Georgetown Directory, 1834

Transcriber’s notes:
Business or OrganizationAddress
Farmers and Mechanics Bankcor of Bridge & Congress Sts, south side
Union BankBridge St, near Congress St, north side, D. English, Cashier.
Beall & MitchellMerchant Tailors, Bridge St, south side
Catholic Monasterycor Third & Fayette Sts, west side
Chamberlane & TuckerShoe Makers, First St, south side
Chapman & ForrestGrocers, cor Gay & High Sts, east side
Catholic ChurchFirst St, north side
Presbyterian Churchcor Washington & Bridge Sts.
Protestant Churchcor of Congress & Beall Sts, south side
St. John Protestant ChurchSecond St, south side
Columbian Gazette Officecor of Washington & Bridge Sts.
Davidson & DodgeMerchants, D.H. cor of Gay & Montgomery Sts.
Female Catholic AcademyFayette St, west side
Methodist Associated Churchbetween Bridge & Gay Sts.
Mimm & MardinCarpenters, Second St, south side
Mix Nathaniel & Co.Clock Makers, High St, east side
O’Gannon Farmers & Drovers HotelHigh St, west side, north end
Payne & ParsonsBoot & Shoe Makers, Bridge St, north side
Post Officenear Bridge & Congress Sts, east side, James Corcoran, Postmaster.
Potomac Fire Insurance OfficeBridge St, north side
Remick & Thing Hat ManufacturersBridge St, north side
School, The LancasterBeall St, south side
Waugh's, Mrs. Female AcademyBridge St, south side
Withers, A. L. & Co. Tanners & Currierscor Dunbarton & High Sts, east side

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Last NameFirst NameOccupationAddress and Notes
AbbotJohnClerkThird Auditor’s Office, Bridge St, south side
AbbotMrs.Fancy StoreBridge St, south side
AdamsJohnMerchant & MillerD.H. 1st St & Water St, south store side
AddisonGeorgeGrocerPotomac St, west side
AddisonHenry1st St, north side
AddisonThomasClerkG.P.O. near Washington & Dunbarton St, north side
AdlerMorissClerk in Ordnance Depar’tGay St, north side
AllenT.Book MakerJefferson St, east side
AllisonWilliam S.ClerkWar Depatment, Gay St, north side
AndrewsWilliamBoarding HouseBridge St, west end, south side
ArnoldBennetMillerMarket space.
AtkinsonMrs.WidowGay St, north side
BaileyMrs. Mary, WidowFeed StoreHigh St, east side
BakerJohn W.Canal Contractor
BakerJohnTannerLingan St, east side
BakerLawrence YSkin FactorySecond St, south side
BakerThomasTanner & CurrierBridge St, north side
BaldenCarpentercor of Dunbarton & Washington Sts, east side
BallardR. H. L.West St, south side
BallingerRichardWheel WrightBridge St, west end, south side
BaltzerJacobButcherHigh St, east side, north end
BaltzerMargaretWidowBridge St, north side
BangsDavidShoe MakerJefferson St, west side
BangsThomasShoe MakerGay St, south side
BarkerAndrewPlasterercor Frederick & Fourth Sts, north side
BarrettMrs.WidowFirst St, south side
BarryPeterStone CutterCongress St, east side
BarryR.Teachernear Bridge & Potomac Sts, west side
BattMrs.Widownear West & Washington Sts, east side
BeallAnnWidownear the canal & Jefferson St, west side
BeallNinianTailorGay St, south side
BeatmanJoshuaCarpenterFrederick St, west side
BeattyDoctorHigh St, west end, north end
BeatyCharles A.Doctornear First & Market Sts, west side
BeatyGeorgeWater St, north side
BeatyRobert H.Drug Storecor of Bridge & Congress Sts, south side
BennetSaulWheel WrightPotomac St, east side
BerryPhilip T.Dry Good StoreBridge St, north side
BerryPhilip T.Dunbarton St, south side
BerryWalter W.Dry Good StoreBridge St, north side
BidengerJohnLivery StableHigh St, east side
BirdMrs.Widownear Second & Fayette Sts, west side
BlandenGeorgeGrocerWater St, north side
BoaneA.West St, south side
Bobb (Hobb?)ChristianaWidowThird St, north side
BohrerDoctor B. S.Bridge St, south side
BohrerIsaacBlacksmithnear the canal & Market St, east side
BohrerMrs.WidowHigh St, west side
BoonArnoldMerchantWater St, south side, D.H. West St.
BootesSamuel M.First St, south side
BootesSamuelClerkProspect St, north side
BootsMissFemale AcademyCongress St, east side
Borher (Bohrer?)BenjaminGrocerHigh St, west side, north end
BoswellJohnMoulder at the FoundryMarket St, east side
BoucherAlfred H.Grocercor of Potomac & Bridge Sts.
BoydRobertGrocerJefferson St, east side
BrawnerBasilWood MerchantD.H. Bridge St.
BrawnerJ.Wood MerchantBridge St, north side
BrewerJosephClerkRegister’s Office, First St, north side
BrienBernardDry Good StoreB St, west end, south side
BronaughJeremiah W.First St, west end, north side
BronaughW. J.ClerkG. P. Office, Congress St, west side, near Beall St.
BrookRev. John J.Rector of Christ ChurchDunbarton St, south side
BrookeEdmondMagistrateFrederick St, east side
BrookeEdmondMagistrateoffice Cherry Alley.
BrooksLewis & Co.MerchantD.H., 2nd st.
BrooksLwisMerchantSecond St, south side
BrownEdwardShoe MakerFourth St, north side
BrownJoel Esq.Bridge St, north side
BrownMrs. AnnCook ShopWater St.
BrownMrs.MillinerHigh St, west side
BrownMrs.WidowFirst St, south side
BrownThomasShip Cracker BakerD.H. 1st St.
Bruner____BarberPotomac St, east side
BryanJosephShoe MakerFrederick St, east side
BryanWilliamShoe MakerFrederick St, east side
BryenArrickCarpenterMarket St, east side
BuckeyM. B. & Co.Curriersnear Bridge & High Sts, east side
BurchIsaacWheel WrightSecond St, north side
BurgessRichardClerkThird Auditor’s Office, Green St, west side
BurnetMrs.WidowFrederick St, west side
BurnettCharles A.Jeweler & China StoreB St, north side
ButlerJosephCarpenterGay St, north side
ButlerPhilipBlacksmithJefferson St, east side
CalhounWilliamJefferson St, west side3.
CallahanFrancisLaborerThird St, north side
CallebackMrs.WidowThird St, north side
CammackEdwardTailorBridge St, west end, south side
CampbellMesackCooperWater St.
CampbellMr.Market St, west side
CampelJuerGrocerHigh St, west side, north end
CarberyLewisSurveyorLingan St, east side
CarrJosephCooperNear Rock Creek Bridge.
CarrollJohnButter MerchantBridge St, south side
Carter____Clerknear Washington & West Sts, north side
CarterHenryDry-Good StoreBridge St, north side
CarterRichardDry-Good storecor High & Bridge Sts.
CartwrightLewisCarpenterBeall St, north side
CassinCapt.U.S. NavyFirst St, north side
CaulderJamesTailorBridge St, west end, south side
ChandlerMrs.WidowWest St, north side
ChapmanMrs. MaryWidowcor Congress & Dunbarton Sts, north side
ChaseSamuelJudgeOrphan’s Court.
ChewSamuelWood Merchantnear Market space & Cherry Alley.
ChickJosephPlastererWest St, south side
ChildsMrs.Female SeminaryBridge St, south side
ClagettMrs.WidowWest St, south side
ClarkeIgnatiusGrocercor Second & High Sts, west side, north end
ClarkeJosephBricklayerBridge St, south side
ClarkeMariaWidowcor of Washington & Gay Sts, north side
ClarkeMrs. AnnMillinerBridge St, north side
ClarkeMrs.Widowcor Gay & Washington Sts.
ClaxtonJohnChina & Fancy StoreBridge St, west end, south side
ClementsJohn F.ShoemakerMarket St, west side
ClementsMrs.WidowBridge St, south side
ClementsRobertPainterMarket St, east side
ClementsThomasClerkWest St, south side
Cleyson (Clayson?)Mrs.WidowFemale Seminary, Washington St, east side
CogswellJosephShoe MakerHigh St, west side
CogswellJosephShoe StoreBridge St, north side
ColclazerJacobBlacksmithBridge St, south side
Coleman____TannerJefferson St, east side
CollegeCatholicSecond St, south side
CollinsMrs.WidowJefferson St, west side
CollinsRev. Mr.Mthodist PreacherDunbarton St, north side
ComptonWidowMontgomery St, west side
ConnellyJohnShoe Makernear Rock Creek, Dunbarton St, west side
ConnellyMiss MaryWater St, north side
ConnellyOwenU.S. HotelBridge St, south side Odd Fellows Hall.
ConnerRobertLaborerFrederick St, east side
ConnollyOwenLivery StableHigh St, west side
Cooper____ClerkFirst St, south side
CoppersmithTeacherWest St, north side
CorcoranJamesPost MasterFirst St, south side
CorcoranStone MasonContractor & Bridge Builder, Congress St, east side
CorcoranThomasClerkCity Post Office, First St, south side
CorcoranWilliamHatterWest St, south side
CorllaysJohnBoot & Shoe FactoryPotomac St, east side, Market space.
CoxClementAttorney at Lawnear Post Office, Congress St, east side
CoxClementAttorneycor of Congress & Gay Sts.
CoxJohnMayorOffice Bridge St, south side
CraigMrs.WidowBeall St, north side
CropleyGeorgeBakerHigh St, west side
CropleyRichardBoot & Shoe StoreHigh St, east side
CropleySamuelBridge St, west end, south side
CropleySamuelGrocery & Dry-Goods StoreMarket space.
CrownJohnClerkGreen St, west side
CrownMrs.WidowHigh St, west side, north end
CruickshankCharlesBook StoreBridge St, south side
CruickshankCharlesBook-Bindernear Second & Potomac Sts, east side
CruitJohnGrocercor Washington & Bridge Sts.
CruttendenJoelMerchantD.H., First St, west end
CruttendenJoelTobacconistFirst St, north side
CunninghamMr.Globe Tavern & HotelHigh St, east side
CunninghamSamuelButter MerchantHigh St, west side, north end
DantWilliamMerchant TailorPotomac St, west side
DavidsonJohnMerchantGay St, south side
DavisGideonPlough MakerBeall St, south side
DavisJamesBlacksmithBridge St, north side
DavisJamesBlacksmithPotomac St, west side
DavisJohnHat & Shoe StoreMarket Space.
DavisRichardDry-Good StoreBridge St, west end, south side
DavisSamuelCook ShopWater St, south side
DavisSamuelTavern KeeperWater St, north side
DawElizaDress MakerBridge St, south side
DawReubenGun & Lock SmithBridge St, south side
DawsonRobertBlacksmithBridge St, north side
DawsonThomasBlacksmithHigh St, west side
DawsonThomasBlacksmithSecond St, south side
DayJamesLaborerJefferson St, east side
DeanCharlesRope MakerWest St, south side
DeanWilliamCupper & LeecherDunbarton St, north side
DebbleEdwardCapinet MakerThird St, south side
DecaturMrs.WidowProspect St, south side
DecumFrederickcor Third & Lingan Sts, west side
DelaneyJohnCarpenterGreen St, west side
DelaneyMatthewBlacksmithBeall St, south side
DelaneyMatthewBlacksmithFrederick St, west side
DellowayJohnSeamanJefferson St, east side
DickBetseycor Washington & Gay Sts, south side
DicksMargaretWidowGay St, north side
DidenhooverWilliamCarpet WeaverBridge St, south side
DirnerMrs.WidowMilliner, Potomac St, west side
DixonJohnCabinet MakerHigh St, west side
DodgeFrancis, Jr.Office Water St.
DodgeFrancisMerchant StoreWater St.
DodgeFrancisMerchantD.H. Congress St Water St, north side).
DonihouPeter O.Merchant TailorBridge St, south side
DonoghueJohn & PeterSoap & Candle Factorynear Lingan & First Sts, south side
DonoughT. O.Hat & Shoe StoreMarket Space.
Doyle____West St, north side
DuffyMatthewCarpenterProspect St, north side
DunlopJamesAttorney at LawGay St, south side
DunlopR. P.Attorney at LawGay St, south side
DunlopRobertAttorney at LawCongress St, east side
DuvalMrs. LucyWidowcor Beall & Montgomery Sts, west side
DyerIgnatiusShoe MakerSecond St, north side
DyerMrs.WidowFirst St, south side
EastingsJamesTailorJefferson St, west side
EckelCharlesWatch & Clock MakerBridge St, south side
EckelCharlesWest St, north side
EdelinLevinContractorsecond St, south side
EdesMrs.WidowGreen St, east side
EdesWilliam H.Merchant & Feed StoreWater St, north side
EdmonsonDicusBakernear Beall & High St, east side
EdwardsHenry W.Tin FactoryHigh St, west side
EdwardsJ. L.Commissioner of PensionsGay St, south side
ElieJohnTannerFayette St, east side
EllesElizabethWidowFrederick St, east side
EllisJesseGrocercor of Cherry Alley & Water St, north side
EmmurtWilliamConfectionerBridge St, north side
EnglishDavidGay St, north side
EnglishDavidHardware Storebridge St, north side
EsbyWilliamTinnerSecond St, south side
EssexJames F.Coopernear Water & High Sts, west side
FarisPeterHair Dresser & BarberBridge St, south side
FarrerMrs.WidowLingan St, west side
FearsonJoseph H.MerchantD.H. Congress St (store Water St, south side)
FearsonMrs.WidowGrocer, High St, west side, north end
FearsonSamuelGrocercor Water & Congress St.
FenwickMrs.WidowThird St, south side
Fitzpartrick (Fitzpatrick?)EdwardDry Good StoreHigh St, east side
FitzpatrickEdwardnear Prospect & Market St, west side
FletcherWilliam F.Stone MasonJefferson St, east side
FontelroyJohanaGreen St, east side
FordJarretFayette St, west side
ForrestG. M.West St, south side
ForrestMrs. RebeccaWidowBridge St, south side
FowlerBenjaminClerkEngineer Dept., Washington St, east side
FowlerBenjaminClerkHigh St, east side, north end
FrenchGeorgenear green & Bridge St, south side
FrushWilliamCarpenterGreen St, east side, near canal bridge.
FryJames H.Boot & Shoe MakerWater St, north side
FryJamesShoe MakerJefferson St, west side
FullaloveJamesMerchant TailorBridge St, north side
Furgerson (Ferguson?)RazinTailorBridge St, north side
GaitherHenryWatch Maker & JewelerBridge St, north side
GaitherMrs.Milliner & Fancy StoreBridge St, north side
GannonMichaelWestern Hotelcor of Third & High Sts, west side, north end
GantMrs.Widownear Gay & Greet Sts, west side
GeacherDr. JamesHigh St, west side
Geddens (Giddens? Giddons?)FrancisLock KeeperJefferson St, west side
GettyRobertClerkFourth Auditor’s Office, Dunbarton St, south side
GettysJamesMagistrate’s OfficeHigh St, west side, north end
GettysJamesMagistrate’s OfficeMarket St, east side
GeuryMrs. AnnFrederick St, west side
GibsonRichardDrawing & Painting Academynear Bridge & Washington Sts, west side
GoddardMrs.WidowBeall St, south side
GoddardThomasBoot & Shoe MakerJefferson St, west side
GoddardZachariahConstableDunbarton St, south side
GoldingWilliam R.Hack DriverWashington St, east side
GoodmanPeterLaborerJefferson St, west side
GoodrichGeorgeBridge St, north side
GordonCharlesBridge St, next to Union Hotel.
GoszlerHenrycor Second & Fayette Sts, east side
GoszlerHenryGrocercor Fayette & Second Sts, south side
GoszlerJohncor of Frederick & Second Sts, south side
GoszlerJohnLiquor Guagercor Second & Frederick Sts, east side
GoszlerMrs. PollyWidowSecond St, south side
GramelWilliamLaborerHigh St, east side, north end
GrayJameslaborerFourth St, north side
GrayJohn B.Police Constablecor Third & Frederick Sts, east side
GrayNathanButcherFirst St, north side
GreshamSterlingClerkWest St, north side
Griffen (Griffin?)Thomas B.Shoe MakerMontgomery St, west side
Grindage (Grundage?)WilliamGrocernear Bridge & High Sts, west side
Groos (Gross?)FrancisButcherFirst St, north side
GrosmanJohnEssence ManufacturerHigh St, west side, north end
GusteenDr. JacobHigh St, west side
GweneyBarnardTavern & Boarding Housecor of High St.
HaffWilliamLaborerFourth St, north side
HallerFrancisTinnerHigh St, west end
HallerGeorge W.Brass-founder & Tin-plate-workerHigh St, east side
HammelJeremiahWashington HotelHigh St, east side
HansonRev. Mr.Methodist PreacherMontgomery St, east side
HarbaughJeremiahWheel-WrightBridge St, south side
HardyRev. Mr.Catholic Priestopposite the Catholic Church.
HarperJosephcor Fourth & Market Sts, west side
HarperJosephMusicianFourth St, north side
HarryJamesbricklayercor Fayette & First St, north side
HartMrs. JulietWidowFayette St, west site
HarveyWilliamBricklayerLingan St, east side
HastingsJamesShoe & Grocery Storenear canal, Bridge & Potomac Sts, east side
HaymanWilliamBrewernear Market & Third St, north side
HedgesNicholasWood measurerDunbarton St, south side
HendersonMrs.Boarding HouseBridge St, south side
HepbernJohn M.ClerkWest St, south side
HepburnJosephBrush MakerWest St, south side
HeughSusanWidowMarket Space, west side
HillaryJohnCarpenterSecond St, north side
HillaryMrs.WidowCongress St, east side
HiltonThomasCooperWater St, north side
HiltonThomasGrocer & Tavern Keepercor Jefferson St.
HodgkinSamuelTanner & Grocercor Fayette & First St, north side
Holt_____CarpenterCongress St, east side
HoltzmanGeorgeBoarding House & Stage OfficeBeall St, north side
HoltzmanJamesGrocercor Green & Dunbarton Sts, north side
HoltzmanJohnTax CollectorBeall St, south side
HooverJohnMontgomery St, west side
HooverPeterButchernear Fayette & First Sts, east side
HughesJ. & W.BakersBridge St, south side
HukillGliderContractorJefferson St, west side
HullJohnButcherLingan St, west side
HumphriesSamuelChief Naval ConstructorGay St, south side
HurdleGeorgeShoe MakerMarket St, west side
HurdleNobleBricklayerHigh St, east side, north end
HutchensBennettWatchmanMarket St, east side
HutchensJohnPainterFourth St, north side
HutchensMrs.Green St, west side
HutchisonSamuelGrocerWater St, north side
HydeThomasCurrierHigh St, east side, north end
JacksonThomasLeather StoreHigh St, east side
JacksonWidowGrocerBridge St, south side, west end
JacobJoelBoot & Shoe MakerHigh St, west side, north end
JamesJohnCarpenterPotomac St, east side
JaneraMr.Dancing MasterFirst St, south side
JenkinsJohnBoot & Shoe MakerWater St, north side
Jennings____ClerkFirst St, south side
JesseHowardCooperGreen St, east side
JewellWilliamFirst St, north side
JewellWilliamMerchant TailorBridge St, north side
JohnesThomasChair MakerGreen St, east side
Johnson____Sea CaptainMontgomery St, east side
JohnsonGeorgeClerkFirst Comptroller’s Office, Bridge St, north side
JohnsonHenryShoe MakerBridge St. north side
JohnsonNoblePotomac St, east side
JonesHoratioClerk in the Branch BankThird St, north side
JonesRichardBlack-smith & Wheel-WrightHigh St, east side
JonesSamuelGrocerBridge St, north side
JonesSamuelStoreBridge & Potomac Sts, east side
KeatingJohnGreen St, west side
KellenbergerGeorgeCooperCherry Alley
KellenbergerJosephCooperCherry Alley.
KeyFrancis S.Attorney at Lawcor Washington & Beall Sts, north side
KeyFrancis S.Attorney at LawOffice Bridge St, west end, south side
KingCharles & Co.Lumber MerchantsWater St, south side, D.H. First St.
KingCharlescor Potomac & First St, north side
KingEdward B.Collector of Taxes for Washington CountyThird St, south side
KingEnock (Enoch?)Grocercor Frederick & First Sts, south side
KingHenryDoctorcor First & High Sts, west side
KingIgnatiusFoundrynear Frederick St, east side
KingJames C.ClerkFirst Auditor’s Office, Prospect St, north side
KingJohn H.Grocer & Flour MerchantHigh St, west side, north end
KingMrs.WidowFayette St, east side
KingWilliamCabinet Makernear Water & Congress Sts, east side
KnowlesHenryCarpenterWashington St, west side
KnowlesHenryCarpenterWashington St.
KnowlesSamuelGrocery Store
KnowlesWilliamCarpenterGreen St, west side
KnowlesWilliamCarpenterWashington St, west side
KrouseJohn G.Butcher & GrocerFourth St, south side
KrowseEverateButcherMarket Space.
KurtzDanielClerkWashington St, west side
KurtzDavidRunnerEngineer’s Office, West St, south side
KurtzJohnMerchantWater St, south side
LairdWilliamMerchantD.H. Gay & Congress Sts.
LairdWilliamMerchantGay St, north side
LaneHenryFruit StoreBridge St, south side
LangMrs. ElenorTavern & Boarding HouseWater St, north side
LangWilliamBoot & Shoe MakerBridge St, north side
LangdenGeorgeCarpenterThird St, south side
LaubCharles A.Apothecary & Drug StoreStage Office cor Congress & Bridge St.
LaubCharles A.DoctorBridge St, north side
LaurenceJohnLeather Dresser & Tannernear Second & Fayette Sts, east side
LemastingWilliamCarpenterMontgomery St, west side
LeonardHenryGrocerJefferson St, west side
LewisJamesCarpenterMontgomery St, west side
LewisJohnBridge St, north side
LibbyJosephLumber Merchant & CarpenterFrederick St, east side
LinkensJamesCarpenterWest St, north side
LinthicumDoctorThird St, north side
LinthicumE. M.Hardward Storecor High & Bridge Sts.
LinthicumEdwardWest St, north side
LinthicumO. M.Drug StoreHigh St, west side
LipscombJesseGrocerHigh St, east side
LipscombWilliam C.ClerkMontgomery St, west side
LittleDr. Johnnear Market & Prospect Sts, north side
LittleJosephGrocercor West & High Sts, east side, north end
LittlejohnAlexanderBarberHigh St, north end
LokeyAndrewCigar MakerSecond St, south side
LovejoyMrs.WidowJefferson St, west side
LowMrs.WidowFruit Store, Bridge St, south side
LowndesFrancisClerk in the Register’s Officebridge St, north side
LowryGeorgeMerchantWater St, south side, D.H. Pa Ave, Washington City.
LucasRev. Mr.Catholic Priestopposite the Catholic Church.
LundyWilliamGrocerWater St, north side
LuptenDaniel S.TannerFayette St, west side
LuttrellMatildaTavern & Boarding HouseBridge St, west end, south side
LutzJohnSadlerHigh St, east side
LyonsOwenMiller & Flour MerchantWater St, south side, D.H. Gay St.
MagillRobertClerkFourth Auditor’s Office, cor West & Washington Sts, east side
MagruderGeorge B.Tobacco InspectorThird St, north side
MagruderHezekiahPhysicianBridge St, north side
MagruderN.Butcher & TannerMarket St, west end
MaguireJohnBoarding HouseWater St, north side
MahoneyGeorgeBricklayercor Third & Lingan Sts, east side
MarburyJohnAttorney at LawBridge St, north side
MarburyJohnAttorney at LawFirst St, north side
MarburyWilliamBridge St, west end, south side
MardenNathanielCarpentercor Third & Market Sts, west side
MardenNathanielCarpentercor Washington St.
Markeritter____Carpenter & GrocerMarket St, west side
MasonGen. Johncor Lingan & Prospect Sts, south side
MasonJohnnear Congress & Gay Sts, north side
MasseyP. L.Apothecary & Druggistcor Bridge & Potomac Sts.
MasseyThomasBricklayerBeall St, north side
MatherJamesPainter & GlazierBridge St, north side
MatthewsHenryClerkD.H. cor West & Washington Sts, east side
MattinglyLewisLaborerJefferson St, east side
MattinglyMrs. AliciaWidowFayette St, west side
MayThomas O. N.Grocer & Tavern Keepercor Jefferson & Water Sts, north side
Mayson (Mason?)JohnMerchantWater St, north side, D.H. Gay St.
McClaudsW.AcademyGay St, north side
McCutchenJohnGrocerJefferson St, west side
McKeanJamesShoe MakerJefferson St, west side
McKenneySamuelDunbarton St, north side
McKewinWilliamGrocercor Bridge & Green Sts.
McMachinWilliamTobacconistJefferson St, west side
McNairJames A.West St, south side
McNairJamesTeacherWest St, south side
McNealWilliamSecond St, north side
McPhersonHenryWood Merchantnear Water & Congress Sts, east side
McPhersonJosephMerchantWest side, Congress St.
McPhersonMrs. Mary AnnWidowCongress St, east side
McPhersonRobert L.Tavern & GrocerMarket Space.
MickumSamuelCollectorHigh St, east side, north end
Middleton____Ship CarpenterGreen St, east side
MilesMrs.WidowBoarding House, Jefferso st, east side
Miller____Dunbarton St, north side
MillerHezekiahClerkIndian Office, Gay St, near Congress St, south side
MillerMrs. E.GrocerFayette St, west side
MillerWilliamCarpenterCongress St, east side
MooreRobertClerkGay St, north side
MorganGeorgeTavern & GrocerMarket Space.
MorganJohn R.GrocerWater St, north side
MorganMrs.WidowBridge St, north side
MorganSusanGrocercor gay & High Sts, east side
MorganWilliamMerchant & Flour InspectorBeall St, south side
MorissNathanCarpenterGreen St, east side
MorrisCom.cor Frederick & First St, north side
MorsellJudgeWest St, south side
MortenWilliamClerkWest St, south side
MossJohnCoach MakerGreen St, west side
MotherMrs.WidowHigh St, east side
MountzJohnClerkCorporation, Bridge St, south side
MountzJosephBridge St, south side
MountzWidowcor Dunbarton & Montgomery Sts, west side
MoyersSamuelSadlerHigh St, east side
MurryJamesPainterFrederick St, east side
MyersCharlesFan Maker & CarpenterDunbarton St, north side
MyersJohnFan Maker & CarpenterDunbarton St, north side
NevensRandolph B.Cabinet Maker High St, east side
NeviusJohn S.ClerkU.S. Bank, Beall St, south side
NewtonClem. (Clement?)Tavern KeeperMarket Space.
NewtonIgnatiusTannerMarket Space.
NewtonIgnatiusWeigher of HaySecond St, north side
NewtonLewisBook BinderPotomac St, east side
NewtonWilliamcor Beall & High Sts, east side
NichollsIsaac S.Lottery OfficeBridge St, south side
NicholsThomasSadlerHigh St, east side
NicholsWilliam S.BrokerD.H. Heights.
NicholsWilliamWest St, north side
NicholsonJamesBlack SmithWater St, north side
NowlandThomasPenny-PostmanSecond St, south side
NoyesWilliamMerchantWater St, near Congress St, north side
O’NealSusanGrocerWater St, north side
O’NealTheodoreCarpenterThird St, south side
O’RileyMrs.WidowProspect St, south side
OffuttZ. M.PainterThird St, south side
OffuttZachariahPainter & GlazierHigh St, west side
OgleMaryWidowGrocer, Market St, west side
OliverJesseJefferson St, west side
OrmeJeremiahGay St, north side
OrmeJeremiahGrocercor Congress & Bridge Sts.
OrmeThomasHatternear the canal & Jefferson St, east side
OrmeWilliamGrocer & Flour StoreBridge St, south side
OrrW.ClerkTeller’s Office, High St, eat side, north end
OsbornRichardDry Good StoreBridge St, south side
OsbornWilliamBricklayerBeall St, north side
OuldRobertTeachercor Montgomery & Dunbarton Sts, north side
OysterGeorgeButter DealerHigh St, eat side, north end
ParsonsWilliamBoot & Shoe MakerHigh St, west side
Pasker (Parker?)FrederickBakerHigh St, west side
PattersonEdgarClerk in Register’s Office, Treas. DeptThird St, south side
PaulAlexanderCarpenterSecond St, north side
PayneAlexanderCooperSecond St, south side
PeakeJohn L.Tavern Keeper & Watchmannear Bridge & High Sts, eat side
PettetRichardCarpenterThird St, south side
Phelps____CarpenterSecond St, north side
Phelps____CarpenterWashington St, wet side
PickerellJohnLumber YardD.H., Prospect St, near Bank of Columbia.
PickerellThomasGrocercor Dunbarton & Green Sts, west side
Pomeroye (Pomeroy?)GeorgeChair MakerGreen St, west side
PoorFrederick ThomasGrocerGreen St, east side
ParsonsWilliamBoot & Shoe MakerHigh St, west side
Pasker FrederickBakerHigh St, west side
PattersonEdgarClerk in Register’s Office, Treas. DeptThird St, south side
PaulAlexanderCarpenterSecond St, north side
PaulNicholsCarpenterFrederick St, east side
PauleySamuelButcherMarket St, west side
PayneAlexanderCooperSecond St, south side
PayneJohnCarpenterFrederick St, South side
PayneThomasShoe MakerDunbarton St, north side
PeakeJohn L.Tavern Keeper & Watchmannear Bridge & High Sts, east side
Peirce____ (Mrs.)WidowGay St, south side
PettetRichardCarpenterThird St, south side
Phelps____CarpenterSecond St, north side
Phelps____CarpenterWashington St, west side
PickerellJohnLumber YardD.H., Prospect St, near Bank of Columbia.
PickerellThomasGrocercor Dunbarton & Green Sts, west side
Pierce____ (Mrs.)Teacher, Methodist AsylumDunbarton St, north side
Pomeroye (Pomeroy?)GeorgeChair MakerGreen St, west side
PoorFrederick ThomasGrocerGreen St, west side
PrattRachelWidow Gay Street, north side
PriceJohnCarpenterFrederick St, east side
ProbyThomasTailorMarket Space
PyferHenryHat Ware HouseMarket Space
QuinnElizabethBoarding House
Ramsburg ____Skin DresserSecond St, north side
Ramsburg____ (Mrs.)WidowThird St, south side
RaneySamuelClerk, Ordnance OfficeGreen St, east side
Ratcliff____ (Mrs.)Oyster HouseHigh St, west side
RatcliffGeorgePainterHigh St, east side
RatcliffJames L.Cigar MakerJefferson St, east side
RatcliffJosephWood merchantWater St, south Side D.H. Gay St, north side
RatcliffJosephGay St, north side
RawlingsRobertMarket St, east side
RayAlexanderGay St, south side
ReadRobertClerk, 3d Auditor's OfficeGay St, north side, east end
ReadRobertClerk, Third Auditor's OfficeGay St, north side
ReahDanielBoot & Shoe MakerMarket St, west side
RedenWilliamAttorney at LawBridge St, north side
ReedWilliamFoundry manBridge St, west end, south side
RemingtonWilliamCarternr Fourth & Market Sts, east side
RennerWilliamFirst St, south side
RidgelyWilliam G.Chief Clerk, Navy Coms. OfficeFrederick St, east side
RidgewayJesseCarpenterNr Third & Market St, west side
RileyJoshuaPhysicianBridge St, south side
RinggoldBarbaraWidownr Potomac & First St, south side
RinggoldHamiltonClerk in the BankFirst St, south side
RisnerHenryFishermanCherry Alley
RitterAdamHatterWashington St, west side
RitterPeterContractor of Corporation WorkMarket Space
RoachR.Boarding HouseBridge St, north side
RobertsonJohnBootmakerPotomac St, east side
RobertsonLankinCook ShopBridge St, north side
RobertsonSallyTavern & Boarding HouseWater St, north side
Robinson____ (Mrs.)WidowWashington St, east side
RobinsonJamesOyster HouseMarket Space
RodgersThomasGrocerMarket Space
RodierMrs.WidowBridge St, north side
RossWilliamTanner & CurrierThird St, south side
RussellF. A.Coach Maker Washington St, east side
RutherRobertStone MasonBridge St, south side
Ryan____Gay St, north side
RyanWilliamPainterBridge St, north side
RyeJohnBakerGreen St, west side
ScallanE. (Mrs.)Milliner & DressmakerBridge St, south side
ScallanRobertBoatmanBridge St, south side
SchewWalterClothing StoreWater St, north side
ScottJohn D.Near the College, Second St, north side
ScottSabert E.MerchantWater St, south side; D.H., Washington City
Scrivener____ (Mrs.)WidowHigh St, east side, north end
ScrivenerSamuelShoemakerSecond St, south side
Semmes____ (Dr.)First St, south side
SemmesJamesPainterFourth St, north side
SemmesRaphaelMerchantWater St, south side
SemmesSampsonCarpenterBridge St, south side
Sewell____ (Mrs.)WidowFirst St, north side
SewellBennettWheelwrightFirst St, south side
SewellFrancis T.Clerk, Branch BankWest St, north side
ShaaffArthurClerk, State DeptFirst St, north side
ShaaffMary (Mrs.)WidowFirst St, north side
Shanks____ (Mrs.)WidowBridge St, south side
Shaw____ (Mrs.)Widow, Grocernr Water & Potomac Sts, east side
ShawSamuelBricklayerBridge St, north side
SheckellRichardBricklayercor High & Market Sts, west side
Shell____ (Mrs.)Grocercor. of Dunbarton & Montgomery St, west side
SheppardWilliamCabinet MakerBridge St, north side
SherranJohnWater St, north side
ShoemakerGeorgeFlour InspectorHigh St, east side, north end
ShreevesJoshuaGay St, north side
SilanceJohnBridge St, north side
Simpson____Clerk in Post OfficeBeall St, south side
SimpsonAlexanderPortrait PainterHigh St, east side, north end
SimpsonJohnMusic MasterHigh St, east side, north end
SmartJohnCoopernr Water & High St, east side
SmartZacheriahCooperJefferson St, west side
SmithAnn (Mrs.)Cook ShopBridge St, south side
SmithAnthonyCarpenterCongress St, east side
SmithAnthonyCarpenterMontgomery St, west side
SmithJ. C. (Rev.)Presbyterian MinisterGreen St, west side
SmithJamesFirst St, south side
SmithJohnMerchant TailorBridge St, south side
SmithLewisPumpmakerHigh St, east side, north end
SmithS.DressmakerBridge St, south side
SmithWalterMerchantWater St, south side; D.H. First St
SmithWalterMerchant TailorWater St, north side
SmootWalterMerchantWater St, south side; D.H. Prospect St
SpaldingHectorMarket St, east side
SpeakmanThomas N.TavernkeeperMarket Space
SpillmanThomasTailorGreen St, west side
StallJacobTobacconistcor Fayette & First Sts, south side
StallonsWilliamCoachmakerDunbarton St, north side
SteelCharlesShoemakerWashington St, east side
SteelSamuelWheelwrightWater St, north side
SteelWilliamCarpenternr Lingan St
SteelWilliamWheelwrightFrederick St, west side
SteopsWilliamCigarmakerHigh St, west side
StewartWilliamMontgomery St, west side
StewartWilliam S.Bridge St, west end, south side
StewensGeorgeCabinetmakerHigh St, east side
StocktonT. H. (Rev.)Minister, Associate Methodist ChurchMontgomery St, west side
Stone____ (Mrs.)Widow, Grocercor Fourth & Market Sts, east side
StoneEdwardPainterThird St, south side
Stroud____ (Mrs.)WidowWashington St, west Side
SuttenNicholasCoach TrimmerWashington St, west Side
SwanNathanCaptain of the WatchThird St, south side
SweeneyGeorgeLaborerJefferson St, west side
SweeneyHenryDyer & ScourerBridge opposite Jefferson St
SweetDanielGrocerThird St, south side
SymingtonJamesShoemakerFourth St, north side
Taladay____ (Rev. Mr.)First St, south side
Taney____ (Mrs.)WidowWashington St, west side
TannerThomasShoemakerSecond St, south side
TaymanFielderBoarding HouseWater St, north side
TempelmanGeorgeFayette St, west side
TheckerJamesTavernkeeperWater St, north side
Thomas____GrocerBeall St, south side
ThomasDeborceBook StoreHigh St, east side
ThomasJ.Blacksmithnr Canal & Market St, east side
ThomasJamesMarket St, east side
ThomasJamsBook Seller & Stationercor Congress & Bridge Sts
ThomasJenkinsSadlerHigh St, east side
ThomasJohnCooperCongress St, east side
ThompsonBenjaminLaborerFourth St, north side
ThompsonJohn H.PlastererFourth St, north side
ThompsonWilliamCarpenterFourth St, north side
Thomson____ (Mrs.)WidowFirst St, south side
Thomson____ (Mrs.)WidowJefferson St, west side
ThomsonElizaWidowBridge St, west end, south side
ThomsonJ.Nr bridge & Jefferson Sts, east side
ThomsonWilliam H.GrocerWater St, north side
ThorntonJamesCongress St, east side
ThuckerHenryWood YardBridge St, north side
TilleyHenryWest St, north side
TregerAlbertMillerWest St, south side
TrunnelHenryPolice ConstableFrederick St, east side
TrunnelHoratioLivery Stable & CoachmakerWashington St, east side
TuckerSamuelTailorBridge St, north side
TurnerThomasCollector of CustomsDunbarton St, south side
UppermanGeorgeWheelwrightHigh St, east side, north end
UppermanGeorgeGrocercor Third & High Sts, west side, north end
UppermanHenryBrickmakerHigh St, east side
UppermanMargaret (Mrs.)Widownr Beall & Washington Sts, east side
VillardR. H. L.Silversmith & JewelerBridge St, south side
VonessonPeterGrocer & Tavernkeepernr Canal, Bridge & Congress Sts, east side
WalkerSingletonPrinterWashington St, west side
WallingWilliam M.GrocerHigh St, west side, north end
WallisThomasTailorMarket St, east side
WardelSamuelGrocer & Shoe StoreBridge St, north side
WarfieldP. (Dr.)First St, north side
WarkerEdwardPainterJefferson St, east side
WarrenHenryBank DirectorSecond St, north side
WashingtonGeorge C. (Esq.)Washington St, east side
WatersThomas G.TavernFirst St, south side
WatkinsTobiasTeacherHigh St, east side, north end
WaughP.Tobacconistnr Congress & Bridge Sts, south side
WaughTownshendClerk, Examiner's OfficeBridge St, south side
Webster____ (Mrs.)WidowWest St, north side
WebsterS. P.West St, south side
WeightmanWilliamCooperHigh St, west side
WellsRichardClothing StoreWater St, north side
WheatlyFrancisDyer & ScourerJefferson St, west side
WhiteJane (Mrs.)Boarding Housecor Bridge & Jefferson Sts
WhiteRobertGrocercor of Market space
WhithersAdisonLeather ManufactoryHigh St, west side, north end
Whitney____ (Mrs.)MillinerBridge St, north side
WhitneyJosephShoemakerBridge St, north side
WilcoxCharles G.ClerkWest St, north side
Williams____ (Mrs.)TavernkeeperMarket Space
WilliamsJeremiahClerk, First Auditor's OfficeDunbarton St, north side
WilliamsonWilliamClerk, First Comptroller's Officecor Green & Gay Sts
Wilson____(Mrs.)Widownr Montgomery St, south side
WilsonHenry G.Merchant & GrocerHigh St, east side, north end
WilsonIsaacStone CutterWashington St, west side
WilsonJames C.Clerk, Engineer DeptFirst St, south side
WilsonJohnHair DresserBridge St, south side
WilsonJohn G.Dry Goods StoreBridge St, north side
WinderJohnFruit & Cake ShopBridge St, north side
WindshipEdwardPainterBridge St, north side
Wingard____ (Mrs.)WidowSecond St, south side
WingardPeterHigh St, east side, north end
Wirth____ (Mrs.)WidowWest St, north side
WoodJohnBridge St, north side
WoodJosephStone CutterMarble Yard, nr the Canal & Bridge St
WoodwardRoswellWest St, south side; office Water St
WoodwardSedleyRefectory & Boarding HouseBridge St, south side
WoodwardThomasDept. MarshalBridge St, north side
WorthingtonCharles (Dr.)Prospect St, north side
WorthingtonN. W. (Dr.)Prospect St, north side
WrightThomas C.Auction RoomBridge St, north side
YoungRobertSoap & Candle FactoryBridge & Green Sts, south side

Street Renaming

Old Street Name: Modern Street Name
Beall: O Street
Bridge: M Street
Congress: 31st Street
Dunbarton: Dumbarton Street
Fayette: 35th Street
First: N Street
Fifth: Q Street
Fourth: Volta Place
Frederick: 34th Street
Gay: N Street; some parts 36th Street
Green: 29th Street
High: Wisconsin Avenue
Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson Street
Lingan: 36th Street
Market: 33rd Street
Montgomery: 28th Street
Olive: Olive Street
Prospect: Prospect Street
Second: O Street
Seventh: Reservoir Road
Sixth: Dent Place
Third: P Street
Washington: 30th Street
Water: Wisconsin Ave; some parts K Street
West: P Street