Evangeline Par., La. - World War II Dead

US Army & Army Air Force


Abbreviation: Types of Casualties
DNB - Died, non-battle
DOI - Died of injuries
DOW - Wounded and later died
FOD - Under Public Law 490, Finding of Death
KIA - Killed in Action
M - Missing

Tabulations for Evangeline Par., La.
KIA = 19
DNB = 10
DOW = 3
FOD = 2

Blood, George 34155465 Pvt xxx
Buller, Wilton B. 38483133 Sgt. xxx
Causey, Clarence M. 34074134 Tec 4 xxx
Coor-Pender J. F. Jr. 14010576 Tec 5 xxx
Cottonham, Willie H. 38184205 Pvt xxx
Demoruelle, Clarence 38184205 Pvt xxx
Deshotel, James A. 14063277 Sgt xxx
Douget, Gilbert P. 38652176 Pvt xxx
Duplechain, William D. 38486524 T Sgt xxx
Fontenot, Eyven 38483334 Pfc xxx
Fontenot, Hubert 38187771 Pfc xxx  
Fontenot, Murphy A. 38266112 Pfc xxx
Fontenot, Paul E. 38483370 Pfc xxx
Fontenot, Will B. 34078197 Pfc xxx
Fuselier, Curlee J. 38488957 Sgt xxx
Geagan, James W. Jr. 0-446381 1st Lt. xxx
Greene, Elburn L. 7008817 SSgt xxx
Guidry, Dennis 38483122 Pvt xxx
Israel, Blim 38483330 Pfc xxx
Johnson, Felix 38486689 Pvt xxx
Leger, Lester 38491411 Pvt xxx
Manuel, Lawrence 34078180 Pvt xxx
Manuel, Vernon 38187763 Pvt xxx
McCormick, Curley 38487526 Pfc xxx
Miller, Lawrence 34236334 Tec 5 xxx
Mitchell, Iriah 38483378 Pfc xxx
Rider, Eway 38652085 Pvt xxx
Sampson, Rayfield J. 38544720 Pvt xxx
Veillon, Wilfred 38112887 Pfc xxx
Vidrine, Estylee 38187745 Pfc xxx
Wall, Willie Jr. 14042509 Sgt xxx
Wood, Alex G. 18149490 SSgt xxx
Young, Leonce 34153863 Sgt xxx
Young, Orey E. 38266042 Pfc xxx

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© 14 Jan 2010

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