Glendale, California Biographies

Arthur G. Lindley

        Arthur G. Lindley is an architectural, engineer of more than ordinary ability. Although he does not specialize in any one kind of construction, most of his work during recent years has been church architecture. He first took up the work in Massachusetts, later in New York State, and in Southern California, since coming here in 1912.

        Mr. Lindley was born at Williamstown, Massachusetts, September 12, 1871, a son of George and Sarah (Phelps) Lindley. His grandfather, John Lindley, was a native of England, who came to America as a young man and settled at Williamstown, Massachusetts, and became the owner and proprietor of a large brick manufacturing plant. The Phelps family in America dates back to the Mayflower, and to the Mary and John that came to America in 1630. Members of the family served in the Revolutionary War under Washington. Thomas Cooley Phelps, grandfather of Mr. Lindley, was for several terms a member of the Legislature in Massachusetts.

        Mr. Lindley is one of four brothers, the other being Frederick C. and Grover C. of Williamstown, Massachusetts; and C. Frank, a builder and contractor of Hollywood, California. Mr. Lindley was reared in Williamstown, where his father was a contractor and builder, and was educated in the public schools until he was fifteen years of age. He went to Bennington, Vermont, and for three years worked in a general store, post office, and undertaking business combined. Returning to Williamstown, he worked at building construction and studied to fit himself for college. After reaching his majority, he became interested in building on his own account, and conducted a business in his hometown until he went to Schenectady, New York, in 1901. While in the building business, he drew plans for many of the structures he erected. In Schenectady he established himself as an architect, and in a short time had a large business with several architects in his employ, designing many schools, churches, theaters, business buildings, factories, hotels and residences. While there he submitted a drawing for a $750,000.00 courthouse, the best design to draw a $500.00 prize. Mr. Lindley won the prize from a score of contestants, all leading architects of the large cities of New England and New York State.

        He came to Los Angeles in 1912, since which time he has been architect of approximately 50 churches. At present he has, among those under construction, the First Methodist Episcopal Church at San Pedro, an $100,000.00 structure. He was the architect for the First Methodist Episcopal Church at Glendale, also churches at Los Angeles, Lankershim, Burbank, Garden Grove, Whittier, La Mesa, San Diego, Escondido, Artesia, Redlands, Lindsey, Long Beach, Santa Monica and other places. He is a certified member of the American Association of Engineers, with an office in the American Bank Building, Los Angeles.

        In Glendale, Mr. Lindley is an active member of the Methodist Church, of which he is a trustee. He was one of the organizers of the Brotherhood of the Methodist Church, and for five years was its president. He was president of the Federated Brotherhood of Glendale for two years. He is active in Brotherhood circles and is frequently called upon to assist in the starting of new organizations in Southern California. He is a member of the Latin-American Property Holding Board of the Southern California Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was organized in 1921, and is composed of twenty members. He is chairman of the lay activities for the Pasadena District of the Southern California Conference, and a member of the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension of the same Conference. He is a Knight Templar Mason, being a member of Glendale Commandery, Unity Lodge, Unity Chapter and Glen Eyrie Chapter, Order Eastern Star, all of Glendale; and belongs to the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and the City Club. In 1918, he was the candidate of the Prohibition and Democratic parties for member of the assembly, and was defeated at the polls by only about three hundred votes.

        At Williamstown, Massachusetts, on June 22, 1989, Mr. Lindley married Carolyn Stanton, a native of that place and a descendant of old New England stock. Their three children are: Frieda, wife of Delbert McAdams of Glendale; Zelma, wife of D. S. Smith, of Glendale; and Francis, who is a senior in high school at Williamstown, Massachusetts. After completing his high school work, Francis will enter Williams College and take an architectural and engineering course. Mr. Lindley has been a resident of Glendale since 1914, and now resides at 123 South Belmont Street.

From History of Glendale and Vicinity by John Calvin Sherer. The Glendale Publishing Company, c. 1922 F. M. Broadbooks and J. C. Sherer. Pgs. 441-443. A portrait of Arthur G. Lindley is on page 440.