Southwest Blue Book, 1923 - 1924

Lenora H. King, Editor and Publisher, Copyright 1923; Printed Oct., 1923


1) Unless otherwise indicated, all street addresses are located in Los Angeles, CA

2) U.D.C. = United Daughters of the Confederacy

3) L.A.A.C. = Los Angeles Athletic Club

Society Blue Book – “T”

Taggart, Mr. and Mrs. James Deacon (Coila Holibaugh)

            554 N. El Centro St.; Tel. Holly 8769

            Club: L.A.A.C.

Taggart, Mrs. K. E. P. (Katherine E. Payne)

            225 Lafayette Park Pl.; Tel. Dunkirk 2766

Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. (Hattie Crippen)

Talbot, Mr. Edward Clinton (Univ. of So. Cal., Phi Delta Chi)

            715 S. Norton Ave.; Tel. 56629

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Rotary; Sons of the Revolution

Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Lucy Thompson)

Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson (Katherine Kingsland)

Talbot, Patricia (Junior)

            651 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 560043

            Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.

Tappaan, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. (Mary Darling)

Tappaan, Francis D. (Junior)

            3846 Ingraham St.; Tel. 568027

Tausig, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. (Adelaide Loomis)

            7601 Hawthorne St., Hollywood; Tel. 578409

            Clubs: Friday Morning; L. A. Country

Tatum, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. C. (Blanche Le Doux)

            424 S. Commonwealth Ave.; Tel. Drexel 4812

            Clubs: Friday Morning; L. A. Country

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Russell McDonell (Virginia Clarke)

            Keely, Mr. C. Clarke (Yale – 466 Yale Station)

            11 Berkeley Square; Tel. 73921

            First Wednesday.  Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; Midwick;

            L. A. Country; Crags Country; Friday Morning

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Waller (H. Clara Hale)

Taylor, Miss Elizabeth

Taylor, Mr. Reese Hale (Midwick Country)

            938 Lake St.; Tel. Drexel 3348

            Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; L. A. Country; Midwick

            Country; Friday Morning

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Ridley F.

            Graydon, Miss Ruth Harris

            1757 Gardner St.; Tel. Holly 6561

Tebbetts, Mrs. Ruth B.

Tebbetts, William Fry, Jr. (Junior)

            306 S. Westmoreland Ave.; Tel. Dunkirk 2744

Templeton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. (Marjorie Anglin)

Templeton, Marian, Robert, William, Barbara A. (Juniors)

            871 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 568892

Terry, Mr. and Mrs. F. Marion (Geraldine St. John)

Terry, Margaret St. John and F. Marion, Jr. (Juniors)

            508 Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559659

Terry, Dr. and Mrs. Marshall O.

            1410 Seventh St., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 494

Teter, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. (Pauline A. Rechktenwald)

Teter, H. E., Jr. (Junior)

            244 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 560909

            Clubs: San Gabriel Country; Brentwood Country; L. A.


Thom, Mr. and Mrs. Catesby C. (May Livingstone)

            1968 W. Twenty-second St.; Tel. 766810

            Club: Malibou [sic] Lake

Thom, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron De Hart (Sue Livingstone)

Thom, Mr. Livingstone and Miss Virginia

            303 N. Isabel St., Glendale; Tel. Glen. 418-J

Thom, Mrs. Cameron Erskine

            “Wildair”, 2070 W. Adams St.; Tel. 71138

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Midwick Country; Wilshire

            Country; Colonial Dames; D.A.R.; Friday Morning

Thom, Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Pembroke

Thom, Miss Rowena (Junior)

            335 S. Rossmore Ave.; Tel. Holly 7288

            Clubs: Wilshire Country; L.A.A.C.

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B.

            535 S. Gramercy Place; Tel. 569039

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. (Julia Hayward)

Thomas, Hayward (Junior)

            627 S. Carondelet St.; Tel. 582858

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. (Elizabeth Silent)

            2327 S. Flower St.; Tel. Atlantic 4956

            Clubs: Crags Country; L. A. Country; California; Beach

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. George C., Jr. (Ednah [sic] Harrison Ridge)

Thomas, Mr. George C. the Third

Thomas, Miss Josephine Moorhead

            Ridge, Mrs. Joseph Betney (Annie Campbell Brown)

            1014 Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559286

            Clubs: Woman’s Club of Beverly Hills; L. A. Country;

            Midwick Country; California

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Gomer Mansfield

Thomas, Miss Dorothy Barbara

Thomas, Mr. Gomer Mansfield, Jr.

Thomas, Oliver Barber

            1047 S. Wilton Pl.; Tel. 760667

Clubs: L. A. Country; University

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John C. (Frances Freese of Kentucky)

Thomas, Miss Katherine (University of California)

            685 Wilshire Pl.; Tel. Drexel 7414

Thomas, Miss Maude

            325 W. Adams St..; Tel. 283209

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour (Helen M. Haskell of S. F.)

            “Cuddle Doon”, La Crescenta, Cal. and Paris, France;

            Tel. Glendale 2045-J-3

            Members Bernard Club of New York; Oakmont Country

Club; Mr. Thomas member Century Club of New York

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. William Howard (Elizabeth H. Bishop)

Thomas, Caroline Jane and Barbara Ella (Juniors)

            2524 Eighth Ave.; Tel. 75123

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry (Clara Brandenburg)

            Ambassador Hotel, 3400 Wilshire Blvd.; Tel. Drexel 7000

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; L. A. Country; Ebell; Women’s Athletic

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. and Miss Dorothy

            651 S. Gramercy

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Hardy (Martha Newman Porter)

Thompson, Mrs. Annie H. (widow of the late Dr. James Thompson

            of Kansas City)

            814 Camden Dr., Beverly Hills; Tel. 559135

            Club: Beverly Hills Woman’s

Thompson, T. A.

            Residence: California Club

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. William Edmund (Maude Templeton)

            414 S. Manhattan Pl.; Tel. 56490

            Club: Women’s Athletic

Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer

Thorpe, Spencer, Jr. (Junior)

            339 S. Kingsley Dr.

            Club: California

Thresher, Mr. and Mrs. George P. (Florence E. Stone)

            Simonsen, Mr. and Mrs. Axel (Helen Thresher)

            Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. (Florence Thresher)

            37 Westmoreland Pl.; Tel. 53921

Tilden, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M.

Tilden, Miss Katherine

            1535 Sierra Bonita St., Hollywood; Tel. 579171

Titus, Mr. and Mrs. Horton L.

            929 C Ave., Coronado; Tel. Cor. 73

Toaz, Com. and Mrs. William H. (Edith Herron)

            Coronado Beach, Cal.

Toberman, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. (Josephine Bullock)

            1761 N. Harvard Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. 59128

Toberman, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. (Mary Drake)

            Whiting, Mr. Lee

            1749 N. Harvard Blvd., Hollywood; Tel. 59271

            [Same address as above, but different Ph. #]

Toland, Judge and Mrs. Thomas O.

Toland, Miss Agnes (University of California)

            2721 Channing Way, Berkeley, Cal.

            718 Kensington Rd.

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; Ebell; Sunset Country

Tolhurst, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hodgman (Jane Rollins)

Tolhurst, Shelley Rollins (Junior)

            827 St. Andrews Pl.; Tel. 568312

            Clubs: University; Cal. Yacht; Friday Morning

Tolhurst, Mr. and Mrs. Shelley H. (Josepha Hodgman)

            Clubs: Friday Morning; L. A. Country


Toll, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hulbert (Eleanor M. Joy)

Toll, Mr. Charles Hulbert, Jr. (Univ. of California, Berkeley)

Toll, Mr. Gerald S. (Univ. of California, Berkeley)

Toll, Mr. Maynard J. (So. Branch, Univ. of California)

Toll, Carroll C. (Junior)

            1635 Kenneth Rd., Glendale; Tel. Glendale 751

            Clubs: L.A.A.C.; California; University; L. A. Ebell;

            Tuesday Afternoon Club of Glendale; Republican

            Study; Women’s Athletic; L. A. District Federation of

            Women’s Clubs (Mrs. Toll, Pres.)

Tomkinson, Mrs. E. P.

            2127 S. Hobart Blvd.; Tel. 73128

Toomey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jerome (Hattie Gross of N.Y.C.)

            Clark, Miss Lulu M. of Brooklyn

            425 S. Plymouth Blvd., Windsor Square; Tels. 437443,

            Holly 6193

            Clubs: L. A. Athletic; California Yacht; Wilshire Country;

            Ebell; New York City Clubs: American Criterion Society;

            Rubenstein Choral; Minerva; Eclectic National Society of

            New England Women

Torrance, Mrs. Jared Sidney

            929 Buena Vista St., So. Pasadena; Tel. 5855

Torrance, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. (Mary H. Henderson)

Torrance, Mr. Louis C., Jr.

            426 S. Kenmore Ave.; Tel. Drexel 8831

            Clubs: California; Friday Morning; Wilshire Country;

            University; City

Trask, Mrs. Walter Jones (Victoria Harrell)

Trask, Miss Caroline (in Paris)

            Harrell, Mr. Harrell J. [sic]

            1321 S. Figueroa St.,; Tel. 282556

            Clubs: California; L.A.A.C.; University

Treanor, Mr. and Mrs. John (Elizabeth Coghill)

Treanor, Tom, Jack and Mary Elnore (Juniors)

            691 S. Kingsley Dr.; Tel. Dunkirk 0730

            Clubs: L. A. Country; Wilshire Country; California

Treat, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. (Marcia Cartmell)

            1265 Third Ave.; Tel. 74789

Trippet, Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Murray (Dorothy Parkinson)

Trippet, Oscar A., Second (Stanford)

            Summer Home: “The Top O’ The Trail”, Squirrel Inn

            Country Home: “Las Lomas Celestiales”, Topanga Canyon

            943 S. Hoover St.; Tel. 53852

            Friday.  Clubs: L. A. Ebell; Friday Morning; Philanthropy

            and Civics; Three Acts; Wa Wan; Women’s Athletic;

            California; L.A.A.C.; Arrowhead Mountain

Trobridge, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (Marjorie Tufts)

Trobridge, Marjorie Anne and Barbara Joan (Juniors)

            New York City and Long Neck Point, Norton, Conn.

True, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H.

True, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert (Ruth Arnold)

            Eaton, Mrs. Laura R. (True)

            141 N. Serrano Ave.; Tel. 435421

            Clubs: Ebell; Sons of the Revolution

Trueblood, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (Else Smith)

Trueblood, Jacqueline and Ralph, Jr. (Juniors)

            (Acting Manager Editor L. A. Times)

            807 S. Grand Ave., S. Pasadena; Tel. Garv. 0096

Tufts, Mr. and Mrs. E. B.

            Residence: L. A. Country Club, Beverly Hills; Tel. 559561

Turner, Mrs. Harry Coburn (Marie Burnett)

Turner, Miss Lucia Frances (Vassar)

Turner, Mr. Burnett Coburn (Princeton)

            Brighton Hotel, California St., Washington, D. C.

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. (Clarene Winne)

            407 Costa Rica Ave., Mateo Park, San Mateo, Cal.

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. William S. (Mary Pennington)

Turner, Miss Gwendolyn

            1528 Courtney Ave., Hollywood; Tel. 579190

            Clubs: Beach; Woman’s Club of Hollywood