Index of Some Small Los Angeles Area Cemeteries



This cemetery located at the corner of Villa Street & Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, CA,
was set up as an organization January 19,1895, by the Hickory Grove Quarterly Meeting of
West Branch, Iowa. In 1896, the Pasadena Monthly Meeting purchased a burial ground on
Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena. On February 14, 1906 another property was purchased
on North Fair Oaks Avenue, adjoining Mt. View Cemetery. The graves were moved to the
new location by July 18, 1906, and the property on Orange Grove was sold. Only dates
of death were given on the old graves.


BAKER, Mary Ann, d.1899
BEDELL, Otis T. D. 1-25-1902
COWGILL, Abraham, d. 6-2-1899
COWGILL, Lydia A. d. 3-10-1901
DORLAND, Martha, d.1900
EDGERTON, Asenath, d. 2-2-1905
EMBREE, Ann H. d.2-2-1905
EMBREE, Ezra, d. 4-6-1898
GREGORY, Adonijah, d. 1896
HALL, Charles P. d. 5-12-1898
HALL, Willis D. d. 1898
LEE, Allen T. d. 1-15-1899
MICHENER, Mary V. M., d. Aug.  1902
NICHOLSON, Rebecca, d. 1905
PENRARE, J. M. d. 1902
STRATTON, Josiah, d. 1901
TABER, Zeno C., d. 12-25-1905
THOMASSON, Irene, d. 4-7-1901
THOMASSON, Nathan d. 5-8-1902
VAIL, Abigal, d. 1-14-1900
WARD, Thomas, d. 10-19-1903
WESLEY, Harriet, d. 1897
WESLEY, Henry, d. 1901
Copied by the D.A.R from an old book in the office of Wilmer A. Hirst, 
Caretaker, 446 N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena 4, California


BRUNDIGE, Marcus D. b. Limestone Co., AL, 5-15-1829, d. 12-23-1871
BURDICK, F. H., d. 36-1876, aged 38 years
CLARK, Seven L. d. 9-21-1886, aged 38 years
GRIGGS, Lucy H. wife of H. S., b. 11-11-1820, d. 4-8-1880
GUINN, John J., d. 8-14-1881, aged 41 years
KELLER, Matthew Th. D. 6-9-1871, aged 17 year
KELLER, John H., d. 10-22-1872, aged 11 months
KELLER, Mathew, d. 4-11-1881, aged 70 years (last 3 related)
LALANDE, PIERRE, B. Bordeaux, France, b. 1-15-1830, d. 9-7-1888
NIEDERKEN, Ernest P. J. , b. 4-10-1849, 2-28-1877
NIEDERKEN, Hermann F. C., b. 6-12=1812, d. 11-20-1886
NIEDERKEN, Louise S., b. 4-14-1816, d. 1-7-1885 (last 3 related)
ROWLEY, Henry A. 1832-1883, father
SCHMID, John, d. 10-10-1884, aged 34 years, 10 months
SIKKEN, John L., d. 12-24-1888, aged 38 years
THATCHER, L. W., d. 2-15-1880, aged 42 years
THOMPSON, Peter, b. N.Y. 6-25-1830, d 7-31-1879, An honored 
member of L.A. lodge #42, F.& A.M.  The Society of California Poineers. 
Veteran of the Mexican War
VINEYARD, James R., b. Frankfort, Ky. 1-19-1801, d. 8-29-1863
VINEYARD, M. A. b. 8-11-1807, d. 2-16-1882 (last 2 related)
WAGNER, Johan Sir John Christopher, b. Germany, d. 2-3-1869
WELLS, Siebert H., father, 1809-1888
WILLIAMS, Ada Louise, b. L.A. 10-30-1865, d. 2-6-1875
WILLIAMS, Ernest R. M., b. 1-1-1862, d. 11-20-1864
WILLIAMS, Maude, b. 8-28-1872, d. Jan. 1875
WILLIAMS, Tiffany M., b. 3-19-1858, drowned in Gila River, Ariz. Ter. May 1880
WILLIS, Jacob D., b. 11-29-1855, d. 3-28-1886
WILLIS, Jacob G., b. Imperial Co., Pa. 11-24-1863, d. 3-28-1886
WING, G. L., 1847-1885, mem. Silone Lodge #92, Fairfield, ME.
WRIGHT, Baby son of Francis & Emily, b. 2-14-1881, 2-18-1881
---- Henry T., b. in Tolland, CT, 3-30-1821, d. San Francisco 2-14-1885


DOHS, Carols, b. 1863-1906
FIGUEROA, Rosanna de., d. June 1899, aged 58 years
FUSANO, twins, d. 1900
GOMEZ, Francisco E. b. Mex. 1834, d. 1909
KERNS, Emma, wife, J. H. d. 8-10-1886 aged 26 years
LAHEY, John, b. 4-15-1850, d. 9-2-1899
LOPEZ, Celeste, b. Oct. 1854, d. Oct. 1891
LOPEZ, Eliza, d. 4-1801885, aged 17 years
LOPEZ, Migel, R., b. Oct. 1853, . Oct. 1903
LOPEZ, Rubina, b. Oct. 1877, d. Oct.1903
MICONDO, Antonio, b. 2-19-1875, d. 11-4-1909
MIRANDA, Francisco, b. 10-4-1846, d. 5-25-1905
MIRANDA, Gudelupe, b -13-----d. 5-13-1910
ORTEGA, Ernest, b. 2-16-1906, d. 2-13-1908
ORTEGA, ISABELLE, B. 12-10-1893, D. 9-17-1907
PANTALEON, Juan, b. 7-27-1887, d. 6-11-1907
VILLA (de), Petra, b. 7-9-1890, d 7-10-1908(6 graves unmarked in lot)
PICO, Sergeant Beniguo, nephew of George, Co. A., 1C. L., Native Cavalry
RODRIGUEZ, Fernando, b. 8-31-1897 d. 1-29------ aged 5 years
SALVIVAR, Sisilia, d. 6-10-1907, aged 29 years
SALEBAR, Maria, A. b. 5-3-1883, d. 1908
SANTA-----, Jose
SCULLY, Refugia, wife John J., b. 4-28-1873, d. 7-23-1901
TAPIO, Caritano, d. 12-6-1905, aged 84 years
TORRIS Camaline, b. Oct. 1886, d. Oct. 1909
VIA, Arelina
VIA, Aupopa
VILLEGAS, A. T., b. 8-22-1839, d. 6-8-1904
WARENO, Manuel, d. 7-15-1911, aged 115 years
WILSSE, Arthur Estes, son John T., & Grace L. b. 11-5-1888, d. 8-16-1891, (2 unmarked graves in lot)

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