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L Smith Tue Oct 8 18:32:31 1996 Has anyone seen any information on a Leighton (also spelled Layton) Smith, born around 1750 in Kent or Sussex county?

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Steve Seaney Mon Oct 14 07:15:28 1996 Trying to find information on an Owen Seaney or Owen Seny born in DE in the late 1750's. We have been able to find very little information about this person. He moved to NC in the 1770's. He may have been a revolutionary war soldier.

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Donald Mark Phillips Tue Oct 15 19:13:34 1996 Seeking additional info on James Caulk b. 1765-1784 d. 1829 Green County, Ky. Kids: Lydia b. after 1798, Nancy b. after 1798, John Hardin Caulk b. about 180, James b. about 1803, Deborah b. about 1808, Elaeanor b. about 1809, & : William b. about 1812.

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Helen Staats Harris Tue Oct 15 20:05:38 1996 I am searching for Abraham Staats (1750-1826) who reportedly married a Anna King (1755-1810) in Del. He may have had a brother Joseph who was born in 1740 and went to Ohio. Abraham was in WV in the 1780's and about 1797 he went to Dutch Station near Staunton, Ohio. He left there because the land was too swampy. He moved to Evans WV about 1799, but did not purchase his land until about 1806. After his wife died in 1810. he married Sarah Tilghman. He had children over 40 years. and died in 1826 reportedly from an infect of a bear bit which he received much earlier. Signing on his will was a Francis King who may have been a relative of his first wife. Family names include Abraham, Isaac, Cornelius, Jacob, Elijah, John, Catherine, Ann, Susana, Hannah. I would appreciate any information on either Abraham Staats or his wife Anna King. People have been searching for about 75 years for this family. There are many in the Staats family with this name. In the family of his possible brother there is the story that they were two young brothers who ran away from home on the Hudson River. An interview with his grandson says that the family came from Delaware. I would appreciate any information anyone has!

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Johnnye Totty Wed Oct 16 14:09:32 1996 I am researching the TOTTY family and am looking for information on Thomas TOTTY who is listed in the 1830 census of New Castle County. I collect any information on TOTTY or TODDY

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Peggy Hoffman Thu Oct 17 16:38:02 1996 I am looking for the parents of William FERRIS born July 17, 1821. He married Mary Jane LISTER on September 9, 1841 in Pickaway, Ohio. Any information would be helpful. Thank-you in advance for your assistance.

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Harvey Grimes Sat Oct 19 06:58:01 1996 John Clendaniel, died 1801, Sussex Co. Need maiden name of wife, Rachel. Children: George, Joseph, John, Sampless, married Catherine ?? Nancy, married Jonathan Huston/Hudson; Margaret. John was probable son of William and Margaret VanKirk Clendaniel. I am also looking for any info on Milton Michener, born c1802 in DE.

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Jerry Lee Sat Oct 19 14:50:19 1996 Searching for Abraham SWANGO (b. Germany 1730 d. Gallatin, KY Abt. 1784) married Aisley PYLE March 1760 Old Swedes Church, Wilmington DE. She was born Abt 1742 Delaware and died in Kentucky Aft. 1790.

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Della E. Zane Mon Oct 21 17:58:36 1996 Looking for parents of Thomas Land b. 1818 (1860 Census, he was 42 yrs. old, a shoe reamer living in New Castle Co. Thomas lost his wife Mary Ann Corse in April of 1860. Their children were: Anna, b. 1843, married Joseph M. Burden, Emma E., b. 1845, Charlotte Wright, b. 1846/d. 1848, Thomas C., b. 1853 and married Anna M. Whitesall and Samuel, b. 1855. All the children were born in DE. Where did Thomas go after his wife Mary Ann died? NJ? I've come to a dead end. I'm also interested in any other LAND from Delaware.


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Bill Griffin Mon Oct 28 13:36:16 1996
GRIFFIN, Samuel, d. 1729, Little Duck Creek, New Castle Co., DE

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Linda Tue Oct 29 16:53:32 1996 I am searching for information on James and Mary Garretson. Born in Wilmington on 4 Jan 1745 and his wife's name was Mary. They had 3 children: Josiah born 16 Nov 1772, Elizabeth born 22 Jan 1774 and married Henry Friest, and Gideon born 12 Jan 1776 or 78. I know three brothers came from the Netherlands on the Gilded Beaver, but cannot make any connections further back than James. Any help would be appreciated!

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Robert Cooper Moor Wed Oct 30 12:38:45 1996 MOOR, Henry. Looking for parents and and siblings and wife's surname. Son Robert MOOR married Lydia SNOW a Mayflower descendant. 'Old' Duck Creek Hundred is found on record in 1685, and is given as embracing the land lying between Duck Creek and its southwest branch, called Little Duck Creek, and extending westward to the Maryland line; but the region was not finally settled until many years later. This division left Bombay Hook Island in New Castle County. Old Duck Creek is a very crooked stream, and made a sharp turn about a mile from the Delaware Bay, and then ran thirteen miles to where it joined the Dona River and entered the Bay. Some time previous to 1740 the route to the bay from the landing was shortened by cutting a thoroughfare at the turn, and Hon. Jacob Stout, in 1820, cut the Leipsic, or Little Duck Creek through. In 1841 this thoroughfare was made a part of the northern boundary of Kent County, thus placing Bombay Hook Island in Duck Creek Hundred. History of Delaware by: Scharf P. 1091 Wherefore; the will of Henry MOOR, witnessed by Heneritta MOOR, Jacob ALLEE and Thomas CAHOON in 1751, was made in New Castle County and probated in Kent County, Delaware. In the settlement of the inventory of Henry Moor's estate in 1751 there is a payment of 17 shillings and one pence to John Snow who was the father of Lydia Snow who would marry his son Robert Moor twenty two years later on November 23, 1773. Jacob ALLEE who witnessed the will of Henry Moor, also witnessed the will of Henry's son Robert Moor. Henry Moor's will leaves two plantations, [ one in New Castle County and one in Kent County to his sons Henry II and Robert MOOR. This would indicate that both were about eighteen years of age in 1751 when Henry made his will. In 1756 after Isaac SAPP married Elizabeth MOOR, the WIDOW of Henry Moor, and made petition to Kent County Orphans Court the ledger reveals that Abraham Moor paid six pounds sterling, and Mary Moor paid two pounds sterling to Henry Moor's estate. Of course, this Abraham Moor is not the same Abraham Moor that married the two Hopkins sisters [Susanna and Nancy] fifty years later. There are individuals listed on this document that married into the KILLEN family which was the family of the mother of the Hopkins sisters! John DRAUGHTON who was the executor of Henry Moor's will had a daughter named Margaret. Margaret DRAUGHTON [Drayton] was married to James Snow and they would had a daughter named Rebecca Snow. Rebecca Snow would marry Henry's brother' John's son John Moor, Jr., after Rebecca's first husband Abel REES died. Abel REES was the sister of Jeremiah Rees who was paid twelve shillings seven and one half pence by Henry Moor's widow when Isaac SAPP, Elizabeth Moor's new husband made their petition to Orphans Court. It is interesting to note that Henry Moor named three sons Henry, Robert and John and four unnamed daughters, and had two plantations, one in Kent County and one in New Castle County, because of the location of Duck Creek and Bombay Hook. Bombay Hook is one of Delaware's early landmarks. Today [1996] the Moor burial ground is maintained in the middle of a cornfield, on the grounds of the MOOR family Colonial Plantation near the Bombay Hook Wild Life refuge.

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Iris Grimmett Tue Oct 29 15:40:30 1996 Joshua MORGAN was applying for land in 1702, Red Lion Hundred, New Castle Co. DE. He m Elizabeth BRADBURY, probable daughter of Roger BRADBURY who came on the ship & "Submission"; to PA in 1682. Will was proved in 1727 N.W. Hundred, Kent Co. DE. Mentions two sons, Joseph and Evan Bradbury MORGAN. Evan B m Elizabeth MANLOVE, daughter of Richard MANLOVE. Am interested in any descendants. Thank you.


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Robert E. GibsonI am looking for any information on Leven Gibson and his brother John. Leven left for Virginia in 1787, his brother John stayed in Kent Co. and died in 1802 in Kent Co.

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Billie Groening Fri Nov 1 19:36:47 1996 Billie Groening- Searching for the family of KIDD. There were 3 brothers who arrived from Middlesex Co. England about 1727. States involved were Vermont, Delaware, Pa. Later descendants went to York and Chester Counties in S.C. Our branch of John Kidd scattered to GA. AL. AR. & ; TX. Other lines involved were Tillman, Black, Clark, Strait. Any information would be appreciated. Andrew

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John Kieffer Tue Nov 5 12:12:04 1996 Haddock WARREN. Born Apr 17, 1765 in Delaware. Died Mar 17, 1830 in Belmont Co., Ohio. Fought in Revolutionary War. He married Nancy Ann HAWLEY, 1789 in Delaware. Born May 7, 1768 in Delaware. Died Dec 10, 1833 in Belmont Co., Ohio. They had the following children: Daniel William WARREN, Sarah WARREN, Catherine WARREN, John WARREN, Caleb WARREN, Polly Mary WARREN, James WARREN, William WARREN Daniel William WARREN. Born 1790 in Kent Co., Delaware. Died Jun 1, 1864 in Belmont Co., Ohio. Buried in Belmont Co., Ohio. Fought in War of 1812. He married Sarah HARDESTY, daughter of Obadiah HARDESTY & ; Mary Polly PARIS, Dec 21, 1815 in Belmont Co., Ohio. Born Jan 2, 1796 in Glecoe., Belmont Co., (Richl. Twp.), Ohio. Died Nov 20, 1874 in Mead Twp., Belmont Co., Ohio. Buried in Belmont Co., Ohio.

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Michael Doyle Thu Nov 7 12:07:48 1996 Searching for the birthplace and parents of George DOYLE, born 4-1-1790 in Delaware, very possibly in New Castle County.

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Jean Adams Sun Nov 10 10:45:23 1996
I am looking for information on a Edward or George Messick .He was my grandfather! He may have died in the 1920`s. He was blind and received a government check. He also may have served in the civil war. From what i can tell he was married twice. I am especially interested in any information on my grandfather being of native Indian background.......... PLEASE..... help me with any information on him. Especially the indian part. NOTE!!! He may have been married to a Mary or Mammie Hignutt in his second marriage.... of sussex county Delaware, and or Federalsburg Md. Thank You for your time!!!! JEAN ADAMS

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jim downs Thu Nov 14 16:54:55 1996
DOWNS: Searching for any information on this line before 1816. Benjamin DOWNS died in Sussex Co. in 1816. He was married to Nancy Owens, probably married again. His father was William: had sons Benjamin, Nehiamiah, Levin and Heziakiah, may have had son Henry. William Died in 1770. William had land warrant dated 1744 and had settled on a tract of land he called & "Mary's Choice";. Have additional information to share.

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Jackie L Truitt Fri Nov 15 23:12:01 1996
I am just beginning my husband's family tree with the surname TRUITT. I have very little to go on because he has been alienated from this side of the family since 1955. His name is Norman Russell TRUITT, Jr. and he was born in Milton, DE in 1949. We have heard that his father Norman, Sr. just died in 1996. I hope that this first step on the net along with the kindness of some caring soul will help me to build the first block of the NORMAN TRUITT Family Tree. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. Jackie.

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Bill Emerson Fri Nov 15 08:15:18 1996
I would like any information on James D. McNatt (born 1826 or 27) in Delaware. He married Anna Wretta (Unknown if middle or last name). He died on April 13th, 1906. She died on Oct 18th, 1897. I am descended from one of their daughters Sallie Catherine McNatt (born July 21st, 1853, died Oct 12th, 1912). They are all buried in lot 88 in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Smyrna, Delaware. This lot has 12 graves, 5 people are known, 2 people are unknown and 5 graves are empty.

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Tonja S. Clark Fri Nov 22 08:24:11 1996 I am looking for information regarding the VAN DYKE family in New Castle, Delaware. NICHOLAS VAN DYKE was the 7th colonial governor of Delaware and was a signer of the Articles of Confederation. Am trying to determine whether my 3rd great grandfather, William, descends from Nicholas' direct line (Wm's father was named Nicholas and married to Lydia Oakley (Okie, Oakie). Nicholas died when William was a boy and Lydia remarried a man by the name of Hopkins. Recent information hints that perhaps William was descended from a relative of Gov. Nicholas and is not actually direct-line descendent. Would like to verify this information as to it's true/false nature. William eventually moved to Utah with his mother and step-father, founded Lehi, Utah and married Charlotte Hallotte Pixton, daughter of Robert Pixton and Elizabeth Cooper Pixton. Any info would be helpful on the descendants of Governor Nicholas Van Dyke. Thanks.

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Catherine Hastings Fri Nov 22 11:30:40 1996 Researching the family of the Rev. S. Smith Sturges (1811-1877) of Centreville. Wife Deneria (or Denerza) M. Sturges (1816-1899), daughters Luella Mary (1848-1903) and Bella F. (1854-1905).

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Luann Lawton Sun Nov 24 12:48:07 1996 STOUT- specifically would like to identify parents of Peter "the Quake" Stout b. 14 Apr 1715 New Castle, DE. Married Margaret Cyfert (or variant) 1739 York, OH. One of my sources say his parents were John and Sarah (--) Stout, but two others say Samuel and (?) Stout. Which one is correct? Anyone know? I also research LAWTON, NEAL, GRIFFIN, MULLINS, SHERMAN, GALEY, ...

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Bob LittleSun Dec 8 08:00:20 1996 HOLLIS, searching for information on the HOLLIS family. My great grandfather was GEORGE KNIGHT HOLLIS born 1878 in Wyoming, De. I found his family on the 1880 Delaware census, J.M.HOLLIS age 31 living in Kent Co. Camden, wife Rachael age 29, children George K. age 2, and Caddie M. age 1 . George married Florence Emily Eisenbrey who was born in Harrington, De. on 10-16-1880. George died on 11-30-1913 in Philadelphia, Pa. Any info on the HOLLIS family before 1880 , and on Caddie M would be greatly appreciated. Bob Little 7423 S. Cleveland Massillon rd Clinton,Oh 44216 E-mail

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Carl EskridgeSun Dec 8 08:00:20 1996 Am researching the Surnames Eskridge and Moyle both were New Castle residents in the first half of 20th Century

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Nina Donahue Sat Dec 14 19:30:03 1996 HASTY, ARCHIBALD B. abt 1751 first found in Little Creek Hundred at that time believe he was born in SCOTLAND in 1745. Went on to be a REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER From DE

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Barbara Rooney Sat Dec 21 01:45:11 1996 I am searching for information on the following ancestors. WARRINGTON, Capt. Lewis Warrington who was the captain of the ship Peacock, sister ship to the Constitution during the War of 1812. John Warrington and Lydia Bingham, their son William Henry Warrington. DRAPER, Edward and Hannah ?, their son Thomas Draper. Thomas married Martha Johnson (her parents were Josiah JOHNSON and Lettisa MILLER. Thomas DRAPER and wife Martha Johnson both born 1780's, have a daughter... Martha Ann Draper Martha Ann marries the son of John WARRINGTON. William Henry and Martha WARRINGTON have a son Thomas Draper WARRINGTON born 1869. FLOUNDERS, John and Catharine Blake, have son Kennerd Blake Flounders. Kennerd marries Elizabeth Maguire from Ireland, she dies after having 7 or 8 children about 1887. My grandmother Elizabeth Edna Flounders was their child. Elizabeth Edna Flounders marries Thomas Draper Warrington 1925. I have other names from the Draper Bible... but would appreciate any information on any of the above ancestors. Originally it is said that their were 3 or 4 WARRINGTON brothers who came over from England (?)before the Rev. War Thank you,

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Cardin Corbit Sun Dec 22 04:35:44 1996 I am looking for any info or leads to the descendants of Daniel Corbit who emigrated from Scotland in the late 1600's. Married to Elizabeth Noodt, had a son Daniel who married Mary Brinton in Birmingham Meeting which I believe to be present day Chester Co. PA Other descendants that I am aware of two of the Corbit daughters married Governors of Delaware one of them Being Gov. Clarke.

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Frank Brunner Sun Dec 22 21:37:34 1996 Seeking Descendants of Harry T. Luff b. 12 Apr. 1861 in Blackbird, DE and Married to Dora Kelly of Magnolia, DE in Smyrna on 18 July 1886 who might still live in DE. Harry is buried at Barratts Chapel and Dora is buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Milford. Her stone is inscribed Dora Callaway because she remarried after Harry passed away. Her second marriage was to Zadoc J. B. Callaway who operated the Callaway Mill for about 50 years at the corner of N.E. Front Street and North East Street in Milford. It was torn down in May 1951. My Mother was Blanche Jeannette Luff and an offspring of Harry Temple Luff and Dora Kelly. I am particularly interested to determine where the Luffs lived at the time circa 1893. The only census records I can locate show this Luff Family in Mill Creek Hundred around 1910 but my Mother used to say that she was born in Federlasburg, MD. I have several photos of my Mother taken at Mordington Mill at Colley's Pond. She used to say she was raised there.


Dan Slaughter After tracing the Slaughter Lineage back 4 generations, I haven't been able to get solid information on James Slaughter and Frances Foster Slaughter of Jones Neck, Kent County, De. , other than their marriage of 1801.  There son James Foster Slaughter born 17 Feb 1817 is the last good information.


Trudy Ward Johnson Wed Jan 1 14:41:11 1997 Am looking for information on a John Ward who was a soldier in the War of Revolution. He started out as a British soldier, but later fought for the Americans. He was give bounty land for his service. He had a son name William, and William had a son name Phillip who was born in 1817 near Whiteleyburg, Maryland but in Delaware. William and Phillip came to Indiana. But would like to find out information on William and his father John Ward. William married a girl name Nancy Price, her father was also name John. I know this is not much information, but its all I have at this time. Can some one help me? Thank you Trudy Ward Johnson.


Andrew R. Siegel Fri Jan 3 19:48:24 1997 I'm looking for info on the Voshell line. Perlie Edward Voshell was born 3/24/1898 in Hazletville and Married Florance Alma Seman (born 1/17/05. I'm looking for info on Voshells going back. Supposedly, Perlie's father's name was Joseph, but we're not sure if that's correct, and if it is, that's all we know about him. There's supposedly a link to the Black Foot Indians on this line, and that's what we're trying to track down. I GREATLY appreciate any help you can provide!

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Robert S. Lingo Sat Jan 4 10:44:53 1997 Am researching the descendants of Samuel Lingo, 1745-1807 and his wife Comfort Stuart. He lived in Indian River Hundred, Sussex County. I have posted a Descendants Outline on my Home page at: Would be interesting in corresponding with anyone familiar with this family and/or receiving additions or corrections to the Descendants Outline.

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Christine Talbot Sat Jan 4 12:23:14 1997 Looking for info on David BATTON WAY, b. 1821 New Castle DE. Married Mary BROOKS b. 1829 New Castle. David was listed as a Carpenter and living with his new wife and in-laws (Josiah BROOKS and Maria LONG BROOKS) in the 1850 census. He is listed again in the same census (taken 2 months later however) living with a David W. GEMMELL and family. David and Mary moved to Salt Lake City in 1861, then settled in Andrew Co. MO. by 1867. Their Children include: David GAMMELL, Josiah BROOKS, John BROOKS, William LEWIS, Fannie Jane, Annie Mary, Sara Mira, Ella, Evelena STANTON. Also need info on Parents of James C. BROOKS and wife Rachel HAYS. Both born ca 1780 and lived in New Castle.

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Douglas L. Foster Sat Jan 4 16:07:41 1997 CURRY/McDONALD: Any information relative to Archibald CURRY and his wife Sarah McDonald who resided in Kent County, DE in the late 1700s. Sarah's parents, James and Mary McDONALD also resided there. James died there in 1762 with heirs, children: Sarah CURRY, Alexander McDonald, and Mary FLEMING, wife, Mary McDONALD.

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Helen Baldwen Sat Jan 4 17:43:42 1997 Ides, Rockwells, Spencer I am descended from John and Lydia Margaret Rockwell Ide. John was born in Pennsylvania according to their daughter, Elize Mary Ide Harding's death certificate. John and Lydia were married in probably Rock City, Dutchessor, Alleghany County, New York in 1847. John is buried in the Orango Cemetery in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri ; cemetery records state, John was born on May 3, 1815 and died January 21, 1888, and is in grave site #2, in #3 is Elija E. Ide, born July 17, 1822 who died January 2, 1890, but does not indicate if this is a younger brother or cousin or nephew?? Lydia Margaret Rockwell's parents were Abel Rockwell, and Lucretia Spencer of Connecticut, most probably Litchfield. I find a pre- colonial census type listings of Abel and Lucretia Spencer Rockwell in Murderkill Hundred , Delaware. John Ide and a Nathan were in Lucerne, Pa. As were my Harding family during Revolutionary War times. Then the children's birthplace list of Lydia and John Ide, show they went to Peru, LaSalle Co. and Tonica, LaSalle County, Illinois and then one listing for Tecumsa, Johnson county, but I do not know what state. They were in Missouri where my great great grandfather John Ide died and is buried and then Lydia went to live with her youngest daughter Elize Mary Harding, in Hendley, Furnas County, Nebraska. On March 23, 1900 the Ide's; Lydia Margaret born September 1831 her daughter Ella Betsey Ide Buckley and her husband John Creth Buckley, both were deaf, he was mute also at birth and three of their children and John's brother Samuel joined her son-in-law and daughter William Harvey and Elize Mary Ide Harding, seven of their children, the youngest Milo Lundy born January 7, 1900 in Beaver City and Will's parents Stuckley Winslow and Elizabeth Ellen Williams, Crow, Harding with a wagon train of some 40 families, who came out of Beaver City, the county seat of Furnas, Nebraska , that Spring morning toward Colorado and jobs on the Dam or Railroad in Montrose/Olathe, Colorado. Lydia and Ellen were both 71 years of age. The work was gone when they arrived and they went by May 26, 1902 to the North Fork Valley of the Colorado River, to a place called Juanita, now know as Bowie in Delta County. Lydia died of "Antic Insufficiency," in Bowie August 18, 1905. Milo died October 23, 1902 of Typhoid fever there in Bowie. Three more children were born to Will and Liza Harding. Liza was a diabetic and died November 15, 1933, in Paonia, Delta County. The family had homesteaded on Minnesota Creek, the counties of Gunnison and Delta adjoin in the middle at the old home place, where Dallas Harding and his family live still. My grandmother, Estella Ella Harding Emmons (eldest daughter and first born of Will and Liza) said there were four (4) John Ide's and a Nathan behind her grandfather and the family came from England. There are two family members age 90 and 93, and five in their 80's. My oldest Uncle is 88 and remembers visiting the Ide's in Nebraska. He said "Johnny" Ide disappeared. Johnny was John M. Ide born June 19, 1862 in Tonica, LaSalle County, Illinois. When his eldest brother Nathan two sons and their families were killed, it was said the Ide's were now gone and no more remained. But no one knows what happened to Johnny (John M.) or the other female siblings and their families. None of this was ever written down too much, just passed from one long lived generation to the next. I am interested in any information on the Ides, Rockwell's and Spencers. I lived in London for five years and have visited Idesleigh, near Beaufort in Devon. I do have some Ide pictures 1850-1860, not many but some. Any help in finding the ancestors or contemporary families would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year! My snail mail address is Helen Baldwin, P.O. Box 1546, Paonia, Colorado 81428.

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Bob Johnson Sat Jan 4 18:48:18 1997 Seeking info on these Kent Co. families: Hardesty, Ricketts, Cahoon, Thawley.
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Dorothy Powers Elliott Mon Jan 13 12:18:25 1997 Need any information concerning KATHERINE SPENCER who married Thomas Deweese 18-3-1790 New Castle Co.

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Jack Gracey Sat Jan 25 16:25:30 1997 Seek information about birthplace, parents and siblings of Jonathan W. MOORE, b.10 Sep 1816, allegedly in DE; m.2 Jan 1838 in Somerset Co., MD to Rebecca E. SHORES (1817-1888; d.23 Dec 1867 in Annapolis MD. Jonathan is listed in the 1840 and 1850 census schedules for Maryland (Dames Quarter District) living with his wife and family. By 1860, the family had moved to Annapolis, where they appear in the census schedule for that year. His occupation is given as mariner and sailor. According to his estate inventory, he was owner of one schooner and part-owner of a second. According to as yet unproved family lore, Jonathan was the son of Elijah MOORE, b. c1790 and Margaret SAUNDERS. Elijah MOORE is said to be the son of Jesse MOORE, b. c1753 and Tabitha POWDERS, b. c1750. Jesse MOORE is said to be the son of William MOORE, b. c1725 in Scotland, d. Dec 1784 in MD - Revolutionary private in MD militia, and Rachael BAKER, b. c1727 in Cecil Co., MD. Any assistance in establishing this lineage - or another more accurate one - will be greatly appreciated.

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WIlliam E. Groves Fri Jan 24 06:30:29 1997 I am interested in information on the TRUITT family of Delaware.

Bob Selfinger Sun Jan 26 22:50:54 1997 My Robinson forefathers lived in southeastern PA and in parts of MD and DE that are near southeastern PA (For example, New Castle and Kent counties in DE and Cecil county in MD) My great great grandfather was Ezra S. Robinson, born in 1868. Ezra's father was David H. Robinson, born in 1848. I suspect that David's father was John Robinson, born about 1820. Although these people were probably all born in Maryland, both Ezra and David spent much time in Delaware and Ezra ended up settling in Pennsylvania. In the 1900 U.S. Census, Ezra S. Robinson appears two times in the state of Delaware. Ezera S. Born Aug 1868 in Delaware Wife Martha D. Born Jul 1875 in West Virginia Dau Catherine Born Sep 1899 in Delaware La. Goalt, Frank Born Mar 1885 in Delaware Ezra S. Born Aug 1848 in Maryland Wife Martha D. Born Jul 1875 in West Virginia Dau Katherine L. Born Sep 1899 in Delaware Bo. Golt, Frank Born May 1885 in Delaware In the 1900 U.S. census, David H. Robinson was listed as a head of household in New Castle County, Delaware. David H. Born Jun 1848 in Maryland Wife Emma F. Born Jul 1852 in Delaware Son William H. Born Jul 1879 in Delaware Son Eugene Born Feb 1882 in Delaware Son Charles Born Feb 1883 in Delaware Son Harmonson Born Feb 1887 in Delaware Son Benjamin H. Born Nov 1888 in Maryland Son Clarence Born Apr 1892 in Delaware In the 1880 U.S. census, David H. Robinson was listed as a head of household in Kent County, Delaware. David H. Age 34 Born in Maryland Wife Emma Age 29 Born in Delaware Son Ezra Age 12 Born in Maryland Son John Age 10 Born in Delaware Son David Age 8 Born in Maryland Dau Mary Eliza Age 7 Born in Delaware Dau Louisa Age 6 Born in Delaware Dau Emma Age 4 Born in Delaware Son William Age 2 Born in Delaware Son Eugene Age 3 mo. Born in Delaware I do not know for sure who the father of David H. Robinson was, but I have some reason to believe that the family was in the same general area for a long time. I have done some checking for Robinson families in that area having sons named David at the right age. I have found two such cases. I suspect that the first one listed below is the one, but I have not proven it. In the 1850 U.S. census, John Robinson was listed as a head of household in Cecil County, Maryland. John age 30 male born in Maryland Louisa age 24 female born in Maryland William age 8 male born in Maryland James age 7 male born in Maryland John age 5 male born in Maryland David age 2 male born in Maryland In the 1860 U.S. census, Henry Robinson was listed as a head of household in Sussex County, Delaware. Henry age 37 male born in Delaware Sarah age 36 female born in Delaware John L. age 14 male born in Delaware David H. age 12 male born in Delaware James H. age 8 male born in Delaware Felix B.? age 7 male born in Delaware Cornelius M.? age 6 male born in Delaware Mary E. age 5 female born in Delaware Sarah A. age 4 female born in Delaware Lydia C.? age 2 female born in Delaware A--ada? age 64 female born in ? boarder I have photos of David H. Robinson and many of the Robinsons who are listed in the census data above. I have many stories. These Robinsons believed that they were descended from the British General Robinson who fought in the Revolutionary War and then settled here after the war. I have verified that there was, in fact, a General Robinson fighting on the British side during the Revolutionary War. He did not figure prominently into the action, and is only mentioned in the more detailed accounts of the war. He was in Boston during the earliest days of the revolution and he retreated by sea during a patriot uprising. My Robinson forefathers also believed that they were descended from a Robinson who built a historical house which is still standing. My grandfather, William Neeld, grandson of Ezra Robinson, found and visited this house. It is on Philadelphia Pike in Delaware, near the Pennsylvania border. It is owned by a park service. It can be visited by appointment. This house was visited by George Washington and by other famous colonial patriots. It was built in 1723 by a Thomas Robinson. This seems to contradict the possibility of my Robinsons being descended from General Robinson who presumably settled here after the war. There are, of course, possible scenarios which would account for the apparent contradiction. If you know anything about my Robinsons, General Robinson, or the historical Robinson house, please contact me. I have been reading things put into cyberspace by Robinson researchers, and I have not yet seen anything about the general or the house. This seems a little odd. I did expect that these two things would be milestones which many Robinsons would be connecting themselves to and writing about. My family will be interested in hearing the details about the general and the house, even if it turns out that they are not really connected to us. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Bob Selfinger 8300 E. Main St. Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-4705 (614) 868-5243 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-27-97

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JIM COCHRAN Mon Jan 27 16:33:57 1997 ELLINGSWORTH. The first ELLINGSWORTHS to arrive in America came over with Lord Baltimore in 1663, Maryland. There were 2 or 3 brothers. WILLIAM ELLINGSWORTH was one of them. WILLIAM ELLINGSWORTH owned 1025 acres on Little Duck Creek in Delaware, around 1663. He witnessed a will in Sussex DE 14 May 1684. I am searching for any of his descendants. E- mail me please. Thanks in advance.

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Alexis Kinney Carrington Tue Jan 28 06:47:55 1997 I am researching the families that settled the Pilotown section of Concord, and the town of Seaford. DREDDEN: The progenitor as far as we can tell is Moses DREDDIN, who first appears in 1810. It seems that Moses may have had at least two sons, Stephen whom we can follow into the 20th Century, and William who disappears after 1830. As the family story goes, William may have died and Stephen raised not only his own, but his brother's children as well. We have yet to determine exactly which of the children belonged to which father. MATTHEWS: James MATTHEWS born 1824 had at least two brothers, Talbert and John. Various members of the family may have used other surnames. John may have used GREEN and James' son Charles who was born a slave to an owner by the name of Bayard MOORE was christened Charles KINNEY as an infant. He used KINNEY while serving in the Civil War, upon hi discharge, he settled in Dover and eventually relocated to Mercer County, NJ, where he returned to using KINNEY. VINCENT: Charles (MATTHEWS) Kinney married Nancy Jane VINCENT of Dover, Kent Co. in December of 1866 in Laurel, Sussex Co. This is the first appearance of Nancy Jane. CONNOR: John CONNOR appears to be the father of Jane and Clarisa CONNOR. Clarisa CONNOR is the mother of Charles (MATTHEWS) KINNEY, and appears on the 1860 Schedules as a fugitive from the stte. LAWS: Mary Ann (Unknown)born 1828. She married Alexander Laws in 1851 and had one daughter Lina LAWS born 1854. Mary Ann LAWS was an extremely successful midwife, serving both black and white residents of DE, MD, NJ and PA. I am also researching collateral branches with the surnames COVERDALE, STEWART, CANNON, HUGHES & NEAL.


Nancy Lohbrunner Mon Jan 27 20:00:01 1997 BOWMAN, James Robert was born Jun 1778 in Delaware, county unknown, he died 1866 in Crawford Co., IL. He married Ann Graves. Only known child, David BOWMAN b 1814 in PA. Any information appreciated.

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Charlotte Smith Thu Jan 30 10:10:16 1997 I am researching William H. Layton of Fleming Co., Kentucky. He was born in Delaware abt. 1753. He also lived in Maryland. He was a revolutionary soldier with service from Delaware and Maryland. Does any have any information about him, his spouses or children. I am trying to find John Doyle's mother's name. William H. Layton was refered to as step-father of John Doyle in John's 1811 marriage to Martha J. "Patsey" Cord. The marriage between William H. Layton and John's mother would have occurred between 1791 and 1811 as John was born abt 1791, I think that date can probably be narrowed down even further as there were other Doyle's with birthdates between 1795 and 1800 living nearby. William H. Layton was probably married to John's mother between 1800 and 1811. Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated. I have lots of information on John's descendants would like to find his ancestors. Willing to exchange information.

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Tacie B. Smith Fri Jan 31 00:27:12 1997 Joseph Jackson d in Kent Co., DE In June 1789. He m 2. Elizabeth (?) Virdin, widow of Daniel Virdin.Was her maiden name Brown? Who were the parents of Joseph and Elizabeth?. Who was the first wife of Joseph? Joseph and Elizabeth had Noah, Elizabeth and Ann (Nancy) m Gove Saulsbury (mine). They lived Murderkill Hundred.

NEXT Tracie B. Smith post

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Richard Donoho Sun Feb 2 14:34:54 1997 I am researching the DONOHO family of Somerset County Maryland, specifically William DONOHO of Wetipquin (b. ca.1730 - d.1786) m. Sophia RICHARDSON, dau. of John & Rachel Richardson, & had children Richardson, William, Joshua (m. Sarah MURRAY), Rebecca, & James. He was possibly the son of John DONOHO of Worcester Co. (d. 1765) & possibly Rachel JACKSON DONOHO, dau. of Joshua & Sarah (RICHARDSON?) JACKSON of Wetipquin. Other possibly associated/related individuals: Joseph BOUNDS (d. 1748) & Tabitha REED BOUNDS, James REED, John REED, Rebecca STEWART DASHIELL, James DASHIELL, William DASHIELL, Jr., Ephraim KING, Thomas Larramore. There are Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina connections. Any help in sorting this out, or any info on these families at Wetipquin between 1700-1800 would be tremendously appreciated. I'll also be glad to share any info I have regarding these individuals/families.    

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Sandy McSpadden Mon Feb 3 13:25:24 1997 I am searching for info on William DERRICKSON, b/ca/1795 in DE. He married Rachel (?) and was found in the 1830 DeKalb Co.,TN census, the 1840 Brown Co.,OH census and the Bracken Co.,KY census.

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Jack Lord Tue Feb 4 10:30:24 1997 Looking for Information on Thomas Lord living in Delaware around 1850's . His wife was sarah Hurd. Children were William, James,Thomas,Howard, Frank, and Cora. Some of the children lived in Delaware and some moved to Maryland


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Tacie B. Smith Wed Feb 5 23:21:21 1997 Joseph JACKSON d June 1789 in Kent Co., DE. He m 2. Elizabeth (?) Virdin, widow of Daniel Virdin. Was her maiden name BROWN? Who were the parents of Joseph and who was his first wife? Children of Joseph and Elizabeth were Noah, Elizabeth (b 1780) who m Gove SAULSBURY of Kent Co.
Tacie B. Smith Wed Feb 5 23:27:03 1997 OOPS! Mistake in query. Should have read that children of Joseph and Elizabeth were Noah, Elizabeth and Ann(b 1780) who m Gove Saulsbury of Kent Co.

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Robert Vance Woods Fri Feb 7 18:03:29 1997 John VANDEVEER(VAN DER VEER) was b.abt 1750 in Kent County. He migrated to Rowan Co.NC where he married Amelia SPEER. Later they migrated to Orange Co.IN where he died in abt. 1835. This family was in New Amsterdam in the 1660's. The SPEER family are also of Dutch descent.Would like to know the parents of John VANDEVEER. Thanks.  NEXT SPEER QUERY

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Jack Lord Sun Feb 9 14:50:16 1997
Thomas Lord Family. Lived in Kent county around 1850's to around 1860's. Married to Sarah Hurd. Had 6 children. William, James, Thomas, Howard, Frank and Cora (Roe). William moved to Denton Md and was a farmer. James lived in Greensboro, Md. Thomas lived in Harrington, De. Howard moved to Quakerstown, Pa. Frank lived in Milford, Del. Cora (Roe) lived in Dover. Looking for any information on this family.

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Nancy Harpe Tue Feb 11 21:08:04 1997 I am willing to exchange any and all information that I have on The HARP family, first found in the New Castle and Wilm. DE area in the mid 1700's. I have several parts of many HARP trees. Would love to connect them somehow.

Nancy Harpe Tue Feb 11 21:08:04 1997 I am willing to exchange any and all information that I have on The HARP family, first found in the New Castle and Wilm. DE area in the mid 1700's. I have several parts of many HARP trees. Would love to connect them somehow.

Alan Miller Thu Feb 13 21:49:48 1997 Seeking info on the parentage of Daniel RASH, b. 1770 in Kent Co. Delaware, m.(1) Nancy DOBSON (2) Rachel TORBERT. Migrated to Tippecanoe Co.,Indiana in abt 1830 and died there in 1865. There were many RASH families in Kent Co. at that time. To which did he belong?

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Carol Johnson Fri Feb 14 14:10:24 1997 Looking for all information on Joseph Shetzler or Maurice Shetzle.

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Louie Cain Fri Feb 14 22:53:17 1997 John Wright's estate was settled in favor of his widow, Elizabeth (Morgan) in 1805. Evan Morgan was listed in the bond that was issued. In 1806 Elizabeth married John Cain, moved to Indiana by 1827. Looking for any connection with the Wright or Cain family lines, also for Elizabeth's father Thomas Morgan who was married to Elishua Finsthwaite. Any information helpful. Thanks


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Helen Walts Sun Feb 16 11:44:02 1997 I am looking for any descendants of William Van Burkleo who was born in DE and married Marie Hyrons there about 1760. They left there and went to the MO Territory where he died about 1810. Will look forward to hearing from you.

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Cynthia Witting Sun Feb 16 17:53:38 1997 Searching for information on John Clayton born abt 1680's. Who were his children? Would like to know if there was a son named Daniel Clayton born 1700-05. John living in Kent County. Did any of his children or descendants move to MD or VA?

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W. Keith Fisher Tue Feb 25 17:53:37 1997 I wish to find researchers of the JESTER surname. My grgrgr grandfather Levi Jester ( b c 1760 ) and his son Stanford Jester( b c1780) are natives of Kent Co.

Barbara Brinkley Fri Feb 28 23:45:38 1997 I am researching the Wells family. Jesse Thomas Wells,born 1731 lived at one time in Kent County,Delaware.He had at least two sons,David and William.He moved to Va. between 1760-1764.He was of the Wells branch from Essex,that came to Mass(first settled at Ipswich.) I have lots of information about his descendants,but need to go farther back than Jesse Thomas Wells.


Bob Andrews Sat Mar 1 19:39:46 1997 COHEE - I am looking for any information on the Cohee family from 1700- 1870. I have a considerable amount of data and I am trying to put families together. Thanks, bob

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Ann Bailey Mon Mar 3 08:54:13 1997 I am looking for land records or information on Samuel Davis who moved from Snow Hill, Maryland about 1698 to Lewes, Delaware. He began developing business interest in Lewes as early as 1692. I would like to know how to get proof of this. Samuel Davis served as a "supply" minister for the Presbyterian Church, he was a doctor and businessman. He returned to Snow Hill by 1718 where he was recalled as minister of the Snow Hill Presbyterian Church until his death in 1725. I am looking for information on his life in Lewes, Delaware.


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Patricia Hensinger Tue Mar 4 06:18:12 1997 SNOW,SILAS (1738-1793) from Duck Creek, Kent Co., DE married Elizabeth (Paxson?). Children were: John, James, Mary, Phebe, George, Silas, Jr., & Joseph. Would appreciate information regarding this family, especially parents/dates, etc on wife Elizabeth.
Patricia Hensinger Tue Mar 4 06:26:00 1997 SNOW, ELISHA (b.1686 Eastham, MA s/o John & Mary Smalley Snow, d.1752 Duck Creek. Kent Co., DE). He was married twice and had 7 children: Elisha Jr., James, Joshua, Jesse, Silas, John & Phebe. His wives were Elizabeth Bedwell and Elizabeth Redman/Redmond/Raymond. Does anyone have any information on these two Elizabeths??

Table of Contents

Patricia Hensinger Tue Mar 4 06:30:50 1997 BEDWELL, ELIZABETH (no dates) m. Elisha Snow (1686-1752) Duck Creek, Kent Co., De. Would appreciate information on Elizabeth's family. Any Bedwell/Snow connections?

Patricia Hensinger Tue Mar 4 06:35:41 1997 REDMAN/REDMOND/RADMOND, ELIZABETH (no dates) was named as a wife of ELISHA SNOW(1686-1752). Appreciate any help in connecting this Elizabeth with a REDMAN/REDMOND/RADMOND family.

Table of Contents

Patricia Hensinger Tue Mar 4 06:39:35 1997 PAXSON, ELIZABETH (no dates)is mentioned as wife of SILAS SNOW, SR.(1738- 1793) of Duck Creek, Kent Co., DE. Interested in connecting Elizabeth to the Paxson family.

Rick Sowinski Sat Mar 8 15:48:00 1997 I am looking for an online source for a map showing the locations of all of the various hundreds in Delaware. I am from Ohio and have several lines that I am working on in Delaware, however, every time I find something in the 1790 census, it lists the name of the hundred and I don't know where these are. I have found a list of the hundreds, but this does very little to show me where their borders are located. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you! Rick Sowinski (

Iva Thompson Sun Mar 9 12:24:41 1997 I am searching for the parents of JOSEPH HUSSEY who admin. the will of Richard Brinkle in 1789 in Kent Co., De. Also looking for the parents of OF JOSEPH MORRIS who d. in Kent Co. in 1775-1776. He was married to FEBEY TOWNSEND.
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Merla Clark Wed Mar 12 13:03:54 1997 BEAUCHAMP family originally from England. John Beauchamp Sr. and wife, Mary, both died 1788 in Kent County. They had 5 sons and 2 daughters. John Beauchamp Jr. married Elizabeth Prettyman DE circa 1797. David Beauchamp married Hannah Williams circa 1808. About 1808, the two families moved to Ohio. Would like to correspond with anyone working on Beauchamp or Prettyman surnames. Merla Clark


Holly Robinson Thu Mar 13 11:45:25 1997 I am trying to find the parents or other family members of Annie/Anna CALLAWAY, born Mar 1855. She was married to James TULL, born Apr 1855, and they had at least one child George Frederick, born 1876+/-. Any marriage information or birth information on George or any other children would be appreciated.
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geegee Fri Mar 14 18:38:56 1997 Looking for info on Joseph Summers b. 1749 in Kent Co.
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Ernest R. Brown Sat Mar 15 09:04:27 1997 Have info and looking for info on the following families of Kent County George Richards James D. McNatt Samuel Franklin Brown James Bennett Samuel Wyatt Levin Watkins also looking for a Photo of a Steamship called "Franklin" 1880- 1914


Barbara Hakim Sat Mar 15 10:16:51 1997 I am seeking information on the following surnames: Lane, Moore, Horton, Guessford,and Wheeler. All living, at one time or another in Maryland, Delaware around 1800-1900.

Shirley V. Martin Mon Mar 17 20:07:29 1997 James Schee (b. 12/05/1805-died?) was born in Switzerland. He was educated in Genoa, Italy and there married HARRIETT SAPP (b. 2.14.1806-d. 9/15/1890) an American. They came to America and were the parents of JAMES M. SCHEE(b. 4/11/1828 in Delaware, d.?) John married ELIZABETH ELLEN THOMSON on 8/25/1851. John served in the 5the Illinois Cavalry, Co.E. 79th Infantry, during the Civil War.
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Dean Johnson Tue Mar 18 11:59:07 1997 Seeking people researching the BEAUCHAMP family of Kent Co. Especially seeking any info on Risdon BEAUCHAMP (b. c1770), s/o John and Mary (DOWNHAM) BEAUCHAMP.
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Julie McGrew-Ayres Wed Mar 19 03:33:23 1997 MCGREW a.k.a. McGraw. Would appreciate any information regarding individuals by this surname, especially emigrants/immigrants. My people "entered" Greenbrier County, Virginia (WV) ca. 1796 from an undetermined origin. First names include Martin, Anthony, Samuel, Thomas, William, and Henry.
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Jim Porter Thu Mar 20 13:10:17 1997 I am looking for a farm which was owned by an ancestor of mine named Richard MacNatt in 1730 or 40. The name of the farm was MacNatt's Delight. Richard MacNatt was married to Rebecca Anderson, a daughter of James Anderson of Kent County. Does anyone have information on this couple or this farm. Thank you,
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Michael VanBaaren Sat Mar 22 20:47:38 1997 March 22, 1997. SMITH: I am seeking anyone researching SMITH who has run across the names Abraham, Constantine, Edward, Isaac. My ancestor, Abraham SMITH (poss. from Cumberland Co., NJ) had a son, Edward, b 1780 in Delaware. His other children included Abraham, Isaac, Barbara, Catherine, Priscilla and Ruhamah SMITH. The family moved from Delaware to Hamilton Co., OH, c1800-10. Edward moved from OH to Tippecanoe Co., IN, c1830 and had sons, John Jefferson and poss. Layton W. SMITH, and a dau. Hannah SMITH. I would sure like to hear from any SMITH researchers out there who may have come across these names. My name is Michael VanBaaren and my e-mail address is Thanks!!
Table of Contents NEXT SMITH QUERY

Carol K. Songs- Hansing Tue Mar 25 20:12:07 1997 I am researching the name SONGS. The 1860 and 1870 Census show several SONGS in Delaware. This seems to be a very rare name and I think may be a link to my SONGS family. Am interested in learning if there are any old records or local history books telling more about the Delaware SONGS. The 1860 Census shows a Catherine (twice-Page 055 & 5) in Kent Co., Dover Hundred; a John (twice-Page 293 & 3) in Kent Co., Murderkill Hundred; and Margret (twice-Page 004 & 4) in Kent Co., Dover Hundred. The 1870 Census shows a Catharine, Kent Co., Dover Town (Page-198); John, Kent Co., Dover Town (Page 212); Louisa, Kent Co., Dover Town (Page 213); and Rachael, Kent Co., Dover Hundred Page 224. There is also a Mary living in New Castle Co., Wilmington Div 25, Page 280 in 1870.

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Grady E. Anderson Thu Mar 27 17:54:42 1997 I am searching for information pertaining to Ceasar KNIGHT, born 1790 Delaware and his spouse Elizabeth KNIGHT. also searching for the son of Ceasar KNIGHT, Gideon KNIGHT, who was born in 1829 in Kent Co., Delaware. Gideon KNIGHT was married to Mary Elizabeth WISE. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Christy Petrich Wed Mar 26 12:21:23 1997 I'm looking for information about Thomas Pollet and wife Elizabeth Kemp. They were listed on the 1830 census in Kent County, Murderkill Hundred. Thomas may have been born in Maryland. Don't know his parents names. Elizabeth may have had lots of family in the area, but I'm not sure of her parents either, but several Kemp families were living near them in that census year. They later went west and died in Ohio. Thomas also had a first wife. I have no info about her. There were children from each marriage. Thanks for any and all help!!

Christy Petrich Wed Mar 26 12:30:38 1997 Would like any information about Thomas Pollet born Maryland or Delaware. Wife Elizabeth Kemp born Delaware. They are on 1830 census in Murderkill Hundred. Several Kemp families nearby are probably related, how? Thomas had a 1st wife also and I have no information on her. There were children from each marriage. Any and all help much appreciated. Thank You!!

Table of Contents

J. D. Means Fri Mar 28 08:01:19 1997 I am interested in the early MEANS (MEAN,MINES,MAINS,MAIN,MIEN,MAYNES etc.) family of the Delaware Penensula and particularly New Castle County. I am happy to exchange data.

Mark Westfall Sat Mar 29 11:30:24 1997 DICKINSON Looking for information on Peter DICKINSON born in Delaware about 1821. Married Jane ? and had several children including Naomi Anna DICKINSON born Feb. 16, 1851.

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Grady E. Anderson Fri Mar 28 19:51:36 1997 I am searching for information pertaining to Daniel WEBB who was born in 1753 in Delaware. He married Jean YOUNG on Aug. 17, 1783 and their children were Daniel Webb, Joseph WEBB, Daniel WEBB and Caleb WEBB. Any information or leads would be appreciated.

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Pauline Hallett Sat Mar 29 07:40:35 1997 HAINES, George G. b. June 1827 DE, m.abt.1846/47 ? to Ann/Anna THOMAS b.1824 Wales. They moved to Luzerne Co. PA after marriage or he met her in PA and they married. Who were his parents and siblings? Mother's name was Jane. There aren't too many Haines listed in DE census early 1800's. Also looking for Ann THOMAS parents. CHILDREN: John W. 1847/48; Dania 1849/50; Thomas W. 1852/52; Mary J. 1855/56; Elizabeth (Yates?) 1857; Effy 1866, all born PA. In 1820 census there are only two Haines listed, a Joseph and a William, 1810 Joseph, Daniel, Abraham, John. Could one of these men be the father? I believe they lived in New Castle Co. . Possibly in St. George area. Any help appreciated.

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Sandie Battiata Tue Apr 1 00:34:02 1997 MAGEE: I am looking for a Robert Irving Magee who married a Mary Moncrief or Montrith. Her Mother's name was Jane. Known to have one son, George Magee. Lived in Delaware about 1856. Mary died, Robert & George moved to NJ.

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Jim Johnson Tue Apr 1 11:49:39 1997 Seeking info on parents of Benjamin Wheatman b-2/14/1804 d-1/7/1852 I know father married a Morgan from Ireland. Benjamin's wife Sofia Johnson b-2/10/1818 d-8/19/1901 father Archibald Johnson mother Hannah McAllister. They had (at least) a daughter Hannah b-12/10/1847 d-11/6/1930 who married David Lawson b-10/22-1840 d-11-4-1912. Any info in this area, including Lawson would be appreciated.


Bob Craig Sun Apr 6 22:52:15 1997 Looking for information about James and Elizabeth CRAIG who sold land to their son, John, in White Clay Creek Hnd, New Castle Co. 11 Sep 1727. John and Elizabeth CRAIG were living in Kent Co. when they sold the land to Francis WOOD of Chester Co., PA, 19 Mar 1734.
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Steve Dennehy Thu Apr 10 14:08:02 1997 Researching all HUCKEL/ HUKILL/ HUCAL ; also seen as HUCKENS?HUKIN
Clifford S. Fiveash Sat Apr 12 02:39:55 1997 I am researching Hugh O'NEAL [O'NEILL,O'NEALL,O'NEIL] and Anne COX Hugh O'NEAL arrived at Christiana,New Castle,Delaware abt 1730. He was a Midshipman in the British Navy. We think his ship's name the HMS George and Anne. He reportedly, jumped ship then and later married Anne COX, daughter of a Colonel COX abt. 1731. He is said to have changed the spelling of his name from O'NEILL to O'NEALL or O'NEAL in an effort to throw the British, who were seeking him for desertion, off of his trail. I would appreciate hearing from ANYONE researching these surnames or coming across them during their research of other lines. PLEASE HELP....I AM OLD AND RUNNING OUT OF TIME.
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Gloria Jean Bauer nee Anderson Sun Apr 13 12:20:56 1997 Trying to find parents of my grandfather, Major Lincoln Anderson, born 2/4/1863, Mispillion Hundred. Also, descended from THARP, FLEMING, GUM, CLARK, JOHNSON, REDDEN, PASSWATERS. Have traced nine generations in some lines, but cannot progress in others. Please contact me if you have information or if I could possibly be of help. My most complete info is in the Tharp line. Thank you, Jeannie    ***E-MAIL ADDRESS FAILURE,  SORRY!****


Mary DeHority Beaulieu Sun Apr 13 16:36:31 1997 DEHORITY, DEHORTY, NEEDLES, FOUNTAIN, CLYMER, CUBBAGE

Jim Black Sun Apr 13 20:01:00 1997 Working on the BLACK family from the Milford area in Sussex & Kent Counties. Other family names include RICHTER, HARPER, PRICE, MORRIS, MAY, LANK, and PERRY.

Jerry Landis Wed Apr 16 05:06:06 1997 Searching for information about the parents and siblings of Andrew VEST, b. 2/14/1790, moved from Delaware to Ohio about 1815, father Simeon VEST, mother ? RUSSELL, m. Sarah Greenlee Davidson in Ohio in 1816. Any help much appreciated.
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Jean Bryan Wed Apr 23 20:30:24 1997 Abraham WILES (WILDS) was born in England in 1734, immigrated to Philadelphia and settled in Kent Co., DE. His will was probated on June 15, 1784 in Kent Co. naming his wife, Mary. His son, Abraham WILES (WILDS), enlisted in the Delaware infantry on March 6, 1781 in the Flying Camp Battalion of the Delaware Blues of the Delaware Line. He was injured on the march back from South Carolina in 1782 and settled in Wilkes Co., North Carolina , where future generations live today.
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Charles Harrington Sat Apr 26 12:08:12 1997 I am working on the Harrington family of Kent Co. also the descendents of John Herrington of Murderkill Hundred in Kent Co. I have a good bit of info on these people but can use any info.
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Jim Morris Sat Apr 26 21:58:10 1997 MORRIS>Delaware>Pa?>Marshall Co. Wva. GGgdad Samuel Morris b(1815), brother? Stephen b(1804) w/wife Lydia, brother? Nathan b(1805) w/wife Deborah & son Emery/Emory, parents? Daniel & Mary b(1772 - 1785) There is also an "Esther Ann" 37 yo who shows up in Stephen's household in 1870. All state Delaware birth on Marshall Co WV censuses. Daniel is possibly David Daniel or Daniel David. Daniel & Mary show up in Marshall Co approx 1810-15, the rest between 1820-40. Am trying to establish the family relationship of all, and get any info I can on their birth/families/etc. in Delaware. Willing to share any info I can, on this end.

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David Lewis Sun Apr 27 09:03:54 1997 Sisco Looking for absolutely "any" information on John, John Jr., Charles, or George "SISCO." They are listed as Negro residents of Delaware in the reconstituted 1790 census.

LYNN SMASHEY LOWRIE Tue Apr 29 00:42:26 1997 Looking for parents of ROBERT LOWRIE (sp) who married ELIZABETH BERRY (sp) in 1754 at OLD SWEDES CHURCH in Wilminton. This is a scottish family. I have the descendants for this marraige and am willing to share what I have.
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LYNN SMASHEY LOWRIE Tue Apr 29 00:47:09 1997 Looking for any information on EZEKIAL SMASHEY who is listed in a payroll of the Delewar malitia in the year 1812. Would like ANY info on the surname of Smashey and it's multitude of spelling variations, before 1850 in the DELMARVA area.
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Mary Lewis Tue Apr 29 08:59:55 1997 I am searching for Enoch PATTERSON, his wife was Hannah BRATTON, both borth in Wilmington, Delaware, their son William H. Patterson born June 1, 1825, in Wilmington also. Any information regarding this family would be appreciated. Thanks

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H Jack Wells Wed Apr 30 20:21:57 1997 HART Searching for the Parents of ANN HART, Born abt 1678 in Kent Coi.,DE. Married Thomas Well(e)s bef 1700 in Kent, Died aft 1732 Kent "Thomas Welles son of James Welles left will 1732 (CalanKT Co. Probate Records[WillsKT H1:27] naming children, Thomas, John, James, George, Henry, William, Patience and Ann; His wife was Anne Hart:" Researching Well(e)s of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware.Will Exchange FGS

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Sharon Sun May 4 04:58:21 1997 Searching for info on the parents of Isaac Short DANIELS, b. 14 Oct 1858 In Kent Co, DE. Parents names are Samuel DANIELS (possibly b. in NJ)and Sarah Ann SHORT (possibly b. in May, yr unknown, in DE). Also looking for the following: A Samuel DANIELS who married a

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SYLVIA BRADFORD Sun May 4 09:06:23 1997 "SONS OF DELAWARE" : I am looking for information regarding this organization. I know it was active around the 1890's?????
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Sylvia Bradford Sun May 4 09:01:00 1997 SLAUGHTER: I am searching for information on John SLAUGHTER married to Ruth JOHNSON. They resided around Willow Grove, Kent, De. in the late 1700's. His father was also John and was married to Jean ?.
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Brandy Alford Sun May 4 16:28:20 1997 I am looking for ANY Knox people in Delaware, have a hunch about Sussex County, but no "for sures". Levi Knox was supposedly born in DE in 1791. There may also be a Tilman or Tilghman as a brother. I believe his parents to be Thomas and Sarah Knox, but am not quite sure. Any information on ANY Knoxes would be helpful! Thanks!

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Bob Gootee Tue May 6 06:06:33 1997 Seeking info on parents and family info of Dr. Benjamin Sherman Gootee (1831-1880) m. Mary Elizabeth Collins (1840-1914) on 30 June 1858 in Kent Co, De. Benjamin was a Doctor in Smyrna, De. six known issue: Julius, Ferdinand, Harry, Frank, Flo and Julia. Any help will be appreciated
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Sue Brunot Tue May 6 12:18:45 1997 GRUBBS, SIDWELL Would like information concerning the migratation of the Grubbs family west to the Indiana Co/Armstrong/Westmoreland Co, PA area. My GGG-Grandfather was said to be Jacob Grubbs. I have seen his name only once, on my GG Grandfathers death certificate. No one in the family has ever heard of a Jacob nor is there any other record of him. Have decided to try researching the migration of some of the Grubbs lines in an attempt to identify my ancestor. My GGGG Grandmother was Prudence Green, granddaughter of Joseph Sidwell of Cecil Co., MD. She first married James Getty and then William Graham. Family lived in Indiana/Armstrong Co., of PA. Their daughter Jane married (or bore a child to)Jacob (?) Grubbs. Any help is most welcomed.
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C. Werner Thu May 8 05:27:43 1997 Looking for Faries, McAfee in Kent Co. area.
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Silver F. Smith Thu May 8 09:46:55 1997 I am looking for the names and vital records of the parents of William SMITH, Sr. and his wife Mary. They owned about 200 acres in Broadkiln Hd., SX Co. He died in 1846/7. She died in 1861. Their children were Robert M.,Henry H.,Chalton, Josiah S, Lovey, Mary,Elizabeth, Nancy, and Maria. Most of the children and their spouses lived in Nanticoke Hd., just west of Georgetown.

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Joseph Dougherty Sat May 10 17:43:46 1997 I would like any contact with fellow researchers of the DAVIS and BONEY line. SAMUEL B DAVIS was born in Chester County, PA in 1831. He married ELIZABETH BONEY who was born in New Castle County, DE in 1836. They were married on 9-27- 1856 and they had the following children. Samuel Jr, Joseph, Annie, Harris and Mary. Sam Sr. was a stonemason and after the War between the States they lived in Philadelphia, PA.

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Christopher Thomas Smithson Sun May 11 05:39:32 1997 To all descendants of William Forwood and Mary Stedham of Old Swedes Church in New Castle County Delaware. I am trying to start a webpage for their descendants Could you please send me your line so I can put it into the database to be put on the web.

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Stan Hardesty Tue May 13 14:13:47 1997 Seeking information about Mary Alice Ogden born Jan 18,1858 Delaware, died Sept 30,1926 Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Daughter of Hamilton Ogden. Wife of William Emory Hardesty son of William Hardesty and Elizabeth Lyles born May 5,1847 died Oct 6,1923 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

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Irene Hendley Wed May 14 08:00:10 1997 CAMAC,Roberts, Farra Need information about these three surnames. Farra was from the Wilmington area; Camac and Roberts lived in the St. Georges area. Am just getting started so ANY information will help!

Table of Contents  NEXT ROBERTS QUERY

Dorothy Todd Sat May 17 19:31:04 1997 Looking for information about family of William WHITE and Susannah THORNBURGH who were married in 1753 at Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, DE. Thanks for any responses. Dorothy

Table of Contents  NEXT WHITE QUERY

Pamela Geisler Smith Sun May 18 06:24:17 1997 Research James RATLEDGE b. @1730 Murderkill Hundred, Kent Co.,Del. First appears on Tax Lists 1751 (single). French & Indian War roll 1757. Rec'd land from father John Ratledge 1768. Was bro. Thomas' heir in 1776. Other sib. Moses, John, Elizebeth Ratledge. James on tax rolls 1751-1777 and then sold land to Thomas Blackshare in 1784 and by 1787 was in Rowan Co., NC. Abt. 1770 James m. Ruth ____? Does anyone know her maiden name? Other names that appear with this family: Downham, McNatt, Truitt, Blackshare, Buckler. Welcome all corres., exchange/share on this line. Thanks.
Table of Contents

Mona Hura Tue May 20 03:44:34 1997 I would like to correspond with anyone researching the surnames ROACH and ROCHE.

Table of Contents

Andrew Catlin Wed May 21 08:51:11 1997 Looking for information in ROBERT CATLIN (born -1713/1714) died in Kent County (died - 1772). Married to MARY HODGSON. Also looking for JOSEPH CATLIN (1731 - 1792)

Table of Contents

S. Basden Thu May 22 04:39:23 1997

V. Brian Anderson Thu May 22 10:46:01 1997 I am looking for information on a Nancy ANDERSON. She lived in Maryland and migrated to Guilford Co., NC ca 1800 and could have been connected to the Nicholite migration to Guilford Co.. She seems to be related in some way to the James ANDERSON and Major ANDERSON families of Kent Co., Del.. Her children are believed to have been William, Rueben, John, Isaac, Elizabeth, and Caleb.

Table of Contents  NEXT ANDERSON QUERY

Nan Malone Fri May 30 12:52:18 1997 HIRONS - The Hirons Family first appears in Kent County in the form of a will of Simon Hiron in 1706. There are over twenty references to member of the Hirons family in Will Books of Kent County. There are also references to member of the Hirons family in New Castle County as well.

Table of Contents

John Anderson Sat May 31 21:53:20 1997 I am looking for the parents and siblings of: Caleb BENSON born about 1813 in Kent County, Delaware, 1850 lived in Louisianna, about 1851 married Margret Scheeley (spelling unclear), 1n 1860 living Refugio, TX, 1865 served in Civil War, 1870 lived near Corpus Christi, TX, by 1900 deceased and family living in Kerrville, TX. Per Census records probabale parent John Benson, Murderkill 100, Delaware unable to confirm or continue due to lack of Delaware records here in Texas.

Table of Contents

HERMAN SPEAR Sun Jun 1 06:11:26 1997 peter callaway had a daughter jane who married henry speer. i have found the family in maryland. i am looking for the marriage records for their sons jacob and andrew. jacob was my gggg grandfather. jacob was born about 1713-1725. jacob was the son of andrew and jean.

Table of Contents    NEXT CALLAWAY QUERY

Irene Bartlett Wong Tue Jun 3 21:59:28 1997 John Ross Dinwiddie is listed as being born in Adams Co., De. I would like to find as much info concerning this birth as possible: parents, place. The date I have is 10-05-1803. Thank you

Table of Contents

Vernon B Anderson  Looking for information on a Patrick McGonigal/McGonigle. He is believed to have been from the Kent Co./New Castle Co., Del. area and to have been a Revolutionary War soldier. He moved from Delaware to Caswell Co., NC by 1784, to Guilford Co., NC by ca. 1795, to Grainger Co., TN by 1807, and to Rutherford Co.(now Cannon ), TN by 1825-1830. He is thought to have been married to a Barbara(last name unknown).
Table of Contents
Royce Gruwell Fri Jun 6 23:28:40 1997 Am interested in any info regarding John GRUWELL and Mary COOK who resided in Kent County circa 1720-1740's. They had children Jacob, John, Peter, Abram, Mary, and Elizabeth. John and Peter GRUWELL married sisters Elizabeth and Catherine LATHAM respectively. Am interested in tracing each child's family line forward, including the GRUWELL branch which remainded in Delaware and the GRUWELL/GREWELL/GRUELLE branches which migrated to Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and California.

Table of Contents

Chuck Pierce Sat Jun 7 05:09:30 1997 Seeking any information on the CONAWAY line in southern Delaware. Family eventually moved to Dorchester County, MD in the 1800's but I have strong reason to believe they orginated in southern Delaware around the Revolution. Thank you.

Table of Contents

Michael Knox Sun Jun 8 08:36:19 1997 I am researching Levi and Thomas KNOX. Levi was born April 1, 1791 and Thomas was born March 17, 1799. Census records indicate both were born in Delaware. There are probably more brothers and sisters of Levi and Thomas, but we have not been able to find any reference to them. Also, we have not been able to find any reference to their father or mother. Although a family Bible still exists, there is no mention of anyone before Levi and Thomas. If you have any information or just leads about these two, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Table of Contents   NEXT KNOX QUERY

Patti Raatz Wed Jun 11 14:47:32 1997 Looking for information relating to Enoch PATTERSON born in Wilmington (date unknown). Married Hannah BRATTON (birth information unknown), marriage date in Wilimington unknown. Would like to find parents of both as well as missing dates. Also interested in finding other children of this union. Only known child is William H. b. June 1, 1825 in Wilmington. He married Sarah Ann Mason also of Wilmington, birth and parentage alson unknown.

Table of Contents

Larry Eldredge Thu Jun 12 15:21:37 1997 I am looking for information on the TRUE surname. William True Sr. was from DE.(abt.)1800. Not sure which county they came from. Spouse unknown. They had two sons William True Jr. and Enoch True. William Jr. may have been born in DE, Enoch was born in OH. Willing to exchange information on the TRUE surname. Please E-Mail,

Table of Contents

Chris Finney Fri Jun 13 09:55:19 1997 I am looking for the parents/family of John Hathorn, who was born 9 Jan 1749 in Wilmington, New Castle co. He later studied in Philadelphia and settled in NY state. I believe he is a descendant of the Hathornes of Salem, as another Hathorn (Ebenezer) from the Salem line lived in Kent co. Any leads would be appreciated.
Table of Contents

John Fannin Mon Jun 16 17:58:45 1997 Fannin, George Patrick - arriving in Philadelphia, PA from Ireland in 1800's.
Table of Contents
C.Ross Dellinger Sun Jun 22 03:21:06 1997 Isaac HERSEY, first found in Delaware in 1720.
Table of Contents

Jackie Little Mon Jun 23 12:16:18 1997 Need parents of Albert CHANCE born 1820 at Milford, DE or around Dover, DE. I would appreciate any information on him or his family or any CHANCE in the area around the turn of the century of 1800. Jackie Little, 7701 West Highway 22, Crestwood, KY 40014

Table of Contents

Lorraine Johnson Thu Jun 26 05:35:21 1997 Searching for information regarding Charles HAYDEN, wife, Mary, and children John, Julia (born 1846), Peter, and Joseph. Charles was a farmer living in Dover

Table of Contents

Carol Albrecht Sun Jun 29 08:41:14 1997 Surnames I am researching in New Castle County Delaware are: HERBERT MOORHEAD ROBINSON STEWART I am looking for any informtion on the following persons in the Brandywine One Hundred Delaware area: James STEWART born in Brandywine in 1761 d.1843 Lydia MOORHEAD born in Tyrone Co. Ireland 1760 d.1846 Archibald MOORHEAD Isabella ROBINSON Florence HERBERT Archibald HERBERT James STEWART born in 1670 Willing to share information on Descendants...Thank you in advance... Carol Albrecht

Table of Contents

George P. Vinyard Sr. Tue Jul 1 14:02:35 1997 information on john vinyard circa. 1754 possible father of Curtis Vinyard Sr.C

Table of Contents

P. Booth Sat Jul 5 19:14:45 1997 Searching for information on family of Waitman Booth. He died in 1817. Lived in Mispillion Hundred. Children John, James, Thomas, Mary & Lydia. Lydia married a Sapp. Mary married a Callaway.

Table of Contents

HJack Wells Sat Jul 5 22:17:38 1997
MARY MAHON (MAHAN) born 1788 De. Mahon Mary Kent,De 1788 Searching for the Parents of Mary Mahon or Mahan. Born abt 1788 in Kent Co.,De. She married John Benjamin Wells son of Benjamin Wells,jr. on Aug 20 1813 or 1818 in Kent or Cecil Co.,Md. She died Between 1841 and 1849 in Cecil Co.Md. Researching Well(e)s of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware Will extange FGS E-Mail =

Table of Contents

H Jack Wells Sun Jul 6 20:49:05 1997 Clark,William born 1680 Delaware Searching for the Siblings and Children of William Clark and Mary Ann Wells William Clark born 8 Dec 1680 in Sussex Co.,Dl. married Mary Ann Wells born 2 July 1714 in Kent Co.,De. and died bef 1780 in DE. Father and mother of William Clark William Clark (1660 to 1705) Honnour Vines (1660 to after 1700) Researching Well(e)s of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware Will extange FGS

Table of Contents  NEXT CLARK QUERY

 Ken Saunders Mon Jul 7 16:17:34 1997 PEEKY family history. Looking for descendents of Samuel PEEKY,b.1787; Lemuel PEEKY,b.1834;Lewis H. Peeky,b.1860;Howard PEEKY,b.1878. settled in Wilmington and Mill Creek, New Castle Co., DE. Other related names are: BAILEY, SHAKESPEAR, BLACK, MCVAUGH, RUMFORD, CORSON, GROSS.

Table of Contents

KING, James Thomas Jr.Tue Aug 5 17:03:45 1997 Looking for information to start a family tree. Grandfather Thomas Henery KING Born 1879 (unknown) died 1925 (Chester, Pa),Married in Sussex County or Georgetown Del. to Lilly May DONAVON or DUNAVON, Born 1881 (unknown) died 1956 (Chester,PA). They had 11 children 5 Boys Roland 1906-1923, Alton 1909-1959 Therador 19##- 1972, James 1919-1986, Patrick Died at a few days after birth Date unkown and 6 Daughters Helen Dates unknown,Eleanor 1922-1988,Louise dates unknown,Mildred,Ellice Maneriva.
Table of Contents
Laura Dussault Sun Aug 17 04:47:21 1997 Looking for others that are searching information on the ancestors of Michael Greenlee of Kent Co. Delaware. DOB circa 1700 DOD circa 1788. Second marriage was to Esther Davis daughter of John Davis. Especially interested in those descended from his youngest son Allen Greenlee.
Table of Contents
Steve Stenbro Fri Aug 22 16:51:53 1997 I'm looking for YEARSLEY H. JONES b25 Jan.1820 Baltimore, MD. He left Baltimore at a very young age. His father was YEARSLEY JONES b.23 aug 1792. His mother was SARAH UNDERWOOD b1791. Any information about these people would be greatly appreciated.
Table of Contents
Fran Barnard Fri Aug 22 14:44:34 1997 My ancestors were Adam and Anne (Elgate) Hitch. My father was an Elgate Hitch. I know that his grandfater was also an Elgate Hitch. I would appreciate any information on the name Elgate and/or Hitch (sometimes spelled Heatch)

Table of Contents

Bob Shultz Mon Aug 25 06:08:42 1997 I am looking for any information on an Elijah Cottingham (b.1762 in MD.)who married, 1st Mary Laws and 2nd Sally Dreyden. Elijah had a son Joshua from his 1st marriage and a son John Dryden Cottingham from his second. Elijah moved to Kent Co. in 1795 from MD. And then in 1823 along with his two sons Elijah moved to Indiana where he died in Connersville, in 1824.
Table of Contents
Todd White Fri Aug 29 09:24:51 1997 NEXT WHITE QUERY
Art Walls Thu Aug 28 18:05:59 1997 Looking for parents of John WALLS. He was born abt. 1814 in Delaware. He died in Jan. of 1878 in Maryland, while a member of Moores chapel. His wife was Dorcas MOORE.She was born in Delaware abt. 1814 and died in Maryland in 1884 at Moores chapel, also.Their death location is unknown and needed. They had ten (10) children: Elizabeth,Thomas, William, John, Daniel,Joseph, Mary, James, Henry and Sarah. The first seven (7) were born in Delaware and the remaining born in Maryland. John and Dorcas were married on Feb 23, 1831 in Kent couny Delaware.
Table of Contents  
Gregory Moore Sat Aug 30 14:34:08 1997 Looking for any information on Noah and Mary Moore listed in the 1850 Census - Kent Co. De. - Dover Hundred. I already have this information but am trying to link them to any other Moore's in the Sate of Delaware. Willing to share information - despartely seeking parents of Noah Moore, or his wife Mary Doniphan,Dunovan Moore.
Table of Contents
Bill Newman Sat Aug 30 17:27:47 1997 I'm looking for ANY info on Salathiel NEWNAM (1732-1806). He was in Delaware in 1781 witnessing a will for someone in the North family, and he moved to Rockingham Co., NC in 1783 and then moved to Jessamine Co., KY in 1799 with a son , Elijah. Name may be spelled NEWNHAM. He was a friend of Bishop Asbury and may have moved to KY to start a Methodist Seminary there. I don't which county he would have been in in Delaware.
Table of Contents
Bill Newman Sat Aug 30 17:54:50 1997 Looking for any info on Salathiel NEWNAM or NEWNHAM. Had a son, Elijah. Salathiel moved to NC in 1783 from Delaware.

Table of Contents

Brandy Alford Sat Aug 30 18:45:03 1997 I am looking for information on Samuel PENNUEL and his wife Sarah (KNOX). They are both mentioned in the probate record for Thomas KNOX. It states, "Administration of, to Samuel Pennuel and wife Sarah, late Sarah Knox. Granted Feb. 1, 1798." I would like information on their children (if any), when they married, dates of death and locations if possible, would LOVE to find a will. Thanks in advance!!
Table of Contents
Gail Pines Sat Aug 30 21:04:34 1997 WARD, Harry b.1855, d.1924 in Kent Co. Delaware. Wife is: Anna P. Graessle , they have 6 children: Geneva,Frances Blackstone,George Earl,Wilbert,Norman,Ethel. I think all stayed in Kent Co. I am looking for any information regarding these persons. thank you.
Table of Contents
Gail Pines Sat Aug 30 21:10:27 1997 Looking for information on: Benjamin POORE , b. 1819 in Kent co.Delaware, Married Mary J. MORRIS (It think she may have been widowed) on 1849. Mary was b. 1827 in Delaware.Also looking for information on Jacob POORE, b. Apr.1862 in Kent co. Del. Married on 20 July 1893 in Kent co. to Margaret THOMAS, looking for any information. Thanks.
Table of Contents NEXT THOMAS QUERY
Gail Pines Sat Aug 30 21:21:55 1997 looking for surnames in Delaware : PISZCZENSKI, SKOTNICKI, KACZMARCZYK, KRAJEWSKI , circa.1850-1997.

Margaret Gagliardi Mon Sep 1 15:51:13 1997 I am looking for THOMAS THOMAS who moved to Fayette Co, PA and then to Monongalia Co, VA (WVA) and died in what is today Taylor Co, WVA. His children were MARGARET THOMAS b. 25 Feb 1789, WILLIAM THOMAS b. 6 July 1790, GARRETT THOMAS b. c. 1792 and NATHAN THOMAS b. c. 1797. It appears that shortly after Nathan's birth they left the state of DE. Who was the mother of these children? Will share all my info.
Table of Contents
Judy Arnold Mon Sep 1 20:07:27 1997 Looking for info, esp. mother's maiden name (given name Margaret) of Benjamin Franklin FENICAL son of John FENICAL/FENEGLE. B. 1816 PA married Anna Maria NOSS 1843 and Susan SHICK 1868, both PA. Moved to Wilmington DE 1881, d. Milford, Kent Co., DE 1891.

Table of Contents

Dorothy Powers Elliott Sun Sep 7 16:09:59 1997 Would appreciate any info on the WHEELER FAMILY of Sussex Co. I have a JOHN WHEELER , will dated 12-12-1774 of Cedar Creek 100. A daughter Mary marrried Lewis Dewees(e) ca 1706 poss in Philadelphia, PA.
Table of Contents
Irene Hendley Sat Sep 6 12:27:11 1997 CAMAC, Joseph J. , b 17 Nov 1886. d19 Aug 1921. Married Harriet L. Roberts in Wilmington, 11 Aug 1908. I believe he was born in Dover. He was my Grandfather and I have been unable to learn anything about him other than this. Any help would be appreciated and I have information to share about his descendents.

Table of Contents

Steve Dennehy Mon Sep 8 13:51:48 1997 BUTCHER: Seeking info on Butchers in New Castle and Kent Cos., Del. and s. N.J. pre-1750. rying to identify family of Eleanor BUCHER b. c. 1710, mar. Henry HUKILL 1730 in Cecil Co., Md.; most likely from New Castle Co. or N.J.
Table of Contents
Merle R. Price Tue Sep 9 08:18:52 1997 Searching for the family of George W. BOLTON married 19 Feb 1887 New Castle county, DE. to Lenora H. BENNETT b-24 Feb 1868 New Castle county, DE. She was the daughter of John Robson BENNETT and Rachel CAVENDER They had ten children as follows--Hudson, George, John, Carrie, Jennie, Katherine, Isaac, William, Arthur and Cleaver. All were born between 1889 and 1910 . I think in New Castle county, DE.
Table of Contents
Jean Adams Thu Sep 11 18:40:20 1997 I would love to help anyone that is in need of research being done in Delaware, and In Caroline county Md. I`ll be glad to do this FREE.....FREE..., the only possible charge may be any postage for mailing items to you, and any cert...copies that you request at a cost of 50 cents apiece. You can write to me by E-mail or Write to me at .....THIS IS FOR ALL OF DELAWARE Jean Adams p.o. box 310 Laurel, Delaware 19956 ANY REQUEST ARE WELCOME!!!!!! I PROMISE TO DO MY BEST FOR YOU DON~T FORGET IT`S FREE.....FREE please send any dates and names that may help in your search!!!! JEAN :)
Table of Contents
Becky Barefoot Thu Sep 11 21:20:22 1997 Looking for any information on BAREFOOT/BAREFORD/BARFOOT/BARFORD in Delaware in the 17th and early 18th centuries. Am trying to find a connection to those who settled in Chester, Philadelphia and Berks Counties, PA, in the early 1700s.

John BAINUM Sun Sep 14 08:05:41 1997 BAYNUM Bartholomew I am seeking information on Bartholomew BAYNUM and his family, he may have also used the surname BAINUM. He was said to have died in 1759 in sussex co DL. His wife was Elener A GRIER and died in 1771 also in sussex co. They were said to have had 8 childern Rachel (nothing is known of her) Eleanor married James STEAL, Elizabeth Married James BUTLER, Levi (nothing is known of him) son Bartholomew married Sara Simpson (Bartholomew is said to have been hanged in 1786 for piracy) William married Zipporah BRADFORD, John married a HARGUS and Mary married a Warren. Also need information on John, he was the father of Ananias and married Nancy COLLINS in Delaware. Any information on any of thes people will be appreciated
Table of Contents
Stephen Williamson Sun Sep 14 16:47:34 1997 I am looking for information on Henry and Mary PRIDE. The only information that I have on them is that they were born in Delaware. Henry was born about 1783 and Mary was born about 1780. I have them living in Barbour Caount, VA (W.Va) in 1850.
Table of Contents
Mary Snyder Sat Sep 20 12:48:07 1997 Searching for information on farm(s) owned by WENRICH, who had an employee Samuel SNYDER. Samuel SNYDER was married to Martha C. LONG. Two of their four children were born in Kent Co., Delaware, between 1886-1893. Samuel & Martha were from Northumberland Co., PA., & according to a newspaper article were in Kent Co. in May 4. 1888. Any information on any of these people will be greatly appreciated. This has been an exhausting search. Samuel SNYDER was also a Boatman, by trade. Please e-mail information to Thank you. Mary
Table of Contents
Frank Brunner Sat Sep 20 15:59:20 1997 LUFF, Harry Temple b. 12 Apr 1861 d. 12 Dec 1918 and wife Dora KELLY b. 4 Mar 1869 d. 17 Nov 1942 were my grandparents. They supposedly lived at historic Mordington on McColley's Pond. in the late 1800s and subsequently lived in Wilmington per 1910 Federal Census. Cannot find cause of death. I would also greatly appreciate any living LUFF contacting me to assist in determining which of the many LUFFs I have researched are direct descendants and which are not. Please contact me at <>. I will be happy to share the information I have with such LUFF family members. Thank you. Frank Brunner
Table of Contents   NEXT LUFF QUERY

Greg Tharp    I am a descendant of Thomas Tharp (1640-1686), William Tharp (1682-1748), John Tharp (1711-1765), William Tharp (1740-1812, James Tharp (1774-1829), Reuben Tharp (1813-1884). I'm looking for information from anyone interested in Tharps, or others mentioned in my list of surnames, from the Delaware, Eastern Shore Maryland lineage who might have some further genealogical data. I have put together a gedcom file of this information as well as other information that might be of interest. Most of the individuals in my files are from Milford, Harrington, Farmington and other areas of Kent county Delaware. You can reach me direct at BURT989168@AOL.COM.

Arthur Allee 97-12-22 01:58:44 EST Need information on Sarah DENNY who married Abraham ALLEE Jr. in Kent Co., Delaware circa 1750. They were the parents of Isaac ALLEE, who was born in 1755 in Bombay Hook, Delaware. Isaac married Keziah PONDER. Isaac died in 1825. Dr. W. Arthur Allee e-mail:

Pat Rogers Hall97-12-23 19:30:13 EST Researching Samuel Meredith b. 25 Dec 1756/61 Kent Co., DE married Mary Breadley/Bradley 12 Mar 1789 Kent Co. Samuel Served in the American Revolution and drew a pension. Moved to Franklin Co., Indiana sometime after 1800. Father of Samuel is said to be Joseph and grandfather Luff Meredith. Will answer all replies...Pat Rogers Hall

Geoff Robinson 97-12-26 20:30:05 EST. BALDWIN, CLEVES: Seeking ancestry of Charles BALDWIN, b. 30 Jun 1839, Smyrna, Kent Co.; d. 22 Jan 1911, Accokeek, MD; m 11 May 1867 Levenia CLEAVES at Port Royal, VA. Won Medal of Honor in Civil War. Destroyer named for him in WWII. Any help appreciated. Geoff Robinson

Suzette Thompson 97-12-19 01:15:25 EST, How are you doing queries? I have a Frederick Ted Walker born June 1822 in Kent co., Del. and md. to Eveline Starkey in Ohio. I am looking for parents and siblings. Suzette Thompson My snail-mail address: Suzette Thompson 2025 S. Little Valley Rd. Wallsburg, Utah 84082 In case someone is browsing a library computer and has no email. Thank you muchly. Suzette

Jeff & Linda Leathley 97-11-30 23:39:21 EST Swaggerty/Gentry/Secrest/Godwin/Cunningham/AtteberryHi, I am looking for my Great - grandfather. He was born in DE according to a 1900 Census in Greene Co., IN His name is William F. Godwin, however the F. may or may not be right. He was b. 12-1833. Below is all the info I know about him. Anything you may be able to tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Linda Godwin-Leathley
Jeff & Linda Leathley wrote:
Update to the above info: Margaret (SWAGGERTY) GENTRY married Elija SECREST age 24, (son of Jacob) 11-3-1885 in Sullivan Co., IN. Also Margaret SECREST married William GODWIN 4-16-1889 in Sullivan Co., IN. Any and all info on these people and the below will be greatly appreciated
I am trying to find information on my Great Grandparents. Margurite aka Margaret SWAGGERTY and William F. (may not be correct initial) GODWIN. What I do have came from a 1900 Census in Greene Co., IN, Wright Twp.
William was born 12-1833 in DE. He may have been married twice before he married Margurite. And he may have had children, in fact I'm sure he must have as he was 66 and she was 37 in 1900! A 1900 IN Census lists his middle initial as F. I don't know for a fact that is or isn't correct.
Margurite aka Margaret (the Census shows Margaret) was born 5-1863 in IN. I think her maiden name was SWAGGERTY. She married a Mr. GENTRY and they had Emma F b. 3-1882 and John b. 3-1884 both in IN.
Then Margurite aka Margaret married Elija SECREST 11-3-1885 in Sullivan Co., IN and they had Franklin A. b. 7-1886 in IN.
Then she married my Great Grandfather William F. GODWIN 4-16-1889 in Sullivan Co., IN and they had: Carrie E. GODWIN b. 3-1890 in Jasonville, IN. Carrie had long red hair at the age of 21 and was a stage actress, she was married and she died in a house fire that burned her home with her in it. Maud S. GODWIN b. 2-1892 in Jasonville, IN. she died at abt age 22 of Diphtheria, in IN. William Thompson GODWIN b. 9-1895 in Jasonville, IN he is my Grandfather, he later married Ahletha ATTEBERRY aka Lela Atterberry in 1915, and moved to Caddo, OK. and Marietta GODWIN b. 3-1897 in Jasonville and in 1915 she married Richard Bledsoe. Margurite aka Margaret ran a Boarding House in Jasonville, IN and she died in 1915.
After her death William F. married Widow CUNNINGHAM who had children by a previous marriage. It is said that William F. owned houses and property in Jasonville, IN. Also an Uncle of mine, my fathers brother says all the ones that died are buried in Jasonville. I do not know that for a fact. ANY and ALL information would be appreciated. I am looking for information on all the families of William & Margurite aka Margaret. The Gentry's, Secrest's AND Godwin's and any other family they may have had. Thank you very much. Linda Godwin Leathley

DenDanP 97-12-05 20:53:14 EST Can any one help with information on a Thomas PRICE and his wife Mary both born around 1818. In the 1850 census they are living in the Dover Hundred with three son's William 8, John 4, and Nathan 1 month Thanks for the help.

BRO ROBERT P CARVER MGC 97-12-14 20:13:31 EST I am seeking information on Alexander Winford who lived and died in Kent Co., his will dated/probated in 1790. Is there a marriage record for him to a Margaret (surname unknown).
It is my theory that at his death, his children scattered, some moving to North Carolina, where some of them ultimately moved on to Tennessee. My ancestor is Benjamin Winford (one of the youngest sons) who died in Wilson County, TN, by 1826, leaving his widow, Elizabeth Babb Winford, and at least three sons: Alexander Grandison Bonaparte Winford, Benjamin Washington Grenade Winford, William W. Winford. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Bob in Indiana

John R. Hall 97-05-07 09:59:45 EDTHall family of Delaware - Searching for maiden name, any other info on my gr-grandmother Susanna HALL, b. DE @ 1850's d. July 1908, Atlantic City, NJ, married John W, HALL, b. ?, d. 1883, Dover, DE. Children were Mabel Dean HALL , b. 10 Apr 1879 (my grandmother), Ollie HALL, John R, HALL. Mabel Dean HALL married my grandfather James Edward BROWN. 26 Dec 1899. No birth,death certificates avail, no census info gleaned, although found brother John R. HALL and family on census. Thanks for any help.

Carla A. GruberFri, 08 Aug 1997 21:26:11 -0800 My many times great-grandfather Isaac White (b:4-Jun-1752)left Kent county DE for Washington County, Tenn. Anybody out there researching their White family relations? Carla Gruber PO Box 8672, Ketchikan, Alaska, 99901

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