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From issue of: 22 May 1913  
February 5, 1913
Editor Independent:
Dear Sir:--I find there is some dissatisfaction in the parish about the police jury making an appropriation of $600.00 for the purpose of surveying a good road from the Lincoln parish line to the Winn parish line. (will say that this appropriation did not cost the parish one cent as this money was placed in the bank by Davis Bros. Lbr. Co., and Hoie(?) Lbr. Co. for the purpose of making the survey.
W. T. Hawthorne, Pres.
The town election, which was held Tuesday, passed off quietly, and the following officers were elected: J. C. Shows, Mayor; W. W. Kavanaugh, Marshall; W. D. Jeffress, J. E. Cox, E. S. Foster, C. F. McBride, and E. E. Harlan, Alderman. In every instance the vote was close.


None Finer in the State - Police Jury Accepts the Building

The Police Jury of Jackson parish met here Monday, composed of the following members: G. W. hearn, L. S. Zeigler, B. H. Brown, W. L. Dickerson and B. F. McBride. Edwin Orr, who recently moved to Glenmora, near Alexandria, being absent.

After reviewing the work on the Court House the Jury, together with the parish architect, W. L. Stevens, accepted the building after being thoroughly convinced that every detail had been carried out according to contract.

Following is a partial descripotion of the building:

As the design implies, this building is Corinthian in style of architucture. Its overall dimensions are 80x120. Its construction is fire proof throughout, the floors, framing, etc., being of re-inforced concrete and the walls of stone, terra cotta or brick. The base buttresses, columns, pedestals, and in fact all ornamental features on the building are of Indianna Bedford stone, while the cornices, pediments, etc., are built of terra cotta. The dome is of copper and the main roof slate.

This house with its monolithic re-enforced concrete construction erected on such a foundation should endure for ages, and every care has been exer- (?2nd image damaged?)

(3rd image related to article)

There are arranged on one side of the entrance lobby to the court room the grand jury and district attorney's offices, with necessary toilet conveniences, and on the opposite side the law library, and a ladies' retiring room, which is also provided with lavatories, toilets, etc. In the rear of the court room are arranged on the two corners of the building two petty jury rooms in between them a jury domitory. There is also provided in this rear portion, convenient for the use of the judge, a private office, and all of these rooms contain separate toilets and lavatories, and in addition the domitory is provided with a bath. There is a prisoner's detention cell also located in the rear of the court room just at the landing of the service stairs and convenient to the service entrance through which the prisoners may be brought into...(4th image missing)



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