Glendale, California Biographies

Edward B. Ellias

        Edward B. Ellias, residing at 1304 South Orange Street, has been a resident of the valley for twenty-four years. He was born at Albany, New York, January 27, 1870, a son of Doctor and Henrietta (Craw) Ellias. His father was a native of Prussia, where he was educated in medicine and surgery before coming to America in 1848. Practicing his profession in Albany until 1872, he went to Onarga, Illinois, where he remained a few years. Henrietta Craw was a daughter of Elder Lyman Craw, and Laura Gavitte of Greenville, Green County, New York State. Dr. Ellias was a charter member of Temple Lodge, No. 14, of Albany, New York, of the F. & A. M.

        Mr. Edward Ellias was educated in the public schools of Chicago, after which he attended Cook County Normal and the Baptist Theological Seminary. In the latter, now the University of Chicago, he took a course in languages. He was a bookkeeper and an accountant for three years, then became a contracting agent for the Chicago Telephone Company, and remained with them until he came to Los Angeles in 1897. Securing employment with the old Sunset Telephone Company, he remained with them for twenty-one years, serving in various capacities. Since 1918, he has been doing a general photographic business, specializing in baby portraiture and commercial photography. In this branch of the business he has an enviable reputation, as he also has in the development of camera films, receiving work from corporations whose activities carry them far and wide.

        Mr. Ellias is a Democrat, and in Chicago he was active in the party work in the 31st ward. He is a Master Mason and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. At Chicago, Illinois, on July 27, 1889, Mr. Ellias was married to Ellen Elizabeth Chandler, a daughter of Cornelius C. Chandler. They became the parents of two girls: Lillian, the wife of Lt. Edward Wheeler Davis, of Sacramento, California; and Emily, the wife of John Newton Smalley of Glendale. Emily passed away in March 1918, leaving a small daughter Lillian Louise. Both girls were graduated from the Glendale Union High School. Lillian later attended Stanford University, where she received the A. B. and M. A. degrees, and Emily attended the Los Angeles Normal. Both girls were successful in the teaching profession, Emily having spent two years and a half in the Tropico Grammar School, while Lillian taught in the Sacramento High School, also holding the office of chairman of Sacramento Guardian’s Association of Camp Fire Girls.

From History of Glendale and Vicinity by John Calvin Sherer. The Glendale Publishing Company, c. 1922 F. M. Broadbooks and J. C. Sherer. p. 418-419.