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St. Helena Parish "Look-Ups"

Resource Volunteer
St.Helena Parish, LA, Marriage Records, 1813-1875 pub. by Nicholas R. Murray, Hunting For Bears Patricia Ezell
St. Helena Parish Censuses for 1850, 1870, 1880 Patricia Ezell
St. Helena Parish Succession Records, 1804-1854. Patricia Ezell;
St. Helena Parish Census for1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 
1860,1870, 1880, 1900, and 1910
Sarah Duncan Beene "DixieRoots"
New Zion Baptist Church History 

St. Helena Succession Records
Sarah Duncan Beene "DixieRoots"

Genealogical and Historical Abstracts of Legal Records of
Saint Helena Parish, Louisiana, 1804 - 1870, including:
Successions (Probates and Wills), 1804 - 1854,
Tax Assessment Rolls, 1823, 1824, 1828, and Marriages
1811 - 1870.  Ernest Russ Williams, Jr.,
514 Cole Ave., Monroe, La., 71203
Don A. Dunnington

St. Helena Historical Association

Inez B. Tate: President
6370 Hwy 43
Montpelier, Louisiana

                                Price Postpaid:
1820 Census           $ 6.00
1830 Census           $ 3.00
1840 Census           $ 6.00
1850 Census           $11.50
1860 Census           $00.00 > Sold Out
1870 Census           $12.00
1880 Census           $12.00
1890 Census          $00.00 > Not Available
1900 Census           $17.50
1910 Census           $30.00 > 3 Volumes
1920 Census           $24.00

St. Helena War Veterans………….$ 9.00
Old Montpelier 1804 - New Montpelier 1904…………$17.00
St. Helena Vets - Remember WW  II……….$14.00
Echoes From The Past……….$34.00

Cemetery Records………$00.00 > Sold Out

The Saint Helena Rifles - By: A. P. Richards  $7.50

St. Helena World War I veterans   $18.00

The latest publication of the St. Helena Historical Association, Inc. is St. Helena Remembers Her World War I Veterans. This all came about when Inez Tate located a book pertaining to the World War I veterans of St. Helena Parish in the Clerk of Court's office. It was a summary of the discharged, listed three on each page and in alphabetical order.

A contact made with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Baton Rouge produced little information. The officer was familiar with the book and stated that until 1987, these books were in all parishes in Louisiana. At that time, they were turned over to the Louisiana State Archives for safekeeping. He did not know the origin of the books, and the Louisiana State Archives had no information regarding the origin of them either.

Some veterans took their discharge papers to the Clerk of Court, and copies were made and retained there. A review of the St. Helena Cemetery reveals there were World War I veterans buried in the various cemeteries who were not included in the book of discharges nor was a copy of their discharge filed in the Clerk of Court's office.

The book includes interesting information on the veterans' service time.

Noted in this publication are the addresses of the little post offices no longer in existence. Also included are interesting stories and data on the veterans.

The price of this soft-cover book is $18.00, postpaid.
Order directly from
St. Helena Historical Association,
6370 La. 43, Montpelier, LA

The cover picture shows the type of uniform worn by the doughboys.


Resources for St. Helena Parish

If you know of an item that might be helpful to another researching in St. Helena Parish, PLEASEshare it with us all.


Livingston - St. Helena Genealogical records, 1987, 1990 - 2 v: maps - Adams, Donna Burge. Each volume separately indexed. Contains excerpts from court records, marriage records, tax records, voters registrations, pension applications, oral traditions, cemetery listings, land records, newsclippings, and misc. Records containing genealogical and vital information dated 1780 to 1919.

1830 Enumeration Census of St. Helena Parish, c1975.13 p. - Johnson, Donald Wayne.

1850 U. S. Census, Louisiana, Saint Helena Parish,, c1975. 94 p. - Johnson, Donald Wayne.

1880 U.S. Census of St. Helena Parish, Louisiana -- Greensburg, La. : St. Helena Historical Association, 1991. --(2), 464 p. Includes surname index.

1900 United States Census for St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. -- Greensburg, La. : St. Helena Historical Association, 1991. -- 2 v. (569, =19= p.)

Succession Records of St. Helena Parish, La., 1804-1854 / abstracted by Clyde Purser Young; edited by E. Russ Williams, Jr. -- 1966. --195 p. Includes index.

St. Helena parish war veterans, --(Louisiana) : St. Helena Historical Association, 1989. --120 p. Typist Marilyn Stanley; cover design by Margia Young.

Old Montpelier, 1804 - New Montpelier, 1904 / ; St. Helena Historical Assoc., 1993. -- 199 - Tate, Inez B. - Includes historical information, court documents, business records, school records, church history, civil war pensioners, public officials, cemetery records.

Echoes From The Past--Edwin C. Schilling--St. Helena Historical Association. Rt. 1, Box 131, Amite, La., 70422
West Florida Area coverage. 400 pages- $34.00 


Available at Louisiana State Library

 St. Helena Parish - 1809-1906 - 27 Reels - Marriage, Marriage Index, Succession

Available at Shreve Memorial Library-Shreveport

Saint Helena Parish
Index to Conveyances - 1813-1957
Conveyance Records - 1810-1900
Index to Marriages - 1809-1933
Marriage Records - 1809-1899
Succession Records (Partially Indexed) 1820-1906 

May be ordered at LDS Family History Centers

British & Spanish Grants, West Florida, 1768-1820 --1 microfilm reel

British & Spanish Grants, West Florida, 1772-1813 and United States land claims, Louisiana, 1812-1852 approx. --1 microfilm reel

Conveyance records, 1813-1900 with grantee and grantor index. Louisiana. District Court (St. Helena Parish). 22 microfilm reels; 35 mm. Microfilm of original records in the St. Helena Parish courthouse, Greensburg, Louisiana.

St. Helena Marriage Licenses, 1840-1849 - Cemetery inscriptions, church records, vital records, marriage records wills, Revolutionary soldiers, and famiy bibles / Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America. (leaves 6-8)

St. Helena Marriage Licenses, 1809-1899 - 19 microfilm reels

St. Helena Marriage Licenses, 1876-1910 - 2 microfilm reels

St. Helena Notarial records, 1834-1841 - 1 microfilm reel

Succession records, 1820-1906 - St. Helena Parish, Louisiana- 8 microfilm reels.

Sheriffs Record - 1841-1857 - St. Helena Parish, La. Sheriff. Original records located at State Archives and Records Service, Baton Rouge, La. - 1 microfilm reel.

Tombstone inscriptions and cemetery records of St. Helena, Tangipahoa and Livingston parishes, 1830-1970, vol. 25. --Daughters of the American Revolution. Louisiana. - on 1 microfilm reel. 



Saint Helena Parish Courthouse, P. O. Box 308, Greensburg, LA 70441 - Telephone: (504) 222-4514

Livingston Parish, P. O. Box 1150, Livingston, LA 70754 - Telephone: (504) 686-2216

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