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Curtis R. Holiday     January 05, 2001
Please post this query--"Seeking decendants of Elizabeth Holliday Bates Allen b.1795 Kentucky. She married Thomas Bates in St. Helena Par. in 1816. They had Ephraim, Winnaford, Margery, and John. John died young. She married secondly John Allen. John Allen went to Jasper County, TX and started a second family there. Elizabeth died ca.1858."

Loretta Hamler           January 14, 2001
I am researching the RUTLAND family and my search has led me to St. Helena parish, La.  I found where Harriet RUTLAND married Calvin JUSTICE, 1842.  I can find no other trace of Harriet or her Rutland family.  I could find no RUTLAND in 1820, 1830, or 1840 in St. Helena and Calvin and Harriet were not on the 1850 census.

Anyone with any  information on the parents and/or siblings of Harriet RUTLAND Justice, please contact me.
Thanks  Loretta Hamler   Monticello, Ms

Connee Kroeger      February 08, 2001
REAMS.  Tobias Reams b.c.Oct. 1754, d. 20 Feb. 1812 in St. Helena Parish.  Wife was Mary "Molly" ? b.c. 1758.  Children were: Jacob, Elizabeth who m. Gabriel Burris, Rebecca who m. Kindred Williams and Wilford Williams, Nancy who m. Hezekiah Williams Jr., maybe James who m. Elizabeth Tabor, Rachel who m. James Starner, Benjamin, Sarah who m. Frederick Starnes, Barbara who m. George Spillar, and Caroline who m. Samuel Starnes. I am extremely interested in finding someone who descends from and has researched Jacob.  Was his wife Elizabeth Duft?  If so, that might be the key to linking Tobias Reams of St. Helena Parish with the Tobias Reams of Lancaster Co. PA.  Connee Kroeger

B. Waltman   February 18, 2001
Looking for gg-grandparents, William Marion Dean b. 7/18/1852 in TX, married Mary selena Easley, b. 5/10/1854.  They married 3/12/1874.  Children were, Catherine Matilda "Cassie" Dean, b. 1878 in LA, Willie Walter Dean, b. 1881, LA, lived his adult life in Monroe, LA, Hattie Corrine Dean, b. 1883  and married Walter Jones, Booth Monroe Dean, b. 1886 in LA and lived adult life in Fernwood, Magnolia, and McComb, MS.  Lennie Marion Dean, b. 1889, and Hollis Alanson Dean, b. 2/18/1893 in LA, lived in Houston Tx.
Anyone having information on Mary Salena Easley, please contact me at  I appreciate your time and any information you may have on this family. B.Waltman

Robert Parker      February 18, 2001
  Following are the ST Helena surnames that I am researching: Parker, Davis, Hooper, Kemp, Womack, Henderson, Harrell, Kent, Kendrick, Fluker, Sharkey, Sessions.  (Henderson, Harrell, and Kent were all East Feliciana families who married into one of the above St Helena families.  Mary D. Harrell married John Bailey Kent whose daughter Missouri Ann Kent married Dio C. [Dioclesian] Davis.  Missouri Ann Kent had a brother, Thomas H. Kent.  The estate of Mary D. Harrell and John Bailey Kent was probated in St Helena.  I have a copy of it.  Middleton Gasden Henderson married Permelia Ann Womack of St Helena.  Their daughter Johanna married John Bailey Davis.)--- Robert Parker---

Donald Dunnington   February 19, 2001
  I am trying to connect Hanson H. Johnson to his parents or his
brothers and sisters.

Hanson H Johnson [1808-1881] was born in SC.   He married Lucinda
Wainwright in 1829 in St. Helena Parish, LA, daughter of Thomas Wainwright
and Sarah Corkern.  They lived in St. Helena Parish and their descendants
lived in St. Helena, Tangipahoa and St. Tammany Parishes.

I have their descendants, but no connection to his Johnson ancestors.
Any help would be appreciated. Donald Dunnington

Melvina Hampton Rapier    April 17, 2001

Researching the following St. Helena Parish Surnames:
Harrell - Jones - Hampton - Cole - Davis - Ard - Yancy - Martin -
Womack - Washington - Wicker - Kendrick

Thanks  Melvina Hampton Rapier

Elizabeth McQueen      April 25, 2001
Do you have any info on Ellan Kirby b. Jan 1858; m. William "Buck" Donahue on 4 Mar 1874 & d. 9 Feb 1904. Her daughter Emma Rejoiner was my paternal grand- mother and I have nothing on this line. Can you offer anything? Emma m. William Swezye "Doc" Blades 31 Jan 1901. I'm interested in Emma's middle name Rejoiner. Sounds like a family name doesn't it? Thank you in advance.  Elizabeth

Connee Kroeger    May 30, 2001
William Allen lived in St. Helena Parish from 1805 or even earlier to at least 1821.  He was born between 1752 and 1756, perhaps in VA.  His two wives were Keziah  "Kizi" Anders and Hannah Pride. William and Hannah moved to Texas in the late 1820's, and William died there about 1830.  He is supposed to be buried in Pine Island Cemetery in Orange Co.  William's children were Nathaniel. Peter, Lydia, William, Mary Elizabeth, John B., Daniel, Thomas, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, Jemima, Aron, Moses, George, Elisha, Benjamin, and Elijah.  Has anyone determined where William Allen was before he moved to St. Helena Parish?  Connee Kroeger

Hallie Loy McCarter        June 26, 2001
William Dennis and Elizabeth Bates
From family info I have a William Dennis who married Elizabeth Bates and they lived in Dennis Mills. Nothing else about them. They had a child Elizabeth M Dennis who lived in Dennis Mills and she married John James Bailey Chaney. Again no info about them. I DO have info about JJB Chaney and Elizabeth Dennis' daughter( Adelaide Lovell Chaney who married Eldridge Frank Tucker) who was my greatgrandmother. I have photos of them, their gravestones and in fact have some of their furniture. I would so APPRECIATE if someone could fill in the blanks especially about the Dennis family. I grew up in Baton Rouge but now live in far west TX
Hallie Loy McCarter

Stephenie Thibodeaux    July 03, 2001
Looking for mother of Margania E. Bridges born 19 May 1847, died 26 Sept. 1932, buried in St. Helena Parrish, La.  Margania was married to Thomas H Allen, who is buried by her.  Margania's father was Thomas E. Bridges, son of Thomas W. Bridges.  Believe that Margania's mother was named Judie ...........  Would like to know the last name.  Unable to find marriage record.  Any help with this family would be much appreciated.
Stephenie Thibodeaux

Dianne Rutherford     August 03, 2001

I am trying to find information on Lathdrope A. Webb born 8-24-1837 in St. Helena Parish. He married 12-11-1867 to Martha Jane Ware. He died 11-21-1909 and is buried in Redwood Church Cemetery in East Felicana Parish, La. His Dad was Thomas Webb born in Maine and his Mother was Sarah Reddin.Thanks in advance for any help. Dianne

 Dianne Rutherford     August 03, 2001

    I am trying to find information on Alexander Bookter. He married Mary Dawkins. They had a daughter named Nancy Ann Bookter born 1800 in Old St. Helena Parish, La. She married James Jacob McKie. I also need information on Nancy.
Thanks in advance for any help.  Dianne

April 02, 2002
Jack Coffee
Searching for ancestors of Maggie B. Henderson, bc1873, and who married H.
M. Newsom in Jul 2, 1889 in St. Helena Parish. They had a daughter, Fanny
born Oct., 1890, who later married a Mr. Weaver, perhaps Johan
Weaver. Little is know of Maggie, but I do know that her mother was named
Sarah, and that she had a brother named Frank who may have been a
barber. Mr. Newsom apparently died before 1893, because on Nov. 28 of that
year, Maggie Henderson married Eugene Green Roe in Baywood, EBR, La.
Thanks...Jack Coffee


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