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Oberlin is the oldest town in the parish and was incorporated February 5, 1900 while still a part of Imperial Calcasieu Parish. It actually started as a community called Oaklin Springs about 2 miles west of Oberlin closer to the Calcasieu River during the early 1860s. Many of these earlier settlers originally came from Oberlin, Ohio. The first record of a U.S. Post Office and Postmaster was from this area in 1890.

The first settlement to be called Oberlin was located over one mile northeast of the present location before 1888 and is now called Old Town. Later a town site was established around 1890 where Oberlin is presently located. Some of the first buyers according to Pat Carroll Marcantel from her book Oberlin 1893-1993, include:

  • Mrs E. H. Alcock
  • James Beech
  • Diana Brown
  • Mrs. Emma P. Ewing (sold to C.N. Haines
  • C.E. Foster
  • Mrs. A.E. Paul
  • Mrs. Lydia Rice
  • D.F. Shepardson

Later, other settlers included:

  • Fontenot
  • J.W. Moore (Irish immigrant from Sugartown)
  • John Sonnier
  • Valetin Sonnier

The first elected officials were: Sheriff, Y.O. Reed; Mayor, Joseph Carrier; Marshal, John Sonnier; Aldermen, Luc Ledoux, J.T. Funchess and J.A. Darbonne; Clerk of Court, Patrick Moore; Tax Assessor, David Cole. These men were elected in 1913 following the creation of Allen Parish in 1912 from Calcasieu Parish.

The industry was cattle raising, rice crops, and wool. Wool selling day was on June 8th of each year. The Allen Parish Courthouse was built in Oberlin in 1912.


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