Volunteer Page

Listed below are a few projects needing your assistance:

Book indexing We have four books that need to be indexed which entails typing names on a document.
Cemeteries Could you contact cemeteries for a database list or walk the cemetery to transcribe headstones? We have several transcribers ready and waiting to do the computer innput if you can obtain the raw data. Please contact me.
History writing Does Los Angeles history fascinate you? We could use your help in writing some articles about the history of Los Angeles.
Library research Would you consider updating information on where all the libraries are in Los Angeles County.
Link checking We could use a dedicated individual who would search all of our 20 pages of material and check all links to make sure they work. This needs to be done approximately every 90 days.
Look ups An occasional obituary look up at the public library would be very helpful to someone across the country.
Picture taking Do you like being outside? Are you an amateur photo buff? We could use your help in taking digital pictures of Los Angeles County Cemetery entrances.
Proof reading Catch me at my worst in grammar and spelling errors when I am too busy or lazy to run the spell checker on the Los Angeles pages.
Records search Looking up records at the Los Angeles County Recorders Office can be very interesting. Transcribing a death certificate or marriage records can be an enormous help to someone who undoubtedly appreciate your effort.

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