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1/20/2015 Added photo for Powell Junior High School.
1/21/2013 Added the remaining alphabet P through Z of the 1834 Georgetown Directory.
1/9/2013 Posted 1855 Georgetown directory
9/1/2012 Posted two unknown photographs
7/29/2012 Added list of early divorces, list of schools in 1868
6/18/2012 Added 9 old photographs of Businesses and Schools
4/10/2012 Added 1843 Washington City Directory
3/24/2012 Added World War I Memorial for DC residents
3/20/2012 Added Eastern High School photos
2/20/2012 Added two early photographs
2/20/2012 Added Some Early Marriages Reported in DC Papers (1803-1810)
2/18/2012 Added Grace Episcopal Burials
2/12/2012 Added Grace Episcopal Families and Baptisms
2/9/2012 Added Selected Georgetown Records, 1834-1919
1/23/2012 Added Anacostia Methodist Episcopal Baptisms, 1893-1903
1/9/2012 Added Businesses page and Central High photograph
1/8/2012 Added Some Early Marriages Reported in DC Papers (1796-1802)
12/18/2011  Added Business High and Western High photos.
12/6/2011  Added 1889 Spencerian, 1909 Snowden, and 1920 Armstrong graduating classes.
12/5/2011  Added 4 schools and building pictures on the schools page.
12/4/2011  Added 2 business photographs on the photograph page.
12/3/2011  Added 41 grade school 1889 graduate lists.
12/2/2011 Added photo of 1891 glee club of Central High
12/1/2011 1822 Directory of Washington DC
11/20/2011  Added 1834 Alexandria Directory.
11/20/2011  Added 1894 Sidwell, 1881 Spencerian, 1888 Washington High, 1888 Washington Normal Graduates.
11/04/2011  Added 1834 Georgetown Directory.
10/28/2011  Added 1888 Emerson, 1888 Miner, 1888 Negro, 1883 Washington High, 1886 Washington High, 1886 Washington Normal Graduates.
10/18/2011  Added 1900 Business High Graduates.
10/13/2011  Added 1900 Central High, 1900 Eastern High, 1900 Western High Graduates.
9/18/2011  Added new page for showing more details on People and Families from Washington.
9/18/2011  Added 1894, 1895, 1898, 1901 Business High, 1901 Central High, 1901 Eastern High, 1901 Western High Graduates.
9/14/2011  Added 1892 and 1893 Business High Grads.
9/10/2011  Added 1897 Spencerian, 1897 Negro Kindergarten Training School, 1899 Sidwell Friends, 1930 Dunbar, and 38 grade school graduate lists.
9/7/2011  Added 1896 and 1914 Business High Grads and 1913 and 1914 Central High Grads.
8/29/2011  Added marriages and baptisms for North Capitol Street Methodist Episcopal Church, 1876-1879.
8/25/2011  Added 1940 Fairmont School and Junior College Yearbook.
8/24/2011  Added 1931 Armstrong High Yearbook and 1911 National University Law Commencement.
8/23/2011  Added 1912 and 1922 yearbook student listings for Business High School.
8/18/2011  Added 1926, 1930, 1937 yearbook student listings for Eastern High School.
8/16/2011  Added 1895 Western High School class.
8/16/2011  Added 1922 Central High School class.
8/15/2011  Added 1896 directory of the Metropolitan Club.
8/14/2011  Added link to the complete 1874 directory of Georgetown residents.
8/6/2011  Added history feed from Greater Greater Washington on history page.
6/7/2011  Added page on Central High School history.
5/22/2011  Added Henderson Family photographs.
4/13/2011  Added baptism records, Mount Vernon Place UMC, 1889-1900.
4/9/2011  Functionality addition: For any archive records tables (example), clicking a row will highlight the row even after the mouse moves away – so if you're moving around between windows, this can act as a bookmark. Clicking again removes the highlight.
4/8/2011  Added the first transcription of membership records, Mount Vernon Place UMC, 1869-1874. More to come.
4/2/2011  On the newspaper pages, added a link to the Washington Bee, submitted by Taneya Koonce
3/29/2011  Went digging in my church's archives to find more baptism, marriage, and membership records. Would anyone like to volunteer to transcribe some of what I have? For those of you in the DC area, do you have access to any church archives you can submit?
3/18/2011  Added link to Youtube videos on Cemetery page, including new video taken at Oak Hill today.
3/12/2011  Added news feeds for the past week for both the DC message board and email list at Rootsweb.
3/10/2011  Added more old photographs
3/8/2011  Added more old photographs
3/7/2011  Added a surname registry
3/6/2011  Added more churches - thanks Doug Brennan!
3/3/2011  Welcome to this revised website. This contains most of the content that was here before (with a few more pieces still to come), but the main difference is the in updating the organization and navigation, hopefully making it easier to access.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, I will continue to update the existing content, will be adding in the many new submissions you will be sending in, and will be adding links, images, maps, and other resources as they are found.

Many thanks to the previous coordinator Debi Remer for her work in getting us this far!

Browse around and enjoy!