Scrapbook of the Franklinton Centennial

Submitted by Bonnie Dier (The original was donated to Southeastern College)

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From the Era Leader
Saturday, April, 29, 1961 - Garden Party Guests: Mrs. Verna Alford, Mrs. Faye Simmons, Dorothy Branch, Dorothy Felix, Myrtle S. Batington, Ernestine W. Drake, Pamela Watts, Clara L. Thigpen, Mrs. Elaine Smith, Mrs. P. Smith, Gladys Walters, Patsy Thigpen, Virginia Pierce, Elouise Kennedy, Macette? Brumfield, Yvonne Bateman, ?? B. Cates?, Maggie Bickham, Evelyn Stafford, Ruby Shoemaker, Lila Stafford, Mrs. Betty Simmons, B. Lou Gregory & John B. Rogers Armstrong Co., Billie ??? Magee.
Centennial Garden Party - April 29, 1961 - Honoring Queen Contestants (Letter) Page 2 of letter honoring Queen Contestants.
(Photo) Betty simmons, Mrs. Delane Miller, Carrol Bannister. "Times-Picayune": May 29, 1961: Delane Miller, Mayor Haley Carter. Photo #1 - Final scene of Franklin Frontier Pageant. Photo #2, L-R: Jo Ann Magee Liuzza, Linda Norton Dur?len, Jo Ann Magee Crowe, Cecile Garret Green.

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