1871 Yellow Fever Epidemic

From the newspaper Vidalia Herald - October 20th, 1871


In Vidalia the yellow fever must soon necessarily run it's course for want of material. But grave fears are entertained that it may spread to the surrounding plantations by persons coming to town from sheer curiosity or under trivial pretenses. This is as dangerous as it is unwise. We fear that some of our colored friends who stoutly maintain that they cannot die till their "time comes" will find out to their sorrow that unnecessary exposure may, and possibly will, bring that "time" about sooner than they expect. We give below the names of the persons who have had the yellow fever in our little town and recovered. Also those who have died.

CONVALESCING - Are citizens of this place but were sick in Natchez with yellow fever.
Caroline Bader
Josephine Bader
Louisa Bader
Oscar Bailey
C. Bass
Bass, Mrs.
J. W. Coleman
Katie Coleman
Thos. Coleman
Henrietta Dennis
I. Friedler
Thos. Humason
Willie Joyce
Joyce, Mrs.
John Joyce Sr.
Willie Ker
Minnie Kerr, Miss
N. Lorie, Mr.
Sam. Lowenburg
Michael Mack
Sallie Mason
Carrie Mayo
McInnereny, Mrs.
Alice Meng
Percy Meng
Walter Meng
Harry Norment
Belle Richardson, Mrs.
Josephine Schiele
Pauline Schiele
Jacob Schiele Jr.
Clinton Seaman
Dora Turner, Miss
Willie Vernon
Kate Vishea, Mrs.
Johnny Wiest
Peter Young
Colored persons recovered, four, names unknown.
Jane Francis Coleman
Dennis E. P. Collins, Mrs.
Son of Dennis E. P. Collins, Mrs.
James Doyle
Horace Forbes
Abram Lorie
Jacob Lorie
Tom Mackin
Larry O'Brien (of congestive chill)
Larry O'Brien, Mrs.
Margaret O'Brien, Mrs.
Kallie Schiele
Susie Schiele
Jacob Schiele Sr.
Colored persons died: six, names unknown

From the newspaper Vidalia Herald - December 1871


The following list comprises the names of those who fell victims to the yellow fever during the past few months. Considering the fact that the total number of whites who during the time of the scourge were dwelling within the town limits, to be only 152, that 74 were sick and 23 died, it will be seen that nearly one-half of the whites were attacted with the disease, and that about fifteen percent of the total white population died. God grant that we may never again be called upon to make so fearful an exhibit.

Sept. 12. Jas. F. Coleman, aged 1 year and 9 months.
Sept. 16. Jacob Lorie, 26 years.
Sept. 19. Larry O'Brien, 40 years.
Sept. 23. E. P. Gollius, Jr., 5 years. (Collins?)
Sept. 24. Abram Lorrie, 22 years.
Sept. 26. E. P. Collins, 34 years.
Sept.30. Mrs. Larry O'Brien, 30 years.
Oct. 1. Susie Schelie, 5 years.
Oct. 3. Callie Schelie, 23 years.
Oct. 7. Horace Forbes, 21 years.
Oct.10. Jacob Schelie, 56 years.
Oct.13. James Doyle, 36 years
Oct. 14. Mrs. John O'Brien,
Oct. 17. Thomas Mackin, 30 years.
Oct. 19. M. McInerny, 40 years.
Oct. 20. Jacob Weeis, aged 25 years.
Nov. 2. Thos. Palmer, 40 years.
Nov. 3. Chas. A. Bath, 28 years.
Nov. 7. Matilda Collins, 33 years.
Nov. 22. D. C. Richardson, 28 years.
Nov. 31 [sic]. Robt. Hough, 29 years.
Mr. Dennis, stranger, age not known.
Kelly White, c., age not known.
Geo. Thomas, c., boy.
Jno. Turner, c., boy.
Amanda Tolbert, c., 50 years.