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DEARMAN, OTT posted by B. Rhodes Email: BRhodes326@aol.com on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

I am researching the OTT's and DEARMAN's who I think were in Washington Parish before moving to Natchitoches and Sabine Parish in the 1850's. Do you have any info on these names? Any help will be appreciated.
JONES, RICHARDSON posted by Sheila L. Martin Email: SMartin583@aol.com on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

Researching the following persons from Washington Parish, LA: JONES, George Washington RICHARDSON, Jane
CHRIST, MAGEE, MCGEE posted by Debbie Knecht Email: claudemonet@worldnet.att.net on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

I am doing some genealogical research on some of my family members that were born (and maybe still live) in Franklinton. My grandfather's name was John H. MAGEE or MCGEE and my great grandfather's name was E. L. or Elbert MAGEE or MCGEE. John was married to a Julia CHRIST, whose father was from Denmark and I think Elbert? was married twice, once to a Louise and then to an Ethel Mary. If you have any information, or know anyone who does, please send me a line.
HARTZOG, HOLDEN, MORRIS, WYLIE posted by Jan Koellen Email: JAN.KOELLEN@NOAA.GOV on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

I am looking for information concerning Cornelia WYLIE HARTZOG (possibly born ~1850s in Washington Parish) and William P. MORRIS and daughter Melinda MORRIS HOLDEN. They are from Bogalusa, Washington Parish.

CARTER, HOLDEN, HOPKINS, HORNE, JONES, KUHN, MELTON, SMITH posted by Glenn Williams Email: DeaconGHW@aol.com on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

I am looking for help in locating information on the following family members (information based on family records and 1920 census data): Samuel Portavin JONES b. 18 Oct 1885 (LA) d. 4 Dec 1953 (Bogalusa, Washington, LA) his wife, Geneva SMITH b. 19 Jan 1891 (MS) d. 12 Nov 1963 (Bogalusa, Washington, LA) children, Myrtle JONES b. abt 19 Apr 1907 (MS) m. Gordon CARTER Robert JONES b. 18 Apr 1909 (LA) d. 18 Mar 1988 m. Gracy KUHN Verda JONES b. abt 1911 Morgan JONES b. 14 Feb 1914 (LA) d. 4 Oct 1985 m. Mildred ? Eula Mae JONES b. 15 Dec 1916 (LA) d. 6 Jan 1981 (MS) m. Jesse HOPKINS Elmer JONES b. 11 July 1919 d. 31 Oct 1953 Rufas JONES b. 12 May 1922 m. Bonnie Mae MELTON J.B. JONES b. 8 June 1924 Cora Lee HOLDEN Elvin JONES b. 21 Sep 1934 d. 17 Dec 1989 m. Thelma HORNE & Christine ? I am particularly interested in any information about Samuel's or his wife's parents and background. If you might have any information or know where I might be able to find any information, I would be very grateful. Additionally, we are planning a trip to Louisiana to do some research. If you know of any genealogical information sources (libraries, historical societies, etc) in the Washington Parish area, I would be interested. Thank you for your help. Glenn Williams deaconghw@aol.com

TALLEY, THOMPSON posted by Carlton D. Strickland Email: carlds@flash.net on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

Wondering if the Sarah Mable TALLEY that was born in AL on Dec. 27,1789, and married Jeremiah Sr. THOMPSON (April 26, 1778-September 3,1848) in Amite, Tangipahoa Par LA and was buried in Tangipahoa Par LA (sec.49T15R7E) was really a Choctaw Indian. Looking for anyone with information about these individuals.

PERRIN, POLLARD posted by Shurby Johnson Email: MJSJAJ@Flash.net on Tuesday, July 8, 1997

I am trying to locate W.P. POLLARD {believed to be deceased}. He was born abt. 1900 and lived in Bogalusa through the 1950's. His decendants would be valuable in our research of the PERRIN's, i.e. Claratine. Any info. would be appreciated.

MEASLES posted by Carlton Measels Email: carlton@cei.com on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

MEASLES: In the 1840 census of Washington Parish there are the following MEASLES listed. Two each James, two each John and two eachWilliam. Does anyone know if they are related to a David MEASLES born in South Carolina in 1790. David MEASLES is listed in the 1850 census of Tippah County, Mississippi. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on these MEASLES.

DUBUISSON, ERWIN, TRIMM posted by Heather Dubuisson Email: dubuisson@ucsub.colorado.edu on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Looking for information on Whitney ERWIN and his second wife, Melvina TRIMM. They lived in Washington Parish, but some of their children moved to St. Tammany. Whitney had about 11-14 children with his first wife. I only know of Artemis, Lela and Louis from he and Melvina, but their could have been more. Artemis married Alfred Joseph DUBUISSON. I believe Whitney was born about 1835, in Louisiana. I have no information on Melvina. Any and all information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance-Heather

CREEL, MCNEESE, NOBLES posted by Claudette Rogers Email: rambo@bogalusa.com on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Researching the following: Joseph NOBLES b: 1789; d: Jan 16, 1876 Frances G. NOBLES b: June 30, 1840; d: July 14, 1908 James Calvin MCNEESE b: June 14, 1864; d: Oct. 11, 1927 James CREEL b: Aug. 10, 1780; d Dec 3, 1830
PIERCE, PRIMES posted by Herbert H. Boutwell, Jr. Email: bb405@hit.net on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Looking for the descendants of William Escoe PIERCE and Ophelia PRIMES, many are still living in Washington Parish. I need their data to bring the line of John and Abigail PIERCE up to date.
JOYNER, KELLER, MOORE, PAGE, POUNDS posted by Connee Brown Kroeger Email: Clbkroeger@aol.com on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Three of my KELLER relatives settled in Washington Parish, and I would like to try to find their descendants or anyone researching these 3 families. 1.Julia Emma KELLER, b. 1821 dau. of John KELLER and ?, m. Elliott W. MOORE in 1845 and moved to Washington Parish. 2. Susanna Eveline KELLER b. 1813, dau. of Phillip KELLER and Lydia ?, m. Caswell JOYNER and lived in Wash. Par. 3. Sarah Matilda KELLER b. 1825, dau. of Henry KELLER and Sophia PAGE, m. Isom Johnson POUNDS and settled in Wash. Par.
DUNCAN, KNIGHT, SEAL, WINNINGHAM posted by Susan Holley Email: bholley@bayou.com on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Is there a cemetery book for Washington Parish with tombstone inscriptions listed, etc. Or is there a local genealogica/historical society that possibly has published books on Washington parish and families? I research several families that lived in Washington Parish at one time. DUNCAN, SEAL, WINNINGHAM, KNIGHT, and others.
ARD posted by Gilbert Ard Email: gard@dycon.com on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

William ARD, Joseph ARD, and James ARD families were in Washington Parish in 1830. Family members were there in 1860 living in Stubbs Mills, Shady Grove, Davidson, Franklin and Roberts(post ofice). Thank you.
ARD, EVANS, HARPER, KEATON, PARKER, RICHARDSON, WARNER, WILLIAMS posted by Frederick R. Parker Email: fandgp@juno.com on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

I am seeking info re: Parents of Calvin Bennett PARKER and Albert Warren KEATON. Need info re :Descendants of Judge Joe ARD, Justice of Peace, Washington Parish about 1900. Resided for a time in Denhamtown community across street from Talley residence at intersection of south eighth streets and West ninth street, Bogalusa. I have reference volumes including information concerning the following Washington Parish families: J.A. HARPER; Wettenhall WARNER; Hardy RICHARDSON;Martin D. EVANS and a number of WILLIAMS families.

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