Please submit your transcriptions of court records to aid other researchers!

We can use your help!

If you have transcribed a court record and would care to share that information with other researchers, you can submit your information by email to me, Bryant Walker, at <genes.1 at>. I will then post your information on this site and give you credit for the work.

A court record is the official written documentation of what happened during a trial or a hearing. Courts have been keeping records in the United States since before the nation was founded. The U.S. Constitution then established federal courts and permitted the various states to form their own courts. States then formed counties that established their own circuit courts. Eventually, municipalities in the counties followed suit. They established their municipal courts. Each and every one of these courts has made and maintained records of their proceedings. Some very old records are still in existence. For reasons of economy and space, most have been reduced to microfilm or are digitally preserved.

Most court records are published in local newspapers and can be transcribed from the articles on court events. The Concordia Parish Clerk of Court's office is located at:
4001 Carter Street, Suite 5
Vidalia, Louisiana 71373