Glendale, California Biographies

Joseph S. Thompson

        Joseph S. Thompson, ex-mayor of Glendale, was born August 16, 1878, in Hancock County, Illinois, a son of James C. and Esther F. (Sheppard) Thompson. His father was a native of Kentucky and his mother of Illinois. His father was a trained nurse by profession, and most of his services were given to the leading hospitals in Chicago, where they were always in demand. The last years of his life were spent in Quincy, Illinois, where he retired.

        Joseph S. Thompson supplemented his high school education by taking a tow-year general course at the Christian Church College, Eureka, Illinois, after which he took a full course in accountancy at Gate City Business College, Keokuk, Iowa.  He was, for several years, in the employ of the Big Four the Chicago & Alton Railway Companies. In 1907 he came to Los Angeles and secured a position as auditor for the Independent Steamship Company and remained with them for three years. He next became manager of the Arden Building Material Company, of Los Angeles, and in 1919 was also assistant manager of the Arden Plaster Company. For several years, in addition to holding a regular position, he has also dealt in building material, improved and developed real estate, and built modern residences in Glendale and Los Angeles. More recently his time has been given to the Los Angeles Lime Company in the capacity of salesman.

        In May 1912, Mr. Thompson was appointed to fill a vacancy on the board of trustees of Glendale, caused by the resignation of John Robert White. He was re-elected in 1914, and again in 1916, being president of the board the latter term. During his first term as trustee he was chairman of the committee on welfare. He is Knight Templar, Mason and Shriner, and is the representative of the Shrine for his district, which comprises the territory of Glendale, Burbank and Eagle Rock.

        At Peoria, Illinois, on June 14, 1905, Mr. Thompson married Hattie Crow, a daughter of John and Margaret (Christie) Crow of that city. They have two sons, James Harold and John Russell. Mrs. Thompson is a member of the Tuesday Afternoon Club. The family resides at 400 West Broadway.

From History of Glendale and Vicinity by John Calvin Sherer. The Glendale Publishing Company, c. 1922 F. M. Broadbooks and J. C. Sherer. p. 369.