Seafarers of Early Washington

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Georgetown, D.C.

Port of entry for Georgetown, included all the waters and shores from Pomonkey Creek on the north side of the Potomac River to the head of navigable water of the river. When the District was formed it was included, however, after it was abolished in 1913, it became a part of Maryland.

Alexandria, VA

The port included all the waters and shores, bays and harbors on the south side of the Potomac River from Cockpit Point to the highest tidewater. In 1871 that part of the district of Tappahannock extending from Boyd's Hole to Cockpit Point was annexed and the Potomac became a port of delivery. Alexandria remained the sole port of entry until 1913 when the district was abolished. During the Civil War the port was closed from 4/27/1861 to 9/24/1863.