Washington Parish Cemeteries


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Washington Parish Cemetery List

Dec. 1997
Annette Womack

Washington Parish Cemetery List & Addresses

Nov. 2000
Carolyn Brumfield

Washington Parish Cemeteries

May 2001
Don W. Johnson

Washington Parish Registered Cemeteries

May 2001
Don W. Johnson


"A" Cemetery Listings  
Acys Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Franklinton
Adams Cemetery Enon
Adams Cemetery Bogalusa East
Reuben Adams Cemetery State Line
Alford Cemetery Clifton
Ard Cemetery State Line
"B" Cemetery Listings  
Banister Cemetery Mount Hermon
Bankston Cemetery Clifton
Baughman Cemetery Bogalusa West
Beard Cemetery Pine
Bethel Assembly of God  State Line
Bickham Cemetery Wilmer
Bickham Cemetery Franklinton
Bickham Cemetery Clifton
Blackwell Cemetery State Line
Bond Cemetery Wilmer
Bonnie Cemetery Angie
Boon Cemetery State Line
Breland Cemetery State Line
Breland Cemetery Pine
Briarwood Cemetery State Line
Brock Cemetery Mount Hermon
Brown Cemetery Clifton
Brumfield Cemetery Clifton
Brumfield Cemetery Clifton
Bulloch Cemetery Clifton
Bullock Cemetery Franklinton
Bullock Cemetery Wilmer
Burch Cemetery Clifton
Carson Cemetery Wilmer
Carter Cemetery Mount Hermon
Central Cemetery State Line
Chappell Cemetery Franklinton
Coburn Cemetery Bogalusa West
Connerley Cemetery Mount Hermon
Cordelia Cemetery Enon
Corkern Cemetery Bogalusa West
Corken Cemetery Franklinton
Corkern Cemetery Enon
Corkern Cemetery Franklinton
Louis Crain Cemetery State Line
Crain Cemetery Pine
Crains Creek Cemetery State Line
Creel Cemetery Sheridan
Cutrer Cemetery Pine
Duffys Cemetery Henleyfield
Duncan Cemetery Pine
Dyson Cemetery Mount Hermon
Faith Cemetery Pine
Fisher Cemetery Pine
Foil-Stringfellow Cemetery Franklinton
Fornea Cemetery Angie
Fussell Cemetery Franklinton
Galloway Cemetery Sun
Gay Cemetery Pine
Gerald Cemetery State Line
Gerald Cemetery Pine
Haley Cemetery Clifton
Harmony Cemetery State Line
Hill Top Cemetery State Line
Hillview Memorial Gardens Sun
Hines Cemetery State Line
Hinson Cemetery Clifton
Hodges Cemetery State Line
House Cemetery Enon
Hunt Cemetery Pine
James Cemetery Clifton
Jenkins Cemetery Sun
Abner E. Jenkins Cemetery Sheridan
Jenkins Cemetery Sun
Jones Cemetery Enon
Keaton Cemetery State Line
Kemp Cemetery Clifton
Henry Kennedy Cemetery State Line
Knight Cemetery State Line
Knight Cemetery Sun
Knight Cemetery Pine
Lea Cemetery Wilmer
Lee's Creek Cemetery
Letchworth Cemetery Sheridan
Magee Cemetery Enon
Magee Cemetery Sheridan
Magee Cemetery Clifton
Magee Cemetery Pine
Magee Cemetery Franklinton
Magee Cemetery Pine
Magee Cemetery Sun
Magee Cemetery Enon
Maples Cemetery Mount Hermon
Martin -Brooks Cemetery Pine
Martin Cemetery State Line
McGehee Cemetery Bogalusa West
McKinsey Cemetery State Line
McNeese Cemetery Bogalusa West
Midway Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery State Line
Miley Cemetery State Line
Miller Cemetery Clifton
Miller Cemetery Mount Hermon
Miller Cemetery Clifton
Mizell Cemetery Enon

Mohon Cemetery Angie
Moriah Cemetery Clifton
Morris Cemetery Franklinton
Morris Cemetery Clifton
Morris Cemetery State Line
Morris Cemetery Clifton
Moses Cemetery Angie
Mount Hermon Cemetery Mount Hermon
Mount Olive Cemetery Bogalusa East
Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Hermon
Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bogalusa West
Muster Ground Cemetery State Line
Noble Cemetery Pine
Oak Grove Cemetery
Old Fornea Cemetery Angie
Old Live Oak Cemetery Angie
Old Magee Cemetery Sun
Ott Cemetery Mount Hermon
Otzenberger Cemetery Sun
Owens Cemetery Folsom
Pasman Cemetery Wilmer
Payne Cemetery Pine
Old Pierce Family Cemetery Angie
Andrew Jackson Pierce Cemetery State Line
Pine Cemetery Pine
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Angie
Ponemah Cemetery* Bogalusa East
Pounds Cemetery Henleyfield
Rester Cemetery Bogalusa West
Rester Cemetery Angie
Reviere Cemetery Sun
Saint James Cemetery Clifton
Sam Carroll Cemetery State Line
Schilling Cemetery Pine
Schilling Cemetery Mount Hermon
Schillings Cemetery State Line
Seal Cemetery State Line
Seal Cemetery Angie
Seal Cemetery Franklinton
Seale Cemetery Clifton
Sharp Cemetery Wilmer
Sheridan Cemetery Henleyfield
Sheridan Cemetery Bogalusa West
Sheridan Cemetery State Line
Simmons Cemetery Sheridan
Simmons Cemetery Clifton
Simmons Cemetery Franklinton
Simmons- Pope  Cemetery Mount Hermon
Simmons Cemetery Mount Hermon
Singley Cemetery State Line
Slocum Cemetery Franklinton
Smith Cemetery Sheridan
Smith Cemetery Mount Hermon
Smith Cemetery Clifton
Spencer Cemetery Sheridan
Clabe Stafford Cemetery
Eli Stafford Cemetery Franklinton
Star Hill Cemetery Clifton
Statham Cemetery Mount Hermon
Stevens Cemetery Franklinton
Strahan Cemetery Sheridan
Stringfield Cemetery Franklinton
Stringfield Cemetery Mount Hermon
Sweet Home Cemetery Franklinton
Sweet Rest Cemetery Franklinton
Sylvest Cemetery Franklinton
Talley's Chapel Cemetery Sun
Tate Cemetery Mount Hermon
Tate Cemetery Mount Hermon
Temple Cemetery State Line
Thigpen Cemetery Sheridan
Thomas Cemetery State Line
Thomas Cemetery Pine
Tison Cemetery Sheridan
Toomer Cemetery Clifton
Tullos Cemetery State Line
Tynes Cemetery State Line
Varnado Cemetery Franklinton
Varnado Cemetery Mount Hermon
Vernon Cemetery Mount Hermon
Wallace Cemetery Sun
Wallace Cemetery Franklinton
Warner Cemetery Clifton
Warren Cemetery Pine
Wesley Ray Cemetery Angie
Whittington Cemetery State Line
William Cemetery Angie
Williams Cemetery Sun
Williams Cemetery Sheridan
Wilson Cemetery Clifton
Winan Cemetery Clifton

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