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Some Purchasers of Lots at Holy Cross Cemetery
PurchaserAddressGrave-Lot-SectionDateSingle Grave Certificate NumberInterment Order NumberCostNotes
Adams, A. Stanley6706 7th Ave., L.A.1-432-C21 Feb. 19416461049$91.00 
Aluta, Emanuel741 So. Dunsmuir, L.A.18-509-C17 Dec. 1940554908$17.00 
Ammon, Robert J.205 Cedar St., Hawthorne -498-C6 Nov. 1940507843$17.00Mailed 11-6-1940
Amparan, Mrs. Sara N.1380 Orange Dr., L.A.4-189-A19 April 19417361159$83.50 
Anderson, Miss Mary Jo115 S. Laurel Ave., L.A.11-201-A19 April 19417341078$63.50Mailed 19 April 1941
Aner, William336 West 107th St.11-500-C3 July 19418341303$35.00 
Anger, Clement904 S. Mapel St., Inglewood3-455-C8 March 19416711016$98.50Mailed to Jack Anger, 320 E. Regent, Inglewood; 8 March 1941
Angichioda, Sam Joseph503 E. 220th St., Torrance, Calif.18-481-C9 June 19417971264$17.00Mailed 9 June 1941
Arbaugh, John J.P.O. Box 405, Pacific Beach, San Diego8-484-C30 April 19417441157$123.50Mailed 30 April 1941
Armond, Mrs. Jacqueline1140 1/2 4th Ave.9-35-B21 Feb. 19416451034$116.00 
Auger, Mrs. Cecilia F.9504 Sunland Blvd., Roscoe, Calif.9-210-A31 May 19417891280$63.50 
Austin, James W.3864 Mentone Ave., Cluver City9-192-A24 March 19416931018$63.50 
Bardwel, Joseph458 No. Fuller Ave., L.A.12-181-E27 Dec. 1940564848$98.50Mailed 27 Dec. 1940
Bastianon, Mr. IsidoreR # 2, Box 97B, Compton10-72-B10 Nov. 19419941817$116.00 
Baumgartner, Mrs. SusieHawthorne Rest Home, Hawthorne5-202-A18 April 19417311151$63.50 
Bavagor, Mrs. Mary E.Genearl Delivery, Palm Springs9-484-C14 Dec. 1940551 $100.00Future Use
Bayliss, Leonard621 N. Kenwood St., Burbank3-210-A18 June 19418131348$63.50 
Beacom, Arthur J.2155 E. 7th St.1-206-E12 June 1941801 $75.00Future Use
Beck, Mrs. Van N.2533 Aiken Ave., West L.A.5-291-D26 May 19417831271$223.50 
Bednank, Mrs. Stella501 No. Marguerita Ave., Alhambra10-181-E30 Dec. 1940569941$98.50 
Begley, Mrs. Bess4010 1./2 West 21st St.5-116-A3 June 19417921249$63.50Cert. Mailed 3 June 1941
Belt, William J.3221 West 134th St., Hawthorne5-163-A9 Feb. 19416301032$83.50 
Benedict, Francis1272 15th St., San Redro12-206-E6 Sept. 19419221578$116.00 
Bennra, Mrs. Mary Agnes1050 1/2 Cochran Ave.3-202-A10 May 19417561173$43.50Sales Allowance $20.00; Mailed 10 May
Benoit, O.D.224 W. 41st St., L.A.6-481-C25 July 19418691479$17.00Mailed 25 July 1941
Benson, Mrs. Elizabeth714 N. Craft Ave., L.A.7-389-D17 July 1941859 $276.00Future Use
Bergeron, Walter C.537 N. Kenmore Ave., L.A.6-367-C12 July 1941850 $75.00Future Use
Berrigan, Mrs. Dora963 No. Hobart Blvd., Apt 105-169-A27 Dec. 1940565865$83.50Mailed 27 Dec. 1940
Bertrand, Mrs. Cecilia1255 N. Westmoreland, L.A.6-201-A8 April 19417181080$63.50Mailed 8 April 1941
Billey, Mrs. Edith1717 Crescent Ave., San Pedro5-190-A6 Aug. 19418881489$76.00 Mailed 6 Aug. 1941
Blackman, Mrs. Mary M.5414 Hill St., La Canada10-435-C15 April 19417251107$98.50 
Bohanan, Mrs. Mary D.904 1/2 S. Mariposa6-373-C13 Sept. 19419411597$91.00 
Boiteux, Mrs. Ida O.605 W. Gage Ave., L.A.10-165-A25 April 19417431149$83.50Mailed 25 April 1941
Bojorquez, Mrs. Martina   579  CANCELLED
Bojorquez, Mrs. Martina3625 Overland Ave.10-191-A8 Jan. 1941580961$63.50
Bokman, Mrs. Jasie C.306 1/2 Jamerack Ave., Inglewood4-160-A27 Nov. 1940529 $60.00Future Use
Boland, James V.10501 South St. Andrews Pl.5-203-A24 May 19417821259$63.50Mailed 24 May 1941
Bolt, Benjamin D.1618 Carnino, Prinavera, Kern County10-500-C11 Aug. 19418921524$36.50Cert. made in name of Mrs. Ida Mae Larson.
Bonetti, Mariano2711 Thurman Ave.33-481-C7 Jan. 1941575954$17.00 
Bonner, Mrs. Margaret622 Avalon Blvd., Wilmington5-210-A7 July 19418411307$63.50 
Bouman, John1779 W. 36th Place24-460-C28 Oct. 19419791768$17.06 
Bousquet, Mrs. Helen G.1835 W. 25 St., L.A.; Del Rosa Apt #12 4-174-A12 Jan. 1941586931$111.00$35 Bronze Marker
Bovine, Mrs. Bernice4411 W. 102nd St., L.A.9-189-A7 July 19418391315$83.50 
Bradley, Mrs. Frances1357 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica12-35-B10 March 19416761038$116.00Mailed 10 March 1941
Brannon?, Mrs. Jennie Lee4960 Fountain Ave., Hollywood1-202-A15 April 19417241146$63.50 
Brasch, Theodore5660 Fair Ave., N. Hollywood6-268-C21 Sept. 19419511655$98.50 
Breitfelder, John1419 Orchard Ave.7-165-A27 March 19416991118$83.50 
Brink, Mrs. Lillian943 8th St., San Pedro6-479-C14 Nov. 1940522 $60.00Future Use
Brouillette, Edward J.15220 Van Owen St., Van Nuys12-192-A11 Jan. 1941583929$63.50Mailed 11 Jan 1941
Brown, Fred D.c/o Mrs. A. Jurich, 608 10 St., Santa Monica 8-449-C13 March 19416811084$151.00 
Brown, Mrs. Esther C.1536 W. 49th St., L.A.8-429-C25 Feb. 1941648995$98.50 
Brown, Mrs. Fenne A.1033 No. Martel Ave5-433-C14 Nov. 1940513855$98.50 
Browne, Mrs. Teresa518 S. Helberta St., Redando Beach12-116-A8 July 19418431415$63.50 
Brudler, Mrs. Ann1342 1/2 N. Forniosa?, L.A.1-171-A25 March 19416971091$63.50 
Brunet, Mrs. Mae927 7th St., San Ferando3-458-C16 Dec. 1940553907$91.00 
Buehler, Capt. John P.c/o Adjuctant General, U.S. Army, Wash, D.C. 35-481-C7 Feb. 1941623922$17.00 
Buehuer, Mrs. Estelle257 W. 40th Pl., L.A.4-222-A25 Sept. 19419551663$63.50 
Buhlman, Frederic1422 Murray Dr.2-89-B3 Aug. 19418791509$125.50 
Buhr, Dr. Edwin Charles Sr.1241 W. 42nd St., L.A.6-464-C25 June 19418231321$123.50Mailed 25 June 1941
Bunnhardt, Mrs. Jeannette1204 E. 60th St.3-52-B10 Jan. 1941582953$123.50 
Burnham, Walter Lee106 E. Washington, Kay Apts7-172-A29 Nov. 1940533811$63.50 
Bustamante, Mrs. Belen13942 La Rue St., San Fernando12-181-A18 Nov. 1940518860$63.50 
Byron, Mrs. Helen1320 Washington Ave., Ft. Worth, TX10-210-A19 May 19417691242$63.50 
Byron, Mrs. Rose M.2360 Portland St.11-182-A12 Dec. 1940545899$63.50 
Calmerauer, Andrew J.104 S. Francisco St., Rdeondo Beach4-431-C25 March 19416941110$91.00 
Campbell, William H.711 W. Vernon Ave.1-222-A30 Oct. 19419821763$63.91 
Cansino, Edwardo1467 Stearns Dr.7-164-A21 March 19416881101$76.00 
Cardwell, JohnSt. Marks Hotel, Venice12-202-A16 March 19416841092$63.50 
Carr, Mrs. Grace6428 Marconi St., Huntington Park7-458-C12 Feb. 1941633655$98.50 
Carroll, George A.7010 Miramonte Blvd.9-182-A14 Jan. 1941588973$63.50 
Carroll, Gerald1321 West I St., Washington6-163-A20 Jan. 1941595972$83.50 
Carroll, Mrs. Eileen329 W. 52nd Place., L.A.7-37-B6 March 19416671019$116.00Mailed 6 March 1941
Carron, Mrs. Lillie L.14426 1/2 Friar St., Van Nuys3-160-A13 Nov. 1940512832$76.00 
Carter, Mrs. Frances H.1253 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica5-170-A11 Jan. 1941585 $50.00Future Use; Spec Price
Carter, Mrs. Katherine3261 W. 2nd Ave., Vancouver, B.C.5-457-C8 Jan. 1941578966$151.00 
Carty, Jack E.1029 Stearns Dr.11-54-B24 Oct. 19419741618$116.00Certificate Mailed 24 Oct. 1941
Carvallo, Mrs. Edith G.859 26th St., Santa Monica6-182-A17 Jan. 1941591981$63.50 
Casper, Mrs. Anna V.1020 West 85th St.6-463-C4 March 1941662 $100.00Future Use
Castelazo, Mr. Francisco1065 4th Ave., L.A.4-238-C26 Oct. 19419751766$98.50 
Castle, Walter H.2235 25th St., Santa Monica1-396-C17 June 19418121333$98.50 
Chapman, Mr. Merlin1831 Evergreen St., Burbank5-285-C24 Oct. 19419731699$91.00Deed Mailed 24 Oct. 1941
Cheap, Thomas134 W. 42nd St., L.A.40-499-C16 June 19418061240$10.00Mailed 16 June 1941
Civerolo, Mrs. Ruth3012 Somerset Dr.5-450-C21 July 19418641468$98.50 
Clark, Roy A.201 E. Park, Santa Maria1-89-B17 April 19417301156$176.00 
Clements, Mrs. Mary4011 W. Olympia1-57-B7 Feb. 19416211029$123.50 
Colasurdo, Mr. Joe4224 W. 64th St., Inglewood3-486-C28 Oct. 19419801781$116.00 
Coles, Leola1209 W. 16th St., San Pedro3-212-A18 July 19418601451$63.50 
Collins, Mrs. Dora K.1075 So. Hoover St., L.A.6-170-A28 Jan. 1941611925$83.50Mailed 28 Jan. 1941
Collins, Mrs. Julia1522 W. 29th St.2-221-A5 Sept. 19419191594$63.50 
Connors, Mrs. Marie1715 W. 70th St., L.A.5-183-A1 Sept. 1941913 $60.00Future Use
Cooney, Mrs. Anne L.1723 West 51st Pl., L.A.5-532-C19 April 19417391160$128.50 
Cooney, Mrs. Anne L.1723 W. 51st Place4-532-C10 Nov. 1941996 $125.00Future Use; Cert. Mailed 12 Nov. 1941
Cooney, Thomas J. 2535 S. Mansfield6-87-B20 Jan. 1941594978$123.50 
Coughlin, Mrs. Louise G.2334 Crenshaw Blvd., L.A.3-203-A20 June 19418141313$63.50 
Courchaine, Antonio1451 Carson St., Pasadena5-212-A10 Aug. 19418901517$63.50 
Courchaine, Mrs. Germaine2813 W. Pico Blvd., L.A.10-201-A9 July 19418461093$63.50 
Cousin, Emile10519 Tabor St., Palms11-211-A3 May 19417471165$63.50 
Cox, Grant315 Culver Blvd., Venice3-182-A23 May 19417771010$63.50Mailed 23 May 1941
Crawford, Samuel1036 San Vincenta?, Blvd.10-426-C20 March 19417051124$98.50 
Crilly, Estate of Louise D.1234 Smithwood Dr., L.A.11-485-C19 July 19418611388$176.00 
Cromer, Mrs. Rose A.419 S. Grand Ave.2-172-A22 March 19416911021$63.50Mailed 22 March 1941
Culbertson, Mrs. Cecelia7964 Fountain Ave.1-191-A28 Feb. 19416541056$63.50 
Cummings, Mrs. Margaret823 1/2 Cah_enga Blvd.2-524-C27 Feb. 1941652686$148.50 
Cunningham, Clement5721 6th Ave., L.A.8-201-A14 April 19417221112$63.50 
Cunningham, Miss Marie511 N. Elm Dr., Beverly Hills1-211-A1 July 19418311386$63.50 
Cunningham, Mrs. Isabel1224 West 65th St., L.A.18-499-C21 Jan. 1941597986$22.50 
Curry, Irene R.12 Howard St., West Haven, Conn.3-481-C5 Aug. 19418861514$17.06 
Curry, Neil J.438 No. Gower St.3-192-A28 Feb. 19416561061$63.50 
Dack, Mr. Clyde L.3956 3rd Ave., L.A.34-460-C26 Aug. 19419041564$17.00 
Dalton, Albert c/o Mrs. Dorothy Meeller, 737 W. 18 St., San Padro 6-455-C10 May 1941757 $75.00Future Use
Davey, Mrs. Elizabeth B. 2107 Empire Blvd., Burbank1-181-A5 Nov. 1940501839$63.50Mailed 11-6-1940
David, Mr. Ivan J.2130 La Salle Ave., L.A.30-460-C27 Sept. 19419561672$17.06 
Davis, Miss Anne4617 Lomita St., L.A.2-117-A17 March 1941686 $60.00Future Need; Mailed 17 March 1941
Davis, Mrs. Anna1471 S. Wooster St., L.A.8-189-A14 May 19417631232$83.50 
de Lamere, Paul F.224 W. 81st St.4-211-A4 May 19417491201$63.50 
de Morales, Mrs. Antonia S.11836 Courtley Dr., Culver City1-201-A14 March 19416821081$63.50 
DeAinza, Mrs. Guadalupe1122 W. 40th Place10-202-A31 March 19417061126$63.50 
DeAlfs, Harry2401 82nd St., Brooklyn, New York7-170-A19 Dec. 1940557912$83.50 
DeBolske, Mrs. Madeline6014 Kenniston Ave., L.A.3-310-C15 June 1941824 $125.00Future Use; Mailed 6-26-1941; Duplicate issued 1-17-1955.
Delany, Oliver W.5901 Franklin Ave., Hollywood 21 June 1941817 $60.00Future Use
DeLaplante, Mrs. Ida1033 S. Harvard, L.A.8-548-C11 Spet. 1941936 $75.00Future Use; Mailed 11 Sept. 1941
DeLaurier, Arthur W.912 W. 68th St.8-499-C15 Jan. 1941589883$23.00 
Delaux, Arthur L.921 S. St. Andrews Pl.12-71-B21 June 19418161094$176.00Mailed 21 June 1941
Dempsey, William E.1800 W. 43rd St., L.A.6-203-A13 May 19417601230$63.50 
DeNancy, Mrs. Beatrice 1827 S. Wilton Pl.6-369-C26 Spet. 19419501654$98.50 
Dennand, Mr. Octave503 E. 132nd St., Hawthorne4-204-A1 Nov. 19419841787$83.91 
Diege, Mrs. Rose6931 Ethel Ave., North Hollywood7-484-C4 June 1941793 $100.00Future Use
Dietrich, Otto E.517 W. 113th St.10-425-C1 April 19417091129$98.50 
Doll, Mrs. Sophia15850 Devenshire, San Francisco4-427-C15 July 19418571445$98.50 
Doll, Mrs. Sophia675 Tohias Ave., Van Nuys5-427-C2 Sept. 1941916 $75.00Future Use
Doms, Mrs. Octavie1246 S. New Hampshire8-91-B7 July 19418401385$123.50 
Dory, Mrs. Anna1136 West 50th St., L.A.2-202-A19 April 19417381153$63.50Mailed 19 April 1941
Downs, Mrs. Ellen1817 W. Vernon Ave.10-406-C5 Aug. 1941887 $75.00Future Use
Downs, Mrs. Ellen M. 1817 W. Vernon Ave.9-406-C23 July 19418681369$98.50 
Dunham, Mrs. Irene6311 Raymond Ave.9-195-A16 Sept. 19419451600$136.00 
Dunn, Arthur W.L.1977 Redesdale Ave.6-434-C3 Aug. 1941881 $75.00Future Use
Dunn, Clarence J.1977 Redesdale Ave.8-434-C3 Aug. 1941882 $75.00Future Use
Dwyer, Mrs. Mary2200 Hillcrest Rd.9-221-A29 July 19418721487$63.50 
Dwyer, Mrs. Mildred I.2221 Overland Ave., West L.A.2-211-A8 May 19417541217$63.50 
Early, Mrs. Marion1140 W. 19th St., San Pedro1-373-D16 Jan. 1941590979$216.00 
Early, Mrs. Mary F.804 Boccaccio St., Venice2-373-D18 Feb. 1941641 $200.00Future Use
Eddridg, Mrs. Anna M.General Deliver, Price, Utah1-501-C7 Feb. 19416221024$116.00 
Eells, Mrs. Anna B.6526 Orange St., L.A.3-181-A6 Jan. 1941574896$63.50Mailed 6 Jan 1941
English, Rev. Thomas P.Our Lady of the Valley, Canoga Park2-222-A31 Oct. 19419831746$50.00Cert. Mailed 31 Oct. 1941
Esposito, Mr. Joseph Anthony 12102 Goshen Ave., West L.A.12-481-C30 June 19418301383$17.00Mailed 30 June 1941
Ewing, Mrs. Helen C.3749 W. 58th Pl., L.A.8-76-B4 Nov. 19419891784$123.50 
Fachet, Daniel1824 Rodeo Rd.6-169-A15 July 19418581449$76.00 
Faherty, John M.1502 S. Genesee Ave., L.A.5-481-C4 July 19418361403$17.00 
Feltman, George B.8775 Dalton Ave.6-395-C7 Sept. 19419251546$98.50 
Ferbet, Jacom5719 S. Wilton Pl., L.A.7-158-A19 Aug. 19418981538$76.00 
Ferrera, John10838 Rose Ave., L.A.2-191-A23 Feb. 19416471052$63.50 
Ferride, James G.1030 N. Alexandria10-372-C3 Aug. 19418831467$98.50 
Fertich, Anton J.J.1821West 54th St., L.A.7-153-A20 Dec. 1940559910$83.50 
Figueredo, Antone1604 W. 218th St., L.A. (Torrance)8-465-C16 Aug. 19418961472$116.00Mailed 16 Aug. 1941
Finnegan, David117 E. 116th Place., L.A.7-192-A15 Jan. 1941602996$63.50 
Fisher, John P.1918 W. 67th St.2-231-C12 Nov. 19419971822$63.50 
Flaherty, Mrs. Willie Pearl10817 Charmack Rd.8-400-C6 May 19418671143$98.50Mailed 23 July 1941
Fletcher, Lloyd M.336 No. San Vincente Blvd., L.A.12-164-A29 Nov. 1940532835$76.00 
Flynn, Mrs. Marion4617 Lomita St., L.A.3-117-A17 March 1941687 $60.00Future Need; Mailed 17 March 1941
Foley, Miss Beatrice106 S. Guadalupe Ave., Redondo Bch10-432-C8 March 19416691070$91.00Mailed
Foran, Mrs Catherine Frances 521 N. Alexandria9-212-A27 June 19418251379$63.50 
Foran, Mrs. Eileen2820 Harcourt Ave., L.A.9-550-C16 Nov. 1940516 $60.00Future Use
Forbes, Mrs. Eleanorc/o O.D. Willior, 1647 3rd Ave7-182-A27 Nov. 1940530878$63.50 
Fortman, Mrs. Margaret943 10th St., Santa Monica9-435-C31 Dec. 1940571947$151.00 
Fournier, Mr. Ernisto2345 Cochran Blvd., L.A.9-267-C10 Sept. 19419321610$141.00 
Fox, Mrs. Mary V.531 South East Ave., Oak Park, Illinois3-189-A17 May 19417671238$83.50 
Friend, Mrs. Mae E.1045 S. Cloverdale Ave., L.A.6-211-A23 April 19417401168$63.50 
Frock, John O.1113 E. 83rd St.6-435-C2 March 19416581042$98.50 
Fuerst, Frank151 N. Andmode Ave.12-211-A5 April 19417141135$63.50 
Fure, Miss FlorencePotosi, Wisconsin7-463-C16 June 19418081263$123.50Mailed 16 June 1941
Furgason, Charles E.636 8th St., Manhatton Beach10-398-C9 May 19417551206$98.50 
Gabe, Thomas M.5247 W. 21st St., L.A.7-189-A14 May 19417641216$83.50 
Gaillard, Mrs. Madeleine221 Harrison St., Mishawaka, IN1-425-C5 April 19417151134$98.50 
Gallagher, William D.903 W. 49th St.1-399-C31 March 19417071128$98.50 
Garcia, Joe12860 Rubens Ave., Venice12-203-A5 May 19417511202$63.50 
Garcia, PabloBox 5001, Centinella Blvd.9-500-C12 Sept. 19419381609$37.00 
Garrett, B.W.2453 Cheremoya Ave., Hollywood7-497-C8 March 19416741031$45.23Special price given by Msgr. McGucken.
Garrido, Miss Dolores204 W. 84th St.3-337-C30 Sept. 19419581662$98.50 
Gaskin, Mrs. Olinda338 Washington Ave., Hawthorne7-201-A17 May 19417661079$63.50Mailed 17 May 1941
Gast, Mrs. Mae537 W. 113th St.2-480-C14 Jan. 1941661 $75.00Future Use; Mailed 4 March 1940
Gaynor, Mrs. Anna439 N. Vista, L.A.11-155-A24 Sept. 19419541632$76.00 
Gebbia, Anthony521 S. Union Dr.1-231-A28 Oct. 19419781767$63.91 
Gibbons, Mrs. Margaret L.3209 W. 43rd Pl., L.A.4-210-E29 Nov. 1940535 $75.00Future Use
Giegerieli, Mrs. Hattie B.556 W. 16th St., San Pedro6-371-C3 Oct. 19419701695$98.91Deed Mailed 17 Oct. 1941
Gilmartin, William J.3525 W. 79th St., Inglewood15-498-C18 Nov. 1940517862$17.00 
Girard, Mr. Jack1206 N. Kingsley, Hollywood23-460-C1 Nov. 19419861786$17.06 
Glass, John1923 S. Streams Dr.16-481-C11 June 19418001320$17.00 
Goetz, Charles411 1/2 Brooks Ave., Venice26-481-C19 Feb. 19416431046$17.00 
Gomez, Emile243 W. 47th Place., L.A.11-162-A14 July 1941854634$63.50 
Gomez, Mr. Rosalio1216 11th St., Hermosa Beach25-499-C16 Oct. 19419681742$23.09 
Gracie, Mrs. Mary F.18352 Arminta St., Reseda6-34-B19 Feb. 19416441012$123.50 
Grahm, George2535 Cass Pl., Walnut Park3-72-B7 Sept. 1941927 $100.00Future Use; Duplicate Cert Issued 21 March 1961
Grahn, George2534 Cass Pl., Walnut Park4-72-B19 Jan. 1941592967$116.00Dup Cert Iss 21 Mar 1961
Grant, Mr. Vincent677 W. 10th St., San Pedro10-357-D17 Oct. 19419711735$216.00Deed Mailed 18 Oct. 1941
Gray, Mrs. Olive4319 So. Main St., L.A.7-171-A7 Nov. 1940508845$63.50 
Green, William C.713 Sunset Court, San Diego8-168-A22 Aug. 19419021555$83.50 
Griffith, David10442 Wilkins Ave., West L.A.1-523-C27 Aug. 1941906 $125.00Future Use; Mailed 27 Aug. 1941
Griffith, David10442 Wilkins Ave., West L.A.6-524-C27 Aug. 1941907 $125.00Future Use; Mailed 27 Aug. 1941
Griffith, Mrs. Sara K.1641 N. Ogden Dr., L.A.5-524-E27 Aug. 1941908802$141.00Mailed 27 Aug. 1941
Groschan, Mrs. Nora2625 Ocean Front, Ocean Park4-449-C28 Feb. 19416531058$91.00For Frank X. Groschan --CANCELED--
Guerin, Joseph7311 Vilmont Ave., Tujunga, Calif.1-210-A16 June 19418101330$63.50Mailed 16 June 1941
Guerin, Joseph447 Dolores St., San Francisco6-213-A6 Sept. 1941923 $60.00Future Use
Guthrie, Mrs. Loreaine1717 Elizabeth St., Compton32-460-C8 Sept. 19419261603$17.00 
Hall, Mrs. Beth12215 Washington Blvd., Culver City3-38-B15 Dec. 1940549546$123.50 
Hall, Mrs. Edith469 No. Craft Ave., L.A.2-160-A5 Nov. 1940504 $60.00Future Use
Hanson, Theodore828 W. 116th St.4-231-A13 Nov. 19419981821$63.50 
Harreff, Mrs. Frances E.226 1/2 So. Francisca Ave., Redondo Bch 2-472-C8 Nov. 1940509828$91.00 
Harrison, Mrs. Catherine6919 Camrose Dr., Hollywood2-212-A4 Aug. 19418841461$63.50Mailed 4 Aug. 1941
Hart, D.H.736 S. Oxford Ave., L.A.9-51-B15 Feb. 1941636974$176.00Mailed 15 Feb. 1941
Hass, Samuel738 E. 75th St.6-183-A31 July 19418781484$116.00 
Healey, Mrs. Frances1946 Delta St.10-152-A9 March 1941678660$63.50Mailed 10 March 1941
Helmet, Harry J.80 No. Vista, L.A.1-180-A3 March 19416591065$76.00 
Henderson, Mrs. Clara Igo724 N. Ridgewood Place12-210-A17 May 1941768 $63.50For William Henry Igo --CANCELLED--
Henderson, Mrs. Clara Igo724 N. Ridgewood Place11-184-A17 May 19417701241$76.00See Number 768
Henibry?, Mrs. Eliabeth1259 Barry Ave., West L.A.12-285-C24 Sept. 1941953 $75.00Future Use
Henke, Mrs. Bertha A.4512 1/2 Saturn St., L.A.9-91-E18 April 19417331161$176.00 
Henry, Mrs. Arthur4210 East Blvd.5-152-A15 June 1941804700$63.50 
Hetlich, Mr. Julian309 West 47th St., L.A.8-212-4130 June 19418291380$63.50Mailed 30 June 1941
Hirsch, James153 S. Beachwood Ave., L.A.10-57-B20 Dec. 1940560915$116.00 
Hoefling, Vincent H.2030 Brawning Blvd.4-173-A22 March 19416921063$76.00Mailed 22 March 1941
Holle, Mrs. Adelaide4168 2nd Ave., L.A.9-425-C2 May 19417461195$98.50 
Holling, Mrs. Luella455 E. 135th St., Hawthorne9-191-A27 Jan. 1941607993$63.50 
Hornberger, Mr. Leslie10406 Park Ave., Culver City20-460-C3 Nov. 19419871788-89$17.00Inf. Twins in Same Grave
Howell, Mrs. Doris3415 Greenfield Ave., L.A.12-131-A14 Nov. 194110001830$76.00 
Huddleston, Miss Estelle715 S. St. Andrews Pl., L.A.1-50-B19 Aug. 19418991406$116.00Mailed 19 Aug. 1941
Huether, Robert W.1677 Golden Gate Ave., L.A.27-460-C4 Oct. 19419621698$17.00 
Hughes, William R.2310 West 29th Place1-200-E22 March 19416891085$123.50Mailed 22 March 1941
Hulshof, Mr. John909 West 57th St.8-431-C8 April 19417171136$98.50 
Hunt, Edith N.237 Tavistock Ave., West L.A.10-364-C5 July 19418381405$91.00 
Hyde, Mrs. Margaret V.9518 Felton Ave., Inglewood7-430-C13 Dec. 1940547901$98.50 
Jackson, Mrs. Mary 257 W. Tupunga? Ave.8-458-C28 Feb. 19416551057$91.00Mailed to family 28 Feb. 1941
Jayce, Mrs. Mary L.909 West 71st St.2-116-B5 Dec. 1940540 $100.00Future Use
Johnson, Mr. James538 12th St., Santa Monica3-221-A29 Aug. 19419101574$63.50For Katherine Johnson --CANCELLED--
Johnson, Mr. James538 12th St., Santa Monica3-221-A29 Aug. 19419171574$63.50Pmt made by Mrs. Mary Crichton, 1205 Manhatton Av., Hermo
Johnson, William F.2149 West 85th St., L.A.2-498-C21 Dec. 1940562913$17.00 
Jolly, John L.323 E. 93rd St.4-203-A31 May 19417881279$63.50 
Jon, Frank2910 S. Catalina St.3-396-C29 May 19417861281$98.50 
Jones, Michael13221 Cordary Ave., Hawthorne17-509-C10 Dec. 1940543895$17.00 
Jordan, Miss Margaret5423 Cimmaron St.6-193-A3 Nov. 1941988 $83.50Future Use --CANCELLED--
Jumonville, Mrs. Stephanie5743 Mullen Ave., L.A.7-202-A16 April 19417291102$63.50Mailed 16 April 1941
Kates, Bert3846 W. 59th Pl. -481-C5 May 19417501200$17.00 
Keane, Mrs. Anne C.1138 19th St., Santa Monica5-55-B11 Sept. 1941949 $100.00Future Use; Deed Mailed 20 Sept. 1941
Keenan, Mrs. Catherine L.1557 Bay View, Wilmington6-181-A21 Dec. 1940561919$63.50 
Kellner, James J.1236 W. Santa Barbara Blvd.6-422-C8 Dec. 1940541 $201.00Includes Vault
Kelly, Thomas B.308 6th St., Toft, CA8-182-A12 Dec. 1940546903$63.50 
Kerlagon, Clarence D.1631 Winona St., Hollywood3-174-A6 Feb. 19416261002$83.50Mailed 8 Feb. 1941
Kesting, Laurence 2215 N.E. 47th Ave., Portland, Oregon3-201-A9 April 19417201137$63.50 
Kinney, Mrs. Viola2303 Budlong, L.A.3-450-C23 Dec. 1940563927$98.50 
Kirby, Miss Agatha4245 McClung Dr., L.A.5-390-D29 Jan. 1941612614$216.00 
Kirkpatrick, Cambell B. 2420 S. Syramore Ave., L.A.3-171-A30 Nov. 1940537880$63.50 
Kirtland, Mrs. Helen3015 W. 59th St., L.A.9-427-C17 Feb. 19416401044$91.0 
Klatte, Mrs. Blanche361 S. Detroit St., L.A.12-108-E18 Dec. 1940555 $75.00Future Use
Klee, Mr. Edward2008 Pearl, Ocean Park3-430-C23 Jan. 1941599988$91.00Mailed
Kleuihaus, Peter W.966 No. Palm Ave., West Hollywood6-171-A14 Dec. 1940552823$63.50 
Kmieciak, Mrs. George219 Ramona Ave., Hawthorne4-450-C24 Nov. 1940524824$98.50 
Knight, Mrs. MaryPlymouth, New Hampshire6-543-C12 June 91418021199$151.00 
Knipping, Theodore4245 Tupinga Blvd., N. Hollywood5-211-A16 Sept. 19419441196$63.50 
Knudtson, Mr. Fred P.1136 N. Vine St., Hollywood6-317-C27 Oct. 19419761764$201.00 
Koehler, Mrs. Anna1466 East 101st. St.5-192-A9 March 19416731077$63.50 
Konn, Mrs. Ammie3905 West 105th St., Inglewood10-181-A31 Dec. 1940570877$63.50 
Kunert, Frank9214 W. 45th St.32-487-C8 Jan. 1941581960$17.00 
La Velle, William1066 West 25th St., San Pedro5-153-A20 Nov. 1940521857$83.50Mailed 11-20-1940
Laffery,Clarence421 S. Rampart2-171-A25 Jan. 1941605909$63.50Mailed 25 Jan. 1941
LaFrenier, Miss ArmelineP.O. Box 160, Capitola, Calif.3-210-E28 Jan. 1941610 $75.00Future Use
Lapis, Joseph 11034 Landale St., North Hollywood12-191-E15 July 19418561448$123.50 
Larratt, Mrs. Caroline154 East Gage Ave.11-481-C2 July 19418331387$17.00 
Laughlin, Mrs. Patsy9614 Redfern St., Inglewood4-182-A29 Jan. 19416141004$63.50 
Laun, Richard1112 West 87th St., L.A.31-481-C8 Feb. 1941628976$17.00 
Lauterhahn, Mrs. Alice B.1220 N. Fairfax Ave.5-556-C10 Nov. 1941995 $60.00Future Use
Leary, LesterLead, South Dakota5-33-B30 Nov. 1940536882$123.50 
Lee, Leroy A.16408 Hawthorne Blvd.3-211-A18 April 19417321154$63.50 
Leenm, Mrs. Ada6847 Ben Ave., North Hollywood11-449-C7 June 19417951298$91.00 
LeGere, Mrs. Helen601 10th St., Santa Monica3-428-C30 Dec. 1940567936$98.50 
LeMay, Richard D.622 1/2 S. Bixel St.23-460-C20 Oct. 19419721753$17.06 
Lenty, Mrs. Margaret1141Stanford St., Santa Monica10-212-A14 July 19418551355$63.50Mailed 14 July 1941
Livesey, Mrs. Ferne108 W. Elk St., Glendale1-71-B21 Aug. 19419011518$123.50Mailed 22 Aug. 1941
Long, Mrs. Margaret3129 W. 78th Place1-221-A10 Aug. 19418911521$63.50 
Lopez, Eleciterio11100 Overland Ave., Culver City8-498-C26 Nov. 1940526875$17.00 
Loretz, John P.2136 S. Cloverdale Ave., L.A.5-431-C29 March 19417021122$133.50For Katherine Loretz --CANCELLED--
Loretz, John P. 2136 S. Cloverdale Ave., L.A.5-431-C28 March 19417011122$133.50Bronze Marker Included $35.00
Ludlow, William L.5645 Tampla Ave., Tarzana11-200-A23 May 19417781176$63.50Mailed 23 May 1941
Lunney?, Austin L.6027 Victoria Ave., L.A.6-202-A15 April 19417231147$63.50 
Lynch, Mrs. Anne809 Milwood Ave., Venice10-211-A23 May 19417801169$63.50Mailed 23 May 1941
Lynch, Mrs. Mary Ann347 24th St., Santa Monica1-192-A6 Feb. 19416181028$63.50 
MacDonald, Archie V.4072 Charleen Dr.2-525-C2 Sept. 1941918 $125.00Future Use
Magaro, Michael13302 S. Beach Ave., Venice, Calif.8-211-A12 June 19418031327$63.50 
Mahoney, Dr. Louis E.710 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica8-56-B28 Aug. 19419091557$123.50Mailed 28 Aug. 1941
Manahan, Frank1227 N. Beachwood Sr., L.A.8-203-A9 June 19417981237$35.00Mailed 9 June 1941
Manley, Leonard B.1314 S. Santa Fe Ave.2-56-B19 May 19417711251$123.50 
Martin, Mrs. Claire1551 Oakhurst Dr.11-179-A17 Feb. 19416381045$76.00 
Martin, Mrs. Claire1551 Oakhurst Dr., L.A.12-179-A25 Feb. 1941649 $60.00Future Use
Martin, Mrs. Grace L.3653 Mentone Ave., Palms12-231-A11 Sept. 19419351525$63.50Mailed 11 Sept. 1941
Mathers, Mrs. Adrienn118 S. Primrose St., Alhambra9-197-E3 June 19417901282$123.50 
McAdam, Mrs. Lucy A.24 N. Iris Ave., Floral Park, Long Island, NY 1-203-A21 June 19418151284$63.50Mailed 21 June 1941
McBain, Mrs. Rose845 N. Kenmore1-182-A25 Jan. 1941603994$63.50 
McBride, Miss Kathryn1524 1/2 Meulo Ave., L.A., Calif.4-191-A10 March 19416771013$63.50Mailed 10 March 1941
McCabe, Miss Katheleen4921 S. Gramercy Pl., L.A.5-449-C8 March 19416721075$98.50 
McCarthy, John B.1753 S. Spaulding Ave., L.A.21-500-C16 June 19418071292$37.50 
McCaully, Mrs. Martha11225 Peoria St., Roscoe, Calif.10-203-A10 May 19417581222$63.50 
McClaskey, Thomas3061 18th St. So., Seattle, Wash.5-201-A4 April 19417121130$63.50Cert given to Fr. F.M. Ceoffey, Loyola High School
McDonald, Capt. Frank J.Presidio, Monterey12-190-E10 Dec. 1940544898$116.00 
McDonald, James2982 W. 15th St.6-405-C15 June 19418051332$98.50 
McDonald, Mrs. Kathryn6310 5th Ave., L.A.5-58-B24 April 19417421115$123.50 
McDonald, Mrs. Kathryn6310 5th Ave., L.A.6-58-B6 May 1941752 $100.00Future Use; Mailed 6 May 1941
McDonnell, Clark 321 S. Alvarado, L.A.10-182-A6 Feb. 1941627917$63.50Mailed 8 Feb. 1941
McDonough, Mrs. Mary E & Miss Helen 1524 N. Cresent Heights Blvd., L.A.1-309-C25 March 19417161111$141.00Mailed 6 April 1941
McElroy, Mrs. Florence1908 Loma Dr., Hermosa Beach10-465-C17 Feb. 19416391039$123.00 
McGann, Mrs Ellen3640 West Adams7-211-A29 June 19418281384$63.50 
McGinley, Richard7303 Roseberry Ave., Huntington Park3-263-C24 June 19418211365$148.50 
McGinty, Mr. Lawrence P.1708 W. 25th St.10-190-C13 Sept. 19419421580$83.91 
McKinnon, Mrs. Elizabeth B.8842 Alcott St.8-170-A30 July 19418751498$76.00 
McLean, Miss Eveline5862 Budlong6-310-C20 July 19418621410$201.00 
MclLean, Mrs. Caroline2814 S Flower St.6-52-B9 Sept. 1941930 $177.80Future Use; Concrete Vault; --CANCELLED--
McMillan, Mrs. Gertrude233 West 45th St.8-159-A1 July 1941832 $60.00Future Use
McMillian, Mrs. Gertrude 233 West 45th St., L.A.7-159-A24 Nov. 1940525813$83.50 
McNab, Mrs. Cora2330 Shields Ave., La Cresenta4-181-A30 Dec. 1940568940$63.50 
McNamee, Mrs. Mary1248 W. 53rd St., L.A.8-178-A1 Sept. 1941915 $60.00Future Use
McNamee, Mrs. Mary 1248 W. 53rd St., L.A.7-178-A1 Sept. 19419141471$76.00Mailed 1 Sept. 1941
McNulty, Lawrence411 Brooks Ave., Venice13-481-4124 June 19418221364$17.00Mailed 24 June 1941
McVeigh, Blake3310 Bennett Dr., Hollywood3-364-C29 July 19418711486$98.50 
Meagher, Mrs. James H.6355 Kluny Ave.4-202-A23 May 19417811163$63.50Mailed 23 May 1941
Meehan, Mrs. Irene40 St. John Ave., Binghamton, NY3-400-C14 July 19418521432$91.00 
Meer, Leonard J.722 E. 85th St.18-460-C9 Nov. 19419931813$17.00 
Mehan, Miss Grace12143 Morrison St., N. Hollywood4-80-E6 Oct. 1941965 $75.00Future Use
Mertens, Mrs. Anna S.835 No. Ogden Dr., L.A.8-428-C4 Nov. 1940506834$91.00Mailed 11-6-1940
Meyer, Ray A.3769 St. Van Ness Ave., L.A.12-182-A29 Nov. 1940531879$63.50 
Migliaccio, Salvatore131 North Gardner, L.A.28-481-C15 Feb. 19416351009$17.00Mailed 15 Feb. 1941
Millard, Mrs. Mary C.10753 1/2 Tabor St., Palms Station, L.A. 2-203-A6 Sept. 19419211404$63.50 
Miller, Charles A.8929 Southgate Ave., Southgate6-191-A25 Jan. 1941604921$63.50Mailed 25 Jan. 1941
Miller, Mrs. Estella A.3006 Halldale9-181-A14 Dec. 1940550890$63.50 
Misky, Walter J.2407 West 9th St., L.A.23-498-C5 Nov. 1940503841$17.00Mailed 11-6-1940
Mitchell, Paul380 Columbia St.30-481-C27 Jan. 19416061003$17.00 
Monaghan, Lawrence613 W. Oliver St., San Pedro20-481-C26 March 19416981113$17.00 
Monahan, Mrs. Cecelia1060 N. Nomandie, L.A.7-191-A8 Feb. 1941624962$63.50Mailed 8 Feb. 1941
Monley, Mrs. Mary1143 West 106th St., L.A.6-477-C18 Dec. 1940556911$98.50 
Montgomery, Charles J.949 S. Manhattan Pl., L.A.7-369-C15 Oct. 19419661723$98.50 
Mooreale, Mrs. Pauline1311 W. Santa Barbara10-188-A6 Oct. 19419631701$76.00 
Moriarty, Miss Nellie129 N. Flowers St., L.A.1-75-B30 July 1941877 $100.00Future Use --CANCELLED--
Mugerl, Frank K.?1019 West 88th St.8-427-C21 Jan. 1941598990$98.50 
Mullins, Mrs. Peter7519 S. Hobart8-221-A30 July 19418741500$64.50 
Munguia, Manuel G.3629 2nd Ave.2-181-A20 Nov. 1940520864$63.50 
Murphy, Martin J., Jr.2367 W. 23rd St.5-32-B31 Oct. 1941985 $100.00Future Use
Murphy, Mrs. JessieBox 733, Balboa Beach6-430-C4 Jan. 1941572943$91.00 
Myers, Robert E.2062 Glencoe Way, Hollywood2-201-A12 April 19417211142$63.50 
Myre, Mr. Ray3031 Palm Grove Ave., L.A.2-481-C20 Aug. 19419001551$17.50 
Nabkey, James S.2204 Carmona Ave.1-184-A28 March 19417001121$76.00 
Neal, Frank A.2140 Allesandro St, L.A.6-263-C25 March 19416951109$141.00 
Nieran, Mrs. Frances2900 W. 85th St., Inglewood12-200-A20 May 19417731158$63.50 
Nigro, George J.2101 Broadview Terrace, L.A.5-459-C20 May 19417721030$91.00Mailed 20 May 1941
Nitzer, Mrs. Elsie5229 S. Deuker, L.A.6-309-C7 March 19416681047$141.00 
Novak, Estate of MartinEunice Baugham, Exec.7-127-A28 Jan. 1941665219$63.50Mailed to Atty. Hugh F. Neuhart, 1144 Hermosa Ave., H.B., CA
O'Brien, Howard 512 9th St., Huntington Beach3-449-C28 Feb. 19416571062$98.50 
Ocha, Mrs. Carolyn545 12th St., Santa Monica6-262-C19 April 19417371166$201.00 
O'Connell, Mrs. Mary Agnes2151 Rimpan? Blvd.3-191-A7 Feb. 19416201023$63.50 
O'Donnell, James E.5707 Deane Ave., L.A.11-202-A19 April 19417351114$35.00Mailed 19 April 1941
O'Donnell, Joseph F.1619 S. St. Andrews Pl., L.A.2-192-A12 Feb. 19416321036$63.50 
O'Kelley, Levi1020 S. New Hampshire, L.A.10-168-A8 July 19418421397$83.50 
Okoneski, Mr. Edwin J.1768 Shenandoah, L.A.10-104-E6 May 19417531170$116.00 
Olivas, Matthew J.3744 Military Ave., Palms10-190-E4 Nov. 1940505814$98.50Mailed 11-6-1940
Olmsted, G.M.Veterans Admin, Hines, Illinois6-458-C22 March 1941690638$98.50Mailed 22 March 1941
Orabuena, Mrs. Evengiline3634 Overland Ave., Palms4-163-A16 March 19416851910$83.50 
O'Reilly, Patrick J.438 Norwich Dr., West Hollywood7-181-A20 Dec. 1940558904$63.50 
Ottosen, Alvin E.5177 S. Van Ness Ave.27-481-C17 Feb. 19416371043$17.00 
Owen, Marvin2269 Coltland St., Detroit, Michigan23-481-C25 March 19416961106$17.00Mailed 25 March 1941
Ozenne, Lawrence10607 Grevella, Inglewood28-460-C3 Oct. 19419611693$17.00 
Palazzolo, Sam9018 S. Vermont Ave., L.A.5-403-C30 May 19417871268$98.50 
Pan, Hermese5078 Amestoy Ave., Encino1-357-D1 Feb. 19416161014$223.50 
Parr, Joseph G.2663 B. Randolph St., Huntington Park10-481-C3 July 19418351396$17.00 
Patterson, Mrs. Lida1026 Florida St., L.A.5-172-A29 Nov. 1940534833$63.50 
Payne, Mrs. Idella8932 San Grabriel Ave., Southgate9-211-A1 May 19417451184$63.50 
Pedersen, Mrs. Geneoieve2208 West 8th St., L.A.8-181-A8 Nov. 1940510847$63.50 
Peters, Michael J.9226 7th Ave., Ingelwood3-550-C23 July 19418661476$98.50 
Petrich, John M.6206 1/2 11th Ave., L.A.34-481-C29 Dec. 1940566938$17.00 
Phalen, Mrs. William F.4526 Longridge, Van Nuys7-365-C9 Aug. 19418891519$91.00 
Phariss, Miss Amy4032 Cumberland Ave., L.A.11-212-A28 June 19418271352 $63.50Mailed 28 June 1941
Phelps, Miss Mable E.946 S. Bixel St., L.A.7-190-A17 May 1941765 $83.50Future Use; Mailed 17 May 1941
Pieri, Ceasar1518 14th St., Santa Monica2-79-B4 Dec. 1940539885$116.00Mailed 12-4-1940
Pieri, Mario J.2445 Marine St., Santa Monica8-79-B29 Jan. 19416131005$116.00 
Pierson, Anthar James305 S. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills20-499-C8 Jan. 1941577965$22.00 
Pinnell, Mrs. Betty1608 S. Durango Ave., L.A.7-203-A12 Aug. 19418941229$63.50 
Polito, Mrs. Jennie1841 N. Edgemont, L.A.3-542-C14 Nov. 19419991829$116.00 
Polito, Sal2530 Outpost Dr.1-387-D4 Dec. 1940538888$216.00 
Pollock, Mrs. Lottie P.5933 S. Wilton Pl., L.A.12-191-A27 Jan. 1941609933$63.50 Mailed 28 Jan. 1941
Powell, Mr. Frank H.727 W. 7th St., L.A.9-175-A30 July 19418761499$83.50 
Prendergast, Mrs. Margaretc/o Mrs. Alice E. Rozmen, 2989 W. 11 St. 10-484-C30 Jan. 1941615897$123.50 
Purcell, Miss Mary833 W. Beach Ave., Inglewood6-221-A30 July 19418731501$63.50 
Quail, Clifford H.409 E. Doran St., Glendale10-369-C16 Sept. 19419431633$98.50 
Quigley, Edward F.Box 841, Station H., L.A.1-464-C23 June 19418201362$123.50 
Rafferty, Mrs. Irene M.419 S. Norton Ave., L.A.10-179-A3 April 1941710 $60.00Future Need; Mailed 3 March 1941
Rafferty, Mrs. Irene M. 624 S. Kenneth Rd., Burbank9-179-A6 Feb. 1941625968$83.50Mailed 8 Feb. 1941
Ream, Mary L & George E 1926 N. Alexandria Ave.7-81-B11 May 19417591224$123.50 
Reckenbacked, Mrs. Carolyn1023D 17th St., Santa Monica9-61-B3 Feb. 19416171017$116.00 
Reineman, Mrs. Jewel6515 Willoughby Ave.4-338-C21 Sept. 19419521582$98.50 
Reins, Bernard Y.4270 Jackson St., Culver City8-500-C16 Oct. 19419671741$37.00 
Ridge, Miss Margaret1168 West 30th St.4-171-A27 Nov. 1940527876$63.50 
Righton, Albert E., Jr.5518 Norwich Ave., L.A.2-58-B23 May 19417791150$116.00Mailed 23 May 1941
Riopka, Mr. Michael409 E. 65th St., L.A.26-499-C13 Sept. 19419401619$22.58 
Risso, John8734 Wonderland Ave., L.A.1-212-A10 July 19418471411$63.50 
Roberts, Mr. JosephP.O. Box 47, Chatsworth12-222-A26 Aug. 19419031567$63.91 
Robillard, Mr. David3863 1/2 Arlington, L.A.17-481-C5 June 19417941301$17.00 
Rochon, Mrs. Argelie2621 S. Dalton Ave.9-200-A3 May 19417481198$63.50 
Rodgers, Mrs. Alice158 Westgate Ave., Brentwood Hts.11-210-A3 June 19417911295$63.50 
Rodriguez, Ponceano12628 Ruhns Ave., Venece19-509-C9 Dec. 1940542894$17.00 
Rolleri, Gerolamo8614 Ivy St.6-365-C12 July 19418491430$91.00 
Roper, Mrs. Mary J.10963 Pickford Way, Culver City4-472-C22 June 1941818 $75.00Future Use
Rupp, Mrs. Sadie4516 2nd Ave.9-364-C13 July 19418511438$98.50 
Russo, Anthony236 W. 77th St.12-155-A29 Aug. 19419111566$83.50Mailed 29 Aug. 1941
Ryan, Michael B.3452 2nd Ave., L.A.3-427-C23 Jan. 1941600997$98.50 
Ryan, Mr. Charles3744 Greenfield Ave., Palms5-239-C12 Sept. 19419371621$98.91 
Rydgren, Karl B.2323 5th St., Ocean Park15-499-C20 May 19417741252$17.00 
Saavedra, Mrs. Refugio3317 W. 66th Pl.12-221-A7 Nov. 19419921270$63.50Cert. Mailed 8 Nov. 1941
Sanders, Edward4219 Virginia Ave.4-210-A16 June 19418111337$63.50 
Sands, Mrs. Helen M.c/o Mrs. Beatrice M. Baughman, 1170 Crenshaw Blvd. 24-499-C27 Oct. 19419771769$22.58Certificate Mailed 27 Oct. 1941
Santilla, Frank2210 S. Beverly Glen Blvd., West L.A.3-74-B24 Jan. 1941601991$158.50 
Sarcia, Petronilo15118 Avis Ave., Lawndale12-212-A8 Sept. 19419281347$63.50 
Scamara, VictorPrimer Ranch, Corona, Calif.5-221-A18 Sept. 19419471585$83.50 
Schepperle, George1148 W. 62nd St., L.A.10-59-B11 Aug. 1941893 $100.00Future Use
Schepperle, Mr. George1148 W. 62nd St., L.A.9-59-B11 July 19418481422$116.00 
Schindele, Harryc/o Mrs. Marie Volse, 5214 Packard St. 9-481-C21 July 19418651469$17.00 
Schneider, Mrs. Elizabethc/o Mrs. John W. Becker, 2522 Epposition Rd.7-109-E15 Nov. 1940514 $75.00Future Use
Schotzko, Mr.Paul1366 W. 27th St., L.A.12-213-A10 Sept. 19419311539$63.50 
Schwonberg, Kenneth Earl4072 McLaughlin Ave., Culver City7-481-C5 July 19418371402$17.00 
Scott, James A.1221 N. McCadden Pl., L.A.28-499-C11 June 19417991312$22.50 
Scully, Frank2716 1/2 S. Raymond Ave.11-221-A14 July 19418531443$63.50 
Segura, Michael1822 1/2 Broadway, Santa Monica10-199-A8 June 19417961278$83.50 
Shea, Mrs. Nell E.1140 Tremaine Ave.10-427-C13 Jan. 1941587969$91.00Mailed
Shively, George5812 Waring Ave., L.A.31-498-C5 Nov. 1940502840$17.00Mailed 11-6-1940
Showalter, Mr. Charles J.601 N. Maple Dr., Beverly Hills10-400-C16 April 19417271152$98.50 
Sidney, Mrs. Mary E.1404 West 9th St., L.A.8-455-C16 Nov. 1940515858$91.00 
Simon, Mr. Manour872 Hilldale Ave.17-500-C6 Nov. 1941990 37.12For Pauline Annette Simon --CANCELLED-- See #991.
Simon, Mr. Manour872 Hilldale Ave.23-499-C6 Nov. 19419911810$23.09See 990
Smith, Ray1311 Federal Ave., West L.A.8-179-A9 March 19416751050$83.50 
Socola, A.W.608 St. Westlake Ave., L.A.6-53-B14 Dec. 1940548905$123.50 
Soucie, Leonell457 N. Alta Vista33-460-C6 Sept. 19419201595$17.00 
Spillane, Mrs. Dorathy M. 136 Georgian St., Santa Monica12-201-A8 March 19416701073$63.50Mailed 8 March 1941
Srite, Mrs. D.M.5917 Holms Ave., L.A.5-181-A13 Feb. 1941634950$63.50Mailed 13 Feb. 1941
Stack, Mrs. Maude Brownc/o Dr. Preston J. Stock6-190-A12 March 1941680 $83.50For Edward W. Stack --CANCELED--
Stack, Mrs. Maude Brownc/o Dr. Preston J. Stack, 2729 W. Vernon Ave. 6-190-A12 March 19416831083$76.00See #680 for change
Standfast, Miss Bertha1407 No Vista St., Hollywood7-77-B4 Jan 1941573924$116.00 
Starkus, Cr. CharlesU.S.S.Riegel, San Diego, Calif6-180-A6 March 19416661067$76.00Mailed
Steiner, Mrs. Mary4911 6th Ave.5-375-D11 Feb. 19416311035$276.00 
Stensby, Mr. Alexander H.1432 N. Alta Vista, L.A.10-363-C19 sept. 19419481652$98.50 
Stevenson, Mrs. Ruth5141 West 131st St., Hawthorne11-191-A11 Jan. 1941584949$63.50 
Stilson, Mrs. Madeline F.3124 Hermose Ave., Hermosa Beach6-222-A17 Sept. 19419461642$63.50 
Straub, Henry346 E. 99th St.5-171-A19 Nov. 1940519859$63.50 
Stutler, HerbertBox 2024, Parker, Calif.16-499-C5 March 19416641068$22.50 
Swalley, John A.247 West 49th St., L.A.5-182-A19 Feb. 1941642989$63.50Mailed 19 Feb. 1941
Sweeney, George F.Box 110, Billings, Montana10-403-C27 May 19417841274$98.50 
Tanny, Mrs. Angelina1334 S. Carmelina, West L.A.2-200-E13 Sept. 19419391588$116.00 
Tessier, Mrs. B.6311 Raymond Ave.9-195-A16 Sept. 19419451600$136.00 
Thomas, Mrs. Clara2109 Cambridge7-195-A9 Sept. 19419291576$83.50 
Treacy?, John322 W. 51st St.7-210-A16 Oct. 19419691326$63.50Deed Mailed 16 Oct. 1941
Trembley, Mrs. Delis638 West 109th Place, L.A.3-180-A16 April 19417261144$83.50 
Troup, Mrs. Roy3245 Beach Drive, Victoria, B.C.6-364-C31 Aug. 19419121435$91.00Mailed 31 Aug. 1941
Truslow, Mrs. Helene645 N. Gramercy Pl., L.A.9-201-A24 April 19417411099$63.50Mailed 24 April 1941
Urbano, Thomas G.1134 1/2 W. Manchester Ave.19-499-C26 Feb. 19416511054$22.50 
Vandaele, Mrs. Mary4641 Laurel Canyon Blvd.9-398-C9 July 19418451342$98.50 
Vanderhorst, George2201 Louwlla Ave., Venice11-181-A27 Nov. 1940528873$63.50 
Varley, Miss Mary417 W. 62nd St. 6-200-E14 Aug. 19418951532$123.50 
Vaughn, Robert2519 Arizonia Ave., Santa Monica2-210-A27 June 19418261381$63.50 
Venditti, Mrs. Maria10713 Westminster, Plams12-205-A29 Sept. 19419571679$76.00 
Vincent, Mrs. Caroline2823 12th Ave.6-426-C29 Oct. 19419811088$98.50 
Viola, Edward2410 S. Bronson Ave.7-221-A3 Aug. 19418851505$63.50Mailed 3 Aug. 1941
Vos, Rudy931 14th St., Santa Monica14-481-C23 June 19418191360$17.00 
Wagner, Mrs. Katherine3930 S. Hobart Blvd.1-397-C21 May 19417751257$98.50 
Wall, Robert E.5916 S. Flower St., L.A.12-184-A31 March 19417081127$83.50 
Walmsley, Mr. William14604 Hawthorne Ave.10-222-A11 Sept. 19419341605$63.50 
Walmsley, William14604 Hawthorne Blvd.12-556-C14 May 19417621227$98.50 
Walsh, Mrs. Othellie M.6149 Lindenhurst Ave., L.A.7-179-A12 March 19416791048$111.00Mailed 12 March 1941
Walsh, Thomas2307 W. 75th St.25-481-C26 Feb. 19416501055$17.00 
Walsh, Thomas2307 W. 75th St.24-481-C4 March 19416631064$17.00 
Warren, Mrs. Nora255 S. Mansfield Ave.12-213-C12 June 193970421$141.00Mailed 30 March 1941
Warth, Mrs. Marie421 2nd St., Downey, Calif.8-432-C3 April 1941711998$91.00 
Watus, Mrs. Marguirite7887 Hillside Ave., Hollywood1-311-C7 Sept. 1941924 $125.00Future Use
Wegman, Mrs. Margaret7613 Wadsworth Ave.9-171-A24 Nov. 1940523819$63.50 
Wellman, Mrs. Gretchen7110 Hillside Ave., Hollywood8-399-C29 March 19417031123$91.00 
Welly, Robert J.909 Amapola St., Torrance, Calif.21-481-C8 April 19417191108$17.00Mailed 8 April 1941
Welsh, Mr. Lou951 Valencia St.4-481-C3 Aug. 19418801510$17.00 
Westall, Frank138 W. 17th St., L.A.7-222-A26 Aug. 19419051490$63.50Mailed 26 Aug. 1941
Westherg, Mrs. Juliet M.3967 3rd Ave., L.A.6-210-A29 May 19417851261$63.50Mailed 29 May 1941
Whelan, Miss Ellen D.San Luis Rey, Calif.5-464-C8 July 19418441417$116.00 
Wildan, Michael F.433 Bouling Green Way, L.A.7-200-A13 May 19417611219$63.50Mailed 13 May 1941
Wilhite, Glenn L.4607 Maryland Ave., San Diego8-222-A18 Aug. 19418971544$63.50 
Williams, Mrs. LaVere1044 Lagoon, Wilmington4-192-A3 March 19416601066$63.50 
Wolff, Mr. Edward 1232 W. 97th St., L.A.20-500-C2 Oct. 19419591691$37.50 
Wolfstader, Miss Marie4338 W. 103rd, Inglewood7-39-E3 Oct. 19419601686$123.91 
Wood, Mr. Robert L.4116 106th St., Inglewood9-202-A4 April 19417131131$63.50 
Wood, Mrs. James W.3511 W. 67th St., L.A.17-499-C16 April 19417281051$22.50 
Wood, Thomas C.5615 Airdrome St., L.A.9-365-C10 Sept. 19419331581$98.50 
Woods, George W.280 Kenneth Rd.10-457-C27 July 19418701485$98.50 
Woods, Mr. Robert307 W. Broadway, Glendale, Calif.19-500-C6 Oct. 19419641700$37.00 
Woods, Mrs. Maud M.4037 Huron Ave., Culver City8-191-A27 Jan. 19416081000$63.50 
Wurzburg, Miss Celeste B.5505 Marleurn Ave., L.A.11-77-B16 June 19418091336$116.00 
Wylie, Mrs. Anne10807 1/2 Ashton Ave., West L.A.14-81-B8 July 194186314144116.00Mailed 21 July 1941
Young, Mrs. Ceceilia438 W. 161st. St.3-109-E21 Jan. 1941596944$176.00Mailed 21 Jan 1941
Younghaus, Edward E.5176 S. Wilton Pl.4-523-C23 May 19417761178$141.00Mailed 23 May 1941
Zeeman, Mrs. Agnes333 Orange Ave., Long Beach13-81-B9 Feb. 1941629 $100.00 Future Use
Zerman, Mrs. Agnes333 Orange Ave., Long Beach12-81-B19 Jan. 1941593951$123.50 
Ziemantz, Mrs. Goldia545 No. Norton Ave.10-192-A8 Jan. 1941576963$63.50 
Zimmer, Mrs. Mary M.5954 Carlton Way, Hollywood, Calif2-182-A6 Feb. 19416191027$98.50Mailed 6 Feb. 1941
Zimmerman, Marcus1040 West 93rd St., L.A.2-109-E12 Nov. 1940511 $75.00Future Use