Glendale, California Biographies

Ida M. Waite

Ida M. Waite has been a teacher in the city schools of Glendale since 1903. This gives her the record of being the oldest teacher in years of service spent in the Glendale city schools. She is a native of Chicago, Illinois, a daughter of Loring F. and Olive A. (LeVake) Waite. Her father was a native of Vermont, of an old Yankee family and her mother was a descendant of John LeVake, a Frenchman, who came to America with Marquis de Lafayette and served under him in the Revolutionary War. Loring F. Waite went to Chicago in 1842 where he became a pioneer dry goods merchant. The big fire that burned the greater part of Chicago did not reach his business, and he gave succor to many hundreds of sufferers.

Miss Waite attended the public schools of Chicago, after which she graduated from the Chicago Normal School, where she was trained by Ella Flagg Young, a teacher of national repute. After teaching several terms in the Clark, Wells and Lincoln schools, Chicago, she went to New York City for an indefinite stay and remained four years, enjoying a greatly needed rest and taking part in the social life of the city. Returning to Chicago she did private tutoring until 1903, when she came to Glendale and accepted a position in the old ,Broadway School, retaining it until 1909, when she organized the Colorado Street School, of which she has since been principal.

During the World War, Miss Waite was active in auxiliary war work and was chairman of the high and city schoolteachers war activities. Her work in connection with the draft board in taking charge of compilation of occupational cards for the industrial index file was noticed in Washington, D. C., and under date of March 21, 1918, the following letter was sent her from the office of the Provost Marshal General:

Dear Madam:

In view of the report received from the chairman of Local Board No. 7 for Los Angeles county, the Provost Marshal General desires to express to you personally his thanks for your prompt, efficient, and patriotic service and sacrifice in taking charge of the compilation of occupational cards for the industrial index file in this office. This task I at present the most vital link in the process of sending our army to France fully equipped for its task. Your share in the accomplishment of the necessary work entitles you to the greatest gratitude of the Nation as one who has done her part faithfully and effectively.

By direction of General Crowder,
                                                       JOHN H. WIGMORE,
                                                       Lt. Col. J.A.N.A.

Miss Waite has traveled extensively, having been to the Orient and Alaska, and has also taken several trips east during summer vacations. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Tuesday Afternoon Club, the Glendale Music Club and the Glendale Teachers Club. Miss Waite and her work are much appreciated by Glendalians, many of whom have had the privilege of her wise and kind direction.

From History of Glendale and Vicinity by John Calvin Sherer. The Glendale Publishing Company, c. 1922 F. M. Broadbooks and J. C. Sherer. p. 350-353. A photo of Ida M. Waite appears on page 351.