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Hilo Tribune, 17 Jan 1902

Settlement Associations:

There was a protracted session of the Executive Council last week which land matters on this island consumed most of the time. Commissioner Boyd obtained the lion's share of attention for business in his department.  It related mostly to settlement associations.  John T Baker wanted 1800 acres at Twenty-nine Miles, Olaa, near Peter Lee's Association, for nine persons.  It was recommended that his application be granted with a year in which to perfect the association. C Moore applied for ninety six acres for an association of ten people, the land being lots 4 and 5 in Puna.  His application was denied as the land, being near Hilo might be required for public purposes. Otto Rose had his application approved for 1600 acres at Nine Miles, Olaa, the association having eight members. F Brughelli's application for 1,800 acres for nin persons at twenty five Miles, Olaa, was turned down, the Council deciding that the land, being on the Volcano road, should be reserved for residence lots rather than farms.


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