Athletic

Simpson, Mr. Frank, Jr.

            Clubs: University; L. A. Country; The Family of San Francisco

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Du Boise

Simpson, Mr. Ernest Clark

            665 Wilshire Pl.; Tel. 51248

            Friday.  Clubs: Hollywood Country

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacFarland

            1046 S. Burlington Ave.; Tel. 51248

Sinsabaugh, Mrs. George (Austin)

            Austin, Mr. H. R.

            633 W. Thirty-second St.; Tel. Beacon 4214

            Clubs: Ruskin Arts; Women’s Athletic

Sinsabaugh, Miss Lucy

            225 Loma Dr.; Tel. 56356

Sinsabaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson (Nellie Stowell)

            5431 Monroe Ave.; Tel. 434802

Slater, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. (Elizabeth Smith)

            Carmelita and Alpine Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559117

            Clubs: Women’s Club of Beverly Hills

Slater, Mr. and Mrs. Walter (Elizabeth Foote)

            Cameron, Mr. Huntley

            300 N. El Centro St.; Tel. Holly 10186

            Clubs: San Gabriel Country; Jonathan; California; Junior

            Bachelors’; Alpha Sigma Lambda Fraternity

Slemons, Dr. and Mrs. J. Morris (Anne Meachem Goodsill)

            Rampart Apts., 601 S. Rampart Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 2380

            Clubs: Friday Morning; University

Sloan-Orcutt, Mrs. (Leafie Sloan)

            Hershey Arms, 2600 Wilshire Blvd.; Tels. 50001; Drexel 8011

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Ebell; Past Pres., L. A. Park


Small, Mr. and Mrs. Sam W., Jr.

(Managing Editor California Graphic)

            319 Mt. Washington Drive; Tel. 5692

Smart, Mr. and Mrs. George Marshall (Laura Luneau)

            Summer Home: Lake Nicolet

            3108 W. Seventh St.; Tel. Drexel 7185

            Clubs: L.A. Art Center (Mr. Smart, Founder); Men’s City;

            Surf and Sand; Norse Studio Club

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Deane (May Beere)

Smith, Mr. Arthur Laurence

            315 N. Kenwood St., Glendale, Cal.; Tel. Glendale 642-W

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Bertnard (Marion Macneil)

Smith, Jacqueline (Junior)

            324 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 568197

Smith, Lieut. and Mrs. Charles Watt (Margaret Gilroy)

            1831 Berryman St., San Francisco; Tel. Berkeley 6803-W

Smith, Mr. Dudley Hutton

            1711 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 72968

            Club: Junior Bachelors’

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George Leslie (Carline Estes)

            Estes, Misses Hallie and Louise

            2439 S. St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 766778

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; Uplifters; Women’s Athletic;

            California Country

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cleveland (Julia Mars of Syracuse, N.Y.)

            526 S. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 568250

            Club: Flintridge Country

Smith, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Booth (Jean Comfort)

            223 S. Alexandria Ave.; Tel. 567310

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Homer A. (Louella Henderson)

            1412 Crenshaw Blvd.; Tel. 769677

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; Brentwood Country

Smith, Mrs. Ira O.

            McDaniel, Mrs. Josephine

            2621 S. Hoover St.; Tel. Beacon 3464

Smith, Mrs. James C. (Florence Lacy)

            Azusa, Cal.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wells (Katherine Griswold)

            3512 S. Flower St.; Tel. Humbolt 6350

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Rea (Georgia Knight)

Smith, Mr. Everett R. (Stanford)

Smith, Gordon Knight (Junior-Lawrenceville, N. J.)

            22 Chester Pl.; Tel. Beacon 3559

            First Wednesday.  Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; L. A.

            Country; Cerritos Gun; Bohemian of S. F.; Mrs. Smith

            to Friday Morning

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tilley (Helen Hoover)

Smith, Dorsey and Robyn (Juniors)

            311 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 568417

            Club: Men’s University

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Rollin C. (Florence Blakslee)

Smith, Charles B., Rollin C., Jr. and Watson B. (Juniors)

            430 S. Virgil Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 2332

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Hollywood Country

Smith, Mrs. Spencer H. (Catherine E. Dallett)

            Summer Home: Montecito, Cal.

            1109 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 5507

            Clubs: Midwick Country; Women’s Athletic

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Woodruff (Florence Ellen Clark)

Smith, Stanley Woodruff, Jr., and Patricia Eliabeth [sic] (Juniors)

            144 S. Rossmore Ave.; Tel. Holly 7811

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; California; L. A. Country; Wilshire


Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Graves (Clara Markham)

Smith, Misses Dorothy L. and Gladys

            2105 East Ocean, Long Beach; Tel. 313222

Smith, Mr. Wayland H. and Miss Anna

            1028 Overton St.; Tel. 51613

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry (Laura Clark)

            1525 Columbia St., So. Pasadena; Tel. Colo. 1050

Smither, Rev. and Mrs. Alexander Campbell (Gertrude Clough)

Smither, Mr. Chester Campbell

            676 S. Western Ave.; Tel. 567581

Smothers, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Franklin (Frances Jones)

            219 N. New Hampshire Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 4059

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L. A. City and Country

Soiland, Dr. and Mrs. Albert (Dagfine B.)

            1407 S. Hope St.; Tel. 288107

            Clubs: Woman’s Club of Hollywood; L.A.A.C.; Califor-

            nia; California Yacht; L. A. Yacht; Newport Yacht; Dr.

            Soiland, Admiral of So. Cal. Yachting Assoc.

Somers, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grant

            2255 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood; Tel. 57284

Soper, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick John

            2864 Sunset Pl.; Tel. Drexel 7579

            Clubs: Ebell; L. A. Athletic; American Institute of


Souden, Mr. and Mrs. O. M. (Margaret Gallager)

Souden, Orine (Junior)

            716 S. Western Ave.; Tel. 56554

            Clubs: Ebell; California; L. A. Country

Spalding, Mr. and Mrs. Silsby Morse (Caroline Canfield)

            Summer Home: Menlo Park, Cal.

            End of Laurel Way, Beverly Hills; Tel. 559182

Spalding, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. (Mary Dennison) and family

            134 N. Gates St.; Tel. Capitol 2414

            Club: Sons of the Revolution

Spangler, Mr.and Mrs. John Gellard (Helen Leyhe)

            332 Windsor Blvd.; Tel. 437453

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; L. A. Athletic

Spear, Mr. and Mrs. L. E.

Spear, Mr. Emerson

            3406 W. Adams St.; Tel. 767766

Spence, Mrs. Frances Layng and Miss Elizabeth

            Layng, Mrs. C. A.

            817 S. Vermont Ave.; Tel. 55254

Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. (Fanny Bixby)

            Ranch near Long Beach

Spieth, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence C. (Helen Neville Pepper)

Spieth, Alice Neville (Junior)

            3061 Scarborough Road, Cleveland, Ohio

            Cleveland, Ohio Clubs: Mr. Spieth, Canterbury Golf;

            Union University; Men’s City; Mrs. Spieth, Moses

            Cleveland Chap., D.A.R.; Women’s City; Review

Spinks, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Presley (Katherine Taggart)

Spinks, Klara [sic] and Taggart (Juniors)

            1625 Orange St.; Tel. 55309

            Club: University

Spreckles, Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Ellis Moon)

            Ocean Blvd., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 418

Spreckles, Mr. and Mrs. John D., Sr., and Miss Maria

            Glorietta Blvd., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 418 [Same Ph. # as above]

Standish, Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. (Beatrice Evelyn Mesmer)

Standish, Patricia and Beatrice (Juniors)

            Ranch, Milpitas, Cal.

Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. C. Q.

            448 Lafayette Park Pl., Rampart Hgts.; Tel. Dunkirk 2764

Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin (Evelyn Carey)

Stanton, Edwin, Jr., and Carey Q. (Juniors)

            712 Foothill Blvd., Beverly Hills

Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Q. (Elizabeth Peyton)

Stanton, Parthenia Hale and Peyton D. (Juniors)

            332 Lucerne Blvd.; Tel. Holly 6670

Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy H. (Florence Smith of Detroit)

Stanton, LeRoy, Jr., and Jane Elizabeth (Juniors)

            408 S. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 568137

            Clubs: California; L. A. Athletic; University; Wilshire


Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bronson (Ada Beeks)

Stanton, Edward Bronson (Junior)

            4632 St. Charles Rd.; Tel. 763503

Stearns, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kimball (Helen Sweet)

            722 Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills; Tels. 559205; 559145

            Clubs: L. A. Country; L.A.A.C; Gamut; Beverly Hills

            Women’s; Ebell; Beach

Stearns, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. (Dora Smith)

            2632 Monmouth Ave.; Tel. Beacon 5326

Stearns, Col. and Mrs. John Eldredge

            Dockweiler, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. A. J. (Katherine Stearns)

            Dockweiler, Julia Stearns (Junior)

            27 St. James Park; Tel. Beacon 4790

            Clubs for Stearns: California; L.A.A.C.; Cal. Yacht; Tuna; Sons

            of the Revolution; Society of Colonial Wars

            For Dockweiler: California; L. A. Country

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Morgan (Ella Pratt)

            7280 Hillside Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579020

Stephens, Judge and Mrs. Albert Lee (Marie Clarke)

Stephens, Albert Lee, Jr., and Clarke Edwin (Juniors)

            312 Juanita St.; Tel. Drexel 8384

            Clubs: Friday Morning; Men’s City

Stephens, Judge and Mrs. Albert Miller (Anna Marie Story)

            611 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. 56484

Stephens, Mrs. Charles Randall (Catherine Bayne)

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. George Bayne (Rena Eschleman)

Stephens, Charles Bayne (Junior)

            Neuner, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. (Mildred Stephens)

            Neuner, Catherine Stephens Lea

            310 Lafayette Park Pl., Rampt. Heights; Tel. Dunkirk 2761

Stephens, Former Governor and Mrs. William D.

            Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco and

            850 Fifth Ave., Los Angeles; Tel. 568-843

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Jess E. (Alice Cherry)

Stephens, Barbara and Harrison Lee (Juniors)

            109 N. Harvard Blvd.; Tel. 568355

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson (Mildred N. Cates)

            Lake Arrowhead, Cal.

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Moye Wicks (Mary E. Hendricks)

Stephens, Moye Wicks, Jr., Suzanne and Trow Hendricks

             920 Kings Rd., West Hollywood; Tel. 436551

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; L.A.A.C.

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. (Lucille K. Chandler)

Stephens, Jefferson Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler (Juniors)

            850 Kings Rd., West Hollywood; Tel. 436644

Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. (Machen Nichols)

            Fairfax, Miss Helen

            1412 Albany St.; Tel. 282505

            Clubs: Sons of the Revolution; Jonathan

Stephenson, Mr. H. S.

            Residence: California Club

Stern, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. (True Aiken)

Stern, William Wallace, Peter Bernard, Richard Martin (Juniors)

            636 S. Ardmore Ave.; Tel. 560122

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California; University

Sterry, Mrs. Clinton N. (Louise Augusta Slocum)

Sterry, Misses Nora and Ruth

Sterry, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Clinton (Alice Hamilton)

            2623 S. Ellendale Pl.; Tel. Beacon 5600

Sterry, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sedgwick (Josephine Lewis)

Sterry, Lewis Trask and Louise (Juniors)

            134 S. Rossmore Ave.; Tel. 433002

Stevens, Mr. Otheman

            936 W. Twentieth St.; Tel. Beacon 2780

Stevens, Bishop and Mrs. W. Bertrand (Violet Bond of N. Y.)

Stevens, Ellen Hewson, Ann Heathcote, Edith McKinzie and

            Emily McIlvaine (Juniors)

            2277 S .Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 53862

            Club: Sons of the Revolution

Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (Anna Margaret Fell)

            1254 Elden Ave.; Tel. 53862

Stevenson, Mrs. W. Edwin (Marion Tucker)

Stevenson, Mr. George Stuart

Stevenson, Mr. James N. (Junior Bachelors’ Club)

            1111 Victoria Dr.; Tel. 75948

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. (Alice Graves)

            1210 N. Wilson Ave., Alhambra; Tel. 611

            Club: Sons of the Revolution

Stewart, Mrs. J. H. (Carroll Loy)

            Clubs: Woman’s City; Ebell; Robert E. Lee Chap., U.D.C.;

            Lindenwood College Club

            Loy, Mrs. Thomas T. (Emma Wells)

            Clubs: Ebell; Robert E. Lee Chap., U.D.C.

            214 N. Rampart Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 3024

Stewart, Mrs. Lyman

             353 Lafayette Park Pl.; Tel. Drexel 1321

Stewart, Mrs. Madison W. (Ida Hooker)

            870 W. Adams St.; Tel. Beacon 3253

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. W. (Julia Valentine)

            236 Bay State Rd., Boston, Mass.

Stilson, Mr. Fielding

            St. Francis Wood, S. F.

Stilson, Mrs. W. W. (Mary E. Johnson)

Stilson, Mr. Carroll A.

            2731 ½ W Ninth St.; Tel. 53601

            Clubs: Cabrillo Chap., D.A.R.; Friday Morning; Ruskin


Stimson, Mrs. Anne Waters (Waters)

            Hoagland, Mr. and Mrs. John S. (Amelia Sickler)

            541 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. Holly 6878

            Club: L. A. Country; Crags Country; Women’s Athletic

Stimson, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall

Stimson, Gordon and Mary (Juniors)

            1060 Kensington Rd.; Tel. 54360

            Club: Sons of the Revolution

Stimson, Mr. and Mrs. Willard H. (Kate Jefts)

            1389 Hill Ave., Los Angeles; Tel. Garv. 0142

Stith, Mrs. Frederick Walker (Mary Barnes)

Stith, Mr. Richard Barnes

            7278 Hollywood Blvd.; Tel. 57280

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Woman’s Club of Hollywood; L. A.

            Athletic; Sierra

Stivers, Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. (Grace Miltimore)

Stivers, Miss Hildegarde

            1115 Arapahoe St.; Tel. 53911

            Clubs: University; Arnama; American Legion; Sunset Gun;

            Malibou [sic] Lake; Friday Morning; Dominant

St. Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan (Adele Rogers)

St. Johns, Elaine, Ivan, Jr. (Juniors)

            5965 Chula Vista Way; Tel. Holly 3978

St. John, Mr. Richard

St. John, Miss Carmlita [sic]

            1315 Second St., Santa Monica

Stone, Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Elsworth

            4410 Avocado St.; Tel. 598748

Stookey, Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Brumbaugh (Margaret Powell)

Stookey, Dr. Byron Polk, 471 Park Ave., N. Y.

            1240 W. Twenty-ninth St.; Tel. Beacon 1071

            Mrs. Stookey, State Vice Regent Cal., D.A.R.; Other

            Clubs: Ebell; L. A. Athletic; Men’s University

Story, Mr. and Mrs. Walter P.

            610 S. Broadway; Tel. 64201

Strachn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. (Rose Hart)

Strachn, Messrs. Clyde, Gray and George

            Stewart Ave. and Peck Rd., El Monte and

            211 E. Fifty-sixth St., L. A.; Tel. Humboldt 5357-W

Strohn, Mrs. Grace C. and Mary Anne (Junior)

            520 S. Irving Blvd.; Tel. 438958

Strong, Mrs. Charles L. (Harriet Williams Russell)

Strong, Misses Harriet and Nellie de Luce

            Country Home: Ranchito del Fuerte; Home Whittier 28 [sic]

Hotel Alexandria, Los Angeles; Tel. Main 5220

Clubs: Hamilton (Mrs. Strong, Pres.); Ebell; Friday Morning;

Ruskin Arts

Strong, Mrs. Pearl Le Rue (Flagg)

            Rivers, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. (Mildred Strong)

            417 Lafayette Park Pl., Rampart Heights; Tel. Dunkirk 2772

            Clubs: Ebell; Women’s City

Stroud, Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Lucia Halstead)

            Burbank, Cal.

Stroud, Dr. and Mrs. Harrison Edward (Alice M. Lawrence)

Stroud, Grace

            1729 Cahuenga Ave.; Tel. Holly 1410

Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. (Lotus M. Reese)

Stuart, Miss Cornelia

            2136 W. Twenty-ninth Place; Tel. 762031

Sturgis, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. (Mary Patterson)

S. Occidental Blvd.; Tel. Dunkirk 2833

Sturgis, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. (Valerie Timken)

            Burt, Mrs. G. K. (Grace Kutchin)

            911 Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, Front Entrance on Harford Way

            Tel. 559140

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Wilshire Country

Sullivan, Mr. Frederick and Miss Helen

            Stephens, Mrs. Charles M. and Miss Dorothy

            50 S. Westmoreland Ave.; Tel. Drexel 945

Sully, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. (Frances Thompson)

Sully, Mr. Granville Procter

            2210 Beachwood Dr.; Tel. Holly 5711

            Club: Assistance League

Sutherland, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Ross (Mary A. Hook)

            3920 Oakwood Ave.; Tel. Drexel 5122

Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. (Katherine Ridgeway)

Sutton, Geraldine Godfrey, Charles Thomas, Jr., and Ridgeway Ball


            1408 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 73651

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Jonathan; L. A. Athletic

Sutton, Miss Florence and Mrs. Violet Sutton Hope-Doeg

            524 Fifth St., Santa Monica; Tel. 22944

Swafford, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. (Lillian Stanton)

Swafford, Virginia, Stanton and Henry W., Jr. (Juniors)

            139 N. Oxford Ave.; Tel. 437354

Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. Otto

            505 Windsor Blvd. (Traveling); Tel. 437302

Swift, Rev. and Mrs. Thomas P.

            Banning Blvd., Wilmington, Cal.

Swigart, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. (Clara Mercereau)

            1237 S. Van Ness Ave.; Tel. 768276

            Clubs: L. A. Country; University

Swiggert, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Gladys Bovard)

Swiggert, Josephine Bovard (Junior)

            2641 W. Adams Gardens; Tel. Beacon 0830

Syers, Mr. and Mrs. William D. (Mary Florence Brogan)

            Brogan, Miss Josephine

            Villa 12, Laughlin Park, Hollywood; Tel. 594822

            Entrance at Franklin Ave. and Harvard Blvd.

            Club: Ebell

Syminton, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert John (Inez Louise Hollett)

Syminton, Jean Christian, Inez Louise, Emily Elinor, Gilbert

            John, Jr. (Juniors)

            2150 S Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 74025

            Clubs: L. A. Country; California