Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Toro, Sabine Parish, LA

Submitted by: Jo Ann McCollister Pape


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church was founded Aug. 20, 1847 in the southwest
corner of Sabine Parish near Toro Creek, in the Toro Community. (List of
founding members at end of this page.)

A partial listing of the burials at Pleasant Hill Cemetery,
grouped as they appeared in family plots.

Benard C. McCollister, 3/11/1860 - 11/30/1939
Mary J. McCollister, 9/10/1871-3/1/1956

John Colman McCollister, 7/27/1872-4/28/1948
Philona A. McCollister, 11/5/1887-3/7/1974
Infant: christopher, 2/8/1917

J.A. McCollister, 12/15/1919-6/14/1945
Pvt. Battery A 590, Field Artillery Btn.

John Marion McCollister, 2/24/1896-10/11/1976
Trudie Jackson McCollister, 12/19/1897-6/16/1990

William Leonerdus McCollister, 5/22/1846-8/9/1883 (Mason)
M. O. McCollister, 2/27/1853-6/24/1905
T. Jeff McCollister, 6/5/1870-10/22/1897
W. L.McCollister, 1/20/1874-1/1/1883
Effie G. McCollister, 12/8/1880-7/31/1883

Sons of John James McCollister and Evelina McCollister:
Andrew N. 12/24/1880-10/29/1882
William C. 3/20/1883-10/9/1884
William C., 3/20/1883-10/9/1884
"A little time on earth he spent
Till god for him his angel sent."

Isham Nettles McCollister, 2/22/1894-12/10/1975
(Pvt, WWI, army)
Eulah M. McCollister, 7/15/1902-2/5/1961
Doris McCollister, 2/12/1927

Daughter of C. L. and Georgia McCollister: Doris, 8/4/1940

Nancy Arthur McCollister Nettles, 11/22/1842-2/9/1924

Isham David Nettles, 3/13/1874-10/22/1929

Martha Nettles Slay, 6/22/1872-3/3/1960

Mary E. Byrd, 12/2/1884-6/23/1963
Louis F. Byrd, 8/25/1879-6/31/1938
Jackson A. Byrd, 9/9/05-6/16/08

Alfred Byrd, 1/27/1839-6/16/1902 (Mason)

Orville P. Byrd, 11/23/1919-5/25/1984
Betty Lott Byrd, 11/3/1925 - (not deceased as of 8/96)

Gussie Lynch Byrd, 6/29/1902-2/22/1988
Neely Hunter Byrd, 5/27/1894-6/22/1974
Charlcy O. Byrd, 9/12/1897-8/6/1929

Emerson Fisher Byrd, 1893-1940

Clarence M. Byrd, 22/28, 1911-10/21/1976
(Pvt WWI, army)
Alma A. Byrd, 1/26/1928 - (not deceased as of 8/96)

James W. Byrd, 1868-1940

Emma, Wife of J.F. Byrd, 2/9/1872-9/17/1901

susan Chandler, wife of Alfred Byrd, 1/26/1841- 11/12/1930

Arthur E. Byrd, 8/4/1907 - Not deceased as of 9/97
Emmie Self Byrd, 5/20/1907 - not deceased as of 9/97

Asa Curtis, 12/16/1831-2/1/1900 (Mason)

William Curtis, 1/13/1859-6/2/1944

Mary E. Curtis, wife of W. H. Ford, 3/1/1861 - 5/27, 1898


Plesant Hill Baptist Church
According to previous records several members of the Baptist faith
holding letters, met at Pleasant Hill for the purpose of constituting a
Baptist church. The following letters were presented and received:

William Curtis
Ezra Byrd
I. McCollister
John James McCollister
W. C. Southwell
M. C. Hamley
J. Skinner
William Elzey
I. Nettles
Winiford Elzey
Nancy McCollister
Lucretia Broadway
Eleline Southwell
Martha Nettles
Rhoda Byrd

Presbytery: Allison Phillips and D. C. McCalley

Elder D. C. McCalley was pastor in 1847-1848


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