Register B
Second Class

Claims to land in the district of St Helena, founded on orders of survey, permission to settle, or other written evidence of claims, derived from either the
French, British or Spanish authorities which, in the opinion of the register and receiver, ought to be confirmed.

            Quanity Claimed           Inhabitation & Cultivation
No. By whom claimed Orginal Claimant Nature of claim 7
from what authority
Date of claim Front Depth Area in
Area in
Where Situated By whom issued When surveyed By whom surveyed From To
1 J P Michell and heirs
of Drake
Isaac Taylor Shiriff's sale for taxes July 29, 1820     500   East Baton Rouge       1806  
2 J P Michell Maria Lawrence Sheriff's sale for taxes June 29, 1818     400   East Baton Rouge       1803  
3 J P Michell Henry Curtis Sheriff's sale for taxes June 30, 1818       800 East Baton Rouge       1783  
4 J P Michell Elijah Holly Sheriff's sale for taxes June 29, 1818       675 East Baton Rouge          
5 J P MIchell Joseph McNeal Sheriff's sale for taxes Jun 30, 1818       49 East Baton Rouge       1800  
5 Charles McMicken William Beaubard Sheriff's sale for taxes March 2, 1816       300 West Feliciana       1809  
7 Charles McMicken Mrs Beavilla Sheriff's sale for taxes March2, 1816       400 West Feliciana          
8 Charles McMicken Budrean Sheriff's sale for taxes March 2, 1816       400 West Feliciana          
9 Charles McMicken Leander Dugan Sheriff's sale for taxes March 7, 1816       240 West Feliciana       1803 1824
10 Charles McMicken William Bruin Sheriff's sale for taxes Feb 3, 1816     250 West Feliciana         1805  



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